It comes down to a porcupine?!

by Dawn
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It comes down to a porcupine?!
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Rex has decided to resume his mission to figure out what Gigi has been trying to tell him, as he continues to see her around Llanview. Unsurprisingly, this has brought Rex closer to Clint.

While watching the last few episodes of All My Children that have been terrific, I started thinking about how One Life to Live will end its run on ABC. Then, I watched One Life to Live and saw many characters discussing a porcupine and its location. While One Life to Live still has a few months before "the end," I don't want to see a single minute wasted on silly plot points like a porcupine hiding a gun.

I realize that Morris' whereabouts are part of a bigger story, as Roxy and Echo are trying to protect Rex. I am 99.99% sure that Rex did not kill Victor, but Roxy and Echo both have their reasons for believing he did. I actually like their alliance as they try to take care of their son. It's amusing to watch Echo deal with Roxy's way of doing things and her funny ideas. Ilene Kristen and Kim Zimmer are great together, and I hope we get to watch more of them as they accept the fact that they are both a part of Rex's life.

Meanwhile, Rex has decided to resume his mission to figure out what Gigi has been trying to tell him, as he continues to see her around Llanview. Unsurprisingly, this has brought Rex slightly closer to Clint. They seem to have reached an understanding, as Rex agreed to investigate the identity of Kim's sick friend. I like that Clint and Rex's relationship has evolved very slowly. They still don't like each other, but they seem to understand each other's reasons for doing things, and that's a start. It wouldn't be realistic for them to be close after everything that has happened, so I am glad they aren't suddenly best friends. All too often, when people who hate each other find out they are related, they immediately act like they always liked each other, and that doesn't work. It will be interesting to see how Rex and Clint's new joint venture will affect their strained relationship.

I also like that Clint and Viki are reconnecting. They've been good friends in the past, but they appear to be headed for a reunion as a couple. At first, I was opposed to the idea, but I can accept it if it happens now. It's a much better alternative to Clint reuniting with Kim. I still feel like their moment has passed. Kim was there for Clint at a time when he didn't have anyone else, but all of that has changed now. It seems like Clint knows that, and while Kim might be determined to win him back, I can't see it happening now.

I am still not happy that Stacy is becoming a part of the show again, even if it's only in the form of a picture and occasional mention. When she was written out, she needed to be written out, and there is little reason to resurrect her, unless Gigi's spirit is going to take over Stacy's body for some reason. I know people have been speculating about this for a while. I don't like the idea, even though I liked Gigi and Rex as a couple. Watching a Heaven Can Wait story with Stacy in the equation would be too weird after everything Stacy did to Rex and Gigi. I hope that isn't where the story is going, even if I'd like to see Gigi and Rex be together again!

When I saw Nate last week, I wondered why he had to be on the show again. I haven't missed him, and I don't care about his relationship with Dani. I would like to think that Delphina has more important things to do than encourage Nate and Dani to reunite. I hope a lot of time isn't spent on them because Nate definitely falls into the category of unnecessary characters. Dani has enough going on with her family, so we don't need to see her work things out with Nate.

As I've said before, I think killing Victor off so soon after finding out he wasn't Todd was a mistake. However, I know that the character can be brought back at any time, and I am sure we haven't seen the last of him. The investigation of his murder isn't terribly interesting so far, since I am convinced that none of the main suspects actually did it. They are all too obvious, and the murderer will probably be someone of little consequence.

Jack is doing his best to make sure that Todd is convicted of Victor's murder, even going so far as to lie to the police about seeing him at Victor's house. Jack might be in denial about being Todd's son, but his rash, vindictive behavior has certainly proven that he is. I think Jack has also exhausted the name "Scarface" at this point, and I am tired of hearing him rant and rave about Todd. Jack seemed to consider that maybe Todd didn't kill Victor right before Todd was arrested, but I am sure that was a momentary lapse of anger. It will be interesting to see if Jack feels guilty for lying to the police about Todd. His conscience seems to come and go, so we'll see if he owns his mistake this time.

I am not fond of Llanview's new mayor. I hope we don't have to see her too often. I suspect that she works for Irene or someone else who has it out for Todd, since she was so insistent that Todd be arrested for Victor's murder. Bo had reasonable concerns that he would be arresting the wrong person, but the mayor didn't care. She seems to have a stringent agenda, and her working for Irene or being connected to her in some way wouldn't surprise me at all. I am relieved that we were never forced to see her and Bo go out. I don't know why the writers added the tidbit about Bo rejecting her, but this woman might have been an even worse match for him than Melanie was! I am glad we were spared!

Blair and Todd's discussion about Jack felt very real, as they discussed Jack being a bully and feeling guilty about their son's behavior. Todd was ready to blame Blair but also felt responsible himself. Blair is still dealing with her own guilt and doesn't know what to do about it. It's refreshing to see Todd want to help Jack and deal with the issue instead of acting like it didn't happen like Victor did.

I felt bad for Téa as she continued to grieve for Victor. I am glad Blair was there for her, because no one else understands how Téa feels. Everyone is grieving for Victor, but Blair and Téa share the bond of having been married to both Victor and Todd. Blair was able to get Téa to pull herself together and go to the funeral when no one else could, and it was funny when Téa told Blair "You know, you really are a pain in my ass." I enjoy their friendship, and scenes like this are the reason why!

The funeral itself was quick, including a short eulogy from Viki. It has to be difficult to eulogize someone in a situation like this. Everyone knew Victor, but they didn't know he was Victor. I think Viki summed up their experience nicely. They loved him and always forgave him when he made mistakes. I think some other people could have said something about Victor, but it looked like the funeral was meant to be a blip on the radar so the characters could move on to other things. I am glad Victor got a funeral, since a lot of characters don't these days. Gigi didn't get even get a quick one!

Thursday's cliffhanger after the funeral didn't work for me. When Téa walked in the church, and she saw someone standing there, it was clear that it was Todd, not Victor. Perhaps she was seeing who she wanted to see, but there wasn't any suspense for me as a viewer. I also knew that their confrontation would be filled with Téa being angry and yelling at Todd. I don't know how many times we have to watch her accuse Todd of killing Victor or throw her life with Victor in Todd's face, but I think we get the point now. Todd isn't helping by repeatedly asking her to be his lawyer. He needs to get a clue! Florencia Lozano and Roger Howarth have an amazing spark, but they can't keep arguing about the same things!

It looks like Phylicia took Téa 's advice about not wasting time fighting, as she extended an olive branch to Nora. I am glad about that because I can't stand watching Nora be the pariah in this story. She created the uncomfortable situation, but it's still hard to watch! I want Phylicia and Nora to get past their differences so we can get away from this story. The story should really be about Destiny, and so far, it hasn't been. I hope the focus shifts back to her soon.

Finally, we got more good news from Prospect Park last week. It was announced that Frank Valentini, the show's current executive producer, will be continuing with the show. It looks like the pieces of the transition to Prospect Park are starting to come together, which is good to know, after so many weeks of doubt and speculation. Hopefully, there is even more good news to come!

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