Sprint to the finish: What a CRAZY week!

by Dawn
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A prison break wreaked havoc in Llanview, putting many lives in peril, and proving that some characters never change. In an action-packed week, who knew Lindsay would save the day?

Last week was one of the most exciting weeks ever on One Life to Live, as a prison break unfolded and left many lives hanging in the balance. I enjoyed every episode, but it was also a bittersweet experience because I knew it was all leading to the show's finale. It is still had to believe that the show will be ending next week, even though I've known about it for months. It just doesn't seem real!

The prison break brought Lindsay, Troy, Cole, Hannah, Mitch, and Allison, back into the fold to resolve unfinished business they had with people in Llanview, and they certainly didn't waste any time! It's amazing how quickly the story unfolded. It proved that the show can be great when given the chance! I have to wonder what it says that so many characters we know are prisoners. Maybe it's better not to think too much about that!

It seems like everyone picked up right where they left off, except Lindsay. Instead of conspiring with Troy to kidnap Nora, she left Statesville to find Bo to save Nora from Troy. She wanted to make amends for all of the bad things she has done over the years. That is true rehabilitation! The other escapees obviously haven't had the same experience in prison that Lindsay has had. Of course, it looks like she went on the run after Bo gave her the car keys. I can't really blame her, since she didn't have a guarantee of a pardon.

Troy's obsession with Nora hasn't waned at all since he's been in prison. He thought he could kidnap her and live with her happily ever after in that cabin. If she was unwilling, as she was, he was prepared with that infamous memory-erasing syringe. What a good nod to history! However, this time, Lindsay stopped him from using that syringe instead of injecting Nora herself. That shows tremendous character growth! After everything Lindsay and Nora have been through over the years, it was amazing when they forgave each other for everything, and it definitely wasn't something I ever expected to see!

I was sad to see Bo get shot yet again. This just happened to him in the last couple of years! I don't think Bo will die, but Nora's reaction and subsequent pleas to Troy to save Bo's life were heartbreaking. Hillary B. Smith's performance was outstanding! I can't imagine Nora losing Bo after all they have been through. It would be a terrible end to their story. I am glad that Nora got through to Troy and convinced him to help Bo. It's scary that she has to trust him, but since Lindsay left, thanks to Bo's help, she doesn't have any other choice. Hopefully, Lindsay sent an ambulance before she left. Troy might be willing to help for now, but he's still crazy, so I don't want Nora alone with him and an unconscious Bo for too long!

Cole also tried to make a run for it. He showed up to see Starr and Hope and didn't want to go back to Statesville. Who can blame him? However, his plan was thwarted, and he ended up being shot by Hannah. He did, however, have time to declare his love for Starr, though, and she was ready to help him be a fugitive. I am glad that Cole realized he would be putting Starr in danger by asking her to help him and decided against it.

I felt bad for James, though. Starr made it clear that she still loves Cole, and James felt like the odd man out. That's got to feel especially bad when the other guy is in prison for murder! Starr and Cole's moment didn't last long, and Cole's life is now in jeopardy, thanks to Hannah trying to shoot Starr. It will be sad if Cole dies, but I am glad we got to see Starr and Cole interact again at least one more time.

I think Van Hughes did a great job portraying Cole last week. It can't be easy to take over a role at the last minute, especially when the character already has so much history on the show. Hughes resembles Brandon Buddy, so that helped, along with giving good performances. It's too bad that Brandon Buddy couldn't return to be a part of this prison break, but I think recasting the role for this final story worked out as well as it could in the end.

I loved how Todd dealt with Hannah when she showed up to confront Starr. He seemed amused by her and knew he could handle her. I also liked their conversation as Todd waited for Hannah to be taken back to Statesville. He practically used their conversation as a counseling session and was able to confess that he killed Victor because he knew she couldn't do anything about it. Their interaction was odd but also entertaining. Todd and Hannah proved that it really does take one to know one!

Meanwhile, Mitch kidnapped Natalie and wanted to trade her for Jessica. After the tumultuous year that Jessica and Natalie's relationship has had, it was incredible to see Jessica offer herself to Mitch to save Natalie. They've come a long way from trying to kill each other in that fight a few months ago!

Mitch is just as crazy as ever, making cryptic comments and using Biblical references to justify his actions. I am glad that Jessica stood up to him this time and even spat in his face. After watching Jessica be a victim for so long, it was refreshing to see her be strong. Ford tried to come to her rescue, but it didn't end well for him. As much as I dislike Ford, I don't want to see him die. Jessica can't possibly lose another man to such a violent death, since she didn't handle Nash's death well at all! Amid all of the chaos, John finally managed to "shoot the Messenger," but even if Mitch dies, he won't stay dead if history is any indication. Should the show ever come back to life, I am sure he will too!

While Jessica and Natalie were confronting Mitch, Viki and Clint were visited by Allison. She is another character who hasn't changed at all during her time in prison. She taunted and mocked Viki and Clint with a secret that she had about Jessica and Natalie. She was also proud of herself for being independent and planning the prison break on her own. It was a nice touch for her to say that Oprah inspired her to break free of Mitch and start the prison break herself. It made me laugh!

Allison did a great job of making the most out of her big moment with Clint and Viki as her captive audience, as she alluded to her big secret. She finally revealed that both Jessica and Natalie are Clint's biological daughters, which in my opinion, corrected a huge mistake in the show's history. It was hard to accept when it was revealed that Jessica was Mitch's biological daughter and not Clint's. I know many other viewers felt the same way at the time. Allison could be lying again, and I doubt there will be time for a paternity test before the show ends. However, Allison has been hinting at a secret for a few year s now, so I think she's probably telling the truth. I am glad that Jessica is a biological Buchanan after all!

It broke my heart when Viki and Clint realized that Allison was going to shoot them and that there was nothing they could do. When they held hands and said they loved each other, it was too much to bear! That was an amazing cliffhanger. To see two main characters face their own mortality like that was powerful. Viki and Clint are supposed to be invincible as core characters. I don't think either of them will die for good, since we know that both actors were supposed to continue on with the show, but the moment was still intense!

Then, Thursday's cliffhanger was topped by Friday's ending, as Clint and Viki were both unconscious on the floor, and the fate of several other characters was also unknown. The montage at the end of Friday's show was incredibly sad and moving. I can't wait to see what happens on Monday, even though it will bring us closer to the end.

This is my penultimate column. I will be back in two weeks to discuss the finale and with final thoughts on One Life to Live in general. I am sure that next week will be another stellar week for the show that will make many wonder why it has to end. I can't wait to see it, but I am sad at the same time. As I've mentioned before, some special guest columnists will be here to share their thoughts about One Life to Live going off the air. We want to give the show a very fond farewell, so I hope you'll keep reading Two Scoops!

Until next time,

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