The end of an era: Thanks, OLTL!

by Dawn
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In her final column, Dawn gives her thoughts on the finale and reflects on why she started watching OLTL. We can't tune in tomorrow, but the memories will live on forever!

One Life to Live has been off the air for a week, and there is nothing on at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on ABC. I have to keep saying that to remind myself that it's true. It just doesn't seem possible, especially since the last couple of weeks of the show were spectacular.

The last two episodes combined made a terrific finale. Thursday's episode foreshadowed what we would experience the following day. Fraternity Row ended as all of Llanview watched, complete with a special tribute talk show right before. There was a special appearance by Agnes Nixon (or Dixon on the show), and our beloved Viki gave a beautiful monologue about why we watch soaps. Viki's speech felt like a special thank you note to the fans, and it was beautifully written and delivered. Viki noted that we watch soaps for different reasons, the characters become extended family, and we stay loyal, even in times of change. The most important thing we could do as fans is tune in tomorrow. I wish we could keep doing that!

After Fraternity Row ended, Rex, Gigi, and Shane moved to London. I am so happy that this family got a happy ending. Shane has had such a difficult life in the past couple of years, and I was thrilled to see his dream come true to attend a prestigious art school. I am glad that Rex and Gigi went with him. It wouldn't have made sense for Shane to leave Gigi so soon after being reunited. I am happy that Rex and Gigi are back together, married, and with their son. It was great ending for a family I always liked!

Starr also left Llanview to pursue her music career in Los Angeles. It was great to see Markko and Langston again and to find out they had gotten back together. They, along with Cole, made a nice group of friends on the show at one time, so it was good to see all of them in the same room again. Even Cole managed to get to Los Angeles to be reunited with Starr. Todd has a lot of issues, but he certainly knows how to get things done! Starr thought she would never see Cole again, but Todd made it happen. I am glad that Starr got a happy ending and is with her friends and with Cole. Her story isn't ending quite yet, since she will be visiting Port Charles, but I am glad she got a good send-off in Llanview!

Todd and Blair's reunion was great! Their reunion was based on a lie, but really, that's how Todd and Blair operate. They are happy until a secret is revealed, they break up, and then they ultimately get back together. That's why Blair and Tomas wouldn't have lasted long even if Todd hadn't interfered. Blair would have still gone back to Todd. At least we know that Todd didn't actually kill Victor. He still had Tomas held against his will for several weeks, but he didn't murder his brother. I don't know if/when they will learn that, but I am glad to know that as a viewer. I thought it was a great cliffhanger for Todd and Blair's story to have Todd be arrested by John. Their story isn't over, either, since they are also visiting Port Charles. Hopefully we'll find out what happened after Todd's arrest soon!

At Llanfair, Clint and Viki got confirmation that Jessica is Clint's biological daughter. I loved Jessica's reaction to the news, when she emotionally said "Daddy" to Clint. I am sure it is a big relief to know that she isn't Mitch's daughter, after all, since she's been tortured by that information and by Mitch himself for years. Jessica and Natalie shared a nice moment, too, as they realized they shared both parents, instead of just one. It was fitting, since they just got closer again emotionally. It was funny when Jessica marveled to Natalie that this wouldn't be the first time that she and Rex found out they were related. So true!

It was great to see Brody in the final episode! I didn't think we would see him after he went to St. Ann's, so it was a nice surprise. Jessica and Brody needed that final moment together. Maybe they will get back together some day, but it was too soon this time. Jessica and Brody were a good couple at one time, so I am glad their history was acknowledged in the final episode.

I am glad that Clint proposed to Viki at the end. It doesn't bother me that we didn't see Viki's answer because I am sure she said yes. She didn't reunite with Clint just to reject him again. I am just glad that they got to live happily ever after, especially since they both recently had near-death experiences and were tortured by Allison. Viki and Clint will live happily ever after, and that makes me happy.

The Buchanans welcomed a new addition to the family, as Destiny quickly gave birth. I am glad that Matthew showed up and was there for Destiny and for his son's birth. It's amazing that David was the one to tell him he needed to step up or "Buch up." That's a lot of character growth for David; it happened at record speed, but then again, so did everything in the last couple of weeks. I guess we'll never know who his daughter is, but at least David's motivation was clear when he told Matthew he needed to be mature and accept responsibility for his actions.

I love that Matthew and Destiny named their son Drew. It was a poignant moment when Matthew suggested the name, and Bo and Nora were both overcome with emotion. I am sad that we won't get to see all of them raise Drew together. We never got to see Bo and Nora raise a baby together, and I think it would be entertaining and fun to watch. I can imagine what it would be like, though, and that will have to be good enough, at least for now!

Bo and Nora's final moment was the one that made me an emotional wreck. When Bo called Nora "Red" and told her he loved her, and she returned the sentiment with tears in her eyes, I had tears in my eyes too. That was the best moment between Bo and Nora that we've had in a long time, and it was sad to know it was the last one. This is one of the reasons I've always loved Bo and Nora; they never needed anything big or over the top to be entertaining. The small moments made them just as wonderful as the big ones. I will miss everyone in Llanview, but I will especially miss Bo and Nora played by Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith. These two people were sheer perfection in every scene they did together.

The final scene of the last episode confirmed what many suspected, but also left us with more questions, as we discovered that Allison had been reading her story to Victor Lord Jr. He was literally a captive audience, as he was bound and gagged in a bed somewhere. We don't know how or why Allison has him. All we can do for now is speculate, but it is definitely an interesting premise! If and when the show comes back, there will be a lot of good story potential with both Todd and Victor in Llanview. Maybe Victor will even show up in Port Charles; we just don't know. However, for now, I am glad that Victor is actually alive.

I miss One Life to Live a lot already, and it's only been gone for a week. I've been watching this show for roughly two decades, so it's strange not to watch it now. I know that there are other soap operas to watch, but nothing can completely replace this one for me. I watched this show with my grandmother when I was a kid (and probably too young to be watching soap operas), so I have fond memories associated with watching.

I can't pinpoint the exact time I started watching. However, I remember being captivated by Nora throwing Todd's trial, and Hillary B. Smith's performance in that episode made me a soap opera fan for life, along with Bo and Nora's relationship. Other aspects of the show that captivated me over the years were the many chapters of Viki and Dorian's feud, Max and Luna's relationship, Asa's reign as patriarch of the Buchanans, and Lindsay's constant scheming. There are so many things that I've loved about this show that it's simply impossible to mention them all, but those are the ones that stand out in my mind.

I have never been fond of saying goodbye, but since this is my last column, I must. I started writing this column in July of 2001. My first column was titled "There's that word again!" and was when Nora interrogated Lindsay on the witness stand about murdering Colin. When I first started writing, I never thought I'd still be writing over a decade later. Time goes fast, and I am sad to see this column end. I thank Dan, the owner of Soap Central, for giving me this platform to share my opinions. It's been a wonderful experience.

I also want to thank all of my co-columnists over the years. They have all inspired me with their ideas and clever writing. I especially want to thank Michael, my current co-columnist, and Ryan, who wrote with me the longest. Writing hasn't always been easy, especially when there wasn't a lot happening on the show, so having a co-columnist has always been great.

Of course, I especially want to thank you, my readers. I wouldn't still be writing without all of you. Some of you have been with me from the beginning, while others are newer. I appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to read my thoughts and to share your own. We haven't always agreed, and sometimes, you've changed my mind on various topics. I've loved every minute of it. It's a wonderful gift that we have been able to discuss this show for so many years! I hope One Life to Live will come back to life in a venue that will appreciate it, honor its magnificent history, and let it prosper. The show and we, the viewers, deserve nothing less!

Until next time,

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