One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on OLTL

John and Evangeline made love after getting trapped in a basement. Roxy and Rex met their community service obligation by helping out with the Love Project. Antonio was unable to divulge that he was working undercover. Adriana was concerned that she might be pregnant. Todd and Blair tricked Margaret. Kelly lied that her baby belonged to Todd; she pleaded with Todd to go along with her story.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Jessica doesn't believe John fired Antonio. She sets out to discover the truth. Sonia comes on to Antonio. Jessica goes to Natalie for comfort and advice, but finds an angry and defensive Natalie with Paul half dressed. Jessica tells Natalie that Antonio was fired. Paul believes Antonio was on the take. Paul suggests to Natalie that they use Antonio to find the Santi fortune. Natalie wants Paul to help her be free. Paul goads Natalie into hustling a pool player at Rodi's.

Jessica finds Antonio kissing Sonia and confronts them. Jessica slaps Sonia. Antonio refuses to come clean to Jessica.

Evangeline goes to John and informs him that the bookkeeper's girlfriend, Mary Barnes, contacted her and wants to meet with her. John refuses to let Evangeline go alone. When they get to the house the front door is wide open. Evangeline and John get locked in the basement. They open a bottle of wine. Evangeline talks about her father and how he exepected so much from her and that is why she pushes herself so hard and is so obsessed about work. John tells her about his father also. They share a passionate kiss.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

David is worried about Dorian . Kevin comes to visit Kelly. Kevin has another note that questions Ace's paternity. Kevin reconfirms his love for Kelly; he wants her to come home. Dorian returns to home with a limp and a bandaged wrist. Dorian explains that she got her heel caught in a torn piece of carpet and fell down three stairs. Kelly decides to stay at Dorian's to help Dorian get better. Dorian tells Kelly that whatever the secret is that she keeping from Kevin she will protect it. Dorian agrees to stand by Kelly's side no matter what happens. David has a hunch that Dorian is lying about her fall. He removes her scarf to find bruises. David swears to kill the man who hurt her.

Margaret is stalking Todd and Blair. Todd's idea to deal with Margaret is to have Blair scare her to death. Blair is concerned that Margaret will come after the kids. Todd calls Margaret in front of Blair and invites her to his apartment. When Margaret arrives at the Penthouse. Todd apologizes for how he has treated her. Blair walks in on them holding hands. Blair feigns rage and pulls out a gun. Margaret admits at gunpoint that she did not sleep with Todd and that she also planted the B.E. files in Todd's office. Blair tells her to leave or else she will kill her. Margaret show up at Kevin's to let him know that Blair and Todd know the truth. They know that Margaret set Todd up. Kevin is disgusted and upset. He fires Margaret. Kelly calls Todd. She has to see him immediately.

John and Evangeline decide to go all the way. A woman finds John and Evangeline asleep. The woman is Mary Barnes. Mary explains she went to the supermarket but thought she was being followed. Mary doubts their ability to help her. Evangeline and John admit to each other they have no regrets about what happened. Mary packs her things to go to a safe house.

Antonio tells Jessica that he has been cheating on her with Sonia. Sonia interrupts them and Antonio leaves with her. Sonia gives Antonio her home address. She wants him to meet her after midnight. Jessica goes to see Bo. Bo promises Jessica to check up on what's been going on with John and Antonio. Bo reminds Antonio what he is risking for by pretending to have an affair with Sonia. Antonio recognizes a sketch of the man Mary saw arguing with Arthur Lumus the day before he died. Carlos assures a mystery man that Mary Barnes will be eliminated.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

At the country club, Kevin tells Asa that he's received another note however this time the author want to meet and exchange information for money. They discuss the possibility of Todd being behind it as well as being Ace's real father. Asa suggests a DNA test to solve the mystery. Viki and Jess pass the men's table and Viki easily senses that something is wrong with Kevin. She also knows something is wrong with Jess and gets her to divulge what is happening with Antonio. She assures Jess that Antonio loves her; they both agree that Antonio's story doesn't ring true and that he is probably working undercover.

Antonio catches a man trying to break into his apartment, though he claims he's on the wrong floor. Reaching Sonia by telephone, she insists she has no knowledge of the incident. Jess walks in on Antonio as he's packing things up but he refuses to talk to her. She's figured out the entire scene herself and relays it from beginning to end. Neither confirming nor denying anything, Antonio expresses his love for her and then tells her to pack her things and move out. He is going to have his daughter stay with R.J.

David insists on the truth from Dorian; she finally admits that a thug from the Santi family knocked her around. On her way out, Kelly faints in front of the pair. When she comes to, she confesses to her aunt that Kevin is not the father of her son. Dorian is aghast when Kelly further states that she doesn't know who the father is. The entire story spills out to the now bewildered Dorian who promises to help her niece, who thinks the best thing would be for her to move away from Llanview. She further explains that Todd helped her but is now sending notes to Kevin and setting her up. Kelly would rather lose her husband than her baby, she continues, and Kevin will lose it if he learns the baby isn't his. It's Dorian's turn to lose it when she learns that Todd and Blair are back together and vows to break them up. She thinks that Todd deserves to lose everything, not Kelly, though why she'd be married to a man who wouldn't be able to accept a miscarriage is beyond her. She decides that the baby is probably stolen, especially after Kelly admits that there's no paperwork. Fearful that the baby can be taken away, Dorian decides that the only thing that can be done is for Kelly to announce that Todd is the father.

David goes to Blair and asks for her help on the latest issue of Craze. She agrees and afterwards, hears him plead with her to come back as editor. Todd, coming down the stairs, overhears and suggests that might be possible.

Paul makes plans on upgrading the plane reservations to first class, counting on his windfall from Kevin. He's evasive when Nat asks how he's going to pay for the tickets. He also wants her to get information from Antonio or Jess regarding the Santi fortune. Viki stops to visit Nat but learning that she's gone out, she firmly requests a chat with Paul. When she warns him that Natalie is vulnerable, Paul admits to "falling for her." He also contends that he's not running a scam on Nat.

Nat finds her sister at Antonio's place and learns about the jewelry with the engraved numbers from Jess after confiding that she and Paul are going after the money. Jess wants Nat and Paul to have it. Later, Jess decides that she will go out on her own to get the information on the money. She sent Nat and Paul in the wrong direction so they won't get hurt.

Antonio finally shows up at Sonia's where they share a toast to money and family. Antonio confesses his desire to build an empire and she tells him of the partial numbers she has of the combination. Showing him the brooch, Antonio agrees to get the other numbers. He also wants an introduction to the Santi family. First, she wants to know how far he's willing to go for her, she states, as they kiss.

Kevin waits in vain for the note writer, thinking that he's waiting for Todd. When he gives up and leaves, Paul shows up and searches for his money without success. Kev heads back to see Asa and tells him that Todd didn't show up. He truly believes that Todd is Ace's father.

David returns home to find a steamed Dorian determined to break up Blair's new relationship with Todd. He's more concerned with her and wants to harm the man who harmed Dorian. She gave up the numbers on the brooch but they discover that they each have them anyhow. They need to obtain the other pieces for the rest of the numbers and Carlotta has admitted to the jewelry connection (her bracelet and Adriana's cross).

A disappointed Paul returns to Natalie's house and proclaims that his money didn't come through. No worries, she responds, because she's learned of the jewelry. He declares that he's going to pay Kelly a visit as well.

Kelly shows up at the penthouse to see Todd. She knows about his notes and wants everyone to know that he is her baby's father, she pronounces.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Natalie asks Jessica to join her and Paul in their search for the Santi money. Jessica gives Natalie a note containing part of the combination to the vault. Paul attempts to get the rest of the combination from Dorian's broach, but Blair catches him breaking into the safe and informs Dorian. Natalie encourages Paul to show Jessica the map to the vault. She quickly memorizes it then tells them that the map is reversed to send them in the wrong direction. Jessica starts making plans to protect Natalie and Antonio. Antonio tries to use the combination to get into the Santi family.

Kelly insists that Todd pretend to be Ace's father but he refuses. Kelly tells him she plans to tell the lie to Kevin anyway. While Kevin tries to find out Todd's blood type, Kelly tells him another lie. Meanwhile, Todd tells Blair the truth about covering for Kelly and the stolen baby.

A misfit group of college students gather for a meeting with Viki. She informs them that they will all be living together for the summer until the Love Center is finished. The group is doubtful after Viki informs them of the rules for completing the task to get their grades. With the contract in front of them, the group has to decide if they will accept this offer to pass their courses.

Starr and Travis share a kiss. Starr shows Travis how to gain access to the Banner website.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Rex and Roxy are dragged into the Love Project to finish their community service. River volunteers to join the group, which pleases Shannon. The students are already arguing when they meet their new house mother. Roxy lays down some rather lax rules before leaving the kids on their own. Ron is introduced to the group as the general contractor. A fist fight breaks out among the students when Roxy assigns rooms.

Viki shares her worries with Bo about her children, then questions his concerns about the budding relationship between Nora and Daniel. Matthew is still hoping to get his parents back together. His hope fades slightly when he spots Nora and Daniel at the diner. Nora invites Daniel to have dinner with her and Matthew.

Carlotta worries that Adriana is starting to grow up. Adriana is fearful that her godmother knows she and River had sex. Adriana doesn't realize she is being followed. Carlotta demands to know from Bo why Antonio was fired. River pressures Adriana into spending time alone during the firework show. Adriana tells River that she is concerned about pregnancy. He tries to reassure her that next time they will use protection, but she states there won't be a next time. Shannon spots the couple arguing.

At the Forth of July celebration, Jen continues to document the group of students, unknowingly catching Adriana being kidnapped on tape.

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