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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on GL
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Cassie and Edmund are unloading boxes at the farm. Tammy arrives and is excited to see Edmund there. When she realizes things are still strained between Edmund and her mom, Tammy whines that she's unhappy about the move to the farm. Cassie tries to convince her that this is a good move for the family. Edmund asks Tammy if she's afraid to move because it would mean she's leaving the hotel and Joey. Tammy tells him he's way off base, but is thrilled when Edmund offers to give Joey a job on the farm for the summer.

Cassie and Edmund reminisce about memories of the farm and she tries once again to convince him to forgive her. They share a kiss.

At the Beacon, Sandy pumps Buzz for relationship and family advice. Buzz tells Sandy the secret to having good relationships is to not keep secrets from the people you love.

Tony arrives at the hospital to find Michelle screaming at Rick, Danny, and Bill. Tony tries to convince Michelle to be a little more understanding of the people who are trying to help her. Michelle confides to Tony that she's afraid if she doesn't start remembering things that the people who love her will give up on her. Tony promises that will never happen. Rick tells Danny to limit Michelle's visitors at home and to not mention Robby for now. Danny convinces Tony to stay in town until Michelle's memory returns.

At home, Michelle is amazed by the house and how much money they obviously have. Michelle jokes that she's surprised by her tastes, in home décor and in husbands. She wonders why she feels no connection to the things she obviously loved. Danny asks if she'd be more comfortable if Tony was around. She says no -- it should be just the two of them. She mentions it's a big house for just two people, and Danny struggles with keeping Robby a secret. Later, Michelle finds a teddy bear behind a sofa pillow, and asks Danny if they have children.

At Spaulding Mansion, Lizzie offers Joey two tickets to the Summer Fling -- not as a date, but as a research opportunity for their project. Joey is hesitant and tells Lizzie he may have to quit the project to find a job to help pay for college. Lizzie begs him to work at the mansion for the summer as the pool boy. Joey tells Lizzie to stop bribing him for his friendship. He already likes her as a friend. While picking out music, Joey comes up with an idea for their project -- a floating CD player to use in the pool.

Bill tells Tony that he could have business opportunities in Springfield now that he's the town hero for saving Michelle's life. They discuss working together on renovations to Fifth Street. Tony asks Bill if they would have interference from Lewis Construction, namely Josh and Billy. Bill assures Tony that there will be no interference. They seal the deal with a handshake, which Billy witnesses. Billy questions Bill's ability to make business decisions, especially since Billy has seen Bill's trashed apartment. Bill tells him to back off.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

As Danny scrambles for an excuse to cover the toy Michelle found in the couch, she inadvertently supplies him with one. To his relief the issue is dropped for the time being. She's tired from a day of meeting people, and they decide to go to bed: a decision fraught with its own awkwardness. Upstairs, Danny moves cautiously, not wanting to make Michelle uncomfortable in her own home. By the end of the night, they climb into bed together, but she cannot get comfortable in his arms. Danny quickly volunteers to sleep in the guest room despite Michelle's protests she's making him feel unwelcome in his own bed. She asks for him to stay in the room while she goes to sleep so Danny, alone and on the other side of the room, complies.

Cassie has invited Edmund to stay the night and, as before, he's hesitant. Cassie changes gears, telling him she knows she's done wrong but he's failing them too, by not trusting their relationship enough to weather any storm they encounter. Tammy and Remy walk in on this scene and decide to give fate a push by loosening the battery cables on Edmund's car. He had been ready to leave, despite Cassie's words, but the combination of her common sense, love and affection, and his sudden car trouble, makes Edmund realize he's been wrong. He and Cassie reconcile, and they make love.

Phillip finds Olivia enraged over having her access cut off to Spaulding credit. He takes it one step further and presents her with a script she's to read at the board meeting tomorrow, announcing her resignation and Phillip's ascendancy to the company's helm. Humiliated, she waits until Phillip is gone, and then meets a mysterious man at the Beacon to make her own arrangements.

Tony and Bill go to the Social Club so he can get a look at what Tony intends for the place. But, in the middle of their meeting, Josh and Billy arrive to demote Bill. He is outraged but they insist it's a temporary situation until he pulls through this rough patch he's in currently.

Wednesday, July 30, 2004

Danny awakens to discover Michelle already up, making breakfast, full of energy and curiosity about who she used to be and how she can reconnect with that person. Tony comes over and Danny asks him to move into the house, temporarily, to help smooth the transition for Michelle. Tony wants no part of it, until he's told this request comes from Michelle and knowing he shouldn't turn her down, he agrees. While they talk, Michelle's upstairs, having discovered her date book and is poring through it looking for clues. One notation in particular sends her out of the house, without telling Danny. He is alarmed when he discovers she's gone. Rick calls Danny to say Michelle arrived at the Bauer house, having learned from her date book that today is the day many preparations are made for the annual barbeque. Danny arrives as Michelle is playing a tape of their most recent wedding, and he's frustrated when, once again, it sparks nothing for her. But for Danny the frustration runs even deeper, seeing Jeffrey as the man who performed the ceremony. Angered, Danny exits the house rather than let Michelle see his fury and later, reveals to Tony how angry he is at himself for letting all of this happen to her.

Olivia arrives, as summoned, at the Spaulding offices to deliver her resignation to the board. Phillip, who wrote her speech himself, can barely contain his gleeful anticipation at her upcoming humiliation... but Olivia's prepared a twist, arriving with full documentation of Phillip's many and varied medical treatments for his mental condition, which she happily shares with a shocked board of directors. However, Olivia's actions have only emboldened Phillip to make sure he wins, and wins completely.

Cassie and Edmund awake together, their reunion complete. Tammy arrives and through a slip of the tongue Cassie realizes it was her who fiddled with the battery in Edmund's car. Cassie is proud of her daughter and assures her getting Joey back is next. Later, Reva arrives and as they're unpacking Cassie's things they make a startling discovery: she is an apparent victim of identity theft. Someone has been charging up a storm in Europe using her name and paying off the bills! Cassie's curious indeed to see who is living high on her name.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

Frustrated, Michelle goes through her old room at the Bauer house. She finds a picture of Jesse, an old boyfriend who appears to be a rebel and fantasizes what she could have been like in high school. Later, she joins in the preparations for tomorrow's barbeque. She assumes Sandy and Marina are a couple and they have to correct her, embarrassed.

Olivia tries to convince Bill that she can help him, even though she has been removed from the Spaulding board. With her small amount of Spaulding stock and his portfolio they could be a force if they combined their holdings. He refuses to discuss the stock but does agree to take her to dinner.

Danny confronts Jeffrey, convinced that Jeffrey had planned to pull him back into the mob from the beginning. O'Neill tells him that if he's looking for someone to blame for Michelle's accident, look in the mirror. Cassie interrupts their argument, and Danny baits Jeffrey into telling her the truth about how he ‘drafted' Danny to work undercover by threatening to bust Cassie. When Danny leaves, Cassie scolds Jeffrey, who says he'll be leaving town soon and will be out of her hair.

Frank asks Harley to run through the events of the takedown. Gus enters looking for the evidence box to be sure there's no evidence incriminating Alex. But Frank won't let him take it until he has finished his wrap up of the case. Darci admits to Gus that she was in Europe with Vinnie when he was meeting with Brad Green. She and Vinnie spent time with him and Alexandra. Gus advises her to keep quiet with what she knows, so she doesn't harm her relationship with Frank, who is unaware of her past.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Phillip catches Olivia going through her files at Spaulding. He wants her to come to the Bauer barbecue to keep up appearances but she refuses and calls him a hypocrite. Phillip asks her when she's ever believed in anything. She tells him she used to believe in true love but he taught her better. Phillip leaves and a little later Bill arrives.

After telling her about the ultimatum he gave his dad and uncle, he asks Olivia about her plans for the day. Realizing that he's offering to spend the day with her, she suggests they go for drinks. Later, at the bar, Bill notices that someone's been following Olivia. She tells him that's Phillip's spy. She playfully suggests that they give him a show and starts flirting with and kissing Bill. They then decide to go to his apartment. After a drink there, and talk of partnerships, business or otherwise, they start kissing passionately.

At the Bauers', Ross sees Danny and tells him how much Robbie misses his mother. Tony overhears and suggests that Robbie come to the Barbecue but Danny refuses Tony tries to convince Danny that Michelle has a right to know, but Danny is concerned that it would be too much for her and she might create a scene. Having failed to convince Danny, Tony walks off and overhears Michelle telling Harley and Gus about her memory flash last night. Upon spotting Tony, Michelle goes to talk to him and he tells her he heard her little speech and doesn't believe any of it. She tries to deny that she's lying but he tells her that if her memory were really returning she'd be a little more excited about. The only reason everyone else buys it is because she's telling them what they want to hear. He just wants the truth. Michelle defends herself by saying that she just wants to give everyone hope. He asks her if the lie feels good. Reva then sees the pair talking and ushers Michelle into the house. She tells Michelle that she saw her apple pie (the one that Michelle made from scratch yesterday). Michelle is forced to confess that she burned it, but Reva was prepared for something like this and brought a pie. She then asks Michelle if she's really getting her memory back.

At the Bauers', Gus notices that Darci's nervous and tells her to relax. When Harley asks what they're talking about Gus just brushes it off. Frank joins them and starts telling Gus that something is bugging him about the Salerno case. Gus tries to get out of talking about it by mentioning that the case is closed, but Frank says the pieces just don't add up and something is off. This piques Harley's interest since once Frank gets a feeling he's usually right. Just then Darci and Gus quickly distract them from talking business. Later, though, as he's grilling, Frank tells Gus that he's convinced Brad was working with someone at Spaulding. Gus accuses Frank of just jumping on the "I hate the Spauldings bandwagon" like his sister, but Frank maintains that he's a lot more objective than Harley. Just then Gus spots Darci and Harley whispering and goes to see what they're talking about. He's relieved to learn that they're just talking about the wedding. When Harley leaves to get food, Darci confesses to Gus that she was tempted to reveal her secret. She thinks she should just tell Frank the truth and trust that he won't bail on her. Gus tries to dissuade her by telling her that the truth can sometimes be more damaging than a lie and he hopes she doesn't do anything she'll regret. Across the yard, Harley spots the pair in deep conversation and wonders what's going on. Later, Frank pulls Darci aside and asks her to marry him. She tells him she'd love to marry him but first she needs to tell him something that could make him change his mind. Cassie and Reva talk about her identify theft problem. Reva suggests that Cassie talk to Jeffrey about it but Cassie declines. Later, Jeffrey, who's come to the Barbecue to say his good byes, says goodbye to Reva. She then tells him about Cassie's problem. He agrees to make some calls. Alone he makes one call, telling a mysterious person that someone is masquerading as Cassie Winslow and he better not find out it's her.

Danny, Rick and Mel talk about how well Michelle's doing. Danny thinks maybe she'll remember something today too but Rick and Mel are skeptical. Danny suggests telling Michelle about Robbie today but neither Rick nor Mel think this is the right time. A little later, Danny sees Tony, who isn't looking very happy with him. Danny asks him if he has a problem with how he's handling Michelle and Tony says his problem is that Danny's handling Michelle. Tony doesn't like the pressure Danny is putting on Michelle to get things back to normal. He thinks it's all for appearance sake. Instead of everything being okay with Michelle, Danny just wants to make it look okay. A little miffed, Danny blurts out that he just wants what's best for Michelle. Just then, Michelle comes up behind him and says that no on asked him to. Tony starts to leave, but Michelle tells him she wants him there. She then confronts Danny about never showing his real feelings around her. She asks him to be real. When she leaves, Tony again asks when Danny's going to tell her about Robbie. Danny hedges by saying soon. He then asks Tony to distract Michelle later when Robbie comes over. Tony really doesn't want to because he thinks it's a big mistake but he agrees. Later that day, Danny finds out Robbie's there and asks Tony to keep Michelle busy. Tony's still put out about it since he thinks Danny should be honest with Michelle. Just then Robbie comes running into the yard; spots Michelle and calls her Mommy!

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