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Evangeline Williamson
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Actor History
February 17, 2003 to March 2003 [recurring]; April 2003 to May 18, 2007

Died after being taken off life support on July 26, 2010


Former Assistant District Attorney


Co-owner of Ultra Violet (former)

Resides At

Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland (at time of her death)

Formerly her mother's home in Maryland

Formerly an apartment in Llanview

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Clarence Williamson (father; deceased)

Lisa Williamson (mother)

Layla Williamson (sister)

Clay Williamson (uncle)

Cheryl (aunt)

Toni (cousin)

Brenda (cousin)

Henry (cousin)



Flings & Affairs

Dennis (former boyfriend)

R.J. Gannon (lovers)

John McBain (lovers)

Cristian Vega (lovers)

Todd Manning (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Helped Todd (who was wanted for a double murder) hide from the authorities [Mar 2006]

Health and Vitals

Suffered temporary blindness

Fell into a coma in May 2007

Brief Character History

A talented and well-versed attorney, Evangeline first arrived in Llanview at the request of Mitch Laurence, who was on trial for attempting to transplant Natalie Buchanan's heart into the body of the supposedly dead, Victor Lord. Although Mitch was a despicable person, his case was high profile and caused many Llanview residents to acknowledge Evangeline's capabilities as a defense lawyer.

After settling into Llanview, Evangeline became an acquaintance of R.J. Gannon (the charming, but mob connected "businessman"). A strong physical attraction developed, and the two began dating. Because they shared similar interests, Evangeline and R.J. went into business together. They opened up a nightclub, Club Ultra Violet. After forming a partnership, Evangeline and R.J.'s relationship grew serious. Soon, Evangeline also formed a close relationship with R.J.'s daughter, Keri. Keri had a child with Antonio Vega, and was often in need of Evangeline's legal advice. Because Evangeline had been a support system for Keri, R.J. felt betrayed when Evangeline decided to represent Antonio in his child custody suit, involving Keri. R.J. never liked Antonio, and had caused trouble in his daughter's domestic life. Ultimately, Keri became insane and committed suicide. R.J. tried to frame Antonio for the crime, but Evangeline exonerated Antonio. Although R.J. and Evangeline were on rocky terms, the two continued their relationship.

When Blair Manning accused her husband, Todd, of raping her, he hired Evangeline to represent him. Todd disagreed with Evangeline's questioning of Blair on the witness stand, and fired Evangeline. He was sentenced to Statesville prison. Later, it was discovered that Blair had a brain tumor that caused memory lapses. Evangeline used this opportunity to prove Todd's innocence, and he was released. As the prosecutor in Todd's case, Nora and Evangeline grew close and became close friends.

After Evangeline and R.J. sold Ultra Violet (to Rex Balsom), Evangeline began spending more time establishing her legal practice. When Evangeline took on a case that involved a strip club that had ties to the Santi mob family, she became a target - a dead body was found in her office. A terrified Evangeline enlisted the help of detective John McBain. It turned out that the dead body was a former associate of John's. When Evangeline's client was also murdered, John realized that his former friend and Evangeline's client both had criminal ties to the Santi family. Evangeline and John decided to investigate the case together. R.J. became jealous of the time Evangeline began spending with John. While conducting surveillance one night, Evangeline and John became trapped in a wine cellar. They began drinking and soon had a sexual encounter. Afterwards, they both attempted to down play their intimate night together, but a physical and emotional attraction was evident. When R.J. found out Evangeline had cheated on him he paid a thug to beat John senseless. Upon learning of R.J.'s tactics, Evangeline immediately ended their relationship. John tried to stay away from Evangeline for her own safety, and due to his mixed emotions for Natalie Buchanan. John had dated Natalie, prior to Evangeline. Evangeline considered steering clear, but she felt alive and free when she was with John. To his surprise, he felt the same way around her. They resumed their affair and bonded over old movies and overdone career obsessions. When Evangeline represented Kelly Cramer in a custody battle against Kevin Buchanan, she lost the case because Tico Santi bribed the judge. Evangeline was devastated, and sought comfort in John's arms. The two grew closer, as John helped her deal with losing her very first case. Both Evangeline and John soon learned how challenging an interracial relationship could be. One day Evangeline was almost attacked by a bigot who witnessed her and John sharing an intimate moment. After John had left, the bigot confronted Evangeline. The situation almost turned violent, but Michael (John's brother) happened to come along in time, and defended Evangeline. When John learned of the altercation, he located the perpetrator and brought him to justice. This reality check also caused Evangeline and John's relationship to grow stronger.

Once Evangeline and John decided to enter a committed relationship, Natalie began showing an interest in John again. It was apparent that John and Natalie still had an emotional connection to one another. Although Evangeline tried to hide her resentment of Natalie's constant interference in John's life, she had a difficult time masking her true feelings. The situation became unbearable for Evangeline, once Natalie convinced Bo to hire her at the police station. Evangeline knew Natalie wanted to keep close tabs on John. When John became involved in the Killing Club Killer Investigation, he was able to spend less time with Evangeline, but she remained supportive. However, Natalie was determined to win John's heart again. In a desperate attempt to receive attention from John, Natalie used herself as bait to catch the Killing Club Killer. When Natalie was nearly killed trying to lure the killer, John confessed his love for her. Because John had never been able to tell Evangeline that he loved her, she was devastated by his declaration of love for Natalie. Hurt and humiliated, Evangeline chose to end her relationship with John. During this period, Evangeline and Natalie had several bitter exchanges with one another.

Evangeline was excited to be named Llanview's Woman of the Year. Before she could accept the award, she was abducted by the killer, and left in an abandoned basement. There, she discovered Natalie had met the same fate. In order to escape the killer, the two women were forced to put aside their differences. Before they could plan their escape, the killer set the basement on fire. John located them and attempted to save the two women. Upon John's arrival he discovered Natalie was in immediate danger, and chose to rescue her first. After he rescued Natalie, John then pulled Evangeline from the flames. However, the killer snatched Natalie, when John turned away to save Evangeline. Evangeline was still in love with John, and was hurt that he chose to rescue Natalie first. As a result, the relationship between Evangeline and John remained strained. Evangeline struggled to get over her feelings for John. Meanwhile, Natalie was still missing. Evangeline discovered a clue that she felt could lead to Natalie. After Evangeline agreed to hypnosis, she was able to provide information that helped John locate Natalie. As John and Natalie gave their relationship another try, Evangeline was left to deal with her unresolved issues.

Evangeline was excited when her younger sister Layla moved to Llanview, but soon realized Layla had knack for finding trouble. Layla's prying soon led to evidence that Cristian Vega (Natalie's supposedly dead husband) was alive and imprisoned. It turned out that Carlo Hesser had brainwashed Cristian into committing a murder. Cris realized he had been brainwashed, but felt he would never be able to prove his innocence. For this reason, Cris didn't want to reveal his true identity to Natalie (everyone believed Cris was actually an imposter- but John knew the truth). By this time John and Natalie were romantically involved. When Evangeline discovered the truth, she set out to save Cris from death row.

Todd Manning was on trial again, and Evangeline acted as his defense attorney. Todd was accused of killing Margaret Cochran and her unborn child (Todd's child, as a result of his being raped by Margaret). While most of Llanview's residents were convinced of Todd's guilt, Evangeline believed in Todd's innocence and worked endless hours to prove Spencer Truman had framed Todd. When the case went to trial, the evidence against Todd was overwhelming and he was sentenced to death. Evangeline was devastated at the outcome. Todd gave up, but Evangeline promised she would appeal his case. When Todd escaped from prison, Evangeline refused to cooperate with the authorities (she knew where he was hiding), and she was placed in police custody. Todd was later captured, and placed on death row. While Evangeline was still determined to help Todd, she developed a friendship with Cris (who was now divorced from Natalie). Cris accompanied Evangeline to the wedding of Mike McBain and Marcie Walsh. After the ceremony, a tornado hit Llanview and struck the church. Evangeline was blinded when the tornado caused the windows to break. She was devastated at the loss of her sight, but determined to continue to live her life. When Cristian began to make romantic overtures toward her she initially refused, but finally realized she couldn't fight the passion they felt for each other. Meanwhile, it was discovered that Evangeline's suspicions concerning Spencer Truman were correct, he had framed Todd for the murder. As a weeping Evangeline sat at Todd's execution, John entered the room, with a very much alive Margaret. Todd's life was spared. Despite the difficulties she was facing in her own life, Evangeline was happy for Todd. While Todd was on the run, an emotional connection had developed between Evangeline and Todd. They had grown to trust and care for one another. Because Evangeline tried to help him, Todd wanted to return the favor. Todd hired an eye specialist to help Evangeline regain her sight. Although Cris wanted Evangeline to see again, he did not trust Todd.

The eye specialist performed surgery on Evangeline's corneas, and she regained her sight. Todd was delighted. Evangeline cared for Todd, but was in love with Cris. Because of Cristian's recent legal troubles, his paintings were no longer profitable. In order to make a living, Cris decided to become a professional boxer. Evangeline wanted Cris to continue to paint, but supported his boxing career. Todd was attracted to Evangeline and wanted to ruin her relationship with Cris. Todd learned that Vincent Jones (Cris' manager) was planning to sabotage Cris' upcoming fight, and did nothing to prevent it. When Evangeline discovered the truth, she ended her friendship with Todd. Todd was determined to remain a part of Evangeline's life. As time passed, Evangeline forgave Todd and they renewed their friendship, much to Cris' chagrin. Once he gained Evangeline's trust, Todd continued to pursue her. Cris continued to warn Evangeline of Todd's intentions, but she insisted they were just friends.

One night Todd was distraught when he learned that his son (with Margaret) was dead. Evangeline showed up at Todd's office, and found him in a desperate state. As Evangeline attempted to comfort him, they shared a passionate kiss. Although Todd wanted more, Evangeline was torn because of her love for Cris. An emotional wreck, she ran away from Todd. Consumed with guilt, Evangeline admitted to Cris that she kissed Todd. Because he had warned Evangeline countless times, Cris could not forgive her and ended the relationship. Evangeline was devastated by Cris' reaction, and continued to turn to Todd. Evangeline and Todd continued to share several special moments together, but none of the encounters ever resulted in love making (although, very close). One night Evangeline, Todd, Blair, and Cris all ended up at the same ski lodge. Cris became enraged when he found Evangeline and Todd in the same room. Cris told Blair what he had witnessed. In an attempt to hurt the ones they loved, Cris and Blair had sex that night. In a nearby room, Evangeline and Todd shared a bed, and innocently held each other the entire night. When Evangeline learned of Cris' indiscretion with Blair, she was angry and hurt. Although she was still in love with Cristian, Evangeline felt she could never forgive him. At the same time, Evangeline feared she was pregnant with Cristian's child. Cris vowed to stand by her, but they discovered Evangeline was not pregnant after all. Soon, Evangeline began questioning if her feelings for Todd were more than friends. As Todd and Evangeline grew closer, Todd received a lead that his son may actually be alive and in Chicago. Todd decided to travel to Chicago to find his son, and Evangeline insisted on going with him. Todd intended to do whatever it took to claim his son, and didn't want Evangeline to become involved in any unlawful action that he would encounter. Todd knew Evangeline would want o handle things according to the law; he had no intention of being a law biding citizen. He left town without her.

There had been a rash of hate crimes perpetrated by a white supremacist group called One Pure People. A few days after Todd had left town, Evangeline decided to visit Cris at his loft. On that very day, One Pure People had targeted Cristian's apartment. As Evangeline and Cris discussed their relationship, they were suddenly overcome by a violent gas. Nora and Talia later arrived on the scene. Although Cris, Nora and Talia suffered minor injuries, Evangeline remained unconscious. At the hospital, she lapsed into a coma.

At the same time, Todd was stabbed and left for dead in Chicago. Once Todd recovered and returned to Llanview, he immediately ran to Evangeline's side. In an emotional display, Todd revealed his feelings to an unconscious Evangeline. Cristian also struggled with his feelings over the loss of Evangeline. He traveled to Maryland, where Evangeline had been moved (in her mother's home). There, he tearfully declared his love for her. Cris needed answers from her. He asked an unconscious Evangeline if he should wait for her or move on with his life. He asked for a sign. When Evangeline moved her arm, he took that as a sign that he needed to move on.

In July 2010, Layla and Cristian drove to Baltimore to tell Layla's mother that they were engaged to be married and were shocked to learn that Evangeline had been admitted to the hospital. Evangeline was no longer able to breathe on her own and was relying on machines to keep her alive. Layla discovered that Evangeline had drafted a living will stating she didn't want to remain hooked up to machines, although the document had never been notarized. After learning that a judge would uphold the will, Evangeline's mother decided to honor her daughter's wishes and have the machines turned off. The doctor turned off the machines on July 26, 2010, and Evangeline took her last breath.

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