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Miles Laurence
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Actor History
David Chisum


Independently wealthy (inherited money from Spencer Truman)



Previously in Llanview

Raised in a sanitarium

Marital Status

Single/Annulled (Marty Saybrooke) [Married: Jun 6, 2007; Annulled: Sep 14, 2007]

Past Marriages

Marty Saybrooke [Married: Jun 6, 2007; Annulled: Sep 14, 2007]


Mitch Laurence (brother)

Walker "Flynn" Laurence (brother; deceased)

Schuyler Joplin (nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Natalie Buchanan (flirtation)

Crimes Committed

Hired men to attack Marty

Blackmailed Marty into marriage

Hired a man to stab and kidnap Todd Manning

Kept the whereabouts of Todd Manning's son secret

Health and Vitals

Born horribly disfigured

Underwent plastic surgery to restore his face

Accidentally shot by Cole Thornhart

Brief Character History

Miles Laurence was horribly disfigured at birth and put in an institution by his father, who told his wife that their child had died. Miles grew up isolated from the rest of the world and found his savior in Dr. Spencer Truman, who performed plastic surgery on Miles to correct his disfigurement. After Spencer was murdered, he left all of his money to Miles, who came to Llanview in February 2007 to claim his fortune and see that justice was done with respect to Spencer's killer. Miles soon shocked Jessica by revealing that her father Mitch Laurence was his brother, although Miles grew up not knowing either of his older brothers, Mitch and Walker.

To help him adjust to normal life, Miles began seeing psychiatrist Marty Saybrooke and quickly fell in love with her. Marty told him she only wanted to be friends, but Miles was determined to make her love him. He began following Marty and repeatedly showed up unexpectedly at her door. He hired three men to attack Marty so he could come to her rescue, only to have the plan backfire when John McBain rescued her instead. Marty began to have flashbacks of the night of Spencer's murder and believed she may have killed him. Miles eavesdropped on her therapy sessions and later stole an audiotape in which she confessed the murder to her therapist. Miles then used the tape to blackmail Marty into marriage.

Soon after Miles married Marty, he paid a man named Hunter Atwood to stab and kidnap Todd Manning, who Miles had sent to Chicago searching for his missing son with Margaret Cochran. Miles hoped to make Todd pay for raping Marty all those years ago. Hunter dropped an unconscious Todd off on his doorstep, and Miles hid him in a storage room before dumping him outside, getting caught by Marty's son Cole Thornhart in the process. Miles convinced Cole to keep quiet to protect his mother from murder charges, but eventually he and Marty both came forward with the truth and Todd was freed. Miles was arrested for assaulting and kidnapping Todd, while Marty was arrested for Spencer's murder. Miles found an unlikely ally in Natalie Buchanan, who stood by Miles as he owned up to his crimes and apologized to Marty. He later told Todd that his son had been adopted by Michael and Marcie McBain, enabling Todd to sue for full custody and eventually reunite with his son. After the murder charges against Marty were dropped, Marty annulled her marriage to Miles.

While performing community service for his crimes, Miles became good friends with Roxy Balsom, who hoped for more than friendship. Miles was devastated to learn that Marty had been supposedly killed in a van explosion in Ireland. Miles stumbled upon a distraught Cole holding a gun on FBI agent Lee Ramsey, who Cole blamed for Marty's death, and accidentally shot Miles. Miles was rushed to the hospital and survived his surgery. Roxy declared her love for Miles, although he was sedated at the time, and Natalie told Roxy to back off. After Miles recovered, he left town had hasn't been heard from since.

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Who's Who in Llanview

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