Beth Wallace
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Actor History

Kelli McCarty (August 23, 1999 to September 2002 [recurring]; September 6, 2002 to August 30, 2004 [contract]; August 31, 2004 to July 18, 2005; November 2005; May 5, 2006 to July 17, 2006 [recurring])


Died in a train explosion in Rome on 17 July 2006.



Manager of the Book Café (former)

Resides At

Rome (Alistair helped her flee town)

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Alistair Crane (father)

Edna Wallace (mother)

Julian Crane (paternal half-brother)

Sheridan Crane (paternal half-sister)

Chad Harris-Crane (paternal half-brother; deceased)

Ethan Crane (adoptive half-brother)

Vincent Clarkson (paternal half-nephew)

Fancy Crane (paternal half-niece)

Pretty Crane (paternal half-niece)

Fox Crane (paternal half-nephew; deceased)

Endora Lenox (paternal half-niece)

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (paternal half-nephew)

James Boothe (paternal half-nephew; via adoption)

* Beth is Edna's only child.



Flings & Affairs

Alistair Crane (as Charlie) (pretended to like Charlie to get her to help)

Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald (childhood sweethearts; formerly engaged)

Raped by former boyfriend(s) of her mother Miscellaneous Tidbits

Loves chocolate covered strawberries.

Wallace is not her birth surname. It was the name of the man her mother lived with when she was a teen.

Crimes Committed

Drugged Luis' drink to make him think they slept together.

Set the Crane cottage on fire with Luis and Sheridan inside.

Faking a pregnancy to steal Sheridan's baby and raise it as her own.

Along with Charlie, has kidnapped Sheridan and her unborn child.

Kidnapped the newborn son of Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Attempted to murder Sheridan Crane-Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ran Gwen Winthrop down with her car to keep her quiet. Brief Character History (from the character's point of view)

Born and raised in Harmony, Beth is the younger of Edna Wallace's two children. She has never known who her father is, she has only known a series of her mother's boyfriends throughout the years, some of which sexually molested the young girl. She was still fairly young when her mother met Mr. Wallace, owner of the local Book Café, and they all lived together as a family. Beth always believed that her mother had married him, and still refers to him as her stepfather. Beth was friends with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald since they were small children, and at one time, was a frequent guest at the Wallace home, helping Antonio and Luis with the younger ones. She and Luis eventually fell in love, and the two dated all through high-school. Shortly after graduation, Antonio left town, and Luis took over his role as head of the family. He and Beth were engaged to be married at the time, but Luis broke things off. He loved Beth too much to hurt her, and he was terrified that he would one day leave her the way his father left his mother.

A few years passed, during which Beth, who now managed the Book Café her stepfather had sold to pay for her mother's medical bills, barely saw Luis, who was now a cop. Then he began coming into the Book Café on a regular basis, shortly after their high-school chum Hank returned to town. Luis and Beth picked up their relationship where they left off, but a few months later, Beth began to wonder about Luis and Sheridan Crane. Although she discussed with Hank what they could do to keep their significant others, she didn't have the heart to hurt Luis, and when she realized Luis was in love with Sheridan, she backed off, and wished them well. Luis was the only man she had ever loved, and would ever love, and she wanted him to be happy. When Sheridan was believed dead in the boat explosion, Beth was there for Luis, and slowly, the two fell back in love, and were engaged to be married. Then Sheridan came home.

Something in Beth seemed to snap after all those years. Probably extensive exposure to her mother, who recently appeared on the scene. Beth has to constantly defend herself to her mother, who blames her for something that happened when Beth was a teenager. Only hours after they were engaged to be married, Sheridan showed up in Harmony, and Luis came to Beth to tell her it was over...the woman he loved was back. While Beth outwardly wished Luis and Sheridan well, inside she was seething, and vowed revenge on Sheridan for taking away the man she loved. Knowing that Sheridan was pretending to still love Antonio, who was dying of a mystery disease, Beth played on the situation, all of them making Antonio think that Beth and Luis were together rather than Sheridan and Antonio. It went to the point where they ended up at the altar, all four of them. Antonio and Sheridan got married, but Mrs. Wallace had a heart attack just as Beth and Luis were ready to say their 'I do's.

By that point, Beth was beyond all redemption. She continued plotting to get Luis back, and slowly came to the realization that if Sheridan was dead, she could have Luis for herself. Beth was just as shocked as everyone else to learn that Sheridan was pregnant, and that the child could belong to either Antonio or Luis! Beth didn't let that stop her though. She paired up with Charlie (a woman who caught her stealing drugs from the hospital and originally was going to turn her in...until she met 'mother'), and the two hatched a plan to kidnap Sheridan. Knowing Charlie has a crush on her, Beth told Charlie that they would kidnap Sheridan's baby to raise together, but the reality is that she plans to raise that child with Luis.

After holding Sheridan captive for weeks in her basement, Beth presented Luis with a beautiful baby boy, while a frantic Sheridan had no idea what gender her child was. Beth and Charlie planned to do away with Sheridan, but unfortunately, Luis dived into the freezing water to save his brother's bride, and they got her back to the hospital. Beth is terrified that Luis will realize that little baby Martin is really Sheridan's son. When Gwen announced her plans to expose Beth, she couldn't risk it, and tried to kill Gwen. Her attempts were unsuccessful, but Gwen was soon worried about things other than Beth.

Beth continued to raise baby Marty as her own, trying desperately to get Luis to be a bigger part of their lives, but Luis was interested only in Sheridan. Numerous schemes to break Sheridan and Luis up ended miserably, with Luis moving further and further away from Beth and the baby. After Antonio died and Sheridna and Luis were free to be together publicly, Sheridan soon began insisting that Marty was her son. No one believed her at first, but it wasn't long before Luis was suspicious enough to demand a DNA test. No one was more shocked than Beth when the DNA test proved that Beth, and not Sheridan, was Marty's mother. With Alistair's help, Beth managed to flee Harmony with the boy, and except for a couple of taunting calls to Sheridan, wasn't seen again until she turned up alive and well in Rome, raising Marty.

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