Alistair Crane
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Actor History

David Bailey (27 September 2004 to January 2005; contract)

John Reilly (contract: 21 January 2005 to 17 July 2006; )

Alan Oppenheimer (recurring: 8 November 1999 to September 2004; voice)

John Reilly (recurring: August 2007 to present)

Bill Dempsey (1999 to September 2004; body double)

Michael McNab (summer 2001; body double)

Other Names

Charlie (assumed female identity)

Alistair Ephraim Crane (full name)


Believed to have died in a train explosion in Rome on 17 July 2006.


Head of Crane Industries


Crane Mansion (14 Raven Hill Road) Financial Holdings

Owns the Book Café

Owns the Harmony Cannery

Owns the Crane Estate (including the house and Sheridan's cottage)

Owns Sally Chin's Chinese restaurant

Marital Status

Married (Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald)

Past Marriages

Katherine Barrett (annulled)




Julian Crane (son; with Katherine)

Sheridan Crane (daughter; with Katherine)

Beth Wallace (daughter; with Edna; deceased)

Chad Harris-Crane (son; with Liz; deceased)

Ethan Crane (adoptive son)

Vincent Clarkson (grandson; Julian's with Eve)

Fancy Crane (granddaughter; Julian's with Ivy)

Pretty Crane (Julian's with Ivy)

Fox Crane (grandson; Julian's with Ivy; deceased)

Endora Lenox (granddaughter; Julian's with Tabitha)

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (grandson; Sheridan's with Luis)

James Boothe (grandson; Sheridan's; via adoption)

Miles Harris (grandson; Chad's with Whitney)

Flings & Affairs

Rachel Barrett (formerly engaged; deceased)

Liz Sanbourne (rape; she was only 14)

Rebecca Hotchkiss (before her marriage to Jonathan; she was 17)

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (he raped her)

Numerous Henchwomen

Crimes Committed

Kidnapped Rachel Barrett and held her captive, raping and assaulting her for years.

Raped 14-year-old Liz Sanbourne when Julian was involved with Eve.

Frequently physically and sexually assaulted his wife Katherine.

Attempted to / threatened to kill Martin Fitzgerald.

Plotted the 'death' of Eve and Julian's son to keep a black Crane out of the family.

Arranged the 'death' of his daughter, Sheridan Crane, to keep Luis away from the family secrets.

Arranged the medication switch that kept Theresa alive and allowed her to escape from the death penalty.

Covered up the DNA tests proving Julian had a son 'Chad' with 'a black woman'.

As 'Charlie', kidnapped Sheridan, took her baby, and tried to kill her.

Forced Dr. Ackland into giving Sheridan electroshock treatments.

Frequent attempts on Sheridan's life, claiming he blames her for Katherine's 'death'.

Arranged the kidnapping of Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald in Puerto Arena.

Hired an assassin to take care of Katherine and Martin in Mexico.

Held Fox, Katherine, Gwen and the baby hostage on the Crane compound.

Tortured Fox and Gwen and raped Katherine while at the Crane compound.

Raped his wife, Theresa.

Alistair is suspected of numerous bad acts that have never been proven. Brief Character History (from the character's point of view)

Alistair Crane is the patriarch of the Crane family, which is not only the wealthiest family in Harmony but also one of the wealthiest in the entire world. As a young man, he married Katherine, herself a child of wealthy parents. They had a son Julian, but the birth was hard on Katherine and she was advised not to have another child. When Julian was a teenager, Katherine defied the doctors orders and became pregnant a second time. She gave birth to a daughter, Sheridan. Their daughter's birth significantly weakened Katherine, and although she lived on for a number of years, she spent that time virtually bedridden, dying when Sheridan was an adolescent.

Alistair always blamed Sheridan for her mother's death. Although he did protect her when Sheridan killed Martin Fitzgerald shortly after Katherine's death, his idea of protection was to send her off to a mental institution in Europe and to make sure that she never spoke to anyone of what happened to keep their family name from being dragged through the mud. Julian he ruled with an iron fist, taking advantage of Julian's spinelessness and desire to please. In fact, he was responsible for ending Julian and Eve's relationship, and even plotted the death of their child, a son who would be about the same age as Sheridan had he lived (on the other hand, though, Alistair never actually saw the body...).

After breaking up Julian and Eve, Alistair turned his attention toward adding to the Crane respectability. He threatened to disown Julian unless Julian courted Ivy Winthrop, daughter of governor Harrison Winthrop. While Alistair and Harrison concentrated on making sure that Sam Bennett wasn't able to send Ivy any love letters, Julian's pursuit of Ivy and Sam's not having written for weeks convinced her that Julian would make the perfect husband. Ivy learned that Julian was forced to court her the night of their wedding, and ran to Sam. She told Alistair and Harrison the next day that she was leaving Julian for Sam, but Alistair and Harrison informed her that the Winthrop family had no money, and that if she wanted to live the life to which she had become accustomed, she had to stay married to Julian. When faced with Sam's love or Julian's money, Ivy chose to stay.

Alistair has been fighting for years to keep the Crane name respectable, and to keep Sheridan away from Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. He kept Ivy in line for years by threatening to reveal her secret (the secret itself was never revealed, but since Alistair knew about Ivy spending her wedding night with Sam, he may have known Ethan was not Julian's son). After Julian made a public spectacle of himself with one of his paramours, Alistair disowned his only son, making Ethan his sole heir. Then once Ethan postponed his wedding to Gwen to explore his feelings for Theresa, Alistair disinherited him as well. When Ethan was discovered to not be a Crane at all, Alistair cut Ethan out of the family forever.

Alistair launched a number of plots to keep Sheridan and Luis apart, starting with his plan to play the tape of Sheridan's hypnosis session with Eve proving that Sheridan killed Martin Fitzgerald, but moving on when that plot didn't work. Alistair decided that the best thing to do was to kill Sheridan. He used his influence over Julian to make his son help him, and launched numerous plans to end Sheridan's life, including poisoning her wedding ring and blowing up the boat that Sheridan and Luis were on in Bermuda. That plan seemed to work, as a body was found and was positively identified as Sheridan Crane. Both Julian and Alistair assumed Sheridan was dead until Sheridan returned to Harmony with her new fiancé, Antonio. Luckily for her, Alistair doesn't seem as concerned about Antonio as he was about Luis, as he has left her alone.

Most recently, Alistair has kept himself occupied by sleeping with his secretaries, and plotting the downfall of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. In Alistair's mind, it's bad enough that Theresa robbed him of his heir of choice (Ethan), but during the time that Theresa thought she was married to Julian, she attempted to claim his entire fortune, company, and estate for herself. Although she was sentenced to death for 'killing' Julian, Alistair used his influence to pull some strings to have Theresa saved from the death penalty (initially everyone thought she was dead) so that he could enact his plan of revenge against her.

Alistair was recently discovered to be the man behind the 'Charlie' mask. As Charlie, he pretended to be a psychotically obsessed lesbian working for the hospital who moved in with Beth so that they could break up Luis and Sheridan to steal Sheridan's baby. With Beth raising the baby and Sheridan told it's dead, Alistair made Charlie disappear. He manipulated Antonio into committing Sheridan to the psych ward, convincing him it would be best for her, and the manipulated Dr. Ackland into giving his daughter electroshock treatments.

Suddenly everything changed when it was discovered that Katherine was still alive. In reality, she had left Alistair in the mid-eighties. He had searched for her for years, finally finding her with her lover, Martin Fitzgerald, in Mexico. Once Alistair realized where she was, he was determined to punish her for having the gall to leave him. At the same time, he was trying to stop Julian and Eve from searching for their long-lost child together, but when Julian kept pushing, he finally told him that Chad Harris was their son, and that Whitney was sleeping with her half-brother! Although initially no one wanted to believe Alistair, they finally accepted the truth.

With the Julian/Eve/child fiasco out of the way, Alistair refocussed on his first hatred; Martin and Katherine. He nearly killed them in Mexico when he arranged to have Paloma kidnapped, and even hired an assassin to take them out, but none of his plots were successful. Martin, Katherine and Paloma all came back to Harmony, where Katherine soon confronted Alistair. After being shot and taken to the hospital and making sure Katherine was blamed, Alistair was soon back at the Crane mansion ruling the roost. He threw a Christmas party no one would ever forget, disinheriting both Fox and Chad (he had previously disinherited Julian in the summer of 2000 and Ethan in the fall of 2000) and announcing that it would take only one word to break up Luis and Sheridan, then someone at the party tried to kill him by poisoning his cigar.

Alistair ended up in Harmony hospital, fighting for his life. He flatlined on the table, but luckily Tabitha and Endora were nearby, and Endora used magic to bring Alistair back to life. Later, Beth confronted Alistair to find out what the 'one word' was that could destroy Luis and Sheridan. Alistair attempts to seduce Beth and fails miserably, but does tell her that the 'one word' that could break Sheridan and Luis up is ... mother. Alistair eventually regained his full strength, and his next move, after convincing Katherine to leave town, was to hold Katherine, Gwen, the baby and later Fox hostage on his compound. He returned to Salem to once again interfere in Luis and Sheridan's marriage, and to get involved with Beth Wallace. Luckily, before things could go too far, Beth's mother burst in on him and Beth with the news that Beth was Alistair's daughter!

Alistair soon turned from arduous lover into reluctant father. He didn't want anyone to know that Beth was his daughter, but had no problems bankrolling her escapades with Marty and helping her keep Marty away from Sheridan. He went so far as to assist Beth is fleeing Harmony with the baby. It wasn't long before Alistair made an unholy alliance with Theresa -- he offered her the chance to be close to Jane, but made it clear that she had to be willing to marry him and be sexually intimate with him. She agreed, and signed the pre-nuptial agreement that also allowed Alistair to adopt Little Ethan and rename him Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane.

Not long after their wedding, though, Alistair began feeling as though he was being stalked. It turned out he was -- Katherine's presumed dead sister Rachel turned out to be alive and well, and wanting to get revenge on Alistair for holding her captive for years after she supposedly 'died'. One night at a party at the Crane mansion, Alistair was stabbed and then someone attempted to smother him. While Alistair was in the hospital, Liz attempted to kill him again, and at that time revealed to Julian that she had been behind all of the attempts on Alistair's life and the attempt on Julian's life because, years earlier, Alistair had raped her when she was just fourteen and had left her unable to have children.

The entirety of Harmony believed Alistair to be in a coma for many months, but it was eventually revealed that he was the monk that Whitney had been helping in Rome to find an ancient chalice that he believed would give him the power to rule the world. Unfortunately, before he could unlock the secrets of the chalice, the many Harmonyites in Rome discovered he was there, and he took off with J.T. Cornell in tow to escape from them.

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