Liz Sanbourne
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Actor History

Amelia Marshall (contract: 10 October 2001 to 16 February 2006)

Arreale Davis (2003; flashback at age 12)

Taquel Graves (2003)

Other Names

Elizabeth Sanbourne (full name; revealed 10 January 05)


Owns the Blue Note

Formerly owned a hotel on St. Lisa

Resides At

Russell House

Marital Status

Single (assumed)

Past Marriages

None (assumed)


Mr. Sanbourne (adoptive father)

Ruby Lincoln (adoptive mother)

Eve Johnson (adoptive maternal half-sister)

Eve Lincoln (adoptive maternal grandmother; deceased)

Whitney Russell (adoptive maternal half-niece)

Simone Russell (adoptive maternal half-niece)

Miles Davis Harris (adoptive maternal half-grand-nephew)


Chad Harris-Crane (son; with Alistair; given up for adoption; deceased)

Miles Harris (grandson)

Flings & Affairs

Mr. Sanbourne (was molested as a child)

Alistair Crane (he raped her when she was 14; deceased)

Tom Joyner

Antonio Brian Lopez-Fitzgerald (former lovers; deceased)

T.C. Russell (adulterous)

Crimes Committed

Shot Julian Crane at the Crane cannery.

Slipped T.C. a mickey.

Accused Eve of trying to kill her.

Attempted to murder Julian.

Poisoned Alistair Crane's cigar.

Knifed Alistair then tried to smother him.

Pulled the plug on Alistair and tried to kill him.

Brief Character History

Not much is known about Liz. She had a difficult and possibly abusive childhood, and grew up without a cent to her name. She runs a small hotel resort on the island of St. Lisa's (not too far away from Bermuda, and the Bermuda triangle). At one time she and Brian were heavily involved, but in the years since, they have settled into a friendship. Unbeknownest to Brian, though, Liz still has feelings for him. Feelings so strong, in fact, that she wants the younger man back in her life...and in her bed.

Once Liz realized that Brian loved Diana, she backed away from him, allowing him to follow his heart. When he became ill, though, she came to Harmony, learning that Brian O'Leary had a whole life there as Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald. She remained in love with him, but once in Harmony she had a new goal -- to destroy Eve Russell. It turned out that Eve was Liz's maternal half-sister, and Liz had always blamed Eve for molestation she had suffered as a little girl. Eve had left home when Liz was fourteen, and Liz had never been able to forgive her, and had never seen her since.

Liz soon began a deliberate campaign to destroy Liz and take T.C. away from her, going so far as to drug T.C. in an attempt to seduce him. She ultimately revealed Eve as the drunk behind T.C.'s accident, and managed to land T.C. for a time after he and Eve's marriage finally broke up for good but he eventually broke things off with her because he couldn't fall out of love with Eve, even though she kept choosing Julian over him time and time again. At the height of her fury, Liz tried to break Julian and Eve up by claiming that Julian had raped her when she was fourteen.

After Alistair Crane wound up in the hospital, Julian Crane discovered Liz in his hospital room, trying to kill him. It was there that Liz poured out all the poison in her soul to him, and admitted that she was the one who shot him in the cannery years earlier and she was the one who had made all the attempts to kill him. Liz laid out the whole story for Julian, explaining that years ago she had gone to see Eve one last time to convince her to come home. When she had gotten to the apartment, neither Julian nor Eve were there, but Alistair was. He had raped her when she was only fourteen, forcing her to relive all the previous years of sexual molestation by her father. Liz was left unable to have children as a result of the rape, and blamed Alistair, Julian and Eve.

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