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Port Charles Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on PC
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Monday, September 15, 1997
by Lynx

"Karen's Apartment"
Karen and Joe are getting pretty hot and heavy with their kissing. Karen stops him momentarily, asking "What are we doing?" Joe says he'll stop if she wants him to. She doesn't stop him, so he pulls her in for more. They take the action to her bed, when the phone rings. The answering machine picks up, someone at the hospital can't read Karen's writing. Karen grabs the phone and clarifies for the nurse. Karen doesn't return to the bed after she hangs up; a moment of awkwardness arrives. Karen explains that Joe had been calling to her in his sleep. Joe had a nightmare that some man was taking Karen from the apartment, and she was calling to Joe for help, but he couldn't get in. That's when he woke up, and Karen was there, and he thought he was still dreaming. Karen says they were both tired. Joe asks if she'd have stopped him if the phone hadn't have rang. She says yes, then "I don't know." Joe wants her to admit that she wouldn't have. Karen takes some blame for what happened. Joe says it's too difficult being friends and wanting each other at the same time. Joe puts his shirt back on and starts to leave, but Karen told him to wait. Karen admits her attraction to him, but it complicates things more. She's still a married woman, Karen says, and she can't cheat on him. Joe says the marriage is one-sided, and Jagger doesn't care about her the way he does. Joe says he'll do his best to honor their friendship. Joe says he isn't leaving because he's upset, but because he'll start kissing her again, without stopping. Karen gets on the computer when Joe leaves and writes a "Dear Jagger" letter. She writes that she knows about his affair with Fran. Karen's giving Jagger an ultimatum, but before she can read to herself what that is, someone knocks at her door. "Joe, is that you?" she asks as she rushes for the door.

"GH Lobby"
Jake receives a phone at the GH lobby desk from Rex, who's in a car. Rex asks if Jake is ready to do some DNA research for him. Jake says Danielle is gone, and Rex can't do anything more to hurt her. If Rex tries, Jake will break his neck. Jake hangs up on Rex and passes Scott on his wait out. Jake assumes Scott overheard; Scott did. Jake tells him that Danielle is gone for good and nothing else bad will happen to Serena. "It better not," Scott says as Jake leaves. A man delivers a message for Ellen to the nurse at the desk. Scott asks if it is from Cahill labs. It is, so Scott takes it from the woman, saying it's for him.

"Oncall (Interns') Room"
Matt reads a passage from Kevin's psychological profile on Greg Cooper to Ellen and Kevin. It describes Cooper as a "classical sociopathic personality" with a genius IQ and a "pathological obsession with authority figures" and little conscience. Matt says it's no wonder Cooper faked his own seizure. Kevin says Cooper draws people in with superficial charm. Just then, Scott enters with the lab results. Good news, Scott says, traces of insulin were found in the syringe that Matt found in Cooper's old mattress. "You did it!" Ellen told Matt. Scott doesn't want her to get too excited; he wants to prove that Cooper actually injected himself with the insulin. Matt argues that the syringe came from the mattress. Scott wants Cooper to admit it. Kevin wonders how that can happen since Cooper has been unresponsive since his seizure. Ellen was certain the syringe would be enough. Scott wants proof beyond a shadow of a doubt in case they have to go to court. Kevin says he wouldn't be surprised if the Coopers claim the hospital planted the syringe to save their chief resident's neck. A nurse enters, telling Kevin there's a problem with his dad. Ellen thanks him for the profile, and Kevin leaves. Ellen can hear the wheels turning, what's Scott thinking? Scott says it's time for him to meet Cooper.

"Victor's Hospital Room"
Kevin asks his father what's wrong. Victor received papers that were supposed to go to Kevin. Wrong Dr. Collins. They're Forest Hills admission papers. Kevin is having Victor transferred. Victor says he's afraid of moving ahead, because the past is always with him. Doesn't it scare Kevin, Victor asks. Yes, but they have to deal with it. Kevin won't transfer him if Victor doesn't want to go, but if Victor wants to try and handle his problems, he won't be alone.

"Cooper's Hospital Room"
A nurse asks if Cooper enjoyed his sponge bath. While her back is turned, Cooper eyes her. He closes his eyes when she turns around. She thinks she saw movement and calls to him. He pretends to be knocked out, so she gets on the phone for a doctor. Cooper smiles to himself. A doctor checks Cooper and says there's no change, in spite of what the nurse saw. Scott, Ellen and Matt come in later. Scott sticks Cooper with a needle, he doesn't respond. Scott thinks he's acting, Matt and Ellen don't. They leave, worried that the nurse will find them. Scott takes a long look at Cooper before leaving also. A close-up of Cooper's other hand shows him gripping the side of the bed due to pain. Later, the doctor and nurse return to check on Cooper. The doctor says there's no response to Scott's "foolish act." The doctor says that confirms that Cooper's not awake -- he would have responded if he were. The two leave, and Cooper -- again -- opens his eyes.

"Oncall Room -- Part Two"
Ellen and Matt return. Matt says Scott has "flair". Yeah, Ellen says, and that got them thrown out of the Forest Hills sanitarium. At least Cooper's lawyers know they mean business, Matt says. Ellen notes that breaking rules doesn't bother Matt. "Not when the rules are stupid," he says. Ellen says he sounds like David Faulk (who Cooper killed). Ellen says she never thought she'd never have another friend like that. Matt says she was wrong once again.

"GH Lobby -- Part Two"
Kevin watches his father get wheeled into an elevator. Scott comes up and asks where Victor is going. Forest Hills, Kevin says. Scott says that's where Cooper is. Kevin knows; Victor's going to a different part of the building. Cooper's in a locked ward, he can't hurt Victor or anyone else.

"GH Stairwell and Room 213"
Jake sees a blonde carrying flowers up the stairs. "Danielle?" The woman turns around. Jake apologizes, mistaken identity. He then imagines that Danielle is coming down the stairs, bringing him flowers. He returns to earth when a nurse calls him. She says his patient in 213 is asking for him. Jake doesn't have a patient in that room. He goes to 213 and finds Rex in a bed smoking a cigar with a bedpan for an ashtray. Rex told "junior" not to hang up on him anymore. Rex says he decides when it's over, not Jake, and they aren't even close to that. Jake says he can't manipulate Serena's DNA, and that Danielle is gone anyway, so she can't make a claim for Serena. Rex says he can do it on behalf of Danielle's memory. Jake says Rex doesn't know where Danielle is. Rex says J&D are too predictable. Rex calls a man on a plane who is sitting next to Danielle. The man gives Danielle the phone. Jake gets the phone from Rex and hears her voice. Danielle can't believe Jake called her. Rex takes the phone and hangs up. Rex says it would be easy to track his niece down and kill her. Jake said Rex threatened his life too. Rex said Jake is alive because Danielle did her job, and Danielle will stay alive if Jake does his. Rex throws away his cigar, "Filthy habit", and leaves.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997
by Lynx

Wednesday, September 17, 1997
by ABC Daytime

Chris made an error in judgment and told Bennett that he had originally called him because he was concerned about Julie. Chris thought that Bennett would be grateful that someone was looking out for Julie, but Bennett made it clear that he could take care of Julie himself. Bennett then put Chris in his place and told him to stay out of the secrets business and focus on his own career. Scott and Lee told Cooper's attorney that he had to get Cooper's family to drop their lawsuit against General Hospital and Ellen or else Scott and Lee would use the evidence they had to prove that Cooper brought on his own seizure to advance his vendetta against perceived enemies. Cooper's attorney then had no choice but to agree and said that he would try to get the lawsuit dropped. With the threat of the lawsuit now over, Matt and Ellen grew closer and stayed at the Grill to enjoy some time away from work. Cooper, who was still pretending to be comatose, secretly stole a book of matches from his nurse. Meanwhile, Kevin got Victor settled into his new room at the same facility where Cooper was being held. Kevin was uncomfortable with the fact that Victor was being housed in the same building where criminals were being held, but Kevin knew that it was only a temporary situation.

Thursday, September 18, 1997
by ABC Daytime

Bennett overheard Julie tease Eve about the identity of her mystery date. Chris observed this as well and became certain that Eve was preparing for a date with Bennett, but Eve denied. Chris planned to follow Eve to confirm his suspicions, but Bennett arranged for Chris to be waylaid at the hospital. Eve reluctantly turned down a dinner invitation from Scott and left for her date with Bennett, although Eve knew she was making a mistake. Julie and Frank argued when Frank said that Bennett had purposely let it slip to Joe about Julie's real identity. Later, Frank wasn't pleased when he saw Chris comforting Julie. Matt and Ellen grew closer as they spent the afternoon together. Ellen, however, pulled back when she realized that Matt saw this time together as their first date. Matt was both confused and disappointed by Ellen's actions. Scott took Serena to the hospital to show the plaque dedicated to Dominique. Scott explained that Dominique had loved helping the children at the hospital and that she had built a pediatric wing there so that she could go helping children after she had to leave them. Serena planned to use the information for a story about her mother she had to write for school. Serena then asked Scott if she could start helping children at the hospital like her mother had. Cooper pretended to be his own father and called a priest and asked him to come to the hospital to hear his "son's" confession. Cooper explained to the priest that confidentiality was very important since no one knew that he had come out of his coma and that he wanted to make things right with God before facing the authorities. Later, the priest arrived in Cooper's room.

Friday, September 19, 1997
by ABC Daytime

Karen and Joe both felt awkward when they ran into each other for the first time since their passionate encounter. Karen, however, turned to Joe for comfort after a patient died. Joe was happy to comfort Karen, but she pulled back because she didn't want to lead him on. A frustrated Joe reached his breaking point over not being able to help Karen deal with what had happened. Joe then decided to stop chasing an impossible dream and impulsively asked a surprised Grace out. Eve and Bennett met for their dinner date. A smooth Bennett charmed Eve, who was reminded why she had fallen for Bennett in the first place. Bennett, however, then revealed his true motives when he "suggested" that Eve leave Port Charles. Overcome with passionate anger, a hurt Eve then told Bennett exactly what she thought of him. Cooper carried out his escape plan and murdered the priest in the process. Kevin nearly caught Cooper in the act, but Cooper managed to hide and Kevin never suspected that Cooper was at large. Cooper then prepared to blow up the hospital and everyone in it, including Kevin's father.

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