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Passions Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on PS
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Sheridan's Cottage:
On their way to the bedroom, Luis and Sheridan are hot and heavy. Luis wants to make love to Sheridan but suddenly he stops and tells her to hold on, as the situation is not right. Sheridan is totally confused by this. Luis tells her he can't make love to her like this, as everything has to be perfect. Sheridan deserves romance. He tells her he will see her for a date at 6 p.m. Before he leaves he reminds her there is security outside at the gate. Luis goes to an event coordinator and tells her he not only wants the best but also expects the best for his date with Sheridan. Sheridan has a fashion consultant come in and tells her she has to look stunning for Luis. She says she does not know where she is going as long as she is with Luis she doesn't care if it is to the beach and they eat hot dogs! Luis arrives at the cottage. He is dressed in a tux and the room is full of flowers and candles. He hopes Sheridan will like what he has done. Luis goes to get Sheridan and he tells her she looks incredible while Sheridan tells Luis he looks handsome. The setting is so very romantic and Luis says this is only the beginning of a night Sheridan will never forget. This will be the most romantic night of her life.

At the club, Ethan and Gwen are remembering old times with good friends of theirs. Theresa is watching what is going on and asks Whitney how on earth is she supposed to compete with Gwen. Ethan and Gwen have done so many things together and their memories can't compete with Theresa. Poor Theresa is getting herself all worked up as Whitney tries to calm her. Gwen has a clue delivered to Ethan about the second part of their date. They remember a boat race they were involved in and their friends tell them they made a team that seemed to mesh as one. Gwen tells Ethan they make a wonderful team and they kiss. Theresa is really getting worked up. She does not have the same type of friends as Ethan and Gwen does. She tells Whitney Ethan doesn't fit in her life. Whitney tells her that the Theresa she knows would not give up so easily and asks her to remain positive. Theresa knows she is going to have to make her date with Ethan special and better that his date with Gwen. When Robert and Ethan leave the table, Gwen tells her friend that their help in her plan to keep Ethan is appreciated. She is sure Ethan will forget all about Theresa. When Theresa returns home, she wonders what she should wear for her 6 o'clock date with Ethan. Perhaps she should look sexier? Whitney tells Theresa just to be herself. Theresa is again full of doubts. She knows Gwen is using their past to keep hold of Ethan but she vows her and Ethan will start their own memories on their date tonight. Walking on the wharf, Gwen tells Ethan they are the best crew together. Ethan remembers how happy Gwen was when they were at sea and how steady she was. Gwen reminds him she was only following his incredible lead. They kiss and they talk about what a wonderful team they make. When the clock chimes six at Theresa's, she panics that Ethan is not there. She is sure Ethan is still with Gwen and that he has forgotten about their date. She tells Whitney she has lost Ethan forever!

The Crane Mansion:
Julian continues to rant and rave screaming he knows everything. He tells Grace that Ivy and Sam are lovers. Grace looks at everyone in the room with a horrified look on her face. She tells Julian he is horribly wrong and she asks for proof. Grace is so upset, she runs out of the room. Eve goes after her. Julian says he is going to ruin Ivy and Sam. Grace tells Eve Sam loves her very much but perhaps the dreams she has been having of a woman trying to steal Sam from her are real and that woman is Ivy ... but who is the little boy? Sam asks Ivy what in the hell is going on when Grace leaves the room. Ivy tells him she has no idea how Julian came to find out. Julian tells Ivy she belongs on the street. Sam accuses Ivy of this being all her fault. The only woman he cares about is Grace. Sam leaves to talk to Grace and Pilar scolds Ivy telling her she has warned her time and again to stay away from Sam. Eve tells Ivy it is Grace who is the one who is going to be hurt by all of this. Ivy is upset that everyone is worried about Grace and not her! Grace feels so betrayed she would not forgive Sam. Eve tells Ivy Sam and Grace will work though this problem. Grace begs Sam to tell her none of this is true. She pulls away from Sam and goes to talk to Julian. Julian says his eyes are wide open and he is not hallucinating. He knows Sam and Ivy are lovers. Grace wants to know how he knows this and Julian tells them about the old crone in the mineshaft and what he saw in the mirror. Eve suggests the gas that affected the kids in the mineshaft must also have affected Julian. Everyone in the mineshaft had hallucinations. Julian tells them he is perfectly sane and he can prove it. He explains how the crones cave was full of treasures and jewels. He pocketed some of them and shows them some treasure as proof. He insists the proof shows Sam and Ivy are lovers!

The Bennett House:
Kay gives Hecuba a thread from her favorite blouse that Hecuba asked for. Kay desperately wants to get Charity away from Miguel so he can be hers. Kay does not want to cause pain for others, however. Hecuba tells Kay she will get her and her entire family. Miguel hears Hecuba's laugh. Kay asks Hecuba to go away and she will get Miguel on her own but Hecuba tells Kay she will need her help. Kay insists she does not need it! Hecuba can make Charity turn away from Miguel but nobody can know about her. Miguel enters Kay's room. Miguel tells Kay he heard someone laugh and it was like the laugh they heard in the mineshaft. Miguel tells Kay they have been through so much and they have imagined some pretty wild things while they were in the mine. Some of the things he knows did happen. The kiss they shared being one of them. Miguel wants to talk about it and what it means. He tells Kay he knows she loves Reese very much and Charity is the only girl for him. Kay asks him about Charity trying to kill him in the mine and Miguel tells her that was all part of their hallucinating. Kay asks Miguel what he would do if she could prove that Charity did try to kill him. Would he leave her? Miguel replies that he would stand by Charity no matter what, as he loves her. Only Kay can hear and see Hecuba. She reminds Kay that she can make Charity turn away from Miguel and to think hard. Miguel asks Kay what she has in her hands. She tells him it is a paperweight but he tells her it reminds him of one of the jewels they saw in Hecuba's cave. Hecuba tells Kay she made the right decision not telling Miguel she was present. Kay wonders why she is helping her and Hecuba tells her it is because she controls the diamond. Kay wonders if she is imagining Hecuba. Kay goes back downstairs to join the others. When she is gone, Hecuba says she is going to help Kay create more agony than anyone has ever seen!

Tuesday, November 7

Though Whitney tries to calm her friend's fears, Theresa immediately jumps to the worst possible conclusion when the hour for her scheduled date arrives with Ethan nowhere in sight. Julian tries to prove his wild claim by displaying the diamonds he removed from Hecuba's cave but the others in the room titter in amusement to see that the "gems" are just a pile of ordinary rocks. Luis sets the stage for a perfectly romantic first date with Sheridan. Rebecca reassures her whining daughter that Theresa's evening with Ethan will be a dud. Unrolling the priceless Rembrandt he stole, Julian's face falls when he realizes that the masterpiece has somehow turned into a worthless poster. Theresa tearfully clings to Ethan after he finally shows up on her doorstep. Tabitha receives a visit from the local assessor, who informs her that she owes 300 years' worth of back taxes on her house. Though Tabitha is staggered by the size of her debt, Timmy promises his princess he's hit upon a way to get her out of trouble. Pierre reminds Hank that he still has a lethal task to accomplish. Theresa plays right into Rebecca's hands by convincing Ethan to cancel their date and go to the basketball game with his college buddy instead.

Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Broke and desperate to obtain the necessary ingredients for his favorite libation, Timmy presses his princess to sell her memoirs to the highest bidder. Gwen feigns surprise when she "bumps into" Ethan and Robert at the basketball game. Meanwhile, Whitney smells a rat after Theresa coaxes Chad over to her mother's house to watch the game on TV. As Luis and Sheridan's perfect evening draws to a close, Hank grudgingly assures Pierre he'll carry out the hit. Tabitha reminds a pouting Timmy why she cannot allow her book to be published. Pierre orders a protesting Hank to kill Luis if he tries to protect Sheridan. Theresa can't resist playing matchmaker as she, Chad and Whitney settle in in front of the television to enjoy the big game. Tabitha reluctantly decides to sell off some of her priceless antiques to pay off her back taxes. Later, Timmy receives a visit from Hecuba, who urges the doll to make Tabitha's memoirs public. Sheridan and Luis finally make love for the first time. Staring at the TV, Theresa is aghast to see Ethan and Gwen laughing together in the stands.

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Thursday, November 9, 2000
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Ethan finds Theresa sitting alone on the wharf, clutching her laptop. Kay gets nowhere trying to convince her family and friends that her wild story about the mineshaft was not just a figment of her overworked imagination. Grateful for Theresa's sacrifice which allowed him to attend the big game, Ethan rewards her with a tender kiss. Chad comes to the Bennetts' with Whitney in tow and angrily accuses Kay of spreading lies. Hank tells a skeptical Pierre he'll finish the job before the next sunrise. Sheridan shyly confides to Agent Freeman how her roller coaster relationship with Luis has run the gamut from instant animosity to smouldering passion. Ethan explains to Theresa how he happened to wind up sitting next to Gwen at the game. Chad tells the Bennetts and the Russells how Kay made up a vicious story about him impregnating a girl and then cruelly dumping her. Later, Sam reminds his flustered daughter that if her tale is true Chad will be arrested and charged with statutory rape. Hank takes aim at Sheridan.

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Friday, November 10, 2000
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Ordered by her father to find "Tiffany's" phone number, Kay retreats to her room and nervously assesses her situation. Meanwhile, Simone swears she'll have nothing more to do with her best friend if it turns out that Kay has been spreading lies about Chad. As Hank pulls the trigger, Sheridan staggers back and collapses on the floor. Leaning over his wounded victim, a weeping Hank begs her forgiveness. As Kay exclaims that she would sell her soul to get out of trouble, Hecuba materializes and immediately opens negotiations. Theresa and Ethan decide to enjoy an evening at the arcade. During the drive to Washington, Luis relates for Agent Freeman the long, hard road he and Sheridan have traveled on the path to true love. Weakened by the loss of blood, Sheridan begs Hank not to let her die. Though Sam, Grace and T.C. all chime in to defend Chad, Eve bitterly insists that she doesn't want the reckless young man anywhere near her daughters. Luis begins to have an ominous feeling of doom. Back in Harmony, Pierre orders Hank to finish Sheridan off. Kay finally agrees to sign her soul over to a gleeful Hecuba.

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