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Monday, August 22, 2005

Tabitha walks into the kitchen in the morning to find Kay and Fox kissing again. She grumbles to them about how she would have slept a lot better if there hadn't been so much creaking and groaning coming from the attic last night. Fox starts playing with Endora and Maria as Kay and Tabitha talk. Kay watches Fox and tells Tabitha he's fantastic. Tabitha says she's worried about Kay, and asks if she's thought where this will end. She asks if Kay thinks Fox is her "knight in shining armor," and Kay replies that she doesn't know, but Fox cares about her and is wonderful with kids. Soon after, Tabitha drags Endora away from Fox. Kay and Fox talk about how they can't believe Chad is Miles's true father. Tabitha overhears this and is shocked, but Fox says that he's put it behind him. Fox and Kay agree that last night was great, and Endora makes orange juice spill all over Kay. Kay starts giggling and Fox helps her clean up, and eventually they start kissing again. Tabitha tells Endora that because she is a witch, she is obliged to cast a spell on Fox that will bring him heartache.

In the Bennetts' back yard, Fancy calls Crane Security to find Noah for her. All she can tell them is that he likes gambling and asks them not to tell Alistair about this. They call back quickly and tell her where he is and she sets off for the roadhouse by herself...where Noah is playing pool, badly, against Tiny. Tiny is winning, but Noah tells Payne (the man he owes money to) that this is all part of his plan. Noah finally has a chance to shoot and he is chalking his cue as Fancy comes into the building. He only needs to make this one shot to win all the money. He lines up his shot as Fancy makes her way through the crowd and just as he is about to shoot, she accidentally falls on Noah, who falls against the table and ruins the shot. He cries "Fancy" and exasperatedly tells her that she made him ruin his shot. Fancy asks who cares, and Payne comes up behind Noah and holds a knife to his throat. He says he cares because since Noah lost that game, both he and Noah lose their money, and now Noah has to lose his life.

Julian tells Ethan that he's certain Rebecca is lying. Ethan is afraid that it is almost positive Eve will be convicted. He says even Julian's testimony won't help; that the DA will be able to rip it to shreds. Julian accepts this and says that since his testimony won't do anything and Liz and Rebecca will most likely lie, what is Ethan planning to do? Ethan says he wants to try to poke holes in the prosecution's case. He says there is a lot of circumstantial evidence and he thinks Rebecca is keeping things from them, but the problem is Liz, who says that Eve poisoned her. Ethan thinks that either Rebecca poisoned Liz for some reason, or Liz poisoned herself to spite Eve, but they have to focus on finding a lie in Rebecca's story. He thinks that they could attack Rebecca's credibility by using her "escapades" (or, as Julian calls them, sexcapades) against her. Julian likes this idea, and he thinks maybe the jury will be less likely to believe her if he can prove that her immorality extends beyond the bedroom. For instance, he tells Ethan, Rebecca blackmailed him into taking Little Ethan and evicting Pilar. Ethan says he will try to poke holes in Rebecca's story. They go to confront Rebecca.

Rebecca is in her room worrying that Julian and Ethan will find out that she lied about Liz poisoning Eve. Gwen comes into the room and notices her mother is shaking like a leaf. She asks if everything is okay. She is worried that maybe their secret about the tabloid has come out, but Rebecca assures her their secret is safe. Rebecca says it is something else, but says she doesn't want to be a burden. Gwen convinces her to tell her what's going on, and Rebecca finally admits that it was her who poisoned Liz's drink, not Eve, though she was trying to kill Eve. Gwen is shocked and yelps that Rebecca is insane. Rebecca quickly says but now Eve is going to jail, so she wins-except, as Gwen points out, if Ethan figures out she's lying, then it will be Rebecca who goes to jail. Rebecca tries to assure both of them that Julian and Ethan will never find out, but Gwen says that Ethan is a brilliant lawyer and he will manipulate Rebecca so she admits it. Ethan and Julian arrive in the doorway as Rebecca finishes saying that no one will ever find out she tried to poison Eve.

At the convent, the nun who answered the door leads Whitney and Theresa to see the Mother Superior. After she welcomes them, Whitney explains why she wants to join the convent. The Mother Superior says she can't come here to escape life's problems, but she offers Whitney a chance to stay here as a guest. She wants Whitney to go home and say proper goodbyes beforehand, however. Whitney agrees, but says that immediately after she does that, she's coming right back to the convent to stay for the rest of her life. Theresa and Whitney drive back to Harmony and Theresa tries to talk Whitney out of leaving, but Whitney's not hearing it. She changes the subject and Theresa starts to talk about what happened during the tsunami. She tells her that she severed the artery in her leg and tells her about moving into the mansion. Whitney is so disgusted that Theresa's deal with Alistair has gone this far that she suggests Theresa join the convent too, but Theresa doesn't even consider this and says she is going to get Jane and Little Ethan back and make Gwen and Rebecca pay. They get out of the car and Theresa starts crying. She says she and Whitney have been close all their lives, so she hates that she'll never see Whitney again. Whitney says of course she will miss Theresa. Theresa says she will write her, and they both start crying as they say they love each other and hug. Theresa walks away from her best friend and Whitney turns and walks into the Russell house.

Eve and TC are walking out the door to go to the convent and get Whitney when Simone walks in and stops them, saying they're better off not seeing Whitney again. Eve asks how she got in from California and why she has a bump on her head, and Simone lies badly about both of those things. TC says she never went to California, and explains how he knows. He says last night he heard her come in and went to check on her. He decided to call and ask the professor about the trip, and the professor told him Simone had backed out weeks ago. Eve is dismayed and asks Simone where she was. Simone snaps that they don't even care. She says that she was gone for weeks and they never even called her. She says they were too busy worrying about Whitney, perfect wonderful Whitney, who her parents still paid more attention to after she ruined her own life. Simone cries that she thought she was doing them a favor by disappearing, because then they would be free to focus all their attention on Whitney. TC admits that she has a point, but he tried to make time for her. Eve says that she did too. Simone doesn't believe them and starts to walk off. She is stopped by Chad, who tells her that he is Miles's father. Simone tells them not to start telling her all the stuff Whitney's been through, because Simone has been in Whitney's shadow all of her life, even when she was trying to romance Chad. Chad tells her she needs to let that go, but Simone assures him she already has, more than he can imagine. TC asks her what the hell that is supposed to mean, but Simone says never mind and tells them she is going out with some friends. Her parents demand to know who she's going out with, and Liz tells them that Simone is an adult. She says to leave her alone. Whitney suddenly walks in the front door, and they all think she has decided to come home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Outside the Bed and Breakfast, Chris told somebody on his cell phone that he'd gotten settled in to Harmony and he knew what he had to do. Inside, Sheridan put Mark down for a nap and then Ivy brought her the phone. Luis had tracked her down and wanted to make sure she was okay after the tsunami. She refused to talk to him until he'd found Beth and Marty. Ivy asked her if she was sure and Sheridan insisted that she had nothing to say to him until he finds Marty. Ivy explained to Luis and then told Sheridan that he loves her and always will. She reminded Sheridan that she loves Luis too and Sheridan got huffy and said sometimes love has nothing to do with anything. Ivy asked her what she was going to do if Luis didn't ever find Marty. Sheridan said she just had to believe that her son would come home someday. Ivy pressed her and Sheridan said she couldn't think about that. She had to worry about Mark who wouldn't go to sleep without wearing the shirt he'd had on in the tsunami. Ivy aid Sheridan and Mark were lucky to have each other but would she really be happy without Luis? She reminded her that he was the love of her life and said it wasn't like another man would just walk into her life. Just then Chris walked in and smiled gorgeously at her. When Sheridan went to get him a new light bulb, he introduced himself to Ivy. Sheridan brought him the bulb, there was an awkward moment and Ivy excused herself. Chris asked Sheridan if she was okay because she looked down. She said she was missing someone very much and was startled when Chris asked if it was her son Marty. He reminded her tat he's a reporter and she's a famous Crane whose story had been in all the papers. Sheridan heard a cry and thought it was Mark, but it turned out to be a stuffed animal. Chris had found it outside in the tsunami wreckage. Sheridan tearfully told him that Marty used to play with a toy like that and then wrapped her arms around him to be comforted. He told her he knew how difficult it was to be separated from a child. She asked him if he had children and he answered only one but he hadn't seen him in a while. Sheridan asked him why he hadn't seen his little boy and he started to explain that he travels so much and then Mark coughed so Sheridan left to check on him. Chris pulled a piece of fabric with a patch on it with cars out of his pocket and asked "I wonder if your mother still makes a shirt out of this every year?" Sheridan covered up Mark who was wearing a shirt of the same fabric as Chris was holding.

At the Roadside tavern, Payne held a knife to Noah's throat and was insistent that Noah pay back his debt. Fancy offered to pay it for him, but she didn't have cash with her and Payne thought of a way that Fancy could pay it off without cash. Noah assumed it involved sex. but Payne took them to his kitchen where they found mounds of dirty dishes. Fancy told Noah he was on his own and Payne held his knife to Noah's throat and told her that if she didn't help, there'd be a lot of blood to clean up. Payne insisted that it was Fancy's fault that Noah missed his shot that cost Payne his money. He told them to get busy working off their debt by washing the encrusted pots, pans and dishes or he'd hurt Noah and the little dog. That got Fancy moving. After Payne left the room, Fancy shrieked and jumped into Noah's arms when she saw a cockroach on a plate. Noah teased her about never having been in a kitchen before. She dropped the first grungy plate she picked up and then used a treatment to pre-wash the dishes. Payne was glad they were done and showed how happy he was by letting them mop the place.

At Tabitha Lennox's house Kay and Fox were smooching in the kitchen and this upset Tabitha, but not Endora. Tabitha did a spell to cause trouble, but Endora sent a hundred dollar bill to Fox's pocket so he could do something fun with "his girls." Kay told Tabitha that maybe Theresa was right about fate-maybe it was fate that sent Miguel away so she'd be available when the right man came along. As she and Fox stood holding Maria and Endora, Ivy walked in and took exception to the happy tableau. She warned Fox again about Kay and he told Ivy to buzz off, then he and Kay decided to take the babies to the park. Fox changed his mind saying that the park might be still wrecked from the storm and thought a better idea would be bikes with kid seats. Endora made two bikes appear in the closet with kid seats and helmets and then rattled the closet so Fox went to find them. Tabitha covered up saying the bikes were Christmas surprises. She told Endora not to let Fox find out he was her half-brother.

At the Crane mansion Ethan, Julian and Theresa walked in on (but didn't hear) Rebecca telling Gwen that she had meant to poison Eve and Liz drank the punch instead. Rebecca was outraged that they'd interrupted her private conversation with her daughter in her bedroom and told them that it was none of their business. Theresa said that they were hiding something and Julian agreed. The men had wanted to question Rebecca about her testimony against Eve. Theresa started pushing Gwen and Rebecca to confess about sending the story of Ethan's parentage to the tabloid. Ethan was disgusted that she brought it up again. Gwen started sniping at Theresa for moving in with Alistair and Theresa countered that now she could see Jane and Ethan whenever she wanted and would prove she was right about the tabloid so Ethan broke them apart and he left with Julian to work on the case. Julian told Rebecca she better not be hiding anything that would get Eve off because he'd find out. When Gwen and Rebecca were alone, Gwen told her mother that they were in deep trouble sine Ethan suspected them of knowing something that would help Eve. Gwen started dithering about Theresa taking Jane and Ethan from her and the two stood there panicking. At the door, Julian decided to go five Eve an update and Ethan told him to tell Eve to stay positive. Theresa went to the nursery to be with Jane and little Ethan and tearfully remembered being a little girl with Whitney and planning to get married and have babies together. Ethan walked in on her pity party and asked what was wrong. She wrapped her arms around him and said nothing was wrong as long as he was there with her. When she settled down, Ethan backed away and asked her if she was better. Theresa confessed that she wasn't sure what she'd gotten herself into and acknowledged that she wouldn't be able to do it without him. Back in Rebecca's room, Rebecca told Gwen that she had to stop getting her knickers in a twist every time Theresa was around her husband. Gwen said she was on shaky ground as long as Theresa was in the picture.

At the Russell house Whitney told T.C., Eve, Chad, Simone and Liz that she had definitely decided to move into the convent. They tried to talk her out of it and Chad had her hold Miles. She told them that it was because she loved them so much, especially Chad and Miles, that she had to leave. Simone said how disgusted she was that Whitney still loved Chad T.C. told Whit that he and her mother were there for her and were getting back together. Eve tried to interrupt him and Liz sniped at Eve about having two men groveling at her feet. T.C. yelled at Liz and Chad told Whit to forget about her parents and focus on him and Miles. Simone was outraged and Whitney asked him to not make it harder than it was. Whitney said she really had to leave and gave Simone an heirloom necklace from their dad's family and Simone softened. She thanked Liz for giving her support in her singing then hugged her mother and father good bye. She tearfully said good bye to Chad holding a sleeping Miles. When Whitney left, Simone got upset because they were mooning about Whitney and weren't paying any attention to her and stomped off to be with someone who loved her. Liz took this chance to dig at T.C. and Eve about how messed up their family is and then stormed off saying that they deserved each other. Eve and T.C. stood there comforting each other and as they kissed, Julian quietly walked in.

Without Theresa at her side, Whitney walked up to the door of the convent and knocked. She told the nun that she had made up her mind and was there to stay.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sheridan enjoys spending time with Mark.

Having washed large amounts of grimy dishes, an exhausted Noah and Fancy are hopeful that they have paid off Noah's debt to the owner of the roadhouse. Their hopes are dashed when he leads them to a gross bathroom and hands them a bucket.

Simone tries to talk to Kay about her problems, but Kay is preoccupied by Maria and swooning over Fox.

Sam's elation over Jessica's return dissolves when Jessica throws a temper tantrum over Ivy's presence. Sam tries to remain firm with Jessica, but she runs back to Spike, who asks her to continue selling her body.

Julian is devastated when he sees Eve and TC kissing. TC announces that he wants Eve back, and Liz is disgusted when Julian is understanding of the situation.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

At the child welfare office Sheridan found out that Chris is Mark's father. He told her that his son's name is really James and that his estranged wife had taken him and run away a couple of years earlier. Sheridan demanded proof that he was who he said he was and that Mark/James was really his son. The agency worker told her that he couldn't show her James' file because of privacy laws. Chris told him that he didn't mind if she saw it and if she found anything off, she could keep Mark. She looked through the file and agreed that everything looked legitimate. She sadly asked him if that meant that he was leaving now and Chris told her that he was still working in Harmony for a while so the two of them would be staying at the Bed and Breakfast. She was excited to be able to continue to see James and Chris handed him over to her so he could answer his cell phone. He walked away for some privacy and told the party on the other end that he'd gotten the boy and he didn't think she suspected anything. They returned to the Bed and Breakfast and Chris got a phone call. He told Sheridan that he had to go to work and she offered to watch James. When Sheridan went to get James ready for a walk to the wharf for ice cream, Chris called somebody to tell them that everything was working just as they'd planned.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa mooned about Ethan, saying that every time they spent time together it was a reminder for him of what they'd had together. Alistair interrupted her reverie and demanded what she owed him. He told her that they needed to make up for their date that had been interrupted by the tsunami. Theresa really didn't want to spend any time with Alistair and he reminded her that there was a price for getting to spend all the time that she wanted with Ethan and her children and that was to keep him happy. She feigned illness so he started calling his doctor and she said she wasn't sick enough for a doctor. He grabbed her angrily and told him to stop playing around and get ready to go out. She then said she didn't have anything to wear and he waved at a door saying that there was a room full of gowns that he'd bought for Katherine, Ivy, Rebecca, Gwen and Fancy. He told her to pick one and get dressed. When he left the room she flopped onto the bed and wondered what she'd gotten herself into.

At the Russell house, Eve tended to Simone's head wounds that she got from a rough dude in the sleazy part of town. She said she didn't know who did it, but that it happened after she saw Spike with Jessica and T.C. decided to go get even with Spike for what he did. Eve. Liz and Simone all tried to talk him out of it and he decided to go see Sam instead. Eve asked Simone to tell her what she was doing in that part of town. Eve took her out to the kitchen for some ice and demanded to know what she'd been doing instead of going on the school trip to California. Simone was snippy and then Eve noticed a reminder for T.C. on the fridge that he needed to pay for Simone's school trip. Eve realized that Simone had gotten money from both of them. Eve wanted to know what she'd done with all the money. Simone sat Eve down at the table and told her she'd tell her everything. While she spilled the beans to Eve (which was told off-screen), Liz and Julian sparred in the living room. When Simone was finished, her mother assured her that she loved her and just wanted her to be happy. In the living room, Liz ranted and raved and when Julian told her that Eve was a giving person unlike her, she slapped him and told him never to turn his back on her. He came about and slapped her just as hard. She called him a coward for slapping a woman. He told her that she wasn't a woman, she was a mean, hurtful person and she even hated herself. She was shuddering in her drunken rage when T.C. came back home. Eve came in and asked him what he and Sam had done. He said it could wait. There was an awkward silent moment and Eve asked what the problem was. Liz drunkenly told her that Julian and T.C were waiting for her to tell them which was going to be unlucky enough to be stuck with her. Eve indicated that she had made her decision.

At the Bennett house, just as Jessica hang up on him, Sam found an angry T.C. walking in demanding that they damage Spike for hurting Simone. T.C. ranted about Spike and Sam reminded him that Jessica had a restraining order against him. T.C. fired him up and the two decided to go get him.

At Spike's apartment he gave Jessica a drug sticker so that she'd go out and turn tricks and when her dad called her cell phone, Spike answered it. He sneered at Sam and then put it on speaker and asked Jessica to choose between him and Sam. Sam told her that he loved her and wanted her to come home. Jessica got upset and told Sam that she wanted to stay with Spike because Sam never asked her what she wanted; he only demanded that she do things for him. Spike told her to get ready to go on the street. She didn't want to turn tricks and Spike reminded her that he'd gotten rid of the body of the guy "she" killed and she owed him. When she put him off, he told her to get out and go home to her dad. She agreed to do whatever he wanted her to do. He told her not to hurt him again. She said she'd never leave him again. As they started to hit the streets, T.C. and Sam burst in. Sam pulled Jessica aside and T.C. accused Spike of hurting Simone and Spike told him he should keep his girl out of that part of town after dark. When they started to grab Spike, Harmony PD showed up and pulled them apart. They were going to arrest Sam and T.C. and Jessica told them not to arrest them. She told Spike that she wanted them to mend fences someday. The cops reluctantly let Sam and T.C. go. When everybody was gone, she asked Spike if he loved her and he told her more than anything (except money.)

At the roadside tavern, Payne told Noah and Fancy that they weren't finished yet. Fancy complained about her nails and hair being damaged by cleaning. Payne relented and told her that he owed her and her boyfriend dinner. She objected to him being called her boyfriend and assumed that he meant at a restaurant and Payne served them up deep-fried hot dogs. Fancy turned up her nose and Prestine barked at it, but Noah chowed down. Noah asked Fancy what he owed her and she told him that he was going to have to give her something she wanted. She said it wasn't extreme but it was non-negotiable. Two of the tavern's female patrons asked Noah to dance. Fancy was upset and they told her that they'd heard her tell everyone that Noah wasn't her boyfriend, so he was fair game. Noah line danced with them for a while and when he got back found that Prestine had eaten his burger and hot dog. He told her that they had more in common than he thought and started to pet her but she growled and snapped at him. He asked Fancy what it was she'd wanted and she said to forget it, she'd call a cab. He pressed her and she told him that she wanted one special night together that they'd remember for the rest of their lives. He was startled and blurted out, "you want to have sex with me??" Just then the place got quiet and the girls laughed at her. She slunk down in her seat glumly. Noah suggested that they leave and when they got outside Fancy said she was kicking the dust of Harmony off her feet as soon as possible and heading for Paris, but she wanted him to take her out on the town. They could dress up and eat well and dance. He was surprised that she wanted to go out with him, but he agreed. The girls from the tavern came out and found him and took him back inside to dance. Fancy looked after them and told them to have fun with him now, because he was all hers that night.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sheridan and James share ice cream and hugs. After they finish the ice cream cone, Sheridan is cleaning him up as someone knocks on the door. It's Pilar, with some of Little Ethan's old things for the little boy. Sheridan calls him James, and Pilar asks why she's not calling him Mark. Sheridan explains that James is his real name and explains about Chris. They talk for a few more minutes before Sheridan has to put James to bed, and then they continue their conversation. Sheridan tells Pilar that Maureen ran away with James after she and Chris had "problems." She admits that some things about his story don't add up. Pilar is worried that Sheridan may be substituting James for Marty, but Sheridan says she's not and assures Pilar she can tell the difference between James and her son.

Noah comes back to the Bennett house, where Sam has been brooding over Jessica. Noah announces that he's changed his mind about leaving, and asks what's bothering Sam. Sam tells him what happened with Jessica, but stops Noah from going to Spike's, saying he'll make it worse. Noah doesn't like this, but agrees to stay, and says they'll find a way to figure it out. Sam asks why Noah came home, and Noah decides to tell Sam the truth about Las Vegas. Sam is stunned and yells at Noah that he has to give the money back. Noah stutters that he can't because they gave it to the nuns, and then explains about how the thugs tracked them down and how he left because he didn't want to endanger his family. He tells Sam that Fancy went to Alistair, who promised to take care of it. Sam says now Noah is in Alistair's debt, and that is a very dangerous position to be in. He says Fancy is the one person Alistair likes, and that says nothing but bad things about her. He asks why Noah has been spending so much time around her. Noah says that it's just a coincidence; she's not even his type, and besides, she's leaving for Paris tomorrow. He asks Sam if he can borrow a tuxedo for the night on the town he promised Fancy. Sam says yeah, and Noah smiles and rushes off to change. When he comes back down, Sam tells him he looks handsome and tells him to have a good night. Before Noah leaves, Sam lights a candle in the window for Jessica, getting the idea from Pilar's lighting a candle for Martin and Antonio.

Theresa looks through her closet for something to wear on her date with Alistair that will turn him off. She finds an unappealing black dress and is wearing it when Alistair comes into the room. He stares at her attire and then goes into her closet and picks a skimpier dress. He commands her to put it on, and after some protest, she obeys. Alistair says that's much better, and presents her with a gift-a diamond and ruby bracelet. Alistair tries to kiss her, but she stops him, so he kisses her hand instead and tells her to meet him downstairs. A tear rolls down Theresa's cheek as she wonders what she has gotten herself into. She soon composes herself and goes down to the pool, where Gwen, Ethan, Little Ethan and Jane are. Theresa looks in on Jane. Her son tells her she looks pretty, and she tells him she's going out to dinner. Little Ethan wishes she could stay and swim instead, but she tells him she'll do that tomorrow. She asks them to take care of Jane. Gwen says it's taken care of and Ethan gets out of the pool. He sees her bracelet, and she tells him it was a gift. Ethan tells her he hopes it's worth the price, and then he jumps back into the pool.

Fancy finds a perfect dress to wear on her "date" with Noah, and after she gets all dressed up, Alistair comes to her room and tells her she looks beautiful. Fancy explains that she has a date, but won't tell him who with. Alistair agrees to back off and gives her the same bracelet he gave Theresa, except Fancy's has sapphires instead of rubies. Fancy asks why he's so good to her, and Alistair says it's because she's the only one who doesn't disappoint him. Fancy thanks her Grampy for the present and Alistair leaves. Fancy grabs her purse and leaves a few minutes later.

Simone worries about her mother telling TC her secret and listens to the conversation going on in the other room, where Eve is struggling to make a choice between Julian and TC. She says that she loves both of them, but the bottom line is that she loves and wants to reconnect with her children to become a family again. She sobs that she's sorry to Julian, but Julian says he understands. Liz laughs and loudly asks how he can. It is her opinion that Julian should kill Eve for putting him through this. TC yells at Liz to shut up because she doesn't belong here. Liz snaps that she DID belong here, and asks why TC chose a drunken slut and attempted killer over Liz. Julian says that Eve never tried to kill anyone, and he promises to do everything he can to prove her innocence. Eve says she loves Julian and TC will have to live with her past. Liz makes a snide remark and TC once again yells at her. Eve tries to give Julian his ring back but he won't accept it, so Liz shoves it in his pocket and yells that this is ridiculous and she can't stand to watch it. Eve tells her to leave, and Liz says if she wants her to leave they can throw her out. She throws a vase of flowers against the wall and changes her mind. She says if they want her out, fine, she's gone, but this is far from over. Liz says that no matter what she does, Eve always manages to ruin her happiness. Eve tries to stop Julian from leaving, but Julian tells her that if she is going to be with TC, he can't be here watching them. Julian leaves, forcibly taking Liz with him. Outside, Liz vows revenge on Eve. She says she will make sure Eve goes to jail for the rest of her life. TC tells Eve he loves her and he feels horrible that he didn't listen to her and made her suffer. He says Liz had her believing the Eve was the devil. Eve says that there can be no more lies between them, and he needs to accept her feelings for Julian. TC says they'll work their way through it. He asks about Simone, and Eve says she wants to be alone right now.

In the kitchen of the Russell house, Simone listens to her parents talk and says that even with all that talk about caring for the children, they still only ever talk about themselves. She remembers telling someone that she has never done this before and asking them if they will hurt her as a gloved hand touches her face. She smiles and gets her cell phone out. She calls someone and asks to come over, and then she walks out of the house.

Julian walks into the room where Alistair is having a drink and pours whiskey for himself. Alistair asks what is wrong with him, and Julian tells him that he and Eve broke up. Alistair is delighted by this news, but when Julian reveals that she went back to TC, Alistair is scornful. He says Julian can't even hold on to Eve the whore? Julian is furious that his father would talk like this, and punches him in the face. Alistair is livid. He says he told Julian never to touch him again. Alistair says the last time Julian did that, he lost his inheritance, but the price this time is much higher-Alistair says he has a surprise for Julian and everyone in the family that they won't like one little bit.

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