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Passions Recaps: The week of December 18, 2006 on PS
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Monday, December 18, 2006

Whitney and Chad continue to argue over whether or not they are going to get married. Chad is pressuring her for an answer right away. Whitney tells Chad that she will marry him, and she has made Chad a very happy man.

Ethan is excited over the information JT gives him about Jared but his excitement turns into disappointment after realizing that the envelope JT hands him is empty. JT wants Ethan to set him straight with the IRS first before he gives him the dirt on Jared. Ethan goes to see the IRS agent, who happens to be an old school friend. He gives Ethan the total sum JT owes, and Ethan pays JT's back taxes. Ethan relays the good news to JT, and JT agrees to meet Ethan to give him all the dirt on Jared.

Jared is trying to figure out the best way to ask Theresa to marry him, so he is taking his time. Whitney interrupts with a telephone call, so they leave to go and celebrate with Whitney. Jared wishes that he were the one discussing wedding plans with Theresa but thinks that Theresa is worth waiting for. Jared and Theresa join Whitney and Chad to celebrate their engagement. While Jared is about to make a toast to Theresa, Ethan walks in and tells Jared that he has the goods on him and tells Theresa to stay away from him.

Kay is falling for the fake Miguel and Charity's script. She really believes that Miguel is on the phone with Charity and that Miguel has been lying to her all along. Kay is devastated. Meanwhile, the real Miguel is having a telephone conversation with the real Charity at the Harmony police station. Miguel tells Charity that it's over and that he is now in love with Kay. In addition, he wants Charity to call and tell Kay that they haven't seen each other or spoken to each other since she left town. Miguel is also trying to convince Charity to come back to Harmony and tell Kay in person. Charity tells Miguel that her memory of Harmony is too painful and that she is happy where she is and does not want to return to Harmony; however, she agrees to speaking to Kay on the phone. Miguel arrives home at Tabitha's house and sees Kay. He tells her she looks beautiful and kisses her passionately. Miguel tells Kay that he found Charity and wants Kay to call her.

Luis discovers that Fancy is on the stake out instead of the original police officer Sam assigned. Meanwhile, the peeping tom is in the process of raping Fancy. Luis is frantically trying to reach Burt but is not getting an answer. He decides to go and check things out himself. Back at the stake out, Fancy manages to push the attacker off her, but he fights back and knocks Fancy unconscious. He grabs Fancy and puts her on the bed and tries to revive her. Luis shows up to find Burt all tied up. Burt updates him on the situation, and Luis draws his gun and heads inside the house. He goes upstairs whispering Fancy's name, and the peeping tom overhears him and is waiting for Luis behind the door with a knife.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

At church, Eve was happy to hear Sheridan say she's accepting Luis and Fancy's relationship. Paloma, Noah, Jessica and Spike greeted Father Lonigan. Jess said she has several regrets from throughout the year. She told Noah she's worried about what Grace will say when she meets Spike. Noah told his sis not to worry. Spike approached Chris, who noted James can ID him. They discussed their embezzlement project. Spike had a black mask poking out of his pocket. Noah kissed Paloma under mistletoe. Dr. Russell was surprised to hear Sheridan say she doesn't think Fancy and Luis will make it as a couple.

Luis and Bart fought off Fancy's attacker. Luis couldn't find Fancy's pulse. He begged her to come back to him. Bart returned and said the criminal got away. When Fancy woke up, she cried, "Let me go. Let me go."

At the Seascape, Theresa told Ethan he's ruining Whitney and Chad's celebration by barging in and making accusations about Jared. "Theresa isn't even going to let you be a doorman at Crane Industries once she finds out what J.T. Has on you," said Ethan to Jared. In private, Chad asked Jared what Cornell could know. Chad received another blackmail letter. Theresa told Ethan to go home to his wife and Jane. She pointed out that he shouldn't trust J.T. Ethan defended Cornell.

Gwen fretted about blackmailer J.T. still being in Harmony. She demanded Rebecca call him. On the phone, Cornell told Bec he's squared away with the IRS and he can now stay in town. He told Becky that Ethan paid his taxes in order to get information on Jared. "What I dug up on Jared is as black as it gets," he said. While entering the restaurant, Cornell was shot at. Theresa asks Ethan why his trusted source isn't there yet. Ethan tried to get a hold of J.T., but got his voice mail. Cornell ran back to his apartment and hid from the person shooting at him.

Miguel told Kay that Charity is waiting for her call. Kay refused to talk to her cousin — or even Miguel for that matter. Simone told Miguel to get lost. He begged her to fill him in on why Kay was so mad at him. Fox worried about being exposed if the real Charity does talk to Kay. He ordered the imposters to leave before getting caught. Fox found the backpack with the Charity masks inside and threw it out the window. Kay walked in and told Fox she wants to move up their wedding date. Tabitha wanted to tell Kay that Miguel didn't have sex with Charity; it was an imposter. However, Endora had other plans. She cast a spell so Mum would have frogs in her throat and couldn't tell the truth. Tabitha feared she would get a yearly visit from Norma, so she decided to flee. When she and Endora walked out of the house, they found a gift on the porch. They went back in to open it. Tabs worried that it could be a bomb from Norma. She opened it to discover a doll and a note from Edna and Norma. Tabs was surprised to see that there didn't seem to be anything wrong with the doll, but the witch was suspicious of their reason to send a present.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Julian receives a blackmail letter. Ivy comes in and berates him for encouraging him to marry Kay, which she calls the biggest mistake of his life. They exchange insults about their various misdeeds. Julian gets a call about Fancy and they both rush to the hospital

Tabitha tries to leave town with Endora, but the car will not start. Endora puts a spell on her so she cannot tell Kay about the imposters pretending to be Miguel and Charity. Noah Paloma and Jessica come to visit. They forgive Kay and want to put up Christmas decorations with her. This upsets the boys in the basement. Outside, Fox tells the imposter Miguel and fake Charity to keep pretending. Miguel interrupts Kay to ask her if she really wants to marry Fox. A few minutes later when Fox walks into the room she kisses him. Paloma takes her aside and want to know what she is doing. Kay informs her that she is marrying Fox Jessica leaves the house to get more lights after accusing her friends of not trusting her. Tabitha is in the kitchen with Miguel. She tries to tell him about the imposters, but Endora stops her again. Miguel wants to know why Kay is upset with him. Tabitha tells him to look for a reason to explain Kay's change toward him. When Jessica' bridesmaid dress arrives, her friends wonder what is taking so long. Jessica is on the pier where she sees a happy couple. She is depressed about her life, so she decides to get some alcohol. As she is leaving, she sees the imposters in their masks and she watches the Charity imposter take off her mask.

At his sleazy motel, JT want to leave town after a bullet almost hit him outside the Seascape restaurant where he was supposed to meet Ethan. Outside Rebecca knocks on the door, but JT does not answer. At the Seascape, Gwen urges Ethan (who has told Theresa that JT will meet him there with proof that Jared is not what he claims) to stop trying to take care of Theresa. At another table, Whitney asks Theresa what she will do if Ethan leaves Gwen. Before Theresa answers, Whitney says "Never mind." Jared walks up and asks Theresa if she has stopped trusting him. Theresa assures Jared that she trusts him. JT does not answer the door so Rebecca calls Gwen who urges her to get JT out of town before he reveals their secrets to Ethan. JT talks to Ethan who wants JT's dirt on Jared. Gwen wants Ethan to let go and leave Theresa alone. Back at the motel JT has an idea for a get-a-way. Ethan calls JT who tell tells him about someone shooting at him. Ethan accuses Jared of the deed. Jared denies it and Theresa accuses Gwen. Gwen leaves but Theresa follows her and taunts her about what JT know. Ethan and Jared exchange words. Rebecca sees a large woman leave JT's rooms and she is incensed, but when she breaks in, there is no one there. She follows the woman and catches her. She is revealed to be JT in drag. Theresa stops Ethan and Jared from fighting. Theresa tells Ethan to stop his witch-hunt. Theresa asks Chad if he thinks someone shot at JT. Chad tells her that JT has many enemies. He has a blackmail envelope in his pocket. Gwen leaves with Ethan who wants to find JT.

At the hospital, Sheridan assures Eve that she is over Luis. She says that she just does not think that Fancy and Luis are suited. Sheridan tells Eve that Fancy believes that rules are for everyone else but her. And even though she has been hurt many times, Fancy never learns. At the stakeout apartment, Fancy freaks out when Luis tries to touch her. He tells a medic that Fancy has been beaten and possibly raped. Luis tells Fancy he loves her as she is wheeled away on a stretcher. Eve sees Fancy when she arrives at the hospital. Luis tells Eve the details. He sees Sheridan and says that she is glad she is there. Luis feels responsible even though Fancy broke the rules. Sheridan tries to comfort him. Luis tells her that he loves Fancy. After examining Fancy, Eve tells Luis that Fancy has been raped. She tells him that Fancy is in serious condition and may not recover. Luis swears to find the person responsible for hurting Fancy. Ivy and Julian arrive. Fancy flatlines as Luis, Sheridan, Ivy and Julian look on.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Julian, Ivy, Sheridan and Luis are outside of Fancy's hospital room each worrying about her condition. Eve frantically tries to save Fancy's life. After getting Fancy's condition under control, Eve shares with the group that even though Fancy is alive, that she's still unconscious. Julian offers Ivy to take her old bedroom back at the mansion since she has no place to go. Once back at the mansion, they find themselves in a passionate kiss. Luis and Sheridan remains at the hospital. Luis makes several phone calls to locate the suspect. Sheridan takes a moment to check in on her niece. While in the room, Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis really isn't the guy that Fancy is supposed to love in life.

Jessica inadvertently sees the Miguel and Charity imposters. While continuing to spy on them, she overhears their conversation about Fox being the mastermind of the plan to break Kay and Miguel up. Jessica makes a mad dash to Tabitha's home to find Kay. Kay, Fox, Miguel, Paloma, Noah, Tabitha and Endora are being serenaded by Christmas Carolers. Tabitha thinks that two of the carolers are Norma and Edna and becomes fearful. Miguel tries to seek advice from Fox as to why Kay has been acting different when Jessica bursts in. It doesn't take long for Jessica to tell the group what she saw and heard. Before Fox gets too concerned, the group realizes that Jessica is drunk and treats her accusations as insane.

Ethan continues his search for JT. Gwen questions Ethan about his reasons for wanting to find JT. Ethan reassures her that it's only because Jared would be a bad father figure for Little E. Gwen anxiously tags along as Ethan goes to a seedy motel on the other side of town in his search. Rebecca and JT are at the motel but JT is disguised as a woman so Ethan can't track him down. JT is running from someone who is trying to kill him. Edna and Norma arrive at the same motel and search for their room.

Chad, Whitney, Theresa and Jared are at the site of Chad and Whitney's wedding. Chad convinces Jared to seize the moment to propose to Theresa. Once again, the chance for the proposal is interrupted. Jared leaves for the office and Chad leaves to meet his other woman at the same motel where Rebecca and JT are already guests. Chad doesn't realize that Rebecca sees him going through the halls.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Fox tells the Miguel and Charity imposters to be careful in the future because they almost blew his cover. Luckily Jessica was drunk and no one believed her. Miguel is still pursuing Kay and is wondering what Kay thinks he is lying about. Kay is annoyed at the amount of times she has to tell Miguel "no" since he won't stop hounding her.

Rebecca likes JT in drags and wants him to do it more often. His get up is only temporary until JT gives his blackmailers the slip. Rebecca wants in on JT's scheme so bad that she keeps trying to find ways to trick JT in telling her the names of the people he is blackmailing. She goes looking for the memory device that has all of JT's dirt since she would be inclined to kill JT if it means saving her and Gwen. She couldn't find it and ask JT about it. He tells her that it's in a safe place. JT plans to publish all the dirt on the people of Harmony in the tabloid and expects to reap in the rewards since he is a major stockholder in "The Daily Private Lives," a tabloid newspaper.

Ethan is frantically trying to find JT so that he can get the goods on Jared, but Gwen wants JT out of Harmony because as long as JT is around, her secret is not safe. Gwen asks Ethan to promise to wait until after Whitney and Chad's wedding to continue digging up dirt on Jared and not to cause any disturbance at their wedding.

Theresa is giving Whitney the red carpet treatment because she deserves the best for being such a good friend to her. Whitney wishes that TC could walk her down the isle. Eve tells Whitney not to give up hope because miracles do happen. Whitney is excited about her wedding and wonders if Chad feels the same way. Whitney gets her wish; TC is able to walk her down the isle. The entire family gushes over Whitney. Meanwhile, Jared is trying to convince Chad to stop what he is doing before he screws things up with Whitney. He has a hang over from the tryst with his lover the night before his wedding. Oh, ooh. Chad's lover is threatening to stop his wedding to Whitney, and he cannot do anything about it. To make matters worse, someone is also blackmailing Chad, and Chad is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the blackmailer. Father Lonigan prepares to marry Chad and Whitney.

James and Chris fix a very special Christmas Eve breakfast for Sheridan. Sheridan tells Chris she loves him but, she is having thoughts of Luis. She can't seem to get Luis out of her head. Sheridan goes to the hospital to see Fancy. Luis also happens to be at the hospital to check on Fancy, but she has slipped into a coma. Luis pleads to Fancy to come out of the coma. He tells her that Sheridan is in his past and that she is his future. Luis' wish has come true. Fancy is out of the coma, and Luis is thankful. Fancy remembers the ordeal she went through, and Luis tells her not to dwell on it because she is safe now.

Edna and Norma are in Harmony waiting to pounce on Tabitha, but Tabitha thinks that they are still in Europe. She opens up a gift from Edna and Norma and hopes that there isn't a bomb inside. She asks Endora to stand by just in case. Norma and Edna surprise Tabitha.

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