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Passions Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on PS
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Eve returns to work and is apparently drinking on the job. In addition, it appears as if she has made a serious mistake on a prescription. She prescribes medication to a patient that could have killed him. The nurse, Lydia, catches it and decides to keep it between them. She tells Eve that she needs some rest. Eve feels horrible and begins to cry and wonders what is happening to her. She clutches a picture of her and Julian and admits that she is in trouble and needs help. Meanwhile, Julian is in bed dreaming about telling Eve that Vincent is dead. Valerie visits Julian's bedroom and slips into bed with him. Julian believes that he is in bed with Eve and proceeds to make to her, but it's really Valerie. Julian is awake and realizes that he is in bed with Valerie. She begs Julian not to stop and to make love to her. Julian keeps resisting, and the more he resists, the more Valerie talks him into it. Eve walks in on Valerie and Julian yet again.

While Esme is in the kitchen drinking coffee, it appears as if someone is watching her. Fancy walks in, and Esme asks her if she is jinxed since Fox and Pete both die so close to each other. Fancy confides in Esme and tells her that she thinks that Luis is involved in something dangerous because he accessed Spike's files and deleted them all. On another part of the Crane estate, Luis is trying to choke the truth out of Spike since he has put his career on the line just so he could get some information on Marty. Sheridan is on the side screaming at Luis telling him that Spike cannot answer him because he is blocking his wind pipe. She pulls at Luis until he lets Spike go. Spike tells Luis that he has to make a phone call first since the situation is so complicated. He does not want Alistair to get a wind of it. Luis doesn't trust Spike, but Sheridan wants Luis to hear him out and let him make the phone call. Fancy is wondering why Luis won't trust her. Esme looks out the kitchen widow and notices Luis and Sheridan in an embrace, so she tries to get Fancy away from the kitchen, but Fancy senses something and sees Sheridan in Luis' arms. She doesn't understand how Luis could do such a thing. Fancy is sure that Luis is lying to her. Esme urges Fancy to call Luis, and she does. She asks Luis his whereabouts, and he lies to her. Luis feels guilty about lying and tries calling Fancy back, but Sheridan takes the phone away from him. Spike returns with some information on Marty. Spike gives Luis an address and tells him to show up and try to fit in. It turns out that the place is a hotel that prostitutes frequent. The informant that Spike found wants to feel safe, and that's where he feels safe. Luis tells Spike that he doesn't like it, but Spike tells him that‘s the only way to find Marty. Fancy tells Esme that it's over between her and Luis. Esme tells Fancy to fight for Luis and tells her to follow Luis and Sheridan. Esme keeps sensing that someone is watching her. Fancy questions if she is having a reaction to one of her medications. Esme decides to play a game; she pretends as if she is going outside, and then quickly runs to the door but does not see anyone. She sees an empty coffee mug outside the door on a table and concludes that someone is indeed watching her. Luis and Sheridan leave to go to the hotel. Spike realizes that Fancy is following Luis and Sheridan and, he is excited about the outcome.

Theresa and Pilar watch Ethan and Gwen bond over their newborn. Theresa hates to see that because she feels that she should be the one bonding with Ethan over their son. Theresa begs Pilar to tell her what's going on because she cannot take being away from Ethan. Gwen and Ethan name their baby Jonathan after her father. Ethan is so ecstatic at the moment, but Theresa is bitter that she has to keep her secret from Ethan since Little Ethan (LE) is Ethan's first born. Theresa changes her mind and tells Pilar that she is not turning her back on Ethan and that she is not giving up on love. Pilar pleads with her not to tell Ethan the truth. Gwen tells Ethan that Sheridan and Luis have a secret, and she is afraid to tell him because Ethan wants to share it with Theresa. He doesn't want to keep any secrets from her, and Gwen states to herself that Theresa doesn't seem to feel that way since she is keeping LE's paternity from Ethan. Gwen ends up telling Ethan that Marty is alive. Ethan tells Gwen that he will sacrifice anything for his child. Theresa figures out that Gwen is the one threatening Pilar, but Pilar doesn‘t want to confirm it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Julian tells a distraught Eve, who found him in his bedroom in bed with Valerie, that he thought Valerie was Eve. He tells Eve that he loves only her and orders Valerie (who unbeknownst to both Eve and Julian is also Vincent) out of his room as proof. Neither notices that instead of leaving the room, Valerie/Vincent hides under the bed and eavesdrops on their conversation. Valerie is jealous of Eve's relationship to Julian and vows to take her daddy away from her mother. Julian tells Eve that he will always be there for her. He encourages her to stop drinking and she tells him that she will because her drinking at the hospital could have cost the life of a patient if a nurse had not noticed her mistake. Vincent removes his Valerie mask; his Valerie boobs and puts on his Vincent clothes, all while lying under Julian's bed. After hearing Julian's tender words to Eve, he vows to make her pay and decides that Eve must die so he can be close to his father.

Paloma and Noah are having coffee and discussing Esme and Kay, who are the prime suspects in Fox's murder, when they walk in. Esme and Kay trade wisecracks and both admit that they feel like someone is watching them. Eventually they trap a very handsome guy who admits that he and his partner are policemen who have been assigned to follow Kay and Esme. Esme flirts with the handsome cop and Kay is relieved, though critical of Esme's flirtatious behavior so soon after the deaths of her lovers, Fox and Pete. Paloma and Noah leave to search Tabitha's house behind Kay's back for clues to Miguel's whereabouts. As Kay leaves the café later, we notice that someone is still watching Esme.

Spike tells Sheridan to dress like a hooker and meet him at a seedy motel. He tells Luis to wear a suit and meet him at the same place. When they arrive he tells them they need to get a room and wait to be contacted. He also says that they should blend in. Luis is reluctant, but agrees if it means finding out more about Marty. Fancy arrives shortly after. Spike talks to someone on the phone and we learn that this is a set up intended to break up Fancy and Luis. As Fancy nears Luis and Sheridan's room, Spike calls them and tells them to act their parts. Fancy looks through the keyhole and sees them in bed together. She is heartbroken.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa does not understand why her mother no longer supports her relationship with Ethan, but she blames Gwen. She slaps Gwen and tells her so in front of Ethan. Neither Pilar nor Gwen will admit anything and a clueless Ethan continues to stumble in the dark as Gwen, Theresa and Pilar all tell lies to protect their own interests.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

As Kay talks to Tabitha, who she trapped in a paper bag to prevent from doing evil, she tries to come up with a plan to keep herself out of prison. She's interrupted by Ivy and Sam who have further questions for her. Ivy Pushes Sam to see his daughter for what she really is - a murderer! When Kay tries to explain herself, Sam questions whether she's telling the truth.

As Fancy beats herself up over how poorly she treated Luis, Esme unsuccessfully tries to cheer her up. When Fancy confesses that she thinks she's losing her mind, Esme tells her she needs to control her outbursts or she'll drive Luis back into Sheridan's bed. Pretty eavesdrops in the hallway, taking pleasure in Fancy's pain.

Luis and Sheridan meet Spike for information on Marty. In exchange for their son's whereabouts, Spike demands Luis destroy all the evidence against him and erase his file in Harmony PD's system. Though Sheridan urges him to agree to the terms, Luis can't. He attempts to arrest Spike, but has a gun pulled on him. As Spike flees, Sheridan furiously orders Luis to catch him before all hope of finding their son vanishes for good!

After making love, Theresa admits that the only reason she had the courage to defy Alistair and return to Ethan was because of Pilar's words. Ethan makes Theresa promise never to doubt her mother again. Meanwhile, Gwen threatens to reveal Pilar's secret if she doesn't convince Theresa to give up Ethan once and for all. Pilar is torn, knowing if her secret is revealed, it would mean the death of her and her whole family!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pilar is concerned about baby Jonathan, her motherly instincts telling her that the baby is not well at all, but Gwen seems oblivious to any problem. Theresa is incredibly tempted to come clean with Ethan, even though Pilar has both begged and ordered her daughter not to be with him. Little Ethan comes to Theresa, very upset that his father, Julian, won't attend Sports Day with him at school. As Theresa comforts her son, Gwen taunts Pilar with the blackmail material... But Gwen doesn't know everything, having no idea how big the secret really is. Ethan walks in just as their argument grows heated... how much did he hear?

At the sleazy hotel, Fancy waits for an explanation from Luis - why is he there with her aunt Sheridan?! Sheridan fears Luis will tell Fancy about Marty being alive and Luis kicks her out of the room so he and Fancy can have some privacy. Sheridan nervously waits in the hallway when suddenly the sign she has been waiting for literally rolls in...

Paloma and Noah continue their magical romance in Tabitha's attic until it suddenly comes to a complete halt, the magic disappearing. Noah and Paloma are confused but continue their search of the attic. They are surprised when they come across a doll that looks just like Timmy. They are even more surprised when the doll speaks!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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