James Boothe
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Actor History

Jackson and Ryan Keane (recurring: October 2005 to October 2006)

Unnamed Actor(s) (recurring: 2005)

Seth Stern (recurring: 26 October 2006 to present)


Approximately three years of age in 2005.

Aged to approximately nine or ten in 2006.

Other Names

Mark (name originally introduced as)


Christopher Boothe (legal father)

Sheridan Crane (adoptive mother)

Maureen Preston (biological mother; deceased)

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald (adoptive maternal half-brother)

Alistair Crane (adoptive maternal grandfather)

Katherine Barrett (adoptive maternal grandmother)

Julian Crane (adoptive maternal uncle)

Beth Wallace (adoptive maternal half-aunt; deceased)

Chad Harris-Crane (adoptive maternal half-uncle; deceased)

Ethan Crane (adoptive maternal half-uncle)

Vincent Clarkson (adoptive maternal cousin)

Fancy Crane (adoptive maternal cousin)

Pretty Crane (female; adoptive maternal cousin)

Fox Crane (adoptive maternal cousin; deceased)

Endora Lenox (adoptive maternal cousin)

Miles Harris (adoptive maternal half-nephew)

Rachel Barrett (adoptive maternal great-aunt)

Brief Character History

When Sheridan initially met the little boy, he was going by the name Mark living with his mother, Maureen. Maureen made Sheridan promise to look after her son, then died during the tsunami. Shortly after, the boy's father, Chris, showed up in town. He claimed the boy's name was James and that Maureen had left him because he had gotten involved with the wrong people. Custody was granted to Chris, but Sheridan remained part of his life. She and Chris later wed, and in October 2006, Sheridan officially adopted James.

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