Noah Bennett
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Actor History

Dylan Fergus (13 May 2005 to present)



Resides At

Bennett Family Home (presumably)

Marital Status

Married (Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald) [Married: Aug 7, 2008]

Past Marriages



Sam Bennett (father)

Grace Standish (mother)

Kay Bennett (sister)

Jessica Bennett (sister)

Ethan Winthrop (paternal half-brother)

Benjamin Bennett (relation unknown)

Hank Bennett (paternal uncle)

Faith Standish (maternal aunt; deceased)

Charity Standish (materal cousin)

Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald (niece; Kay's with Miguel)

Samuel Herbert Bennett (nephew)

Ethan Crane (biological paternal half-nephew)

Sarah Winthrop (paternal half-niece; 2003; stillborn)

Jane Winthrop (paternal half-niece; 2004)

Jonathan Winthrop (paternal half-nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Numerous females.

Maya Chinn (in college; deceased)

Fancy Crane (lovers)

Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Accessory to murder (while in college).

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Set fire to Spike's club after returning to Harmony. [20 June 2005]

Arrested for assaulting Jessica. [July 2005]


Noah drives a 1965 white four-door Buick, license plate CRG-702. [31 March 2006]

Brief Character History

Noah is the oldest of the three Bennett children. When the show began, it was learned that he was entering his second year at some unknown university. Over the years it has also been learned that he is the same age as Julian and Ivy's legitimate son, Fox. Of the three children, Noah is closest to his father, who until last summer, he used to have an annual camping trip with. His hobbies include baseball and skiing. He has been home to Harmony only once in the last three years; the Christmas of 1999. He was never seen on-screen though, his home-coming was only learned about in passing reference from his mother.

During his time away from Harmony, Noah obtained his bachelor of arts and then went on to his graduate's degree at King's Standish University, but dropped out in the fall of 2003. He never did tell his family he was leaving university though, and continued to accept tuition money from his father and send back his transcripts. In the spring of 2005, Noah was discovered as 'Ned' in Las Vegas, gambling his way through life. After meeting socialite Fancy and nearly ending up in jail, Noah decided to come home and face the music, and to help his younger sister Jessica get her life back on track.

Noah and Fancy continued to have many hit and miss adventures, almost coming together, then being torn apart. Just when they thought they had a future, Noah's ex-girlfriend Maya showed up in town. Maya had met Noah in college, when he saved her from Brett, a drunken date who had assumed she'd been sleeping with one of his friends and hit her. The two shared their first kiss that night, and went back to Noah's place together. It was an instant connection, and the two soon fell in love. Everything changed one night when the two of them witnessed a man get shot and die in an old attic. Noah tried to convince her to tell the truth, telling her that both his father and grandfather were cops, but Maya begged him to keep quiet. Noah agreed to keep her secret, but eventually the guilt he felt over what happened that night put a wedge in their relationship that they couldn't get past.

Noah and Maya were finally ordered to pretend to be a couple by the FBI so that they could land a criminal mastermind known as the Dragon Lady. Noah wanted desperately to tell Fancy what was happening, but he was forbidden to. Fancy found he and Maya together once too often and turned her back on him for good, relying more and more on Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, even though he was only a friend. He was upset when Maya died, but his love for her was long gone, and all he could think about was getting back to Fancy.

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