Faith Standish
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Actor History

Dana Sparks (12 July 1999 to 13 September 1999) (recurring: May 2004 to June 2004)


Died on 13 September 1999.

Returned briefly as a spectral vision the spring of 2004. Cause of Death

Died in the fire Tabitha set to kill both her and Charity.



Resides At


Faith and Charity moved around every few months.

Marital Status

Single (assumed, although she went by 'Mrs. Standish')

Past Marriages



Grace Standish (twin sister; deceased)

Noah Bennett (nephew)

Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett (niece)

Jessica Bennett (niece)

Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald (grand-niece)

Samuel Herbert Bennett (grand-nephew)


Charity Standish (father unknown)

Flings & Affairs

Unknown Male (Charity's father)

Crimes Committed


Supernatural Incidences

Although Faith always believed in the power of evil, it is unknown what powers she had as she did not live long enough for us to find out. About all that is known of Faith's powers is that she was able to sense evil before it arrived. Her powers have allowed her to appear twice since her death to try to help people.

Brief Character History

Faith was the twin sister of Harmony's Grace Standish. It is unknown how Faith spent her life up until the age of forty. She and Grace were very close until the Boston fire that Faith believed killed Grace all those years ago. Unlike her sister, who knew nothing of evil thanks to her amnesia, Faith was obsessed with the idea that evil killed Grace, and was after her and her daughter. Because of that, she moved Charity and herself around constantly, the only memory of her sister a photograph the two had taken when they were twenty.

Because part of Faith had always believed that her sister was alive, which is why she would occasionally haunt the on-line chatrooms, looking to learn something about her sister. It was in an on-line chatroom that Faith was able to make a connection with Sam Bennett, who was looking for information about his amnesiac wife. Unfortunately, they were never able to connect. Even once Faith's niece Kay realized that her 'friend' Charity was really her cousin, Faith and Grace still couldn't meet, because Kay made sure that Grace never knew about her connection to Faith or Charity, in an effort to keep Miguel to herself.

Grace and Faith were finally able to connect, and were able to have one on-line conversation with each other, face to face for the first time in over twenty years. They barely had time to say hello when Tabitha, who had finally found Faith, managed to set the house on fire. Although Grace and Sam rushed out to Castleton and the fire department worked hard to save the house, they were unable to save Faith. She burned to death in the fire, and Grace never got to see her sister face to face. Faith's ghost has appeared to the family in times of trouble, though, usually to give advice to her clueless twin.

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