Tabitha Lenox
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Actor History

Juliet Mills (July 6, 1999 to August 7, 2008)


Local Witch

Author of "Hidden Passions"

Party planner (16 century)

Wedding planner (41 AD)

Handmaiden (30 BC)

Resides At

The Lenox residence

Formerly Europe

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages

None (assumed)


Darin Lenox (father)

Samantha Lenox (mother)

Harry Riders (cousin)

Boozy Boozebourne (cousin)

Eulalie Lenox (great-aunt)

Frog Prince (matenral great-grandfather)


Endora Lenox (daughter; with Julian)

Flings & Affairs



King Tut

Jack the Ripper


Alexander the Great

Augustus Caesar


Attila the Hun

Vlad the Impaler

Robin Hood

Louis XII

Louis XIV

Benjamin Franklin

Barnabas Collin (briefly dated)

Edward VII (broken engagement; 1860)

Juan Peron

Sitting Bull

Three or more United States Presidents

Julian Crane (one-night stand; 2002)

Numerous others

Crimes Committed

Killed Zachary Sutter in a house fire.

Has made many (unsuccessful) attempts to kill Charity, and to get Charity to kill Miguel

Tried to kill herself when her plans to destroy Charity werent working

Burned down Faith's house in Castleton, killing Faith and leaving her daughter Charity with amnesia, then torched a Caselton gas attendant

Brief Character History

A witch over three hundred years old, Tabitha has been in Harmony for that entire time in one incarnation or another. Originally burned to death by the Puritans in the 1600s (the ancestors of Grace, Ivy, and Julian), Tabitha set the fire in Boston that resulted in Grace's amnesia

Tabitha is over three hundred years old, and is Harmony's most notable ex-witch. For years her powers kept the Standish women from reaching their full powers, but when she failed to kill Charity Standish, the most powerful Standish woman to date, she was stripped of her own powers. Since then, she has to try to appease the evil in the basement. Now she and her little friend Timmy just try to avoid Hecuba, a witch Tabitha imprisoned in a cave hundreds of years ago.

Tabitha has had countless plots to defeat the goodness in Harmony, particularly Charity Standish, but none of them ever worked. Through flashbacks, viewers have learned that years ago, she cursed all the citizens of Harmony after they burned her at the stake. She cursed them again when her Timmy recently died, and was determined to get revenge. She was all set to kill Julian Crane...until she became his lover!

After her night of passion with Julian, Tabitha was shocked to realize that she was pregnant. After trying to hide her condition for many months, Tabitha was finally outted when the town realized she was also expecting. At the same time, Tabitha brought Kay Bennett into her home (courtesy a little blackmail from Kay), and after Endora's birth, Kay and Tabitha have continued to live together, raising their daughters in a world of evil and witchcraft.

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