T.C. Russell
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Actor History

Rodney Van Johnson (contract: 5 July 1999 to 2006) (recurring: 2006 to 2007)

Jerry Gaona (2001) [flashbacks, age 18]

Other Names

Thornton Chandler Russell (full name)


High-School Gym Teacher

Tennis Coach

Resides At

422 Swallow Lane

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Eve Johnson (1970s to 2004; divorced)


Reggie Russell (father; deceased)

* His father was originally named James.

** T.C. is an only child.


Whitney Russell (daughter; with Eve)

Simone Russell (daughter; with Eve)

Miles Harris (grandson; Whitney's with Chad)

Flings & Affairs

Liz Sanbourne (adulterous; later engaged)

Eve Russell (tentatively reconciled)

Crimes Committed

Has taken a few swings at Julian Crane.

Brief Character History

TC's family has lived in Harmony for hundreds of years. His many-times removed grandfather once owned a farm in Harmony, which was taken over by the Cranes. TC was an only child who was well on his way to being a tennis star when a tragic automobile accident ruined that dream, and caused his father to die of a broken heart shortly afterward. Although he has no proof, he blames the Cranes for his family's misfortune.

TC has never really given up on tennis, and to a great extent lives vicariously through his daughter Whitney's tennis career. Although he loves his younger daughter, Simone (whom he calls Sugarbear), it has always been Whitney he was closest to. He delights in his perfect family and his perfect marriage, and has no idea that his wife, Eve, was once a lounge singer as well as Julian Crane's mistress. As far as he knows, the woman he has been married to for over 20 years was a debutante who has no family left.

T.C. eventually learned the truth -- that Eve had an affair and a child with Julian Crane. He was unable to accept what he viewed as the ultimate betrayal by his wife, and ended their marriage, taking up with her sister, Liz. T.C. later regretted his actions, but before he had a chance to really tell his family, he ended up in an automobile accident while driving under the influence. During his recovery, he suffered a massive stroke.

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