How to listen to Soap Central Live

Posted Thursday, March 21, 2013 12:32:19 PM
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How to listen to Soap Central Live
Soap Central Live,'s weekly anything and everything soap Internet radio program, airs Fridays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific. Call in and be part of the show, toll-free at 866.472.5788. Listen at

Soap Central Live is Soap Central's weekly, anything and everything Internet radio program. There are a variety of ways to listen to the show -- and best of all, they're all free!

The easiest way to listen is to be at a computer or other Internet-connected device during the live broadcast on Friday at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific. Simply point your Internet browser to Soap Central Live's official show page at and click on the "ON THE AIR" graphic (pictured at the right) at the top of any page.

You can also visit to be instantly transported to the live broadcast.

If you cannot be near your computer, you can also listen from your smartphone or tablet device with the VoiceAmerica app. The app is available for free download in both the Android/Google Play and Apple app stores.

If you can't be available during the live show, every episode of Soap Central Live will be archived here on our official show page for on-demand listening.

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