Discussing the release of classic As the World Turns episodes on DVD, and what every woman needs to know about endometriosis. Soap Central Live airs Fridays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.
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With each passing week there is increasing evidence that soaps are not, as many have said, a dying genre. In fact, the soap opera genre continues to evolve and come up with new ways for fans to keep in touch with their favorite fictional characters.

For the first time, fans of As the World Turns are now able to enjoy 20 of the iconic soap's classic episodes on DVD. Mark Yates, the president of SoapClassics, the company that made these DVDs possible, talks about how the classic episodes were selected and what soap fans might expect in the future. Those future plans include a DVD release for Guiding Light, and possibly a web site that would allow fans to stream episodes of their favorite Procter and Gamble-produced soaps.

Then, Jennifer Biller, a Two Scoops columnist for Soap Central for nearly a decade, shares her thoughts on the exciting news of the As the World Turns DVD release and the episodes chosen for the collection.

Plus, when General Hospital announced in September that actress Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) would be sidelined for up to two months due to an undisclosed illness, soap fans were rightfully concerned for the actress. On last week's episode of the E! reality series, Dirty Soap, it was revealed that Kirsten has been suffering from endometriosis. What exactly is that condition -- and how do women know if it's something that might be affecting them? Dr. Dave E. David, a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, visits Soap Central Live with important information that every woman should know about endometriosis.

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Dr. Dave E. David

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