Honoring All My Children's Bianca Montgomery with Christina Bennett Lind and Eden Riegel. Soap Central Live airs Fridays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific.
Being the daughter of the legendary Erica Kane is, on its own, enough to be considered a landmark character. Bianca Montgomery, however, is an iconic character in television history in her own right.

In 2000, Bianca came out as lesbian, and the character embarked in a series of history-making milestones in daytime television. Bianca and Lena Kundera shared the first same-sex kiss in soap history. Less than a decade later, Bianca married her partner, Reese Williams, in daytime's first same-sex wedding.

But more than the "firsts," Bianca's life struggles resonated with viewers. From battling anorexia to surviving a sexual assault, the fictional character has served as a real-life inspiration to millions.

In a two-hour special edition of Soap Central Live, we celebrate Bianca Montgomery. In the first hour, fans are invited to call in and share their favorite Bianca memories, discuss their favorite loves of Bianca, and to share personal stories of how they've been inspired by Bianca's journey.

Then, in the second hour, for the first time ever, two of All My Children's best-known Biancas, Christina Bennett Lind and Emmy winner Eden Riegel, will appear together to talk about Bianca's place in television history, to share their experiences in the role and on All My Children, and to take calls from fans.

It's a must-hear hour that's sure to be filled with surprises.

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