Parry Shen and Brian Gaskill

Posted Monday, April 07, 2014 11:38:57 PM
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Parry Shen and Brian Gaskill
General Hospital's Parry Shen drops by -- hopefully not literally -- to discuss his film Unidentified. Plus, multi-soap vet Brian Gaskill takes a break from Stripping Shakespeare to catch fans up on his latest projects. Soap Central Live airs Fridays at 6PM Eastern/3PM Pacific. Call in and be part of the show, toll-free, at 866.472.5788. Listen at
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SHOW DATE: April 18, 2014 at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

On General Hospital, Parry Shen has survived falling from a parapet, and now he's dusting himself off for his first appearance on Soap Central Live. Parry talks about his film Unidentified, which, in addition to starring in, he also wrote and produced. And, of course, no visit to SCL would be complete without some soapiness, so Parry will also discuss his role as GH lab tech Brad Cooper.

Then, Brian Gaskill returns to Soap Central Live to catch fans up on all of his latest projects, including his work with We Make Movies, "a community of filmmakers who are dedicated to making the movie industry not suck." The All My Children/The Bold and the Beautiful/Port Charles fave is also joined by Nicol Razon to preview the new series Stripping Shakespeare, which is described as "Bard. Bawd. Boobies."

Join in the discussion live at 6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific for an hour of anything and everything soap. To be part of the show, call our toll-free caller line at 866.472.5788.

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