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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on SB
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Monday, May 26, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Cole and Caitlin are discussing Elaine's current situation. Cole blames his grandmother for everything that has happened. Knowing that Gregory will throw him in jail the moment he returns to Sunset Beach, Cole takes the chance to help Elaine. Caitlin agrees because she misses her family and wants to go home. As Madame Deschanel tries to explain to Cole her reasons, Cole walks out. Madame Deschanel told Caitlin she should have sent Cole back to Sunset Beach to his mother earlier. Caitlin told of how Cole broke up with her and Madame Deschanel told her that she had ordered him to get rid of the distraction. She asks Caitlin why Gregory dislikes Cole so much. Caitlin explains that she is her daddy's little girl. The two women reflect on the magic at the grotto and how romantic of a place it is. Madame Deschanel told Caitlin that perhaps they could be of help to one another. Cole interrupts and says that he is not going to let his grandmother use Caitlin to get to him. Caitlin reminds Cole that his grandmother is a part of him just as Elaine is. She also told him of hopes that her father will accept him if he realizes how much she loves Cole. Caitlin tells him that he won't lose her if he went to SB and even if he lands in jail.

Annie and Tim are talking about how Meg was terrified of the revelation of the locked room. They talk about how pretty soon they will be in their significant other's arms.

Meg comes to the house to return the key . She has a flashback of what she saw the night before. Reminding herself of why she is there, she puts the key back so that she doesn't ever have to return back to Ben's house. Ben surprises her and she is very jumpy. He has a letter opener and is opening mail and the sight of the knife scares her. Meg told Ben that she lost a sweater and then figures that it must be somewhere else. Joan interrupts, worried because Meg is taking so long getting back. Ben and Joan start looking for the sweater while Meg frantically tries to get the chest open in order to put the key back before Ben finds out that it is missing. Ben returned and Meg who is so nervous breaks a crystal knick knack. She cuts her finger while picking up the glass and totally freaks at the sight of the blood. She has a flashback to the scissors and all the blood surrounding it. . Ben invites the two ladies to coffee and Meg tries to decline but Joan pipes in that she would love to sit down for awhile.

Ben, Meg, and Joan are drinking their coffee when Ben told them that he has to get back to work and to enjoy themselves. Ben and Mark discuss business and Mark asks Ben what is going on with Meg and her moods. He asks if something happened. Joan is questioning Meg about what her problem is. Meg tells her that she thinks that perhaps she didn't know Ben as well as she thought. Tim comes over to the table to invite Joan to go to Universal Studios. Joan is excited and runs to go get her camera back at Surf Central. Ben gets the brush off from Meg and Annie and Tim talk about the progress they are making while watching what is going on between Ben and Meg.

Ricardo visits with Elaine and they talk about Paula. Elaine comes to the station and asks if there is any news on Cole. Ricardo told her that she is not alone and that he will tell her when he gets any news. Later, Paula went and visits her mother and tells Elaine that she plans to accept Ricardo's proposal later that night. Elaine makes her promise that the two of them will get married very soon. They are giggling. Annie comes to see Ricardo for advice on getting an attorney and one who will work without a retainer up front. She needs to get those Deschanel jewels to live. Ricardo told her that she could get a job. She is defensive and Ricardo apologizes and says that he will think about one for her. Ricardo told Annie of how he met another woman the night of Paula's abduction and she told him that he better tell Paula before the woman does. After Annie leaves, Meg comes in and asks why Ricardo never arrested Ben for his sister's death. He told her that there wasn't enough evidence to take it to trial. He told her to stay away from Ben if she values her safety.

Paula walks in and catches Gabi trying on her engagement ring. She tells Paula that she just is envious of how she has Ricardo are so lucky, Gabi tells her of how she wishes that she had someone who would love her as much as Ricardo loves her. Paula told her that her day will come when she has someone as special. After Paula heads to the station, Gabi mutters that Paula better be ready for a hurricane. Gabi gets the place ready for the romantic evening for Paula and Ricardo with ulterior motives. Paula gets back and thanks her for getting everything ready and shows Gabi the black negligee that she bought for the occasion. Gabi calls herself old fashioned and asks ifs odd that Paula plans to propose to Ricardo. When Gabi sees the negligee, she has a fantasy about she and Ricardo romancing and Paula walking in and catching them in the act. Gabi does Paula's nails and the two of then share some more girl talk. Later, Paula is primping and Gabi drops a bomb. She tells Paula that she is so forgiving to put the fact that Ricardo was with another woman the night of the abduction aside. Paula is stunned. Gabi fakes that she thought the Ricardo had talked to her about it, and she pretends to feel terrible. Ricardo picks this time to walk in from the station.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

The doorbell rings and it is a delivery man with flowers for Rae. It is roses from Casey, telling her not to worry about the situation with her parents and that they will come around since it is hard not to open up like the roses around her. She is tearing up when Casey comes downstairs. He tells her that she was supposed to have received them earlier that morning. She hugs him. The doorbell rings and it is another delivery for Rae. It is from her parents. The box contains some of the memories form her room. There is not even a note. She told Casey that this means that she is no longer their daughter. Casey is looking at one of Rae's trophies and reflects back on when he and Rae first met in the hospital and then when they bought the house together.

Madame Deschanel told Cole that she plans to help Elaine. Cole doesn't want her to be involved with her mother. He told his grandmother that she didn't even have the guts to tell him herself what she had done. She offers to go to Sunset Beach and tell the court what she had done. Cole told his grandmother that he needs sometime to think. Madame Deschanel told Caitlin that she is genuinely sorry for what she had done to Cole and his mother. She told Caitlin that she is the one that can help Elaine and to try to Cole into letting her go to Elaine's defense. Cole returned to the house. Caitlin tries to talk reasonably to Cole. She told him that he needs to give his grandmother a second chance. Cole went off and his grandmother overhears this conversation and has a health scare. Cole wants to call her doctor but she told him that she just forgot to take her blood pressure medication. She confronts Cole about him not wanting anything to do with her and that she doesn't blame him at all. His grandmother told of how she felt when she first held him. She told him that she has and always will love him. He told her that he will never forget or forgive her but that he will never stop loving her. Cole tells Caitlin that he is going to go back to Sunset Beach.

Paula and Gabi are talking about what Ricardo did the night of the abduction when Ricardo walks in to the loft. He admits that there was another woman the night that she was abducted but doesn't tell her who it was. Ricardo tries to explain to Paula about how he had tried calling and began to feel that she might be having second thoughts. Gabi tries to leave so that the two of them can talk. He told Gabi to stay put since she brought it up and that he wanted them both to hear what he had to say. He told them that nothing had happened and that she meant nothing to him. Paula asks "Why they didn't tell her?" Ricardo tries to convince her that there was nothing between he and this other woman. Gabi told her that they felt that she had enough to deal with after the abduction. After Paula leaves, Ricardo rips into Gabi. He asks how come his name was slipped? Gabi throws back at him "Why didn't he tell Paula that she was the other woman?" They fight over the situation. She tries to convince him that she doesn't have ulterior motives. He told her that he loves Paula and that nothing will come between them. Paula walks in and asks Gabi to leave. The two of them talk about how the old Ricardo is history and whether or not he is devoted to her out of guilt. They fight over him flirting all night with another woman. He tries to remind her that there is only woman in Sunset Beach that he wants to come home to and to marry. He told her not to walk away from their problems. He says that Gabi needs to leave so that they can have some time alone to work on their relationship.

Paula is so depressed after finding out about the so-called fling. She tells Casey about the situation. She asks him for his opinion on whether or not if he thinks Ricardo had changed. He told her that he thinks that Ricardo has changed and that he is telling the truth. They turn the conversation to Rae. Casey told her that Wei-Lee is worming his way back in Rae's life. They talk about whether or not that he should fight for the relationship. Casey got his dinner to go.

Rae reflects on some of her and Casey's past. She has fantasizes about Wei-Lee. She is having deep thoughts about a patient who has parents waiting and thinking about her parents. Wei-Lee shows up and she cries on his shoulder. Casey watches on as Wei-Lee talks to Rae. Casey asks to speak to her alone He leaves and Rae thanks him for his advice. Casey asks her if she thinks that Wei-Lee's advice will work. She says no and then he asks if she would like to hear his advice. He told her to go to San Francisco to her parents. He told her to go and apologize to them and to tell them that she loves them. He convinces her to go and they embrace.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Gabi is alone and is dreaming up trouble, again. She pulls out a scrapbook that was hidden. She is glancing through it, and congragulating herself for causing trouble for Ricardo and Paula again. She gets a paper cut and goes to tend to her wound and leaves the scrapbook out in plain sight. Ricardo walks in (Boy, He looks good, IMHO) and discovers the scrapbook. Gabi walks in while he looking at the scrapbook. He confronts her about wanting to find out what kind of games she is playing. She tries to brush it off by saying that it is a family album that belonged to her and Paula's father. He asks why she has all these pictures of him in it. She tries to tell him that she got them from the media file at the station which she got when she was cleaning up. She told how her father talked about Paula. She was jealous and didn't think it was fair that she didn't get to have a sister. She tells him that she used to steal the albom and talk to her sister. Ricardo tells her that he doesn't believe the crock she's dishing out. She lays it on thick and tries to make him pity her. What a schemer! IMO. He decides to give her the benefit of the doubt. She drops the album and he helps her pick it up. Paola walks in and Ricardo is surprised and told her about the scrapbook. Paula finds a picture of she and Ricardo torn up and asks what it is all about. Gabi comes up with a lame excuse.

Gregory is harrasing the authorities about finding his daughter while Olivia looks on. Bette barges in and she has a proposition for Gregory. He is in a foul mood and doesn't want anything to do with her. She asks him if he has heard from Cole and Caitlin. She told them that she will be put on the witness stand. Gregory say's that would only make the case worse. When Gregory gets a call, Bette told Olivia that she is surprised that she isn't a nervous wreck about Gregory finding out about her affair with Cole. Bette congragulates Olivia for not hitting the bottle in her crisis. Gregory comes storming in with news that the authorities have caught up with Cole. The look on Olivia's face shows that she would do just about anything for a drink. They had spotted and then lost them. Bette leaves after telling Olivia that she better be prepared for the worst. Gregory is so proud of himself for having the authorities after Cole and Caitlin.

Cole calls the county clerk and is told that Elaine's sentencing hearing is the next day. He decides to go back to Sunset Beach to be there for his mother. He told Caitlin that he is going to go. Madame Deschanel gives Cole two letters from his mother to his father. Caitlin says that she can leave so that he can read the letters in privacy but he asks her to stay. He reads the letter from Elaine to AJ about the relationship that they had. She tells him of the baby that she is carrying and that she thinks of the baby as a gift. He is moved from the letter and Caitlin comforts him. He reads the letter from Elaine that telling AJ about the birth of their son. He gets choked up when he reads of the baby's death. The letter talks about how dark of a place she went to after the death. Cole has tears in his eyes while Caitlin is comforting him as he finishes the letter. He told her that he has to go and testify on behalf of Elaine. After she leaves to go and check on his grandmother, Cole say's that Caitlin is not going to go with him and that she is going to have to trust him.

Michael and Virginia are very excited because they have found a new apartment for she and Jimmy. Jimmy walks in and is very cold about the whole thing. Michael leaves and went to the beach. Virginia tries to talk to Jimmy about Michael. He wants to turn Michael in to the police. She told him the Michael has changed his life and that sending him to prison would do absolutely no good. Virginia has a dream of Michael and Jimmy playing football and then he turns his attention onto her. She told herself that she can't fall in love with Michael.

Michael is sitting on the beach and has a fantasy about Vanessa. They sure do have the passion during that fanstasy. Mark and Tiffany run into one another and they talk about Caitlin missing. They talk about his demo tape that Mark has made and he gives her one. He also asks her to give her honest opinion about the tape. Sean walks up and joins them. Casey and Michael talk about the relationship betwen Wei-Lee and Rae, and Casey. Casey talks about Rae's love for her parents. They talk about how Wei-Lee is manipulative and how Casey is just going to back off.

Rae meets with her mother who gives her bad news. Mrs. Chang is crying as she told Rae that her father doesn't even want her name spoken. She gives Rae a necklace that she had to give to her in person. She told her daughter never to try to contact her again.

Thursday, May 29, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Things Just Are Not The Way They Used To Be
Jimmy rebuffs Michael's attempts to spend time with him. Virginia sets up a picnic for herself, Jimmy and Michael. Mark joins them and plays ball with Jimmy as Michael sadly watches them. Michael informs Virginia that she has the apartment she really wanted. A Sunset Beach officer remembers Jimmy from when he was picked up for shoplifting, and told him Michael is a good man. He asks the officer that if someone knows about a crime they should say something to the authorities, right? The officer answers in the affirmative, and Jimmy told him he was checking as you can't trust cops in his old neighborhood. As Jimmy sees his mother and Michael hugging he quietly thinks about things. When the group returns to Michael's, Jimmy wants to start packing up. Virginia thanks Michael for all he's done, he says he would do the same for any other friend. Michael told her not to be scared about being on her own and as they hug, he thinks of Vanessa.

Nice To Have Met You
Joan has to return to Ludlow since her husband threw his back out. Tim slyly suggests that Ben send Meg's dad a cigar. Meg panics as Ben opens the humidor, but he doesn't look inside as Joan dissuades him from sending a cigar. Joan asks Ben to promise that he won't hurt Meg, Ben doesn't answer. Tim drives Meg and Joan to the airport where the two women chat about Meg's childhood. Meg reaffirms to her mother that she knows where her place is and Joan told her daughter she is proud of her for changing her life. At the Java Web, Meg eyes the key and recalls what she saw in Maria's studio. "I've got to get his key back in Ben's humidor," she told herself aloud. Tim arrives and "comforts" Meg about her mother's sudden departure. She went to Ben's, puts the key in the humidor, but takes it out again. Meg went to the room and starts to open the door as Ben starts to unlock the front door.

New Friends
Eddie stops by Annie's and asks how close she is to getting the Deschanel jewels. When she told him Ricardo is playing things by the book, Eddie mentions he is temporarily living at the YMCA. Bette's financial adviser has run off with her assets and Eddie tries to convince her he can get it back, all he needs is an advance. Later Tim stops by to mention Joan's departure to Annie. He finds out that Annie and Ben dated a few times when she was in college, and Ben liked her roommate Maria more. Tim told Annie she shouldn't pine for a man in love with a dead woman as there are plenty of men who would love to have live woman like her. He adds that a woman with " appeal" like Annie doesn't need Ben. They banter about being in love with the wrong people, and agree that they will do whatever it takes to get them back. Eddie again tries to get hired by Bette, saying he won't take payment until he gets her assets back. She hires him, much to Annie's chagrin who reminds Bette of his recent criminal activity.

Friday, May 30, 1997
by Mary DeRock

I Will Return
Cole told Caitlin he can help his mother by testifying on her behalf. He asks Caitlin to stay with Madame Deschanel while he went to Sunset Beach. Cole promises Caitlin he will return as soon after he testifies. Madame Deschanel makes sure Cole has the letters to A.J. from Elaine. Alone, she tells Caitlin that loving a Deschanel is never easy, and that the legend is true. Caitlin surmises that Madame Deschanel still loves the elder Deschanel. Madame Deschanel describes their first meeting and admits she still loves him. Caitlin fears that Cole might get put in a foreign prison. Madame Deschanel told her there are many goodbyes, and describes her fear of A.J. not returning from the war.

Still Together
Olivia decides aloud to Gregory that she will not nag him about his methods of getting Caitlin back because she doesn't want to ruin what she and Gregory have. Olivia thanks Gregory for representing Elaine, and told him she plans to visit her today. Since Cole isn't there to testify for Elaine, she could get the maximum sentence, Gregory told Olivia. When Olivia returns from seeing Elaine, she mentions to Gregory that everyone is out of the house except for the two of them. They start kissing, and Gregory's cell phone rings. Gregory leaves after hearing the call, and Olivia panics when she thinks the call meant they've found Cole and Caitlin.

Oh, No!
Meg opens the room as Ben gets home, leaving the key in the lock. Everything in the room is the same and she looks around. She sees a picture of Ben and Maria on their wedding day, it is shattered and Maria's features are indiscernible as she is wearing a veil over her face. The room door opens slightly and closed, making it seem that Ben (or someone) has seen the key on the lock and removed it, locking Meg in. She panics, trying to get out through the windows, which are locked. She tries the phone, it is out of order. Meanwhile Ben is downstairs looking at Maria's painting. She finds a picture of Ben and Annie and realizes that Annie would do anything to drive her and Ben apart. Meg hears footsteps outside the room and thinking its Annie, wonders aloud what she is up to. Realizing it could be Ben, she worries what will happen if he finds her inside. Annie "appears" at Ben's, and asks why he is early. Ben smilingly told her why she's leaving in such a hurry, that she must have come over for something. A nervous Annie looks upstairs and leaves when Ben gives her the wine she came for. After she leaves, Ben looks at Maria's painting and throws his glass at it. Annie informs Tim of Ben's early return from Santa Barbara. They discuss their plans, and decide they need to distract Ben and improvise the rest. Meg wonders what really happened in the room. She finds Maria's journal and starts to read it.

I Am Here To Help
Paula pleads with Elaine to fight for her freedom, but Elaine says she respects Cole's decision to leave Sunset Beach. Paula told her that she knows a part of Elaine is missing since Cole left. Elaine asks about how things are between her and Ricardo, and Paula told her mother about where Ricardo was when she was kidnapped. Olivia asks Elaine to fight for her freedom, that prison is a lot of time wasted away. Elaine told her she doesn't have Cole so it doesn't matter. Olivia told her Cole will return when he believes the truth. Cole sneaks into the police department as Olivia leaves. "It's too late for us Cole," Elaine thinks aloud and Cole replies, "Maybe not, mother." A surprised Elaine told Cole she can't believe he is there for her. He told her he is there to testify for her, and she tries to convince him to leave before he is caught. Cole told Elaine he only cares about her and Caitlin, nothing else matters.

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