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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on SB
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Monday, April 13, 1998

Eddie went to Bette to tell her that he has come into some money which he is planning to use to turn his life around. Ben still reuses to give Derek the password. Virginia makes an appointment with Tyus so that she can get the petri dish.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

At The Grotto
Cole and Caitlin are dressed in fancy attire having a romantic evening with candle lights and soft music. Cole told Caitlin that he wants it to be like the first time, she finishes his sentence telling him that romantic passionate night when we conceived Trey. As the two of them are kissing and dancing in each others arms, a man dressed in a black tuxedo with a Zorro mask on arrives and pushes Cole out of the way. They start fighting and Cole knocks him down and takes off his mask, it is Gregory. Gregory told him, you may have slept with my wife Cole but you are not going to have my daughter too. Upon hearing this, Caitlin looks upset. Cole awakens in a cold sweat from a nightmare about Caitlin uncovering his dark secret. Caitlin asks him what is wrong. Cole tells her he had a bad dream about someone trying to take her away from him. She asks him who would want to do that, as Cole says nothing. Caitlin told him she thinks what happened the other night may have brought it on and adds that maybe she should cancel her plans with Sean today. Cole told her no he didn't want her to cancel her plans and he had to go to work today, besides it was only a bad dream and nothing more. Meanwhile the man who has been following Cole is outside of their apartment on the phone telling someone not to worry, as he looks at a picture of Cole. He then adds that he has everything under control.

At The Liberty Corporation
Gregory is on the phone and told someone to keep an eye on Olivia. Annie enters and Gregory told her to make it quick because he wasn't in the mood. Annie told him he better get in the mood or he may lose Ten Million Dollars. Gregory asked her what is she talking about and how is he going to lose 10 Million. Annie told him that some bird freak said he spotted an endangered species of owls right where the corporation is building the resort. She then told him that the environmentalist can put a halt on the construction until the siting is verified and if it is it can stop the corporation from building the resort and he will lose Millions. Gregory asked how they could save it. Annie told him she hired an expert and he found nothing to contradict the environmentalist's claim and it's all in the reports. Annie said she thought he would appreciate it and told him he may want to go over it right now. Gregory told her he would look it over in the morning and said he was sorry for his attitude he just doesn't appreciate his wife, going off on a cruise as if she didn't have a care in the world. Annie told him that is just like Olivia and added that she would never bail on him, she is in it for the long haul. Getting suspicious, Gregory asked Annie what was she up to. Annie told him she wasn't up to anything she just wanted to be a friend when he needed one. As Annie and Gregory are about to kiss, his office assistant knocks and comes in and told him the jewelry store is on the phone. Annoyed, Annie tells the assistant that she told her to hold all of Gregory's calls. Gregory tells Annie who gave you the right to give orders to my office assistant. Annie stands there with one of her blank Annie stares and says nothing. He answers the phone and said it is ready now, engraved the way I want? Annie said you shouldn't have. Gregory told her it wasn't for her. He then buzzes his pretty new office assistant and told her the surprise is ready. Annie thinks to herself that he got the gift for his assistant and wonders what the hell is up with that? When Gregory finishes his conversation with the assistant, Annie tries to pick-up where they left off before the assistant interrupted, but before she can; The assistant re-enters the office to remind Gregory she was leaving for her dentist appointment now. Again, Annie tries to seduce Gregory and sits on his desk in front of him and says alone at last. Gregory however tells her, another time. There is someplace he has to be. Ticked off, Annie frets that Gregory may have already fallen for another woman after watching his friendly interchange with his pretty new office assistant. She then tells herself that it will be a cold day in hell before she would let that cheap lackey come between her and her daddy's money.

At Sunset Beach University Hospital
Vanessa is in Tyus's office and asks if the results are done, because she was getting worse and wouldn't be able to hide it from Michael much longer, because if he sees her arms he will see how ugly she will end up. Tyus tells her not yet, but encourages Vanessa to be patient and wait for her test results before assuming the worst. Tyus then told her he doesn't think she is ugly, in fact he thought she was very beautiful. He apologizes and says it wasn't very professional of him. Vanessa told him that's okay, it was still nice to hear and wishes Michael would say the same thing. Tyus told her the only way to find out would be to tell him. Vanessa told Tyus how her mother warned her to never to fall in love because if she ever got the disease it will only hurt the people you love in the end. She then explains how she can't let Michael take care of her if it turns out that she has the disease. She wouldn't want him waiting on her hand and foot, plus he has always wanted children and it would tear him up if he couldn't have any. "Mom was right," she cries, "I should have never fallen in love." Tyus says forgive me Vanessa, but your mother was wrong about everything. Tyus then told her that he knows she is terrified but shutting off your loved ones is not the answer, adding that Michael will be more hurt if you shut him off. He then told her to trust in Michael's love for her and tell him, because he's sure her mother would tell her the same. He finishes by telling Vanessa that nobody knows what her mother was feeling when it all came down. Vanessa agrees and told him maybe it's time she found out and leaves........At Home, Vanessa is looking and searching through the trunk of her mother's belongings filled with articles and keepsakes, hoping to find answers to the troubling questions in her own life. Vanessa finds her mother's diary and reads about the progression of her disease. As she is reading and skimming through her mother's diary, Vanessa finds out how frightened her mom was that she might have passed Martin's Syndrome on to her beloved daughter.

At Surf Central
Virginia is on the phone with Tyus's assistant and told her that even though she doesn't have an appointment it's imperative that she sees Dr. Robbins today. The assistant manages to squeeze Virginia in and she thanks the assistant. However, Michael overhears her making an appointment with Dr. Robinson's nurse and ask her if she is okay and why does she need to see Tyus. Virginia told him she didn't want to have to tell him until she talked to Tyus. It's probably nothing, she's just been having some medical problems which require attention and didn't want to worry him and Jimmy. Michael asked her how sick was she. Virginia told him she didn't want to burden him. Michael told her she is like family and he would help her through it and would never desert her no matter what. Virginia hugs him and told him that is exactly what she was afraid of, that he would put his life on hold to help her. As Michael comforts her, Virginia has a satisfied smirk on her face. She then leaves for the hospital to up-step her plan........Back At The Hospital, Tyus's assistant brought Virginia into his exam room and told her that he will be along shortly. Once she is gone, Virginia went and looks into the cabinet at the skin specimens, and is just about to open it when Tyus walks in and says okay lets get started. Virginia went into her act about working a lot of overtime and trying to make a future for her and Jimmy and told him that she may just be feeling a little fatigued. Tyus told her he knows how difficult it is being a single mother , but added that he thinks he knows what is bringing on her sickness and suggest that it has something to do with Vanessa. Michael is moving in with Vanessa and he knows she is upset about it. Virginia tells him he is wrong, because she made peace with Vanessa. Tyus told her that this is him she is talking to and he knows when she is hiding something. He then told her she has a classic case of mild depression about raising Jimmy alone and he knows how much she relied on Michael for help. His words move Virginia and he told her that it was bad enough that she lost her husband and now she was losing Michael too. Virginia starts crying and tells him he was right, it's never gonna be the same without Michael around all the time. She apologizes for falling apart on him. Tyus told her she can always fall apart with him. Sticking back to her plan, Virginia asked Tyus to give her a minute to pull herself together. Tyus gets up to leave and tells Virginia she can call him away from the office if she ever needs to talk. Virginia thanks him and once he's gone says she thought he would never leave. Then she pulls out Lena's skin sample and says I won't have no more tears once Vanessa finds out she has Martin's Syndrome, because she will leave Michael before he has a chance to unpack his toothbrush. Virginia hears Tyus coming and hurries and puts the skin samples back in the cabinet and shuts it. Tyus gets a file and asked her again if she was going to be alright. Virginia tells him she just needs a little more time. Tyus told her take all the time she needs and then exits again. Virginia switches the petri dishes in Tyus' office but loses track of which was Lena's and which was Vanessa's. Positive that she knows which one is Lena's she puts the "V.H." sticker on it and hopes she was right. She then leaves before Tyus returns again and says all she needs to do is wait for the test results.

At The Richards
Annie follows Gregory home and finds out that his new infatuation is not another woman. He is there to meet Caitlin and Trey. Gregory asks Annie what she is doing there. Annie told him that she needed his input on the resort decision. Gregory says that he thought she took care of that already and Annie tells him she did but before she can finishes, Gregory cuts her off and tells her that he wants to spend some quality time with his Grandson. Annie spies the box from the jewelers and asks who got something from the jewelry store. Caitlin told her that Gregory bought Trey and engraved Silver Spoon. Gregory says he was beginning to see a lot of himself in Trey, adding that he's got what it takes to get ahead and succeed just like his dad. This statement surprises Annie, but Gregory says he means like his Grandfather. Caitlin tells him he was right the first time. Trey will be just like Cole. Gregory ask Caitlin is she and Cole have considered his offer to stay at his place, but Caitlin told her dad that they want a place of their own. Gregory told her everything Trey needs is here and he just wants to spend as much time as he can with him. As they are discussing the possibilities, Annie is daydreaming of the baby in the bathtub. She said it is time to throw the baby out with the bath water. She throws the tub and baby out the window. She then told herself that she always knew there would be some competition but she never thought it would be coming from a squirming bundle of drool.

At The Construction Site
The man who has been following Cole is watching him. As the Foreman walks by the man, he calls out to Cole who looks up and sees the stranger again, who hides. The Foreman told him he was looking for Al. He needs him to look at the site where they just broke ground. Cole told him that Al was on break and offers to go and take a look. As Cole went to check out the site, the man follows him. Cole senses this and circles around the a tree and corners the man demanding to know why he is following him.......

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Derek tries to get password out of Meg but realizes she doesn't know it. Gregory demands to know the truth about the baby. Caitlin lies. Cole fights with the dark haired man who told him that he doesn't know who he is working for. He just sent the hair to a postal box. Cole suspects Gregory.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

At The Post Office,
Cole is there to see if he can find out who hired the man who was stalking him. As he is getting ready to leave, Gregory shows up and Cole hides back where the P.O. Boxes are and says maybe now he can get some proof that Gregory was behind the plot all along. Gregory calls out is any body home, which further peaks Cole's suspicions. A clerk comes out and hands Gregory a envelope. As Gregory is getting ready to leave, Cole walks over and snatches the envelope out of Gregory's hands and says he is tired of Gregory playing his sick games. Gregory told Cole to give it back to him. Cole asked him if he had something to hide and opens the envelope. It's only paperwork. Gregory asked him what he expected to find. Cole said his hair sample and then accuses Gregory of hiring the stalker to obtain the hair sample. Gregory laughs it off telling Cole there is no sense in him denying it, I did it. You found me out, I should have known I couldn't hide it from someone as smart as you. He then told Cole that he is far too busy to be caught up in Cole's little games he has real work to do. Cole doesn't buy any of it and tells Gregory he liked to know what is going on. Gregory arrogantly told Cole that he use to be a jewel thief and he probably has lots of enemies, because after all the Deschanel family have always been losers. Cole says nothing but gives Gregory the suspicious eye. Before he leaves, Gregory told Cole that if he ever were involved in such a hair raising (laugh) escapade, what would make Cole think that he would be smart enough to catch him.

At Surf Central,
Gabi is dressed for her date with, as she nervously awaits for Ricardo to come and pick her up. Antonio comes in the room and his eyes widen at the site of her. He told her she looks very nice and asked if she had a hot date. Gabi said yes. Antonio asked who was the lucky guy. Just then the doorbell rings and he says this is probably him now. He answers and says my mistake, it's just my brother the cop. As they all stand there awkwardly, Antonio is taken aback to learn that his brother has asked Gabi out on a date. As they leave, Ricardo told his brother that everything will be okay. Madam Carmen also arrives for a visit and to bring Antonio a house warming gift. She told him she has been thinking about the family a lot and she wants her and Ricardo to put all the bad things behind them, because they need to be a family again. Antonio agrees. Carmen asks her youngest son to help Ricardo overcome his fixation about Maria's death. She told him he should ask him to work at the mission or play basketball because he needs more in life than just work. Antonio smiles and told her that as they speak, Ricardo is out on a date with Gabi Martinez. She is pleased and told Antonio that is good news. Antonio ask if she minds that Ricardo took Gabi out, but Carmen told him she likes Gabi and told her that she would find true love in Sunset Beach, adding that maybe her and Ricardo could find it together. She then mentions to Antonio that she hates the woman who falsely accused Ricardo of rape. Realizing his mother doesn't know that Gabi was the woman, Antonio is about to tell her when Carmen says she has to leave she forgot about a hair appointment.

At Ben and Meg's Place,
While Meg is working on the computer, Meg reminds Ben that he still hasn't given her his password. Derek ask her doesn't she know it and Meg told him that they have never had a joint bank account before. As Derek struggles to contain his rage, he told Meg they'll get a new one, then pretends to have a headache. Meg told him to go lay down they can finish this later and she will go and check up on her parents. After Meg went out, Derek yells "she doesn't know the password" and then smashes the computer in a rage. He told himself without the password he has no choice but to kill Meg. He dreams about taking Meg to the warehouse and showing her the real Ben. He starts choking her in front of Ben and then lets go. As he comes out of the dream he realizes to his surprise that he no longer wants to murder Meg. Trying to convince himself that he isn't falling for her, because he still has use for her. He then hears Meg, Joan and Hank coming and picks up the computer and hides it in the closet. As they enter, he told them he was just on his way out thought fresh air would help. As he leaves, he is unaware that Eddie has been watching him all day and is outside of his house. Eddie is outside and starts following him. Inside, Joan hopes everything is alright. Meg told them she has a bad feeling that something is really wrong.

At Cole and Caitlin's,
Cole arrives home and finds Caitlin looking through the classified section. He asked Caitlin what she was doing. She told him she was looking for an apartment, but all the prices are sky high. Cole told her she deserved better than this apartment. She told him she would live anywhere with him and Cole told her they would get another place even if he had to take extra shifts. He sees the silver spoon and ask her where it came from. She told him that Gregory gave it to Trey when she went to see Sean. Caitlin thinks now that Trey is in the picture, Gregory has changed. Saying, he really loves Trey and maybe he's the best thing for helping her dad deal with the grief of losing his own baby. Caitlin then asked Cole how his bump was and wondered why anyone would do that to him and asked if he figured it out.......Cut to a lab where it shows gloved hands opening the bag containing the hair sample. Then it shows a scientist putting the hair in a test tube. The phone rings. The scientist told the person on the phone that he was doing the test now, and it looks like they got exactly what he wanted........Cut to The Richards, where Gregory is thinking about his encounter with Cole earlier. Gregory says so Cole thinks I am playing with his head. He thinks I am playing games with him just to throw him off. He looks at a picture of Caitlin and Trey and says, now why would I do that? Grinning.

Out On The Town,
Ricardo and Gabi are walking along and they run into Spencer. One of Ricardo's co-workers at the force. Surprised to see them both together, Ricardo asked him if there was anything to report. Spencer said everything was quiet. Ricardo told him good, lets keep it that way. The two go out to dinner and have a good time, despite some initial awkwardness. Over dinner, Ricardo assures Gabi he doesn't care what people will say once word of their new friendship gets out. As Ricardo walks Gabi home, she told him she was surprised he asked her out. Ricardo asked her if that is the reason she agreed to go. Gabi told him no and Ricardo asks her if he can call her again. Gabi tells him she would like that and adds she had a wonderful time. She enters Surf Central and has a flashback of her father. Antonio enters the room and asked her if she had a good time. She told him a great time and then runs upstairs.

Back at Ben and Meg's Place,
Meg explains to her parents that Ben has been acting very distant lately and she thinks it has something to do with the death of his brother. Hank told her that he didn't know Ben had a brother. Meg told them that he died and she just found out today. As Hank went to put his coat in the coat closet, he finds the computer and asked Meg what happened to it. Joan told her it was probably an accident, but Meg doesn't think so and really begins to worry about Ben now and calls The Deep to see if he is there. When she finds out that he isn't, Hank suggest to her that he probably just went out to get some fresh air like he said. Meg told him that she needs to find him and thinks she knows where he is at.

At The Warehouse,
Ben is still working on the chains. He told himself, what ever you do Meg don't let Derek know you don't know the password. Meanwhile in The Warehouse District, Eddie is still following Derek. He told himself to forget about the horse betting I am betting on Ben, let's find out what he is up to. Inside, Ben is still working on the chains and Derek enters saying you bastard, you are going to pay for this. Derek told him Meg doesn't know the password and you knew it and wasted my time. Ben asked Derek where Meg was. Saying, you didn't... Derek said kill her, no I didn't, not yet but someone will die soon. There is only one way to get your fortune now, you're the one that is going to turn up dead. Meanwhile, Eddie is outside the warehouse saying what is a guy like Ben doing at a place like this...

Friday, April 17, 1998

Meg is disturbed to hear the employees at The Deep grumbling about their overdue paychecks. At the warehouse, Derek taunts his twin with a new plan to marry Meg and have all of Ben's holdings turned over to his next of kin following the "groom's" tragic demise. Virginia asks Mrs. Moreau to help her identify the culture in the petri dish she stole from Tyus' office. Vanessa and Michael discuss the adjustments they'll both have to make as they move in together. When the witch woman just laughs in her face, a frustrated Virginia looks elsewhere for a way to determine whose skin sample she's holding. Meanwhile, Tyus calls Vanessa in to go over her test results. Virginia sneaks a peek at the lab report but is unable to make heads or tails of the medical jargon. Later, she listens from behind the door as Vanessa nervously asks Tyus for her diagnosis. Eddie picks the lock on the warehouse door and is astonished to find Ben chained to the wall.

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