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Monday, June 8, 1998

OLIVIA'S HOUSE (formerly Annie's)
Oliva and Bette are batting back and forth the advisability of telling AJ that Olivia had something to do with the kidnapping of his son, Cole. Bette advises against it. She told Olivia she very well might lose AJ's friendship for good. Olivia is so ridden with guilt she feels she must come clean with AJ. She has a date with him for dinner that night and tells Bette she must tell him then. Bette warns her that if she takes up with AJ, Gregory won't think kindly of it. Olivia, fire in her eyes, states as far as she's concerned, Gregory is not in the picture. She told Bette the minute Gregory accused her of killing her baby and the minute she found Annie in HER bed with Gregory - well, that was the last straw. Bette is wide-eyed and in total shock. She had been unaware of Annie's tryst with Gregory. Olivia tells Bette that if AJ hadn't been on that boat she may very well have killed herself; that AJ has given her faith in herself and the strength to search for the truth about her baby. She is terrified of losing him if she does tell him the truth about the kidnapping but she doesn't think she can wait until Gregory spills the beans. Olivia told Bette how sorry she is that she even told Gregory and that he will use this to hurt her if he has the chance. Bette asks Olivia if AJ had stayed in town would she have married him instead of Gregory? She is seemingly unsure. (I would imagine in present time she would pick AJ.)

We see Annie prancing around the Richard's house like the queen of Sunset Beach. The new maid, Lourdes come into the living room holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Annie sees them and instructs Lourdes to put them in HER room; and yes, while she's there, ' take the dress on her bed and have it pressed.' Lourdes looks as if she is going to say something but shuts her mouth and obeys Annie's instructions. Annie dwells on her one day soon becoming Mrs. Richards and how all this splendor will be hers.-- . She loves this 'pretend I am the spouse of the house' routine and is ever conniving ways in which to 'get' Gregory. She overhears a phone conversation in which Gregory mentions that he is furious that AJ may own the land he is building his resort on. He instructs his phone buddy to check it out, to find a loophole. He quite emphatically directs this person to get IT done. Annie, overhearing this, is already planning how she can catch he brass she can gain favor in Gregory's eyes by 'fixing the problem. She finds out where AJ might be that evening and begins to plan yet another Annie's of deceit and deception.

Sean and Emily bump into one another at the Web and Emily is as cold as ice. She gives Sean one of those looks could kill glances and Sean, slightly lovestruck pretends not to notice. Casey is having coffee (or whatever) with Sarah and letting her know that Meg and her parents and himself are behind her, ready to talk and support her. He told her he doesn't quite understand why Melinda is her confident (yawn) and that those closest to her should suffice in this matter. Casey is definitely suspicious of Melinda.) Sarah becomes immediately defensive and jumps up from the table, exclaiming: 'Why, do you think there's more to my story?' (or something to that affect) and then storms out. Sean seeing Casey sitting alone went over to say hi and told him he has signed up for the lifeguard job. After a short chat Emily comes over to them and accuses Sean of sucking up. He tries to explain that Casey is a friend and this is no suck up but a friendly conversation. (Boy, if looks could kill Sean would be dead as a doornail!)

Diane is leaning over Ben, giving him some juice and telling him of her love for him. She reminds him that 'twas her kiss,' that saved him and awakened him from the grips of death. As she is getting something from another room Ben sees the phone just out of reach. He stumbles out of bed, grabs it, dials and prays Meg will answer. As it happens, Derek is also using the phone and before Ben can try again he collapses on the floor.

AJ, looking absolutely dapper and knock down dead handsome is waiting for Olivia when a young women walks to his table. She introduces herself and it becomes apparent that she has sat at the wrong table with the wrong supposed blind date. Of course we all know it is Annie - up to more of her tricks, no doubt. She pretends to be oh so surprised at her mistake and, as expected, finagles her way to get AJ to offer her a seat and quick drink. It becomes clear that her purpose is to get into AJ's room and look for anything that can be of harm to him and helpful to Gregory. One of the waiters 'just happens' to bring AJ his hotel keys and as Annie spots them she tries her best to detract AJ so she can get them and sneak to his room. After a few seconds of conversation a sharp intake of breath is heard above AJ's left shoulder: 'ANNIE, WHAT THE HELL ..' spits out Olivia.

Derek continues to pressure Meg to go away to his cabin, alone and together so they could discuss the wedding, rest and relax, just the two of them.. Meg, finally broken down, told Derek that if Tyus agrees then she will go. She told him he must call Tyus first and she leaves the room for a moment. We think Derek will call a fake number but he had indeed called Tyus. It seems however that Tyus is on an emergency and will not be able to be reached. As Meg comes into the room and grabs the phone it has hung up and it is within these few seconds that Ben had tried to place his call before he collapsed..

Joan and Hank rush into Ben's to announce they've found a home and are shocked to hear that Derek and Meg are going on a trip. "I feel fine," Derek told them and offers them his home while he and Meg are away and until they get set up in their new leased house. Upstairs Sarah joins Meg and is also surprised at her sudden plans. Meg confides to Sarah (you'll never guess) she's LOST that connection AGAIN . She had it in the hospital, and now, AGAIN it's gone, shalom, chow, poof...the concern shown on her face. She's hoping this trip will bring back the (--let me guess) connection.

Derek has left Meg on the pretext of getting the keys to the cabin which supposedly were at the Deep. His real purpose was to go to the mortuary to make sure Ben has been cremated. Knocking on the door he told Diane the John Doe's family has been found and they want his ashes -- that is IF he has been cremated. Diane cannot let anyone know of Ben so she told Derek that his J.Doe was cremated and she can give him the ashes. She went into the back room. to collect an urn and steps from Derek--beyond a curtain separating them, Ben moans and she drops the ashes. Derek calls out and she assures him she needs no help ....but.... as he went to open the curtain, little does he know that Ben, though groggy and exhausted, waits on the other side.

Meg continues to pack and, unknown (yet) to her, Sarah has left the picture of Ben and Derek as young boys - twins - next to the suitcase. Will Meg spot it??

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

At The Richard's
At The Richards Cole is on the phone with Gabi trying to find out if she came up with anything on A.J. Gabi told Cole she hasn't found anything on A.J. and that there probably isn't anything to find and Cole should quit thinking of his father as his enemy. Cole is not so sure, but told Gabi to call him if she does find anything.

Meanwhile Downstairs, Bette and Gregory are having a heated discussion about Olivia and A.J.'s new found closeness and Gregory and Annie's little tryst. Bette told Gregory by him carrying on with Annie, he's pushing Olivia right into A.J.'s arms. Gregory asks Bette what is going on between A.J. and Olivia. Bette told him nothing yet, but then ads that Olivia and Gregory are having dinner at Grenadines. Gregory casually walks into the study and pours himself a drink. Bette says what is wrong with this picture and asks Gregory why isn't he calling somebody to put out a contract on A.J. Gregory laughs if off and says why bother. Bette says, Gregory, you really don't care. Gregory told her it's a little difficult to care for the woman who killed their son. Bette told him to listen to himself, and reminds him that Olivia is the mother of his children and just because one child died doesn't mean Olivia's a monster. Gregory told her she is just as bad as Olivia and the two of them are in denial, he then told her that it was Olivia's alcoholism that killed that child. Bette told him no, she refuses to believe that Olivia was drinking and when Olivia remembers what happened, he is going to have to eat those words. Gregory says I'll bet and adds if Olivia ever remembers, she will see that he was right. Bette says get over himself, you hypocrite this is me you are talking to Bette and I happen to know for a fact you have done more wrong in your life than right. Gregory says who the hell are you to stand there and judge me. Bette laughs at him and told him that she tried to convince Olivia to stay with him, because she was stupid enough to think that he and Olivia had the kind of love that the rest of them just dream about. Reckless, Passionate, Forever, but she was wrong because he doesn't know how to love, he only knows how to hurt people. Gregory asks her if she is finished and she told him no, if he hurts Annie, God help him and then walks off. Before leaving she asks the maid if she knows where Annie might be and the maid told her Annie mentioned something about Grenadines. Bette then hightails it over there since she knows Olivia and A.J. are there as well.

At Grenadines
Annie tries to charm A.J. with conversation so she can get a hold to his room key. However, Olivia arrives to meet A.J. for dinner and is appalled to see Annie sitting there. A.J. asks Olivia if she knows Annie. Olivia looks at Annie and says know her, I loathe her and there is no way in hell you're getting away with this latest stunt. Annie says stunt, please the only stunt that is being pulled here is you trying to make a play for Sunset Beach's latest millionaire. A.J. told her he thinks he's heard enough, but Olivia stops him and asks Annie what is she up to and Annie told her that she didn't know it was a crime to dine at Grenadines or that she was Mr. Deschanel's date. Olivia told Annie, first of all she is not A.J.'s date and second of all Annie is only there because Annie knew she would be dining there with A.J., she then adds well guess what, it's not going to work Annie any more than it's going to work between you and Gregory. Annie sarcastically told her that's funny because when she caught them in bed together it seemed to be working out just fine. A.J. is stunned to hear this news and Olivia says Gregory is just using you Annie to get back at me, that's all this tawdry little affair is about. Annie says well Gregory may be using me Olivia, but he is doing it in all the right places. Olivia says you are so disgusting and Annie says you would know all about that after having an affair with my father not to mention your very own.....before Annie can finish the sentence, Olivia grabs a vase filled with flowers and water and pours it over Annie's head. A.J. says now that is enough the show is over Annie. He then told her he suspected she was up to something but had no idea, Gregory was behind it. Annie told him that Gregory has nothing to do with it. Olivia laughs and told A.J. she believes what Annie is saying is true because Gregory would never let a mistress handle his business affairs with his rival, unless of course he had a error in judgement like his taste. Annie says now what would a drunk know about taste and A.J. told her that's enough and she is leaving now. Annie says with pleasure, I have to get home to Gregory and while A.J. has his back slightly turned to Olivia, Annie grabs his keys off the table along with her purse. However, A.J. is on to her and told her to hold it right there, before Annie can leave. He pries his keys out of Annie's hands and says you didn't really think I was going to let you rummage through my suite and told Annie to tell Gregory to back off, back off of him and back off of Olivia. A drenched Annie then runs off.

At Ben and Meg's Place
Casey calls Sara and apologizes for upsetting her earlier at the Java Web. Sara told him that's okay, but as long as he knows there is nothing going on between her and Congressman Blithe that she hasn't already told him. Sara told him she just wants to spend more time with Ben and Meg before they leave. Casey is surprised to hear that and asks Sara where are they going. Sara told him up to Ben's cabin, but then feels a twinge of jealousy when Casey suddenly becomes more interested in Meg and Ben's plans. Casey asks if that's a good idea since Ben just got out of surgery and Sara told him if Tyus okayed it, it must be fine. Joan comes into the room and Sara told Casey she has to go and then hangs up. Joan asks Sara what did Casey want and Sara sarcastically told her nothing. Joan then asks her if she is alright and Sara told her yes, why wouldn't she be. She then looks for the picture she has of Ben and his brother and told her mom she was going to give it to Meg. Joan says she wonders why Meg never told them Ben had a twin brother and Sara says maybe because she didn't know. Hank returns with the lease to the Cummings new place and hands it to Sara and told her he wants her to look over it for him. Upstairs, Meg is looking for some clothing of hers and overlooks the picture. Gabi shows up and told Meg that her mom filled her in on Meg and Ben's sudden trip and asks her if she thinks it's too soon. Meg told her she does think it's too soon, but Ben is determined to go. Gabi asks her if she is okay with that. Meg told Gabi she's not okay with it, but if Ben thinks a little relaxation will help him get better than she's willing to go. Meg then talks to Gabi about her connection with Ben and how she feels like something is different between them now. Gabi told her she should talk to Ben about it and Meg told her that it's probably just all the things that have been going on lately, but she knows she loves Ben and thinks the trip to the cabin will make all of her doubts disappear. They head downstairs and Meg thanks everyone for not saying anything to Ben about the warehouse fire.

At The Funeral Home
An impatient Derek grows tired of waiting for Diane to show him the urn containing the John Doe's ashes. He prepares to enter into the room where Diane has Ben stashed away at, but she shows up at the door with the urn, before he can enter. Ben asks her is these are the ashes of the John Doe and Diane told him yes they are and then shows him the papers. Inside the room, Ben recognizes Derek's voice and says he's got to get out of here and get to Meg before Derek does. He then sees the window and attempts to escape out of it. Unfortunately, Diane returns and upon seeing Ben trying to get out the window yells, where do you think you are going. Meanwhile Derek takes off his disguise and heads home.

Back At The Richard's
Gregory is in the study digesting all of the things Bette has told him about Olivia and A.J. He says to himself A.J. Deschanel. First your bastard son seduces my daughter and then you have the nerve to emerge from up under some rock some where and try to ruin my business and now you're making an obvious play for my wife. He then says it's starting all over again and then throws his glass down so that it shatters and says, damn you Deschanel. Cole enters the room and asks him which Deschanel is he cursing this time. Gregory says what does it matter they are all alike. Cole told him that couldn't be further from the truth. Gregory then speculates about how close Cole and A.J. are not becoming and Cole covers and told him that A.J. feels about as welcome in this house as he does. Gregory told him that he didn't know Cole didn't feel welcome, because he has certainly done nothing to make Cole feel trapped. Cole then mentions all the events that have been happening to him lately and told Gregory it smells of his handy work. Gregory told Cole maybe his past is catching up to him, but Cole doesn't buy it and told Gregory ever since he's moved back into Gregory's house all of the incidents have stopped and Gregory has been somewhat nicer and he thinks Gregory is doing it to throw him off. Gregory says don't insult his intelligence and then hints around about Cole not having all the facts to his kidnapping. Cole asks Gregory what is that suppose to mean and Gregory told him if he only knew.

Back At Grenadines
As Olivia and A.J. sit and discuss Gregory's latest indiscretion, Annie hasn't left yet and decides to spies on the couple to see if she can hear any useful information. A.J. told Olivia there is nothing going on between him and Annie and Olivia told him she knows. A.J. told her he can't believe that Gregory and Annie have been having an affair behind her back. Olivia told him that when she found Annie in Gregory in bed together she doesn't know what she would have done if it hadn't been for A.J. and she is grateful he is her friend. A.J. told Olivia that despite all the years which have passed, he's never found any other woman who meant as much to him as she does and that is why he is going to do everything he can in his power to help her find out what happened to her baby. Annie overhears and says over my dead body, Bette shows up as well and says that's exactly where you're going to be if you don't leave Olivia alone. Surprised, Annie says Aunt Bette, but Bette says not so fast and noticing how wet Annie is, Bette comments on the fact that she has ran into Olivia already and asks her why is she still there. Annie told her it's not what it looks like, but Bette told her don't even try it. It's bad enough you dragged Gregory to bed and now you are spying on Olivia. Bette then told Annie to stop all her cheap little tactics and grow up because no matter what she does, Gregory and Olivia will always find their way back to one another. Back at the table, Olivia and A.J. discuss the incidents leading up to Olivia losing her baby and Olivia flashes back to Bette's talk and told A.J. she wonders if he would be so supportive if he knew what he had done.

Back At Ben and Meg's Place
Derek arrives home and as he gets ready to place what he thinks is Ben's ashes in the back trunk along with his disguise, Casey walks up and ask him what he is doing. Derek says hi, and then asks him what is he doing here. Casey told him about finding out about he and Meg going out of town. Casey then says he can't believe Ben is going out of town after just being released from the hospital. Derek says pretty amazing isn't it and Casey agrees. Casey then offers to lend Ben/Derek a hand with loading more stuff in the car. Derek told him he can manage, but good ole Casey insist on helping and told Ben/Derek to go crab more of his stuff while he (Casey) makes more room for them in the trunk. They head inside and everyone tries to convince them to wait until morning, but Ben insist on driving tonight so everyone bids them adieu and they head out. While driving up to the cabin, Meg mentions a fork in the road and Derek looks bewildered. Meg says you really don't remember do you. They pull over and Meg told him she'll go look at the map inside of the trunk. As she is searching she comes upon the package containing the urn.

Back At The Funeral Home
A desperate Diane told Ben that he's not well and needs his rest and then prevents him from climbing out the window. He asks her who is she and she went on to explain how everyone thought he was dead, but she brought him back to life with her kiss. Ben told her she is crazy and for her to let go of him. Hurt, Diane asks him how can he say that to him after she saved his life. Ben then asks her about the man she was talking to and she told him not to worry, because she took care of him. Ben told her she doesn't understand and he is going to need her to call the police before it's too late. Diane says what do you mean before it's too late and Ben told her about his brother trying to kill him and that is why he needs her help. Diane went along with him and acts like she is going to help him and Ben asks her can he use the phone. Diane motions him towards the phone. Ben barely drags himself to it, but is unable to complete the call because Diane has knocked him over the head with an urn and Ben falls to the floor unconscious........

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Gregory and Cole are having a heated argument. Gregory asks Cole if he doesn't find it odd that all the mysterious things that have happened to him have stopped since AJ got in town. He intimates that AJ knew about Cole's existence BEFORE Olivia met him on the boat. Cole gets his back up at the thought that his father would have known about him and still not come back to Sunset Beach or contacted Cole's grandmother. "What are you trying to say," asks Cole and, for a moment, we think Gregory will spill the beans of the kidnapping but alas he thinks better of it and keeps his mouth shut. Cole continues, "Are you saying he's pretending that he didn't know about me?" Gregory told Cole he knows how much he despises his father and he couldn't imagine his forgiving AJ if this were the case. Cole is sick of the whole conversation and tells Gregory he's had it with his mind games. Once again we think Gregory is debating telling Cole about the kidnapping but Gregory mentally told himself (which we, of course, can hear) that he's' got "bigger fish to fry" and so why waste time on Cole. Later, after Cole has left the room Gregory calls AJ and arranges a meeting between the two of them for the next morning.

AJ and Olivia are having their dinner and conversation and Olivia is trying to think of ways in which to broach the fact that she had a good deal to do with the kidnapping of his son, Cole. She will have to confess to him that Del paid her $l0,000 to take part in the kidnapping. AJ is called away for a phone call and Bette who has showed up and said her howdy-do's to AJ sits with Olivia and insists that she come clean about the dastardly deed.! Olivia promises she will but she just has to find the right time. Bette tries to gently tell her the time is NOW, before Gregory has a chance to tell AJ himself and ruin her and AJ's friendship forever. Bette confronts Olivia with the possible repercussions if she does not act quickly. When AJ comes back to the table he informs them he must leave on a business emergency thereby making it impossible for Olivia to follow through with her plan. She promises Bette she will talk to AJ the following morning.

MEG is at the trunk of Ben's car looking for maps when she finds the urn which Derek believes is ' cremated Ben.' Meg becomes excited believing this is a present - just like 'Ben' to have a surprise waiting. Derek catches her before she can open the wrapped box, telling her it is the last remnants of his dead brother. He told her he wants to take his 'brother' to the cabin and bury him...he deserves a decent burial. (Seems he must have been laying around a long time)l. Meg buys the story and even ends up holding the box in her lap while Derek takes over the wheel. On the way to the cabin Derek seems not to remember how to get there and, once there, seems not to remember where the lights are, the bathroom and generally the layout of the cabin. This does not go unnoticed by Meg and she writes it off to the 'memory loss' and other trauma from Ben's beating. She insists that Derek lay down to rest when he seems more interested in making love. Later she creeps into the living room of the cabin, picks up the urn package and begins to open it. She is very curious but then realizes she must not and lays the package down. Earlier Derek has gone outside to make a call on his cell phone. He is calling the bank. Seems with a letter from his doctor to confirm his memory loss he must ask the bank to change his various bank account numbers. This is the way he WILL GET ACCESS of all Ben's accounts. (Very, very smart!.)

Annie flounces in and can't wait to tell Gregory about the dinner date Olivia has with AJ. Gregory is upset only because if he doesn't want her, his feelings are that AJ can't have her either. Seems all the old rivalry is coming to the fore. Annie puts the moves on Greg but he, after a kiss or two, pulls away and rejects her .

CASEY once again tries to be a friend to Sarah when she lashes out at him. He tries to tell her he believes she had no affair with the congressman (as she rolls her eyes ) and once again offers to be her friend. He apologizes for anything he may have said to offend her and reaches out his hand to shake hers. Gabi (who came over to bid Meg farewell) tries to tell Sarah what a good guy Casey is and gives her an invitation to come over to Surf Central. She refuses but finally relents and lets Casey drive her back to the hotel.

MEG is unaware of the picture of the twins -Derek and Ben-nestled in between some magazines in her suitcase, As of this airing she has not yet (surprise) seen them.

As the REAL Ben asks Diane for the use of her phone he is bonked over the head before he can even use it. Diane drags him (?) back to the bed/gurney and begins gathering something to put into a syringe. We do not know what this is but as she is injecting Ben she is telling him that "he will be hers for all eternity."

Thursday, June 11, 1998

On The Outskirts Along The Beach
Gabi is walking along the sidewalk at Sunset Beach minding her own business when Antonio hollers for her to hold up so they can walk together. As they discuss Gabi's therapy and various other things, some thieves on roller blades come up behind them and snatch Gabi's purse. She screams, "Oh my God Antonio my purse, but Ricardo comes up behind them on a bike and told them he's on it and races to chase the crooks down. Antonio asks Gabi how much money did she have in her purse and Gabi told him it's not the money she is worried about, it's her journal which contains things she wrote in it about Ricardo that she doesn't want anyone else to read. Ricardo catches up to the crooks who grabbed Gabi's purse, as Gabi and Antonio catch up to them, Ricardo hands Gabi her purse. Gabi looks through it and notices her journal missing and panics, but Antonio spies it over by the bushes and hands it to Gabi. A squad car arrives and takes the crooks away and Antonio and Gabi follow them back to the police station.

On The Beach, Casey is giving a run down of what is to expected from the trainees competing for the two lifeguard positions that are open. As the competition begins, Emily wins the foot race and earns Sean's admiration, but Sean comes in first in the swimming event much to the chagrin and jealousy of another applicant.

At Surf Central
Michael is out on the terrace staring at a picture of him and Vanessa when he hears the phone ringing and runs in to get it. However, Virginia has already answered it and says I thought I told you not to call me any more Ms. Moreau, I told you I would give you the rest of the money and I will and then hangs up to find Michael standing there who has heard everything. Michael says I thought you already paid that women with the money I gave you and then asks what is going on. Virginia says well you know I bought those school supplies for Jimmy and Michael says no, I know you told me you did. Virginia went on to explain that Ms. Moreau charged her a little more extra than she let on and that is why she has been working such long hours at the coffee shop, (When have we seen her work?) so she better head out so she can get Ms. Moreau her money. Michael told her he needs to talk with her before she went and told her he's been thinking about what she was saying about how he's been so focused on finding Vanessa that he's been ignoring everything else. Virginia told him he has missed out on a lot and Michael says why is it that we never appreciate what is right in front of us and I want you to know I've made a decision about something. Virginia asks if the decision has anything to do with the future. Michael told her in a way, but mostly it's about right now and getting his head back on straight and living his life. He's let everything slide, his work, his bills, his friendships. Virginia says sounds like a good idea and asks Michael if he plans on paying more attention to the things he's mentioned. Michael told her big time, starting with her and Jimmy and he's gonna be all over them so much, they'll be sick of him. Virginia happily told him that's not possible and says she guess she doesn't have to worry about him pawning off engagement rings. Michael says what was he thinking, he doesn't even know how he let it get that far. Virginia told him everything with Vanessa had him confused and Michael says ain't that the truth. Feeling Michael is basing his decision on her, Virginia joyfully thinks it's all coming together until Michael says all he has to do, is to keep his life on track and have a steady paycheck coming in so he can go on looking for Vanessa. He then thanks Virginia and leaves for his lifeguard shift on the beach, while Virginia stands there saying damn.

At Olivia's Place (formerly Annie's)
Olivia anxiously awaits Cole's arrival so she can tell him first before she told A.J. about her involvement with Cole's kidnapping. Cole arrives and ask Olivia what's going on because she sounded weird last night when he talked to her on the phone and can certainly tell something is bugging her now. Olivia says something is bugging her and Cole asks if it is about their affair. Olivia says no, it's about another mistake she made over 20 years ago. Cole says what does that have to do with me, I was barely born. Olivia told him she knows and then told Cole she was also involved in his kidnapping. Outraged, Cole berates Olivia who begs him to let her explain. Cole decides to give Olivia the benefit of the doubt and allows her to explain to him why she was involved in his kidnapping. Olivia went into the story of what part she played in the kidnapping of Cole at the time of his birth. She told Cole she was on nursing duty and Del Douglas bribed her to leave her post and she desperately needed the money back then, but didn't know what Del was up to or his reasons. Later when she returned she figured it out when she went to the nursery and saw that Elaine's baby was missing. Cole asks her why didn't she call the police and tell them what she knew. Olivia says it was because of the money and Cole says so for a few lousy dollars you let me be stolen from my mother. He then asks her what the hell was so important that she could let something like this happen, what is it that she needed so badly. Olivia blurts out "GREGORY!" and explains how much she loved him and couldn't live her life without him and how she needed the bribe money so that she would look more impressive in Gregory's eyes. Cole is shocked, appalled and furious all in one and told Olivia he can't believe she did this for Gregory's love and told her to look where loving Gregory has got her now. Olivia apologizes and a furious, Cole insists he will tell Caitlin the truth himself, but warns Olivia that she better not say anything to Elaine about this because it would kill her. Olivia promises that she won't and told Cole she knows what he must be thinking. Cole says good, then it will come as no shock to you that I am never gonna let you near your grandson again and then leaves. Upset, Olivia leaves to go tell A.J., but just misses him as he arrives at her place to confront her.

At The Resort At Sunset Beach
Gregory stops by A.J.'s to give him a piece of information he thinks A.J. will find very interesting. Not surprised to see Gregory, A.J. told him that he kind of figured he would be getting a visit from him since his partner foiled the plans to get to him last night. Gregory told A.J. that Annie Douglas isn't his partner and he didn't come over to discuss Annie any way, he came to talk about a woman who did get to him about 25 years ago, "OLIVIA". A.J. looks at him and says you think Olivia spent the night here, but Gregory arrogantly told him that Olivia had better sense than to choose him 25 years ago and he thinks she still does. A.J. says you hope she still does. He then says you can't stand it can you Gregory, even the thought of Olivia and me together and told him he can't understand how Gregory has so much time to stress over his estranged wife when he has so many more pressing matters. Gregory told him that Olivia is the mother of his children and he doesn't want to see her hurt. A.J. says, unless it's by you. Gregory says what happens between my wife and me is none of your business. A.J. told him and what happens between me and your wife is none of yours. A.J. says there is a subject they can discuss, their mutual beachfront property. Gregory laughs and says mutual, A.J. I do believe that beachfront is my project. A.J. says and Olivia is your wife, for now, but Gregory life has a way of changing and I like the changes I see on the horizon. Gregory says so do I, especially the immediate horizon. A.J. says you've obviously have something to say, what is it. Gregory then smugly told A.J. that his whole outlook is going to change once he hears what Olivia has done to him. A.J. told Gregory whatever it is too just spit it out because he is busy and doesn't have time for this. Gregory says alright, he'll get to the point and triumphantly informs A.J. that Olivia was Del's accomplice in the kidnapping of his infant son more than twenty years ago. A.J. says get out, you lie as easily as you breath. Gregory says seems as if I struck a nerve and asks A.J. why would he lie about something A.J. could so easily check out for himself. He then told A.J. to go to the source, go to Olivia and asks her about the $10,000 dollars Del paid her to leave her post at the hospital nursery so that he could slip in and steal your son. Gregory says, oh you may want to also asks Olivia what she did with the money and says he knows it was so she could fix herself up to attract him and it worked. A.J. says now I know you are lying. Gregory says yes, that would be so easy for you wouldn't it, then you wouldn't have to figure out why a woman who is so distraught over the lost of her own child, could be the very same person who would steal someone elses. A.J. yells for Gregory to get out again and then leaves to go confront Olivia while a peering around the corner Gregory watches with pleasure. Once A.J.'s gone, Gregory pays a hotel clerk to alert him of any and all visitors Mr. Deschanel gets. Olivia arrives to let A.J. in on her dirty little secret, but encounters a smug Gregory who informs her that he has already filled A.J. in on her part of the kidnapping. Gregory leaves without telling Olivia that A.J. has gone to see her.

At The Apartment Complex in Sunset Beach
Vanessa is in Tyus's Dads apartment getting ready to run out to the store when she hears Jada and Ms. Moreau talking in the hallway and recognizes Ms. Moreau's voice as the woman who once called Virginia demanding to be paid. She says to herself if that woman knows Virginia the last thing I want is for her to be knowing me, it'll be way to easy for Michael to find out that I am still in town. She then takes her scarf off and sits down and looks at a picture of her and Michael until busy body Jada decides to descend upon her. After Jada convinces her to open the door because she has baked a pie for her, Vanessa finally lets her nosey new neighbor in. Upon seeing Vanessa's blistered skin, Jada says out loud, "Sweet Jesus" and drops the pie on the ground, but then apologizes for her reaction. Vanessa told her it's okay and Jada recommends she go see Ms. Moreau to help her with her skin disorder. Vanessa then told her she would like to be alone and urges the woman not to mention her problem to the other residents of the building.

Meanwhile, Virginia pays a visit to Ms. Moreau's apartment to pay her the hush money. Upon seeing her Ms. Moreau says, must you be so loud and obnoxious. Virginia shoves the hush money at her and told her not to bother her anymore, she just wants to block out this whole mess. Moreau says I'm sure Vanessa does too. Moreau then refuses to let her leave until she counts her money and once Virginia sees that it is all there she told Moreau that she has nothing to hold over her now. Moreau reminds Virginia that she still has the photo of Vanessa's mother and could still find Vanessa and clue her in as to what Virginia did to her. A smug Virginia told Ms. Moreau that it was her potion that made Vanessa look like she does. Moreau told Virginia that she made her use her magic for evil and she better be prepared for the wrath that is going to befall her now. Virginia confidently told her she's not worried and if she says anything she'll point the finger at her. She's also not worried about Moreau finding Vanessa either, because she has this whole big world to hide in. Then says chow and leaves. Soon after she is gone, Jada burst into Ms. Moreau's apartment and told her that the woman across the hall needs her help real bad. Moreau knocks on Vanessa's door and Vanessa cracks the door and asks if she could please just have her privacy. Moreau told her maybe she should reconsider, because she's heard Vanessa needs her help........

Friday, June 12, 1998

We open today with Casey and Michael completing the tests for the two lifeguard positions. Sean and Emily are gearing up. with the other hopefuls, for the final round of tests to decide who will receive the coveted slots. Emily seems disturbed and told Sean she will gladly come in second if he is the one to come in first place. Michael gives everyone a pep talk, obviously preparing the 'losers' for the inevitable. With the last round of vigorous physical testing the names are chosen. Emily didn't make it, but Sean did. He doesn't look happy as he sees Emily walk off obviously disappointed. Virginia walks up to Michael wearing a 'well chosen' sexy bathing suit. Michael feels sad for the losers and tells Virginia some just came up short ...and in her mind Virginia is concentrating on the fact that she WILL NOT come up short. She will get what she wants and so will Michael, even if he doesn't know it right now.

Vanessa hears a knock at the door only to find our dear Ms. Moreau at the other side. She is pushing her way in and telling Vanessa she can help her. "What is your trouble," she says, "I can help you, I may be your only hope." Slowly and carefully Vanessa removes the scarf covering her face as Ms. Moreau looks on in horror. Suddenly she bellows, "I can't help you," as she all but races for the door. She has seen Vanessa's face and she is remembering. This is the girl Virginia wanted to destroy. This is the woman she made that potion for; the potion which would make her hideous-- and it did. Should she tell Virginia? 'Yes,' she thinks to herself, running out of the apartment. She must call Virginia -- or should she? She is not sure. She must think this through. In the meantime Vanessa is stunned beyond belief. This woman who supposedly can perform miracles took one look at he and ran for the hills. Vanessa now believes there is no help for her. Then she remembers this is the woman who knows Virginia. She had recognized her voice and an expression she used hearing her yesterday talking to JADA. Will she tell Virginia she is here? Now Vanessa is truly frightened and she collapses in tears.

Sarah answers the door (she's STILL there) to Tyus who is looking for Ben and wanting to give him the checkup he should have gotten had he stayed in the hospital, Sarah told Tyus about 'Ben' and Meg's trip to the cabin and Tyus is not only concerned but a bit irritated as well. "He just got out of the intensive care!!" Tyus is angry and startled that 'Ben' could be so careless.

THE MORTUARY (and seemingly the home of Diane)
Ben awakens and is terrified when he can move his head but not the rest of his body. Diane fusses over him and he tries to reason with her. She continues to call him 'Steel' as he told her about Derek and the danger to Meg ..but...when Diane finds out Meg is his fiancée she goes ballistic for a moment. She told him she will protect him (Steel) to which Ben keeps tying to make her understand Steel is not a person; he is Ben Evans and his getting out of there is a matter of life and death. At one point she flips over the top of the coffin -- what he's been laying in all this time -- and leaves. We wonder if she will call to have him picked up and buried (he's all ready) but we next see her at Ben's house. She is thinking that if he is telling the truth then she must do the right thing. The problem will be that when Sarah opens the door she will tell Diane that Ben is accounted for or.........

Gabi, Antonio and Ricardo are talking about starting a counseling group for troubled kids. Gabi told them she feels that if she had someone to talk with about all the horrible perverted things her father did to her she might not have done what she did to Ricardo; accusing him of rape when he, in fact, had consensual sex with her. Antonio has just been cleared by his Parish to work on the project and they decide to celebrate with a little dinner party. Antonio must excuse himself telling Gabi and Ricardo he will catch up to them later. Ricardo and Gabi share a tender smile as they ready to go to their dinner.

Meg is confronting Derek, after talking to Sarah on her cell phone --which she had brought with her, much to Derek's dismay. She is told that Derek (Ben) DID NOT get permission from Dr. Tyus for this trip. Derek gives her a story that he called but Tyus never called back so that, to him, meant he could go and no problem!! Meg is seemingly uncomfortable with the situation and all of a sudden the lights go out. Derek notes that he wants to see what's wrong and get them fixed before there is another fire like that in the warehouse. Meg is astonished. WHOA, she wants to know how he knew that since he was unconscious at the time and everyone had been keeping it a secret so as not to disturb him. Quick thinking, as always, Derek comes up with a plausible story but it is apparent that Meg is really struggling. Something is wrong here--none of that connection stuff--but a instinctive gut level feeling. She went in to the bedroom and without really paying attention begins to sort things on the bed. "Wait..what is this?" She has found a picture. The picture is of two young boys. On the back are the printed words "Ben and Derek." "OH MY GOD," Meg whispers; "Ben is a twin."

Recaps for the week of June 22, 1998 (Following Week)
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