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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on SB
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Monday, August 31, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Olivia arrives at AJ's hotel demanding that he stop Cole from taking Caitlin and Trey out of town. AJ thinks about the fact that Dr. Murphy says it is important that Cole remain in town because he is the perfect and only match. Olivia thinks that maybe AJ can appeal to Cole as the man who saved his life. Olivia says she can't lose Trey again. AJ told Olivia she needs professional help to get past the lost of her baby. Olivia professes that she doesn't want Trey to leave because it hurts so much thinking of the baby she lost.

Olivia and AJ swamp stories of love for their children. Olivia says that AJ is a very good friend. AJ says he was hoping they were more than just friends. AJ says he lost her once to Gregory and that he isn't planning on making that mistake again. Olivia says she wants to move slowly. She makes AJ promise not to talk about her baby again. Gregory walks in as they share a kiss. Gregory reminds AJ of a Liberty Corp. meeting. AJ says he will be there but will the "Trophy Wife" be there?

Gregory told Olivia that Cole must be up to something. Olivia says her only problem is that she doesn't want to be away from Trey. Olivia then insults Annie and Gregory walks out. Olivia says that she wonders how attached he would be to the new wife if he knew she had stolen her baby.

AJ talking to Dr. Murphy says that he knows he has to get everything they need from Cole.

THE HOTEL - (The Deshanels/Francesca)
Francesca told Cole he won't leave town. He asked what could possibly keep him there. Caitlin arrives outside the hotel room. Before she has time to enter Gregory walks up. Caitlin told him they need to talk. Francesca told Cole he can't leave town unless he wants to go to jail. Francesca shows Cole a police report from Germany. Francesca told him of a penknife that was left at the scene of the crime in Germany; the knife contains his fingerprints.. It seems that she and Philip set Cole up to take the fall if something went wrong.

Gregory told Caitlin she can't move to San Diego. Caitlin says she thinks Cole wants to get away from his past as a jewel thief. Gregory thinks Cole is up to something. Gregory vows that no one will take his family away from him.

Cole says that Francesca can do what she wants he can elude the police. Francesca rubs in the fact that Cole will not desert his family. She says the main reason is Gregory will be filling Trey's head with bad ideas about his dad. Caitlin arrives and Francesca hides in the bedroom. Caitlin is glad that Trey is asleep and begins to seduce Cole. Cole told her that he can't go to San Diego because he needs to supervise the repairs of the waffle shop. He suggested that she and Trey go without him.

Caitlin agrees to leave without Cole. Francesca told Cole that she is blackmailing him because, then she kisses him.

Meg is excited about her future wedding plans. Gabi mentions that no one ever talks about Maria it's like a big mystery. Meg said that she probably wouldn't like her because Annie was her best friend and they are most likely alike.

Ricardo reads Ben the riot act about marrying Meg. Antonio told Ricardo that at least Ben is trying to move on with his life not like some others. Ricardo said he would not make it easy on either of them. Antonio says that Maria would not be happy with him still accusing Ben of murder. Meg overhears Ricardo saying that as far as he was concerned Ben was to blame. Ricardo apologizes to Meg for overhearing. Antonio gives Ben and Meg a list of available dates for the wedding. He refuses to go to dinner with Ricardo and Gabi. Meg and Ben pick their date. Meg told Ben she is sorry that Ricardo is still accusing him of Maria's death. Meg immediately decides to tell Dana the good news.

Father Antonio has another disturbing dream about a woman caressing him. He wakes up wondering who the woman is in his dream. Gabi told Ricardo that she plans to be Meg's bridesmaid. Ricardo says that since she is her friend she should be there for Meg. Gabi asks Ricardo if he would be there for her. Ricardo says no way. Gabi says if he went to the wedding maybe he will come to terns with everything.

Annie sees Dana and starts to come unglued. While trying to get rid of Annie Tim says it is a private room. Dana told him don't worry about it maybe she (Annie) is lost. She went to talk to Annie and comments on her being as white as a ghost. Annie faints. Dana is shocked by the reaction but shows great concern over the fact that Annie is not waking up. Tim says she is hypoglycemic and she just needs some sugar. Tim calls her Annie and Maria reacts to the name. Tim carries Annie to the lounge. When she wakes up Tim tries to convince her that she had been dreaming. Annie finally gets Tim to admit that Maria is alive.

Tim explains that Maria can't remember anything. He told Annie that Dana was in a car accident a few months ago. Tim says that she doesn't remember anything about drowning or her beloved husband, Ben. Annie is shocked to find out that Tim has known about this for a couple of weeks. She demands to know what he is up to. Tim says that he didn't tell Dana because he didn't want to shock her. Annie says while that makes sense there is no reason why he didn't tell her doctors, her friends, her family or Ben. She says that Ben should know that the love of his life is alive. She says just wait until little Mary Sunshine gets a load of this. Annie quickly figures out that he is planning to break up Ben and Meg with this news, but it is unfair at the price of Maria. Tim offers to sale his Liberty Corp. stock if she would keep quiet. As Annie starts to exit the room, Maria walks in overjoyed at seeing Annie up and looking well.

Tim reminds Dana that she shouldn't be getting excited. Tim slips and calls her Maria. Annie vows to tell someone who she is so that she can get the best possible care. Annie says that she gets his plan and that it will never work. Tim asks Annie to help spring the surprise at Ben and Meg's wedding. Tim offers her the stock again as a gift if she keeps quiet. Annie says that when she met Maria she didn't have a friend in the world. Maria taught her that it was ok to love and to get loved back. Ben and Meg walk in and Annie throws herself in Ben's arms.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Maria is still working on getting Ben's hair just right in her portrait of him.

As Tim and Maria talk, Ben approaches and Annie rushes up to him and hugs him.

As Ben talks to Annie, with Meg by his side, Annie keeps seeing Maria instead of Meg. Annie almost collapses.

In response to Amy's suggestion, Emily told Amy that Sean did not dump her. Amy mentions how Sean didn't tell Emily what his plans were. Amy says "If he doesn't get any, he gets bored." Then she adds "His usual tramp lasts a little longer." Emily shoots back "You should know."

Maria says to Meg, "I can't wait to go somewhere with you." Meg asks Maria to come to her wedding, which she says will be in a few weeks. Maria replies "No, I can't, I can't."

Tim, on the phone, says "...cut his account off."

Ben says "I always thought that if anyone could handle Gregory, it would be you." Annie says that only Ben could have gotten Maria back into the studio. They had a very special connection. Annie says "You and Maria belong together. You always have."

Sean asks a waitress if she found a set of keys.

Emily wonders what Sean is doing tonight if he isn't seeing someone else.

Ben says "I love Maria, Annie , and I always will. But that is in the past. I have to move on with my life."

Tim told Annie that if she lets the secret out she will lose everything. Annie says that Meg is not getting married in that mission. Very seriously she tries to get Tim to promise that the wedding will never, never take place.

Meg tries to talk Maria into attending her wedding by saying that it might help her trigger memories of her own life.

Francesca told Cole that she will not hock her bracelet to get money. He tells her that she is the same as she always has been, a two-faced liar. There is no partnership. There never will be.

Francesca asks Cole "How much better will it be for little Trey to have his father in prison?" Cole insists that he is not going to do what she wants. Francesca places a call to Detective Torres while Cole watches, saying that she has interesting information.

Maria changes her mind and says that she will attend the wedding. When Meg mentions that the wedding will take place at the mission, Maria asks what the mission is. Meg told her that it is the oldest church in Sunset Beach. Meg suggests that they go there tomorrow so that Maria can learn about it firsthand.

Annie says that Maria deserves to be with Ben more than anyone does. Tim says this is her last chance. Annie says that it better work.

A.J. and Leo talk about their past and their relationship. They discuss the possibility of scuba-diving off the coast of California.

Cole told Francesca that he will take part in her plan.

Emily finds out that Sean is making music. She guesses that the music he was playing on the beach and the music she just heard are Sean. She says to him "You're fat....Your good. Isn't that the same thing?" She says that he needs to go public with his music. He doesn't want to. The satisfaction for him is in doing it. Emily is disappointed.

A.J. calls Cole with an offer. He finds out that Cole is already planning to stay. Cole told him that he sent Caitlin and Trey to San Diego by themselves.

Leo comments to A.J. that the phone conversation sounded like good news. A.J. says "Not just good news, the best."

Maria asks Meg at what time tomorrow they will go to the mission. Meg suggests that Father Antonio, at the mission, could help Maria.

As Meg leaves Maria's room, Ben walks up and Meg is about to take him into her room. Tim and Annie watch, out of sight. Dr Estrada walks up and stops them because it is late. Meg told Ben "Sooner or later you will meet her, because I invited her to our wedding." Tim and Annie are listening and walk up to Meg and Ben. In response to Ben's question "Is everything all right?" Annie replies "Everything is going to work out just fine."

Annie says to Tim that things will be fine once Ben finds out that Maria is alive.

Maria looks in the mirror and wonders why the name Father Antonio Torres makes her feel like it does. "Why does anything make me feel the way it makes me feel? Maybe seeing the priest's face will help. We'll know tomorrow."

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Haunted by a provocative vision, Antonio wonders about the identity of the shadowy figure in his dream. As Vanessa and Michael proceed with their wedding plans, Virginia sets in motion yet another scheme to break them apart. "Dana" tells Meg she has some qualms about meeting the priest who runs the mission. Sean warns Emily that no one must know about his rapping. Ricardo sheepishly apologizes to his brother for flying off the handle earlier. Vanessa expresses her undying gratitude to Tyus for giving her the key to a bright future with the man she loves. Meanwhile, Virginia cautions an unconcerned Michael that Tyus has deep feelings for Vanessa. Casey wonders why Sara seems to be suddenly going out of her way to avoid him. When Ben decides to dispose of Maria's self-portrait, Bette suggests that he give the painting to Carmen instead. Though Sean explains that his hip-hopping is only for his own satisfaction, Emily urges her boyfriend to share his bountiful talent with the world. Michael is jarred to learn that Martin's Syndrome sometimes renders men sterile. Sara receives a summons to appear before the special prosecutor investigating Congressman Blythe.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

Sara and Casey are served with a summons from the special prosecutor in the Congressman Blythe case. They decide to seek Gregory's help but when they insist on sticking to truth he wishes them well ,but if they won't do things his way he can't help. Tyus told Michael and Vanessa that a side effect of the disease is infertility, but it may go away in a few weeks. Virginia is eavesdropping and is delighted. Maria becomes freaked out at the mission when she stands before the statue where she placed flowers at her wedding. She runs off before meeting Antonio and is found by Tim at the swings that also pull at her memory. Ben keeps having memories of his love for Maria and hires someone to restore the portrait she did so he can give it to her mother. Antonio is still plagued by dreams of the mysterious woman. Francesca tells Cole of her plan to steal emeralds at a party that night and pushes him to help her. That night Cole does show up and creates a diversion while she tries to crack the safe. She is having no luck when Cole comes in. She turns her charms on him and asks him to make love to her then and now. Virginia hears that Tyus stored some sperm when he thought he was going to be the guinea pig. This get Virginia to thinking, saying Vanessa will be a Mom yet. The special prosecutor shows up and Sara asks if she will be arrested for perjury. He says those charges have been dropped , instead she will be arrested for attempted murder. "For who she asks?" In walks a one legged Melinda Fall who says, " that's right kids, I'm back."

Friday, September 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

Antonio, still being plagued by dreams of an unknown woman calls Father O'Brien. The priest comes over and they discuss the possible identity of the woman. Father O'Brien points out that after all, even though Antonio is a priest he is also a man. Antonio feels there is something familiar about the woman but isn't convinced the feelings are necessarily sexual. Later that night the dream comes again, still not revealing the woman.

Melinda has accused Sara and Casey of using her as shark bait. She said she saved their lives by getting them on the piece of floating debris and they repaid her by pushing her off to the sharks. Casey tried to explain that Melinda nearly killed Sara by hogging the air tank but the prosecutor was buying Melinda's tears and poor me act. After everyone left the room Melinda got down to what she really wants. Figuring the book in its current state wouldn't sell she wants Sara to join forces with her on the book with it portraying them as women misused by the congressman and that they managed to over come it all during the tidal wave to become friends. For this she would give her a 30% split. The one condition is she would have to dump Casey since he is just too good and wouldn't go along. Needless to say Sara wasn't going along.

Francesca's coming on to Cole was a diversion since she noticed the host coming into the bedroom. Back out in the living room they stage a fight and Cole says he's going home when he is really headed to the back way to the safe. Francesca keeps the host, a huge flirt, occupied while Cole cracks the safe. When he's done she told him he stole the wrong thing. The diamonds would be too hard to fence so back he went for the emeralds. [thought I notice her palm some of the diamonds] In the meantime Olivia, A.J. and Leo show up at the party. After a short time Leo decides he's had enough and turns to leave bumping into Francesca knocking purse to floor. It opens and we notice gems that were not stolen by Cole. Cole is still at the safe when Olivia walks in on him. . Ricardo and Gabi have a dinner date at his place. As he's setting the table Gabi looks over and gets a flashback to the one time they made love where he swept everything off the table and threw her on it. brought back her guilt over charging him with rape. Ricardo says no problem removes table and they have a picnic on the floor. He asks her to stay the night but she's not sure she's ready.

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