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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on SB
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Monday, December 7, 1998

Tim confronts Sara concerning her true reason behind suspecting Maria is lying about her amnesia. Tim points out that Sara is afraid that if Meg loses Ben Casey will be there to comfort her. Casey told Tim to leave the Cummings alone since they clearly don't want him in their lives. Casey points out the failed wedding. Of course Tim says he was doing Ben a favor by telling him Maria was alive. Casey threatens him. Tim leaves and Casey is still upset. Sara kisses him back into a pleasant mood. Casey asks Sara how Ricardo's birthday party went. Sara says that she was needed at the Shockwave. Casey told her he was happy she apologized. Joan shows Tim that she is still mad at him and she would never forgive him for ruining Meg's wedding. Tim tries to apologize and asks if he can help around Shockwave. Tim begs for forgiveness. Joan tells him if he wants to make amends that he should stop making trouble for Ben and Meg. Joan went out and blows Sara's lie. Sara tries to explain. Sara tries to say that the party wouldn't have been fun without him.

As Casey leaves, Maria arrives. Sara says they are closed and informs Maria that her parents own the Shockwave. Maria says she knows she wouldn't be welcome. Casey arrives while they are fighting. He overhears Sara telling Maria that she couldn't go to Ricardo's party because of the fight she and Meg had about her. Maria says her only agenda is to get her memory back. Maria storms off.

Meg can't sleep and is about to watch the video when Maria enters. Meg not looking at the video puts the mute on and turns to talk to Maria. Maria told Meg she was hoping they could just talk. Maria claims to be concerned about the argument between her and Sara. Ben comes in just when Meg is saying she is upset with Sara for accusing Maria of faking her amnesia. Ben is upset and lets it be known. Ben told Maria she doesn't have to excuse Sara's behavior. Meg told Ben to forget about it. Maria says she should move out. Meg said they just all need to calm down, and maybe they should just watch the movie. Meg went to make tea. Ben told Maria how much she loved movies.

Ben flashes back to a movie special night they shared. They had rented "Sleepless in Seattle" although they had just watched it a couple of months earlier. Maria commented on not having to worry about missing the end. She pulls him to the sofa and they kiss. The flashback ends. Ben said he was just thinking back to how much she loved movies. Meg comes in and sees Ben holding Maria by the wrist while he is telling her that she will get her memory back. Maria lies and says that the video is due back tonight because of a waiting list. Ben offers to walk with her. Maria says that's ok. Ben insist because he doesn't like the idea of her wandering around alone at night. Meg says that Maria has made it clear that she can take care of herself so let her. Ben turns around and gives Meg a puzzled look.

Ben gives Maria the keys to his car. Maria told them not to wait up for her because she might stop and get some coffee. A very strained moment is between Ben and Meg. Meg says the stress of the three of them living together gets to her sometimes. Ben says it is hard on all of them. Meg excuses herself to go to bed. Ben tries to stop her. Meg tells him that she knows what he is about to say. Meg told him that no matter how many times he says they will be together forever it doesn't make things easier. Maria meanwhile is outside reading her dossier. She is beginning to sound like she is trying to convince herself about wanting Ben and Meg together.

Ben follows Meg upstairs. She comes out of the bathroom and he is lighting candles. He expresses his love for her. He told her that her love inspires and that every moment with her is a joy to him. He explains that she takes away his fear and that he will never let anyone come between them. He told her that she made him want to love again. Meg reminds him that they are the vows he said to her on their wedding day. He points out that he meant every word he said that day and he still does. They head to the bed to spend some quality time together.

Ricardo asks Gabi to go back to his apartment Gabi doesn't agree. Ricardo apologizes for moving too fast. Gabi says the place is too much of a mess to leave. Ricardo agrees to help her clean up. This is just a stall on Gabi's part. All the party stuff is gone, Ricardo says the house is clean and he dares anyone to complain. Ricardo points out that she is avoiding him. Ricardo starts reminding Gabi how great they were during the tidal wave. She says it really brought them closer. He points out that during the last few weeks he thought they had gotten to the point of being able to make love. Ricardo asks Gabi what has changed.

Amy is in the backseat chanting, because she wants Emily to stop seeing Sean. Emily is driving when all of a sudden she loses her sight. The car crashes. Brad and Amy are the first to wake up. Amy is real upset when she thinks Sean might be hurt. Emily is the last to wake up but she quickly discovers that she is blind. Sean helps Emily out of the car. Sean told Emily to look at the headlights. Brad points out that Emily had lost her sight before the accident. Amy thinks back to her wish and chanting. Amy figures it out. Sean says they have to get Emily help; he ask Amy to stay with her. Amy went up to Emily and notices the emerald glowing. Emily starts to panic when Amy doesn't answer her call. The emerald has stopped shining. Brad shows more concern for Emily then Amy. Sean admits too much strange stuff is going on. Later at the hospital Emily is examined by Tyus. While being examined by Tyus, Sean reminds Emily of her watering eyes earlier in the day.

Francesca is placing the jewels on the altar when her wrist starts to bleed profusely. AJ and Cole try to stop the blood with a handkerchief. AJ tries to call 911 and discovers his phone is dead. AJ remembers to ask her where the diamonds are. As soon as Cole removes the bracelet she stops bleeding. There isn't a scratch on her wrist. Francesca and Cole then tell them they can't return the jewels to Rosario because an emerald is missing. Antonio wants someone to explain what happened to the jewel. Francesca explains the kidnapping. Cole explains how Hillary had aged and then turned into a mummy, he omits shooting her. AJ says that is just one example of the power of the jewels. AJ says no one is safe until all jewels are returned. The four set off to go to the beach to hunt for the missing stone. The doors of the mission close and lock, trapping them in the room. When they turn around the jewels are glowing. Cole tries to breakdown the door. The jewels start smoking and giving off toxic fumes. The three men pick up a pew and start to use it as a battering ram against the door.

Ricardo told Gabi that something has changed between them and he is confused. Gabi asks him what could have changed in one night. Casey points out all the lies that Sara has told him. He leaves angry. Sara begs him to stay.

  • Maria takes out the dossier and starts trying to remember facts. She decides to use an article about The Java Web as her first memory. She places the papers on the floor in front of the sofa. She rehearses her speech. Ben comes down stairs. Hearing her rehearsing her speech he asks her what is going on.

  • Amy asks Tyus about Emily's condition. Emily asks Tyus about her vision also. Tyus doesn't answer.

  • The men at the mission all cover their faces as the jewels keep giving off the toxic smoke. Francesca passes out.

  • Tuesday, December 8, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Jami

    Wednesday, December 9, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Kay

    Annie snuggles up to Gregory and he wants to know what she is whining about now. Gregory hands her a paper and told her to sign it. She asks what it is and he says it is a paper for the insurance company. Since she was the only witness she must sign it. He told her he must inform her that it is a felony to sign a false report. Olivia enters, Annie asks her hasn't she ever seen sexy lingerie before. Olivia replies that she never needed sleazy, trashy lingerie. She announces that she knows who is making the crank calls to Caitlin.

    Gabi and Antonio are both running on the beach. Gabi is thinking about Ricardo asking her why he feels like she is avoiding him lately. She thinks of Antonio and their dance. Antonio sees her and he thinks of their dance. They see each other but only stare.

    Ricardo and 2 officers enter her room. She remarks that she didn't hear them knock. She is standing there in the nude.

    Caitlin is cleaning up their room and finds Cole's shirt stained with blood as Cole comes out of the bathroom. He thinks of Francesca bleeding. Caitlin asks what happened last night.

    Antonio remarks that Gabi is never around anymore. She didn't know she had to clear it with him and she wasn't with Ricardo last night. Antonio asks if he has done something and she replies no, she just didn't like having her run interrupted. She went off to finish her run.

    Caitlin asks if the blood had anything to do with the jewels? Cole doesn't want Caitlin involved and will do anything to keep her and Trey safe.

    Ricardo has some questions about the ruby necklace. He asks Francesca to get dressed. She wraps a towel around herself. (She is enjoying this) She has nothing to hide and told him to question away.

    Amy told Brad that she canted and wanted Emily never to see Sean again and now Emily is blind. She needs to undo the curse. Bette asks Emily how her night was. Emily replies that she had a nightmare, but Sean was there.

    Ricardo and Francesca talk about why she changes her hotel rooms so often and about her friend Sydney Young. Francesca says she know that he is trying to place her at the Richards' party but she wasn't there. Ricardo says he has a witness. Francesca says Caitlin will say anything to get her off her husband's radar screen. She's a little insecure about her marriage. Ricardo says he has another witness. Francesca wants to read the warrant. She told Ricardo that she is a pearl and platinum kind of girl not rubies. She asks what he is going to do if he can't find the rubies, frisk her? She lays down on the bed, still in her towel. Ricardo says it was a nice performance for the cheap seats, but he is in the front row seats.

    Antonio is cleaning as AJ walks in. AJ asks if Antonio made any calls yet. Antonio says he is waiting for a return call from someone who thinks he can find the missing Madonna. They can't believe how Francesca bleed. AJ admits that he knew of the legend but didn't believe it. They hope no one else gets hurt before they find the missing emerald. AJ picks up Cole's bloody handkerchief.

    Annie asks Gregory about the phone call. It was about his newest foundation, inspired by his grandson and opens his arms for Trey. '

    One of the officers finds the purse she kept the jewels in and they are going to send it out to be tested for traces of the jewels.

    Police are looking for a professional crank caller and Olivia is sure that is who is calling Caitlin. Annie is worried about what the caller knows about her. Olivia told Annie that she knows Annie thinks she is doing the calls but that she wouldn't do that to her daughter. Annie told her she rivals Joan Crawford in the sick mother department. Thank God she has a proper stepmother. Olivia asks why Annie is more upset about the calls than Caitlin is. Why is that Annie?

    Francesca' s
    Outside her room Ricardo admits to the officer that he really doesn't have anything on her, but that she doesn't know that. Cole overhears this and went into her room after they walk away. Francesca throws her arms around him and tells him the police were all over her.

    Annie and Caitlin hurry to hook up the Caller, ID and the phone rings. He thinks they are avoiding him and reminds them that his pockets are still empty. Caitlin says that a million dollars is a lot of money and it takes time to get that much. She can't get it from an ATM.

    Emily is back from having an MRI done. They didn't find anything abnormal. She would like some time alone. They leave and she starts to dress.

    Cole is holding Francesca (still in her towel) in his arms when AJ walks in. Cole invited him. They argue over who is going out looking for the emerald. Each has his reasons why he should be the one.

    Gabi walks in and says she is sorry for the way she was this morning. She was late for work. She informs Antonio that she is now working there on the Toys for Tots program. The department thinks they will get more donations at the church.

    Caller know they are tracing the call and told them about blind numbers. He tells them not to contact the FBI, the police or anyone else or all bets are off. Annie wonders if it is Olivia and then has a dream of being tied up on a "bed" with candles and Olivia dressed in a hooded robe, laughing.

    Francesca' s
    It's decided and Cole leaves. AJ told Francesca that when this is over she will be out of his son's life and he will do anything to make that happen. As he leaves he told her to get dressed, no body was impressed.

    Antonio argues the Parish is under renovations and wishes that they had talked to him. Gabi told him that she isn't to thrilled to be there with him either. She adds that they are both on edge and neither of them will say why. How long will their friendship last if this keeps up? Antonio leaves to have Sister Monica clean out one of the file rooms for her to use as her office. Ricardo walks in and Gabi told him of her new assignment. Ricardo says that is one way of avoiding him.

    Amy wants Brad to steal the necklace from Emily, she's afraid to do it. Brad hands her a pile of rubber gloves. Sean and Bette come along and Sean asks them to take Bette to breakfast. He wants some time alone with Emily. Her room is empty. Emily is leaving the hospital and walks to some steps. She starts to walk down-----

    Thursday, December 10, 1998

    Determined to hold on to Casey, Sara realizes she must offer Maria an apology even if it isn't sincere. Gabi's reluctance to work at the Mission puzzles Ricardo. Emily cautiously inches her way out of the hospital and onto the street. Sara asks both Maria and Meg for their forgiveness. Consumed with the possibility that Vanessa might be carrying his child, Tyus asks his friend how advanced her pregnancy is. Desperate to conceal the truth, Vanessa told Tyus she is only three months along. Sean spots Emily walking into the path of a runaway truck and dashes over to pull her to safety. Gabi admits to Ricardo that she has had second thoughts about making love to him. A tearful Vanessa unburdens herself to Meg. Francesca eavesdrops on Ricardo as he questions his brother about the larcenous Senora Vargas. Maria cons Gabi into giving her some of Antonio's family photos. Later, Maria spots Sara smirking at her as she rehearses a Christmas "memory". Sean decides to drop out of school to take care of Emily.

    Friday, December 11, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Tracey

    Sarah runs over to Ben and Meg's to get ice tea for their picnic. In the window, she sees Maria trying to memorize an old Christmas tree from a photograph and practicing her speech to convince everyone she remembers it. When Maria sees Sarah looking in, she accuses her of spying. Sarah assures her that she just came to get drinks and wants them to try to get along for the holidays. When Maria leaves to go look for the tree ornaments, Sarah flashes back to previous conversations with Maria and wonders what she is up to. Maria finds the ornaments from the picture, pulls out a big blue star and plans her performance.

    Later, Ben remembers Maria placing the blue star on top of their Christmas tree. He asks Maria if she is honestly remembering things, or if she just wants everyone to think she is, so she can get on with her life. He expresses his concern that forcing her memories may damage her chances for recovery. Later, Ben is surprised when Maria finds the old ornaments. Meg says that in honor of her memory returning, Maria should put on the star. When Ben hands it to her, Maria starts to cry and says she remembers her blue star.

    Antonio gets a call from Rosario - Gabi listens in. The caller says that Juan Sanchez may have the statue, but the phone cuts out before he can reveal where Juan will be staying in Sunset Beach. Antonio yells and slams the phone down. Gabi reveals herself as Antonio calls Rosario again and gets the address where Juan Sanchez will be staying. The phone cuts out again, further angering Antonio. Gabi asks if he is in trouble, but Antonio told her to stay out of it. He also asks her to stay in the sanctuary or go home, and warns her not to go into the rectory or try to follow him. After he leaves, he gets another call and Gabi takes off after him to deliver the caller's message. Antonio arrives at the pier, but there is no one on the boat. He hears a noise and is surprised to see Gabi come through the door. The door gets stuck shut and they hear strange sounds around them.


    Emily/Sean - Sean told Emily that he loves her and will stand by her no matter what. Later, in the park, Emily told Sean that she loves him, too.

    Amy - When talking to Bette about Emily's condition, Amy offers to help Emily any way she can. Bette is surprised and impressed.

    Sarah/Casey - At the picnic, Sarah is once again jealous of Casey and Meg's relationship. When Sarah and Casey share a close moment on the beach, she prods him to open up to her.

    Vanessa/Michael - Vanessa has a nightmare about filling out the baby's family tree in a baby book and telling Michael that Tyus is really the child's father. Michael assures her that nothing could ever drive him away from her.

    AJ - While visiting the hospital to get the results of the blood tests on the handkerchief, AJ almost sees the emerald necklace when asking Emily how she is doing. Later, he runs into Francesca on the beach, where they are both looking for Cole. He informs her that the blood that was running down her arm was not human, but pure evil. As they talk, AJ sees a body floating in the ocean and thinks it is Cole.

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