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Monday, June 7, 1999

Caitlin angrily informs Cole it's over between them. After knocking Casey out, the kidnapper brandishes the gun at Tim and the Cummings sisters while a hysterical Maria demands information about her son. Following the massive explosion, Benjy cries for his unconscious father to wake up. Antonio comes by to check on his brother and finds Ricardo brooding over recent troubling events. Tim manages to overpower Benjy's abductor and wrestles the weapon away from him. Cole reminds Caitlin that the love they shared is still strong enough to see them through this current crisis. Ben finally comes to and carries Benjy to safety. Later, Maria is happily reunited with her son while Tess is appalled to learn how close her plan came to tragically backfiring. Amy seeks to ingratiate herself with Gregory as part of her scheme to snag Sean.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Ben's house
Tess and Tim are on the back deck. Tess cries, thinking about how she could have lost Benjy. She says all they only asked Meg to do a simple thing. Tim says, but you got caught in the rip tide. Tess says, but a man kidnapped Benjy. Tim says, you said there were two men. Tess says there were two men and it could have been so much worse. Tim says something about Tess is bothering him. He says Tess was a big part of the kidnapping. Tess has flashbacks of making arrangement for Benjy to be kidnapped. What do you mean? Tim says her screams were used as a distraction so the kidnappers could get away. He says it seems funny that only Tess saw two men. Tess says she's glad she saw them because they could have done something worse. Tess says she almost lost a child she loves and Tim is acting like she did something wrong. Tim says he's sorry and wants to know if they can still be friends. Tess says ok and suggests they go back in side. Tim wants to wait a minute. Inside, Maria asks Benjy why he didn't stay with Meg on the beach. Benjy says it's because Meg didn't care where he went. Meg says that's not true. Benjy said the man was nice to him but Meg wants him to go. He says, daddy wouldn't want him to go. Ricardo and Antonio arrive. Ricardo told Maria she should have called him. Ben says she wanted to, but he wouldn't let her. Ricardo thinks she should have called any way. Antonio says they should be thankful Benjy is back. Meg looks at Ben and walks aside, looking a little upset. Ricardo says it is important that Benjy is ok. He wants Benjy to tell him what happened, but he'll get a statement from the adults first. Maria says if he comes upstairs and helps her get Benjy to bed, he can get her statement first. Antonio going too since the uncles may read Benjy a bedtime story. Maria, Benjy, Ricardo, and Antonio, head upstairs. Ben told Meg he's sorry for what Benjy said. Meg doesn't want to talk about it, but told Ben she's going and leaving for good. Ben says he thought she had decided to stay. Meg says that was before Benjy was kidnapped. She says Ben's son hates her. Ben is afraid if Meg leaves now, he'll never like her cause he'll think Meg doesn't like him. Ben says he'll talk to Benjy and doesn't want Meg to leave because a 5 year old wants her to. Meg says, but that five year old is Ben's son. Ben says that doesn't mean he can get his way. Meg says she has to leave because when she looks in Ben's eyes, she can see things have changed. She says she's a little jealous of Benjy and is afraid when Ben looks at her, he's looking at her through Benjy's eyes. Tim and Tess finally come in. Ben told them Ricardo is upstairs and needs their statements. Tess and Meg kind of glare at each other. After they head upstairs, Ben asks Meg if she has a problem with Tess. Meg says Tess has a problem with her. She told Ben how she said this kidnapping was her fault. Ben thinks it's time for Tess to go, but Meg says no because that would make things worse. Meg says she doesn't care what Tess thinks about her, only what Ben thinks. BTW, Meg wants to know what Ben thinks Meg thinks about Benjy. Ben says he knows she cares for him. Meg told Ben, he's a bad liar. Meg says Ben was angry with her when he found out Benjy was missing. Ben says this is ridiculous and since Benjy is safe, he wants to move on. Meg says she's trying to be honest and wants to know if Ben thinks sub consciously, Meg wants Benjy to leave. Ben says he doesn't think that which upsets Meg since she's afraid it is how she thinks. Meg says a part of her wishes Benjy never came to Sunset Beach. She talks about how first Maria came back but was going to give Ben a divorce, but then Benjy showed up. Meg says she has to accept Ben's son but when she looks at him, she sees the love Ben and Maria shared. Ben says that's in the past and told Meg to stop torturing herself. Meg says she thought if Benjy accepted her, it would all work out, but now she thinks if he hadn't come into Ben's life, Meg wouldn't have to go through any of this. She says a part of her wishes he never showed up. She says she let Benjy be kidnapped because he belongs to Ben and Maria. Ben says that's not true. Meg wants to know if anything which happened today, changes things and are they going to be ok. Upstairs, Benjy is telling Ricardo what happened. Ricardo asks Benjy if he was afraid of the guy who took you. Benjy wasn't but says he didn't take him, Benjy went with him cause Meg ran away. Maria says that's not exactly how it happened. She told Benjy to get ready for bed. Maria explains how it's not easy living here and how Benjy doesn't really care for Meg. He resents her coming between her and Ben. Maria says it's gotten so bad so Meg is moving out. Ricardo says it's obvious how much Benjy cares for Maria. Maria is glad and glad he didn't forget her. Maria realizes she's not the only one with problems and wants to know how Ricardo is feeling. Ricardo says he's hurt, confused, mad, and betrayed. He thought Gabi loved him and doesn't know how she could have left him without saying good bye. Benjy is back and ready for bed, except he didn't brush his teeth. Tim and Tess are at the door. Tess picks up Benjy and says she's so glad he's all right. Benjy says she's squeezing him too tight. Ricardo told Tim and Tess to go to Tess's room so he can question them. Benjy went to brush his teeth. Tess told Ricardo she needs a minute to change her clothes. Maria and Antonio talk about Gabi. Maria says she thinks Ricardo should go to Gabi and talk to her. Antonio says he can't because she left town. Maria asks where she went but Antonio says he doesn't know nor does he know why she left. Maria wonders if she had second thoughts about Antonio. Antonio says that's not it since she wouldn't tell him why she was leaving. He's going to find out though. Tess has changed her clothes and she and Tim are giving Ricardo their statement. Tim says the man was about medium height with dark hair. Tess says he was taller with light hair, but it was dark, so maybe they didn't get a good look at him. Ricardo asks Tess about the other guy. She says she didn't see him very well. Ricardo will take anything she's got. Tess didn't see how tall he was. Ricardo asks about his hair but Tess says he was wearing a baseball cap. Ricardo asks if it had a logo. Tess says it was dark and that's it. Tim says there's something else.

Power Plant
Olivia is about to open the door to the power plant when a hand comes out of know where and covers her mouth. Don't scream. It's AJ. Olivia had turned around and pointed a gun at him. AJ told her to put the gun away. He didn't mean to scare her. Olivia figures she was right. Francesca is dead and AJ shot her. AJ told Olivia, she doesn't have to lie to him any more. Olivia wants to know if he's saying she shot Francesca. She says she didn't and only came her to try and clear Caitlin. Olivia wants to know why AJ came. He says he over heard Olivia saying she was meeting Francesca here and wanted to protect her. He says he didn't shoot Francesca either, but it doesn't mean he wouldn't. AJ says someone has to stop her. AJ says he got here early to check things out but the door to the plant was locked. Olivia figures maybe Francesca didn't show up. AJ says they should go. Behind the locked door, a woman who looks and sounds like Francesca, realizes someone has arrived and says it's about time. A gun is being pointed at Francesca and the person holding it say, "Don't move." Francesca says, "Gregory?" Gregory says she's right, it's him. He told her not to move and says Olivia isn't coming because he locked the door. Gregory asks her how she survived but then says it doesn't matter. You caused my daughter a lot of pain. Francesca says it's not her fault Caitlin confessed. Gregory says he's going to make sure she doesn't confess the second time Francesca is shot. Francesca asks if he's going to kill her. Gregory says it's a shame she didn't die the first time he shot her. Francesca says, "You're the one who shot me?" Gregory figures she had a memory block out which is why she doesn't remember. He figures she called Olivia since she didn't remember Gregory shot her and says it's a good thing it wasn't Olivia, since she probably wouldn't shoot her again. Gregory says he had to shoot her after he found out she took Trey. Gregory has a flashback to that moment he found out. He says it's bad enough Francesca took Cole, but he wasn't going to let her take his son. Gregory has a flashback of going to Francesca's room and shooting her. He says he was going to check to be sure she was dead, but he hear noises so he left. Gregory says and then he had to wait with the rest of them at the hospital to see if she died. Finally you did or at least we thought you did. Gregory says it was such a waste since she was so young and beautiful. Gregory says he has no choice cause he can't lose Caitlin and Trey. This time he's going to make certain Francesca dies. Gregory cocks his gun. He's going to shoot her, but says he can't do it this way. He told Francesca to turn around, since this whole time she's had her back to him. It appears she starts to turn around.

Wednesday, June 9, 1999

As Gregory is pointing the gun at "Francesca" he told her to turn around. As she did, she came closer and he found out it was Annie. Gregory said Annie, you had me fooled. Annie said yeah I did. Annie told him how she got a voice thing to make her sound like Francesca. Annie then said I was excepting Olivia. Gregory then said that Olivia doesn't have the guts to kill anyone. She also said Gregory you under estimated me and Gregory said no you under estimated me. Gregory then asks who else helped you because you couldn't do it by yourself and Annie how do you know. Then Cole comes with a gun and points it at Gregory and says I helped her. Gregory surprised and said both of you on the same team, well. Then Cole told Gregory to drop the gun and Gregory did. Gregory said are you going to shoot me from the back. Cole said turn around, Gregory did and Cole said and we had someone else to help us, good friend Dr. Tyus Robinson. He made a fake autopsy report. Gregory asked why would he do that and Cole said he wants justice to be served. Then Gregory said you have no proof that I killed Francesca. Cole said I have all the proof I need. Gregory said is there some award for getting her killer and Cole said yes there is getting Caitlin out of jail and I can't believe you let you daughter go to jail and Gregory said I could get her out easily. Then Annie said I wanted Olivia to riot in jail but for you its probably going to be better. Gregory said what your word isn't good over mine. Cole said yes I know, I'm a lot smarter than you know and he pulled out a tape recorder. There's my proof. Then Gregory started laughing and said that wouldn't good in court. Cole said yes but Ricardo would take it and find more proof that you shot Francesca. Then Annie said I have something to say to you (Gregory). She told him that he treated her unfairly by using her and other stuff. She also said if you could only love me a little bit I would do anything for you. Like making sure no one found out you killed Francesca. Then Gregory even though, I still wouldn't trust you one bit. Then Annie went close to him and punched him really hard, twice. Then Cole stopped her and pointed the gun at him then they heard a noise and Gregory jump on Cole fighting for the gun. Then Gregory got his gun back and they pointed at each other and Gregory grabbed Annie and pointed the gun at her.

Meg told Ben she is leaving because she can't handle it. Ben told her they can work it out and they can go through with it with each other but Meg no we can't. Then she leaves. Back upstairs, Ricardo is questioning Tess about the kidnappers and Tim told her she is missing out something and Tess says no I don't believe so. Maria and Antonio walk in and Tim says what about the gun. Tess says oh yeah right. Maria then says you don't think the gun was important and Tess says yeah it was but I forgot. Then Tess leaves to check on Benjy. Then Tim went downstairs and Maria, Ricardo and Antonio talk about Gabi. Then they all go downstairs except for Maria. Maria and Ben go check on Benjy. Benjy asks why he had to go with the man and Tess told him if he wanted his mom and dad to be together and he said yes and Tess told him they had to pretend. Then Benjy asked if he is getting his toy that Tess promised and she said yes. Then Maria and Ben walk in but they didn't hear Tess and Benjy. Ben gave Benjy a toy soldier. Ben told him it would protect him from those nightmares. They both said goodnight to him. Back downstairs Ricardo and Antonio talk in the deck. Tess and Tim talk inside. Then Tim leaves and Tess was about to leave but Ricardo stopped her but she told him he need to walk. Then she almost falls and Ricardo asks if she is okay and she says yeah she needs fresh air and Ricardo says okay I'll walk with you. Tess says no I need to be alone. Ricardo says okay. Then she leaves.

At Surf Central Sara and Casey tell Hank and Joan what happen. Then they leave and Sara told Casey she has a surprise for him so she went upstairs while Casey locks the backdoor. When Casey is done he heads upstairs but someone knocks on the door and its Meg. Meg told Casey she came to see Gabi but Casey told her she left Sunset Beach for good. Meg couldn't believe it and Casey says that's not all why you came here and Meg says no. She told him she can't talk about it now. Back upstairs Sara is getting ready when she opens the box she finds out that the people deliver the wrong stuff. She can't believe it but she wears it anyway. Meg asks Casey if she can stay here and he says of course and told her she can borrow his sweats. She heads upstairs and finds Sara there.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

The Warehouse:
Tess returns to the warehouse to find Jake there. She give him one swift slap. He wanted to know why she did it and she told him that Benjy was hurt and she told him from before not to let anything happen to him. Jake felt that a little scratch was no big deal, but to Tess it was. She tossed the money to him and told him to leave sunset beach and don't come back. She did this because she said he almost crewed up the plan by letting that nosey life guard to him down to the station, when she had to pretend that someone else was there in order for him to get away. After Jake left Tess was about to leave, but just as she opened the door Tim was standing there.

The Power Plant:
Olivia arrived and walked up to the door but it was locked. Someone grab her mouth from behind and she was startled. She managed to get away and realized that it was A. J. Both of them were pointing there guns at one another. They were also accusing each other of Fran's murder. Then they realized that both of them were wrong about the accusations. They were wondering why Fran locked the door and why didn't she arrive. They gave up and went home. On the inside Gregory and Cole were pointing their guns at one another. Then Gregory grabbed Annie's and had her at gun point. Gregory told Cole to droop his gun but, Cole refused. Annie begged Cole to drop his gun because Gregory has killed once and he will kill again. Cole still refused. Then he gave up and dropped his gun. Gregory told him to kick it towards him and Cole did so. Gregory bent down and picked up the gun and then through it away. Gregory pushed Annie and Cole up against something looking like a gate and told Annie to tie him up real good. Annie did so. Annie told Gregory that if he killed Cole the line of suspects would be shortened to two people Which would be Gregory and Olivia. She said that Olivia would be quickly marked off. Cole told Gregory that he's just mad because his wife would rather sleep with him (Cole) that will Gregory. Gregory got upset and made an attempt to shoot Cole. From the time Cole was tied up he (Cole) was trying to get his hands out. Gregory was about to shoot Annie and Cole run and grabbed Gregory. The gun went off and everyone fell to the floor including Annie.

Evans Residence:
Maria was trying to find out from Ben if there was anything she could do for Meg and him. Ben asked her why she wanted to help and Maria send just because you don't love me any more doesn't mean that I don't love you still. Ben told Maria that Meg wasn't coming back and they both went down the stairs. Ben gave Ricardo the report and Maria brought him some tea.

El Paso:
Annie was checking into an old ran down hotel and the women that checked her in realized that she knew Gabi. Gabi realized that she knew the girl too. the girl started asking her all these questions and Gabi was answer them. Then the girl told Gabi that in the morning when she the place she might go running back to Sunset Beach and Gabi shouted out no in a hurry.

Bette and Olivia's House:
A. J. and Olivia go back to Olivia's house and there are waiting for phone call form Fran to find out what happened. Just then Bette walks through the door and ask them if they waiting for a phone call. Olivia said NO and AJ said YES. the Olivia said YES and AJ said NO. Bette told them that when they decide to tell here and in the mean while she has to make a phone call. they both say NO. Bette says that she's going to use the cell up stair since her own best friend isn't going to tell her what going on. Bette went up stairs. Olivia can't believe that Bette isn't talking to her. She says that she must go and check on Trey and AJ said that he has some business to handle himself. They both leave.

Surf Central:
Meg walked in and found Sarah all dressed up in and gypsy outfit and then Casey walked in. Meg was asking her where she learned to do things like that and if she learned it from the Congress guy. Then Sarah explained herself. Casey and Meg went down stair and she asked or her tea and she gave him a hug, while Sarah was on the stairs and Casey went for her tea.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Olivia stops by the Richard's house on her way to meet with "Francesca." She has a heart to heart talk with Caitlin about how she is her mother and a mother always loves her child no matter what has happened between them. Olivia even suggests that they raise Trey together. Caitlin doesn't answer right away so Olivia went to leave, but Caitlin stops her and told her that it is still early and she could help her read to Trey. Olivia says she would love that but has to take care of something and will be right back. She leaves and Caitlin starts reading without her. She stops and has a fantasy about how she would wish things could be. When the dream is over, she told Trey just maybe things will work out that way.

They are outside of the warehouse when they hear a gunshot. Bette told AJ that she wants to know what is going on, and he told her not now. He tries to use the phone but she grabs it from him. She asks again as he grabs the phone back, but he doesn't answer, he calls the police instead. The police show up and asks what is going on. AJ says that behind the locked door maybe the answer to who really killed Francesca. Bette looks shocked. The police say that they have no warrant so they can't just break down a door. Bette tells them that they heard a gunshot and someone else maybe injured. The police get instead and find Cole's wallet. AJ wonders what Cole has gotten himself into now.

Inside the Warehouse:
Cole overpowers Gregory and wins the gun that Gregory was about to shoot Francesca with. He holds the gun on Gregory. Annie encourages him to shot him, saying that if Gregory had the chance that he would shot Cole. Cole turns his head and Gregory lunges for the gun. They wrestle around for control when Annie sees a metal bar and grabs it. She swings to hit Gregory, but ends up hitting Cole instead. She threatens to do the same thing to Gregory, but Gregory doesn't buy it and grabs the bar from her. He told her that he is going to take care of her next. He says that he isn't going to spend any time in jail, but if he does he wants to know that all the people that betrayed him have been taken care of. He drops the bar and grabs Annie's neck and begins to strangle her. They then hear police sirens. Gregory runs off, and Cole comes to asking Annie where Gregory is. She says that he is gone and they too head off to find him. Annie says that they don't even know where to go find him, he stops and calls Caitlin. Nobody answers. They think that Gregory is there and won't let her answer the phone. They say that they have to go now, but Spencer stops them at gunpoint and told them they aren't going anywhere.

Meg and Sara's talk about her and Ben gets heated. Then the phone rings. It is Hank, Meg whispers for Sara not to tell him what has happened. Hank starts getting upset and thinking the wrong things, when Sara blurts out that is not why Meg decided to leave Ben. Hank hangs up and Meg and Casey get upset. Sara tries explaining, but Meg is already trying to call her dad back. He is already gone and Meg fears that he went over to Ben's house. Casey tries to tell her to stick around and sleep on things, but Meg says that she needs to fix it tonight. Casey walks her to the door. Sara asks if he blames her, and he says that he doesn't. They talk and Casey explains to Sara that some people are meant to be together and if it is true love then they can make it through anything. They hug.

Ben told Maria that today has been one of the hardest days of his life. He then thanks Maria for not yelling at Meg. He says that she could have easily blown up at her when she found out that Meg was watching Benjy when he was kidnapped. Ben says that she is incredible. Maria told him that she is far from incredible, and asks if they can drop it. He asks her what is wrong. She says that she has just been thinking and that she has a lot that she wants to work on. He asks like being a person or a mother, then he apologizes. She told him that she wishes that she remembered more, that she sees the bond that Ben has already formed with Benjy and it makes her jealous. Ben takes her by the shoulder and told her that she needs to stop that, that she is a good mom and that she can't change that. Meg watches again as Ben tries to comfort Maria.

Tess lies and told Tim that she was alone there. He asks her if he should fake him believing that she is telling the truth. She acts shocked that he doesn't believe her, then she asks if he was following her. He admits that he was, that she disappeared and he was worried. She told him that she doesn't appreciate that and that following a person is illegal, he adds that so is kidnapping. He told her that she is leaving. He then told her that he has already put everything together, that everything makes sense. He tells her all that he knows. He then asks how many kidnapping fall into place as easy as that one did. Tess asks if Tim thinks that she is responsible for Benjy's kidnapping. Tim says that it is the truth right? She telling him that it is over, he agrees, but he adds not until he told Meg all that the knows. She stops and asks if he is going to tell Meg and he tells her yes that she has a right to know what she is being framed for doing. She went back in and says that she will talk.

The Cliffhanger
When Gregory disappeared from the warehouse, he returned to the mansion. He tells Caitlin to grab her and Trey's coat that they have to leave right away. He won't tell her anything. The phone rings and he told her she can't answer it. Gregory told Caitlin to trust him and she says that she does. She says she needs to go upstairs to get some things, but Gregory yells that there is no time. We see that Olivia is going up the sidewalk with a new book to read to Trey. She opens the door the same time that Gregory does. They both just look at each other

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