Robert Benvenisti
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Robert Benvenisti
Salem Presence
2001 to 2002
At A Glance

It was while attending the State University of New York in Albany that Robert Benvenisti discovered that acting was his passion after taking a few elective theatre courses. After graduating college with a business degree, he landed a job with AT&T, but he couldn't repress his desire to be an actor and was fortunate that AT&T transferred him to Los Angeles.

Upon arriving in Hollywood, Benvenisti juggled his demanding job at AT&T with intense acting classes and roles in independent films, among them "Rendezvous" and "A Visit from Incubus." His dream to become a working actor came true when he landed the role of Kevin. He quickly said good-bye to AT&T and hello to kissing some of the more popular members of the female student body at Salem High.

In his spare time, Benvenisti enjoys playing roller hockey (which is hockey on roller skates), going to the gym and chilling out in Hermosa Beach where he resides. Born in Long Island, New York, he is a first generation American as both his parents were both born in Israel. Benvenisti celebrates his birthday on December 23rd.

Although Benvenisti was signed to a three-year contract in 2001, he was let go in the summer of 2002, just one year into his contract.

Acting Portfolio
Days of our Lives
Kevin Lambert (#2)
2001 to 2002
Vital Statistics
DATE OF BIRTH: December 23, 1974

PLACE OF BIRTH: Long Island, New York
FAMILY: Shalom and Yardena (parents), Ronit and Gabriella (sisters)
EDUCATION: State University of New York (business degree)

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