Kit Paquin
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Springfield Presence
March 5, 2004 to April 28, 2004
At A Glance

Kit Paquin joined the cast of Guiding Light on March 5, 2004, taking over the role of Marina Cooper.

A native of Fairfax, VT, Kit attended both the University of Vermont and Hunter College. She has a conservatory degree from Circle in the Square Theatre School. Paquin had roles in several independent films and multiple theater productions, including New York City's Live Theatre Gang's production of Haters. Musically inclined as well, she has taken vocal lessons since the age of 16 and plays both the piano and flute. She is currently working to add the guitar to her repertoire.

An avid theatergoer, Kit also enjoys dancing (belly, ballroom, swing and funk), cooking, collecting unique art and reading classic novels. She loves working out and can often be found in the gym doing yoga, kickboxing and body conditioning. But her idea of a great night is one with just the girls, complete with a favorite television show, Chinese food and ice cream.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION

Guiding Light
Marina Cooper
March 5, 2004 to April 28, 2004

Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Fairfax, Vermont

DATE OF BIRTH: November 21

HAIR: Dark brown

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