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Greg Rikaart
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Greg Rikaart
Genoa City Presence
July 11, 2003 to Present
At A Glance

Greg Rikaart grew up on Staten Island, N.Y. and has an older sister, Keri. He graduated with honors from Villanova University in Pennsylvania. While in college, Rikaart spent a semester in Washington, D.C., interning on Capitol Hill.

After moving to Hollywood to pursue his career as an actor, Rikaart began training with Howard Fine and, early in his career, he appeared in shows including "As If," "Grounded For Life," "That's Life," "Gilmore Girls" and "Strong Medicine." Prior to landing the role of Kevin, Rikaart had a recurring role on "Dawson's Creek." Most recently, he guest-starred on "CSI: Miami," on the Network, "The Closer," and the online hit "Imaginary Bitches," for which he received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination.

Also, he appeared in the feature films "X-Men 2" and "Prey for Rock and Roll."

When not working, Rikaart, an avid environmentalist, enjoys reading, yoga, hiking, mountain biking, watching movies and traveling. His birth date is February 26.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
The Young and the Restless
Kevin Fisher
July 11, 2003 to Present

Dawson's Creek
Acting Portfolio: FILM
Fake Stacy
Josh Patterson

Museum Teenager #2

Prey for Rock & Roll
Awards & Acclaim
Daytime Emmys Winner, Outstanding Supporting Actor (2005>; for The Young and the Restless)

Daytime Emmys Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actor (2005, 2006, 2008, 2018; for The Young and the Restless)
Daytime Emmys Nomination, New Approaches - Daytime Entertainment (Performer, Imaginary Bitches; 2009)

Daytime Emmys Pre-Nomination, Outstanding Supporting Actor (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018>; for The Young and the Restless)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Born in Brooklyn, New York
RAISED IN: Staten Island, New York

DATE OF BIRTH: February 26, 1977

HEIGHT: 5'10"

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