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A native of Reno, Nevada, Scott knew early on that he wanted to be an actor, declining college football scholarships to pursue his career. On television, he has appeared in Baywatch and the Aerosmith videos, Love Is Hard on the Knees and Hole in My Sole. His film credits include Shrieker, Until Death, A Turn in the Tree, Caught, and a supporting role in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss.

When he is not working, Scott enjoys many outdoor sports including rollerblading, skiing and mountain biking, watching old movies, and spending time with his family.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
One Life to Live
Will Rappaport
July 22, 1998 to August 27, 2001; March 25, 2003 to April 4, 2003; May 13, 2005 and May 16, 2005; September 19, 2007 to October 1, 2007
Awards & Acclaim
Soap Opera Digest Awards: Nominee, Outstanding Male Newcomer (1999)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Reno, Nevada

DATE OF BIRTH: December 29

HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue

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