One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on OLTL

Will arrived in Llanview for his sister's memorial. Jessica suspected that she had multiple personality disorder. Blair understood Todd's reasoning. Michael performed an illegal autopsy on Jen at John's persuasion. It proved she'd been murdered. Rex and Bo tailed Daniel and Mark to a gay nightclub. Lindsay testified in court. David and Dorian unknowingly picked each other through an online dating service.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Nora misinterprets Marcie's agitation as grief over Jen's death. Meanwhile, Bo tells Rex he and John are now certain that Jen didn't commit suicide after all. Riley is puzzled by Mark's cryptic remarks to Daniel. A frightened Jessica worries about what she may have done during her blackouts. Will returns to Llanview to support his anguished mother as Lindsay prepares to bury a child. Bo cautions Rex to keep mum about their new evidence. Marcie reluctantly keeps Mark's secret under questioning from Nora. A gloomy Todd tells Blair he deserved to be raped because of what he did to Marty and the way he's lived his whole life. Natalie coaxes Rex to accompany her to Jen's memorial service. John proposes a risky scenario to ferret out the truth about a murder. Blair tries to reassure her unhappy husband that he isn't doomed to continue Victor's evil legacy. Later, Todd reveals to Blair why he finally stopped fighting Margaret's demands. John asks a startled Michael to secretly perform a second autopsy on Jen. At the church, Will breaks down in tears as he eulogizes his beloved sister.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Natalie and Viki have a heart to heart conversation. Nat tells Viki that she shouldn't have gone to Jen's service because of her illness. Viki says she wouldn't have missed it, because Jen was once her daughter-in-law; but more importantly, Lindsay asked her to speak, and Viki knows exactly how Lindsay is feeling. "Because of Megan," Natalie states. "Yes, Megan was very much on my mind today," Viki replies and expresses her wish that Natalie could have known her older sister. Natalie says that Jessica has told her a lot about Megan. Viki and Natalie touch briefly on Natalie's attempts to snare John. Viki tells Natalie that she understands why Natalie sometimes shuts her out: it's because Viki didn't find her until she was an adult, and then proceeded to do horrible things to her as Niki Smith. Natalie tells Viki that she knows Niki was the one responsible for hurting her, and that Viki would never do anything to harm her children. She also says that what she's really afraid of is disappointing her mother; Viki says this could never happen.

Meanwhile, Jessica is coming to terms with her own possible DID in the office of Dr. Jamison. She frantically tells the doctor about her latest memory loss and also fills him in on the period after her baby, Megan Victoria, died directly after her birth. Jess recalls the way she stalked and terrorized Dorian and the fact that she wouldn't have known about any of it unless people had told her. She further informs Dr. Jamison about her mother's history with DID, and he says that there is a slight genetic disposition towards the disease. Jessica is now convinced that she has DID, but the doctor tells her they must run more tests. For right now, though, he doesn't want her to be alone. After Jessica leaves the office, she fights off Tess's voice, asking her to let her out. Jessica remains in control and calls Antonio to be with her.

Blair and Todd continue to discuss the ramifications of Todd's rape at the hand of Margaret. Blair looks up pregnancy tests on the Internet and verifies that they can be wrong if taken too early. She demands that Todd tell her when Margaret took the test, and he confesses that it was the day after she raped him. Blair is convinced that Margaret is pregnant and carrying Todd's child. Meanwhile, Margaret decorates a baby's room, placing a pillow that says Todd Jr., into a crib!

In the wake of Jen's memorial, there is a reception at Lindsay's gallery. Will tells his mother that the autopsy came back confirming suicide. Mark tells Daniel they need to stop hiding their relationship. Daniel tells Mark that as soon as he is appointed to lieutenant governor, he will get Mark a job in Harrisburg, and they can be together while Nora remains in Llanview. R.J. tells Lindsay that he will not expect her to testify at Jamie's custody hearing after what she's been through with Jen. Rex introduces himself to a cold Will, who throws Rex's shabby misdeeds towards Jen (scamming her out of Sam's house; sleeping with her mother) in his face. Bo breaks them up and informs Will that Balsom really did love Jen. After almost everyone has cleared out of the gallery, Nora tells Daniel that she doesn't want him blaming himself for Jen's suicide. Daniel accepts a phone call form Governor Brooks, letting him know that he's being officially promoted to lieutenant governor. Nora gives Daniel a congratulatory embrace.

Bo returns to the station to find Rex ransacking Colson's office, looking for incriminating evidence. Bo demands that Rex leave the detective work to him and pick up every single item he has messed up. As Rex reluctantly starts cleaning up, he stumbles upon Daniel's passport. Realizing that Daniel is indeed Ted, Rex shows the passport to Bo ... they are one step closer to catching a killer.

Also one step closer to the truth are John and Michael. Michael has forged ahead with the illegal second autopsy, but it turns out to be worthwhile when he offers John conclusive proof that Jen was indeed murdered.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

As proof that Dorian is over David, Adriana suggests she date. Searching online, the ideal match- making website is found and Adriana registers her mom as "One Perfect Rose."

An ailing Viki finds David in her house and is not amused. She advises him that he needs to move because he's overstayed his welcome. Refusing to grant him the favor of introducing him to a rich woman, she reminisces about her chance meeting with Ben. David has an idea and signs up online with a matchmaking service. He dubs himself "King of Hearts."

Marcie tells Mark that he's living a lie and will get hurt by Daniel. A late arriving Michael incurs her wrath until she learns what he's been up to and the results. The fact that Jen has really been murdered by suffocation brings her to tears. She promises not to tell anyone but also vows that she can't be close to anyone ever again, as she pulls away from her ex. Everyone she gets close to dies and it's all her fault, she sobs. Michael convinces her that she cares too much about people and it's a wonderful gift. She allows him to hold her as she cries.

When Nora and Daniel arrive home after the memorial service, they look at the newspaper with Jen's picture on the front page. Daniel gasps as he thinks he sees himself in the act of murdering Jen and begins to prattle on about how it's entirely his fault, keeping after Jen for killing only a low life like Paul. She lost everything because of him. Nora assures him that murderers are all consumed with guilt and fear. She's just proud of him for becoming the new lieutenant governor but is worried about Matthew who hasn't shown much emotion since learning of Jen's death. When the boy pulls a poem off the printer that he wrote about his late sister, she lets him read it aloud. Daniel gets a call from the governor but is interrupted by the doorbell. There's an envelope on the ground and ripping it open, he finds a CD with sentimental songs. Daniel quickly covers when Nora questions the envelope's contents, telling her that he was planning on leaving it for her on his first night away. The governor sends a car for him and telling his wife that he loves her, he heads out.

Bo, John and an uninvited Rex huddle in Bo's office where they share information. John divulges the results of the new autopsy while he learns that Daniel's real first name is Theodore or Ted and their new prime suspect is right there in front of them. They definitely have enough evidence though they try to figure out the reason for the blackmail of Paul. An affair might be a possibility. Bo recalls that Daniel was with the m.e. when the autopsy was being done and they learn that the man is on an unexpected vacation. They decide to check out Daniel's printer, the one that may have printed the original note to Rex about hiding the gun. Rex is chomping at the bit and frantic as the other men discuss their strategy. Bo orders Rex to sit still and be quiet; John consoles Rex when he laments that his moves to help Jen might have been what got her killed. They try to figure out who Daniel could be having an affair with if he was so desperate to hide it since it was before his engagement to Nora. Nat tries to get Rex to share his feelings with her.

Stopping at home to check on her mom, Nat runs into Evangeline who was looking for both Jess and Nat. She wants to talk about John with Nat but the women end up having words. Evangeline doesn't want John disturbed by pettiness, which Nat immediately takes exception to. She guarantees that John isn't being distracted by her and suggests that Evangeline doesn't know John as well as she thinks.

Daniel calls Mark and tells him off for sending the CD to the house. He promises that everything will be fine, that he'll get Mark a job and take care of him.

Nora is playing the CD as Bo arrives to see her. She immediately suspects that something is wrong.

Adriana finds a profile to Dorian's liking and quite by accident makes the moves necessary to contact "King of Hearts." David reads the bio of "One Perfect Rose" and accepts the match.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

As the custody hearing reconvenes, Lindsay surprises everyone by showing up to testify for R.J. Daniel agrees to meet Mark for a private celebration. Meanwhile, Nora bristles when Bo insinuates that her husband has been cheating on her. Later, Riley is angered to overhear Bo warning Nora that Daniel has done such unspeakable things behind her back it's no longer safe for her or Matthew to remain in the D.A.'s orbit. On the witness stand, Lindsay declares that although Antonio is a good father, Jamie's needs would best be served if she stayed with her grandfather. Matthew shows his poem about Jen to Riley, who decides to hang it at the makeshift memorial site in the parking garage. Jessica makes a final appeal to the judge which puzzles Antonio. Rex recognizes a familiar printer after reading Matthew's poem. Bo secretly puts a tail on his prime suspect. Daniel assures an uneasy Nora that her ex is merely jealous of his success. John prevents a seething Rex from going after Jen's killer to exact his own revenge. Mark promises Daniel a night he'll never forget. A grieving Riley begins drinking as he watches the last video he shot of Jen. Jessica tells Dr. Jamison why she's elected to keep her problem from friends and family.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Natalie and Nora have a heated confrontation at the police station when Nat refuses to let Matthew go home with his mother. Natalie holds her own, insisting that Bo gave explicit orders for Matthew to remain with her. Nora finally backs down and says good-bye to her son. She knows something very serious is wrong and heads over to R.J.'s. Lindsay and R.J. have been enjoying each other's company, but Lindsay knows that she has to return home to officially say good-bye to Jen. R.J. tries to persuade her to stay the night, but she insists that she must be alone so that she can scream and break things; it's going to be devastating, but she needs to do it. As Lindsay prepares to leave, Nora shows up and apologizes for interrupting. Lindsay asks if she's finally come to her senses about Daniel. Nora says that she knows her problems are nothing compared to Lindsay's, but that she really doesn't want to go home tonight. Lindsay leaves, telling Nora that she's not afraid to face the night alone. Nora does her best to ignore Lindsay's jibe and opens up to R.J. about her fear and confusion. She admits that Daniel is starting to feel like a stranger to her, and she also tells him that Bo suspects Daniel is having an affair. R.J. asks if she agrees with Bo, and Nora says that she doesn't know.

Meanwhile, Rex and Bo have tailed Daniel to a gay bar in New York City, where he is trying to relax with Mark. Rex and Bo keep an eye on Colson and also manage to get hit on by a couple of men. At one point, Rex pretends to be Bo's lover in order to ward off the advances of a man on the prowl! Mark and Daniel argue about Daniel's discomfort at being out in public, and Mark storms out of the bar. Daniel follows him, and they catch a cab. Bo calls John to see if there is a warrant for Daniel's arrest, but it won't be ready until the following morning. Rex and Bo realize that they are going to have to arrest Daniel at his swearing in ceremony for lieutenant governor! Rex asks Bo what this is going to do to Nora. "It's going to shatter her world," Bo replies.

Natalie takes Matthew back to Llanfair, where he sadly tells her he is missing Jen. Natalie tells him that she knows how many people loved his sister. Viki comes in and manages to take Matthew's mind off things by showing him an old video tape of Asa, Clint, and Bo racing horses. Matthew is impressed and asks Viki is she thinks his grandfather is ever coming home.

At the Palace, Blair and Todd enjoy a romantic dinner. Kelly and Kevin show up, and Todd is embarrassed at seeing them for the first time since his secret was revealed. Blair tries to comfort him, explaining that no one thinks he should magically be "over" a sexual assault. Kelly and Kevin argue on the terrace when he accuses her of knowing about the bug in his office. She walks away, telling him that if he can't believe her, she should probably not be working with him at B.E. Kelly stops at Blair and Todd's table to tell Todd how bad she feels about what Margaret did to him. He tells Kelly that since she knows his secret, he'd like to knows some of Kevin's: such as, Asa's whereabouts. Kelly leaves Blair and Todd to their dinner, and Kevin runs after her to apologize. He admits that he's feeling bothered about Daniel Colson taking over his job as lieutenant governor. Kelly asks him if he knows where Asa is, and Kevin says no.

We finally see Asa for the first time in months. He's sitting on a terrace in a tropical location, barking orders into a phone. He tells the person on the other line that tomorrow is the day he puts his plan into effect. "If anyone tries to get in my way," he hollers, "shoot them!"

Dorian and David show up at the Palace to meet their respective internet dates, King of Hearts and One Perfect Rose. They are surprised to discover that they have managed to set themselves up on a date with one another! After exchanging witty barbs, Dorian walks out, leaving a discouraged David behind.

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