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Jack convinced Erica to get married in Boca Raton. Sam tried to find his birth parents. Maria and Zach said their goodbyes. Tad's search for Jane Doe revealed a new lead. Greenlee locked Zach in a storage room.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, May16, 2005

When Greenlee got home, she asked Kendall what she was doing there. Kendall told Greenlee that she and Ryan had talked about his visit with the doctor. Ryan told Greenlee that he would do anything he had to do so that nobody else gets hurt by the Lavery legacy. Kendall and Greenlee bantered back and forth about who knew Ryan best and Kendall told Greenlee that she didn't know what was going on with him. Greenlee told Kendall that although she and Ryan had a history, their marriage was a completely different relationship. Greenlee told her that there were no secrets in their marriage. Ryan said that he and Greenlee had talked through everything and Kendall said she was relieved that he had told Greenlee all about his visit to the doctor's office. Greenlee asked what the problem was and Ryan told her that the doctor clarified some things for him and he felt better. Kendall, not about to let it go, told Greenlee and Ryan that she wished them luck with their new and improved totally honest relationship. Greenlee poured her and Ryan a glass of wine and began telling him what she had told Jack to convince him to get back with Erica. Ryan then told her that Kendall was not trying to cause trouble between them and that he had told the doctor that he could not risk bringing a child into the world. Greenlee, still under the impression that the doctor to whom Ryan referred was a counselor and not one who performed vasectomies, told him she would stick by him no matter what. She continued to talk about how their children would not be twisted, but would be like them. He told Greenlee that every decision he made was to protect her and for their marriage.

Sam asked Tad if he could live with him. Tad asked Sam when he found out that he was part of the Martin family. Maria followed her hunch and called Tad to find Sam. He told her that he would take Sam home. Anita told Maria to stop blaming herself. She told Maria that both she and Sam needed time. Sam continued to insist that he wanted to find and live with either of his biological parents. He told Tad that if he wouldn't help find his parents, he would do it on his own. Tad told Sam to be honest and admit that this wasn't about being adopted but about being mad at his mother. Maria told Sam that she knew she made mistakes and she took the blame for her mistakes. She also told him that she understood that he was mad but not to give up because she loved him more than life. Tad told Sam to face his problems and deal with them but no to run from them. Tad told Maria that Sam didn't hate her, but that he was just angry and confused.

J.R taunted Jamie about the details of Phoebe's will. Not only would Jamie have to give up Babe to get his inheritance, but Phoebe also put J.R. in charge of Jamie's trust. Phoebe further instructed that J.R. is to monitor Jamie making sure that he dumped "that floozy" and at that time J.R. is to make opportunities available for Jamie at the best schools. Babe apologized to Jamie and he told her that she had no reason to be sorry. J.R. called Babe a loser and Jamie told him he could take the money straight to hell. Brooke told J.R. that he didn't hold all the cards and J.R. told Jamie that it was only a matter of time until he sees Babe for the dish rag she really was. Tad told Jamie that whatever he decided, he would be behind him one hundred percent. Jamie told Brooke that there was no way he was leaving Babe and that he didn't want the inheritance. Brooke and the attorney left Jamie and Babe alone to talk. Brooke assured Jamie that there were ways around Phoebe's will and they would find it. Babe told Jamie if she had known that he had ambitions of being a doctor that she would have never let him help kidnap little Adam or go into hiding. Jamie told her that he didn't care about the money and Babe told him that everyone cared about money. She told him that his Aunt Phoebe had made it so easy for him to go to school and become a doctor and he told her that she might as well have asked him to rip out his heart. Babe told him that she loved him as much as he loved her but he needed to seriously consider Phoebe's offer.

Jack kidnapped Erica and took her to a yacht. He told her that he put seventeen years into loving her and he was not going to walk away without a fight. She asked Jack what he expected to gain from kidnapping her and he replied, "an apology." Erica told him the only thing she was sorry for was trusting him. Jack offered Erica her favorite, penne putanesca. Erica ambled to the table, picked up the plate of pasta, opened Jack's jacket and dumped it in. Jack then picked up the dessert plate and just when it looked like it may be a scene from "Animal House", he put the plate down and told her he wouldn't stoop that low. Erica told Jack that she would not put up with such tyranny and he replied that she would put up with it until she apologized to him and he would then decide if it would be worth continuing their relationship. He told her that she loved him until he wouldn't obey her orders. Jack continued to try to get Erica to say she was wrong. Erica told Jack that he too was to blame. Jack told her that she was looking for a yes man and she told him that she was looking for someone who would support her. She told Jack that she had to resort to desperate measures. He asked her what she meant and she told him that she had offered to marry Zach instead of Kendall. Jack told her that he needed some air and to put some distance between the two of them before he did something he regretted for the rest of his life. Erica, resourceful as always escaped from the locked cabin through the window.

Kendall went to Zach's house, told him to get a bottle of champagne and his car keys because they were driving to the nearest justice of the peace to get married. She told him whatever doubts she had about marrying for business were over because coupling for love sucks. She listed the dysfunctional couples of Pine Valley and said she wanted vows that stood for money, power and revenge. He told her that she and Ethan still had a shot at happiness and she needed to think about that. She told Zach that she didn't give a damn about Ethan and he asked her if she would be that flip when Ethan looked at her as if he wanted to tear her heart out. He told Kendall that Ethan will hate her and she needed to prepare for that. J.R. overheard and told Kendall not to worry because he would be there to help her through it. Zach told "Junior" to go inside because the grownups were talking. Kendall told Zach to be nice to her lover. J.R. offered to stand up for Zach at his wedding and went inside to wait for Kendall. Zach told her that their open marriage went both ways and he too had a proposal earlier. Kendall asked who the lucky lady was and he told her it was her mother. He told Kendall that Erica offered her hand in marriage so that she wouldn't have to marry him. He also told Kendall that he turned Erica down. Zach told Kendall to consider the fallout their marriage would cause. J.R. then entered and told Kendall that she thinks too much, and kissed her passionately.

Tuesday, May17, 2005

Despite Jamie's objections, Babe continues to pressure him to take Phoebe's offer. She says that he should go to school and be a doctor. Jamie says that she is his future and so is Little Adam. Babe says he got kicked out of school, can't get a good job or a decent place to live because of her. Jamie says there is no need to talk about it, nothing has changed and money does not matter. "I wouldn't kiss you off for any amount of money," he says. Babe admits she is worried he will resent her later on if he does not take the deal. Jamie gets frustrated and walks out. He meets Babe back at their home after going out on a ride to clear his head and tells her he has made a decision about Phoebe's offer. He passionately kisses her and says the money does not matter. Babe asks him if he sure about his decision. He says Phoebe was a woman who could hold a grudge, but not him. The only thing Phoebe accomplished was making him love Babe even more than ever because she put him first, Jamie says. He tells her that no one can buy him out to stop loving her, even Phoebe or JR and they make love.

Kendall pushes JR away and they go inside and continue kissing, but Kendall stops him. She says when he tells her what to do, he is breaking their "no strings attached" agreement. JR tells her he will back off and try to just be her friend. Kendall asks him to leave and give her space. JR tells her about Ethan's bribe and that he turned him down. Kendall is surprised that he refused Ethan's offer. JR says that he was disgusted by the offer and for some reason, Ethan thinks he is controlling her. JR tells her not to worry about Ethan-he would rather steal it from him than hand it over. Kendall asks him to if he is falling for her. JR admits he is falling in lust for her, but love is only for naïve people. Kendall asks JR how Ethan reacted when he found out that they slept together. JR says Ethan seemed nonchalant and will forgive her, if she wants him too. Kendall admits he is not sure what she wants and if she marries Zach, it will crush Ethan and put her at the top of his enemy list. JR tells there is nothing bad about Zach's offer and she should not have to lower her expectations for him. "He was willing to trade you like stock. That's love?" JR asks. Kendall says, maybe she shouldn't have expected Ethan to change himself for her. That is how she lost Ryan, she says. Kendall tells JR she is calling Ethan but he takes the telephone from her. JR tells her that Ethan only cared about revenge on his father and he never cared about her. Kendall says that she can't always have it her way. JR asks her to get some rest and decide it tomorrow. Kendall admits she just wants to be happy, despite her knack for going after bad boys. After some persuasion, she leads JR into her bedroom. After making love, JR sleeps and Kendall thinks about Zach's offer, Ethan's bribe to JR and Ethan proposing to her. She looks at JR and puts her robe on. She goes over to see Zach and says she has the answer to his marriage proposal.

Ethan pays a visit to someone to see if they can help him get Kendall back.

Maria comes to see Zach at his home, saying she owes him something, but Zach tells her he owes her nothing. Maria thanks him for helping her find her children. She tells him there is something he can do for her and he agrees, citing that if it involves her children, it won't work because they hate him. Maria says her kids hating him if by no means his fault. Zach realizes that Maria has come to say good-bye and feels that it is overdue. With him being around, her and the children can't heal, he says. The problems with her family and children started before he came back into her life, Maria says. She brings up his proposed marriage to Kendall and he tells her he doesn't love her. Maria reminds him it is not her business-she is there to say good-bye so she can focus on her children. Before she walks off, Zach apologizes for things he has done to hurt her. Maria tearfully tells him she is grateful to him for loving her. "I didn't really have a choice," he says. Maria expresses how much she loved him and asks for one last kiss before leaving. They share a kiss and Maria holds him closely in tears. She pulls away from him, as tears roll across Zach's face, and leaves.

Jackson goes to check on Erica and finds nothing but her high-heels next to an open porthole. He leaves the room and calls her name, thinking she has gone overboard and a splash is heard. Erica emerges from inside a bench and calls out his name to try to stop him. She opens the door and Jackson is standing there, completely dry. Erica said she tossed plants out the window, Jackson threw a chair in the ocean because he knew she wouldn't jump in the water. She admits that she was worried when she thought he had jumped in the water. Erica asks him what they should do next. Jackson apologizes for his crack about her involvement with Maddie. Erica accepts his apology, then says she is sorry for proposing to Zach to meddle with Kendall's life and get revenge on Jackson. Erica tells him his apologies are far from over but Jackson has no clue what she means. She reminds him about his meddling in Greenlee's life, but Jackson refuses to apologize for caring about his daughter. They agree that from now on, their adult children's lives are their own and their lives are their own. They share a kiss and Erica is relieved that the fighting is over. Jackson tells her there is one more matter to resolve and carries into the bedroom. He asks her to marry him again.

Wednesday, May18, 2005

Ryan waits impatiently to be scheduled for his procedure. After spending a blissful night together on the yacht, Jackson tells Erica they've docked in Boca Raton, Florida. Lily announces to Aidan that she has a new boyfriend. At Fusion, Simone pesters Kendall to pick from among the three hotties who are currently courting her so that her girlfriends can finally have the leftovers. Ryan surprises Greenlee with flowers and champagne for their anniversary, followed by the gift of an expensive necklace. Frustrated when Danielle insists she's still not ready to have sex, Reggie reminds his girlfriend how much he wants her. Aidan and Anita disagree about the wisdom of allowing Sam to get close to Lily. As Greenlee dazzles Simone by displaying her new jewelry, Ryan quietly instructs Kendall to keep mum about his surgical intentions. Enthralled by the sight of a banyan tree which seems symbolic of their combined families. Erica explains to Jack why they must hold their wedding right there in Boca Raton. Sam assures Lily that he understands she's not interested in making love just yet. After finding his sister "practicing" touching with her new beau, Reggie realizes he may have to have a little chat with Sam once he returns from Florida.

Thursday, May19, 2005

Kendall, Greenlee, Lily and Reggie arrive in Boca Raton for Erica and Jackson's nuptials. Hassled by JR as she tends bar, Babe informs her ex that his brother will find another way to finance medical school because he's going to give Phoebe's fortune a miss. Aidan shows Tad the latest information on the mysterious "Jane Doe" they've been tracking throughout Europe. At the Chandler mansion, Di catches Amanda wearing one of Dixie's necklaces. Kendall assures her mother and Jack that Ryan had his reasons for remaining in Pine Valley. Meanwhile, Ryan is relieved to learn that a slot has suddenly opened up in Dr. Cooper's schedule. Though Amanda claims that JR gave her his mother's necklace, Di accuses the girl of stealing the bauble and orders her to hand it over. At the resort in Boca, Reggie looks forward to playing golf with his dad while the ladies luxuriate in a spa treatment. Astonished to hear that Erica has walked down the aisle nine times before, Lily wonders aloud if her new stepmom is going to break all the promises she's about to make to Jackson. Ryan steps in to prevent a fight between Jamie and his obnoxious sibling, then finds himself the new target of JR's sharp tongue. After explaining to Lily how long she's loved Jack, Erica vows that this marriage will be the one that lasts a lifetime. Kendall tells Greenlee she has no intention of tying the knot with Zach. Ryan finally decks JR after he makes a crack about Jonathan's demise. Amanda retaliates against Di by blaming her when money disappears from Adam's safe. Bianca and Miranda are reunited with their family, while Ethan's arrival irks Kendall.

Friday, May20, 2005

Babe and Jamie come home, and Babe has big plans to spoil her man for the day. Jamie is puzzled because Babe usually wants to nap after a long day. Undeterred, Babe does a mini strip tease, turns on some music and asks him to dance. She tells him that she also plans to give him a full body massage, and Jamie couldn't be happier. Before she can make another move, he picks up his future bride and takes her to bed. After making love, there is a little small talk before Jamie wants to go for another round. Babe is willing, but first she wants to deliver another part of his surprise. She tells him that she did a lot of research on the internet and then hands him plane tickets to a town in Mexico where there is a medical school that JR couldn't have barred him from. She wants him to fly out there, check out the school and the teachers, and then start there next semester. However, instead of being happy, Jamie is upset. He tells her that she is his dream, and that before the will was read, they were enough for each other. He still believes that they are and he needs her to believe that nothing has changed. Babe thinks that it has - she notes that he will never find out that she has some secret dreams because all she wants is a family: the two of them, and Little Adam. She thinks that he isn't giving their relationship enough credit by just accepting her dream as something shared. Jamie tells her that they've already made it through the most difficult times in their lives and into each other's arms. Now, he doesn't need to be anything other than with her. The next morning, Jamie wakes up and rolls over to see Babe staring at the plane ticket she bought. He tells her that the night before was amazing because he got to tell the woman that he loves how he feels. She is still stuck on the idea that he is giving up his dream for her, but he tells her that they are a miracle. They've gone through hell and back and they still have each other. He then tells her that he's not worried, because everything else will work out on its own.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam walks in on Amanda telling JR that Di stole money from the safe. Amanda is certain there has to be a reason for the betrayal, and Adam is quick to say it's because Diana can't be trusted. Smugly, he notes that his instincts about her were right from day one. He offers to call the police and handle Di's dismissal for his son, but JR will have none of it. Instead, he asks Diana directly is she took the money, and she tells him no. Adam is stunned, and warns his son that he shouldn't miss the warning signs right in front of him. JR, sure that he had missed something along the way, asks his father to fill him in. Adam tells him that Di took the job and joined their family simply to steal from them. Amanda takes that as her cue to leave, believing the conversation to be family business. JR stops her from going too far, and reluctantly, Amanda stops her flight. Adam thinks that he can prove that he is right by performing a search of Di's room, and goes to do just that. JR warns her that Adam doesn't say things like that lightly, and Di appears unfazed. JR makes note of this as Di explains what really happened. She tells her employer that this was Amanda's way of showing her who was boss in the house. JR looks puzzled, so Di continues by telling him that she caught Amanda with Dixie's star pendant on, and asked her to put it back where she found it. Enraged, Amanda decided that Di needed to be taught a lesson. Amanda interjects an apology, and JR, anger flashing in his eyes at this new revelation, is amazed that she is owning up to what she did so easily. Amanda corrects him, saying that her apology is because Di is dragging him into her lies. She spins a tale about how she saw people "like Di" lying effortlessly at the institution. She goes so far as to say that Di shouldn't be around his son, or anyone else's children. After a moment of consideration, JR announces that it's one woman's word against another's. Amanda tells him that it's understandable if he wants to believe the lie - because that's easier. Just then, Adam comes into the room, holding the proof that Di committed the crime - $500 hidden under her mattress. JR doesn't believe it's their money until Adam tells him that he keeps notes on the serial numbers of the cash in the safe, and a piece of paper found with the money in Di's room confirms his truth. With Amanda looking on smugly, JR asks that they both leave him alone with Di so that he can handle the situation.

A short time later, Adam and son are in the living room alone, and Adam believes that he missed the arrival and departure of the police. He asks if Di had confessed and left on her own. Before JR can answer, Di walks back into the living room holding the littlest Chandler. Outraged, Adam demands to know why she is still in the house, much less holding Little Adam. JR blithely replies that Di is doing what she is paid to do. Adam is flustered and somewhat speechless when Amanda reenters through the patio door. Seeing the room's occupants, she thinks that the showdown is still on, and offers to go back out for a while. Once again, JR stops her and tells her she is just the person he wants to see. He calmly asks her to leave the room with him, and perplexed, she follows. They head up to her room and as she watches, JR pries open her journal. Inside, instead of pages, he finds the remaining $9500. JR admonishes her for her plan of weaseling her way into their house just to rip them off and initially, Amanda tries to appear sorry. She says that ever since she left Pine Valley with her family, her mother has been in and out of hospitals. JR reminds her that insurance would pay for all of that, and that Trevor could make sure of it. Hearing her father's name, she switches tacks and says that her parents are so wrapped up in each other that they probably aren't aware that she is gone. She tells JR that she came to Pine Valley because she thought she would be safe. Then she says that registration is due at school, and this sets JR off. He tells her that she could have stolen the money from her father just as easily. Amanda swears that she wants to start anew, and that she plans to pay back everything. JR tells her that she can keep the money because he doesn't care about it. What he does care about it that she targeted them, committed the crime and then tried to pin it on someone innocent. He demands that she pack her things and leave his house. Distraught, Amanda begs for a second chance and a way that she could make it up to him. She tries to convince him by hugging him and begging him, and then resorts to kissing him. He lets the kiss linger for a moment, and then breaks it off roughly, slightly amused at just how grownup she is. She tells him that a little sex never hurt anyone, and offers to make it up to him in that way. Still angry, JR rejects her, saying that no amount of sex can make up for what she did. Amanda, her act gone and her attitude back in full force, tells him that all she really did was upset the nanny - and that she could apologize to her, but he'd be more fun. JR rejects her again, and leaves the room. The next morning, JR awakens Amanda by whispering in her ear. She makes another offer to make amends by sleeping with him, but that's not even close to what JR wants. He admits that she really owes him and then cryptically asks how much she likes Jamie.

Kendall explodes into her room in a rage, with Bianca not far behind. Kendall asks her sister how she could bring Ethan to the wedding, throwing him in both her and Erica's faces. Bianca, sure that Ethan filled her in on everything that had gone on since her departure, tells Kendall that she had no choice but to interfere, because there is no way she would allow Kendall to marry Zach. Bianca is shocked that Kendall would even consider such a thing when she still loves Ethan. Kendall tells her that Ethan made his choice, and Bianca lets on that she believes his choice was to be with Kendall. A light dawns, and Kendall realizes that as usual, Ethan didn't tell the whole truth. She takes a moment to tell her sister that she said she would marry Ethan - if he signed over his shares of Cambias to his father. Shocked, Bianca admits she had no idea. Just then, there is a knock at the door, and Bianca opens it and finds Ethan on the other side. Irritated, she tells him that the next time he decides to use her to get what he wants, he'd better tell her the whole truth. She leaves the room in a huff of exasperation, leaving the former lovebirds alone. This doesn't last long, as it takes only mere seconds for Kendall to cross the room and slam the door in his face. Not willing to give up so easily, Ethan pounds on the door, demanding to be let in. Kendall isn't backing down, however. Incensed that he dragged her sister into their mess, she rages at him about being done with him and his lies. She tells him through the closed door that he needs to get away from her door and get out of the country, because she doesn't want to see his face again.

Greenlee checks the handle on the door where she has locked Zach away. She indignantly berates him for daring to show up at the wedding. She then informs him that only one wedding will take place, and it isn't his. She stalks off, leaving Zach to inspect his latest jail cell. He finds a caged bird inside and enlists it as his sounding board.

Jack enters a suite with Erica in his arms, and she is raging at him. He puts her down, closes the door and lets her vent. She is upset that Ethan showed up, that he was again going after one daughter while dragging another along for assistance, and that Jack hauled her away from the scene, refusing to let her interfere. She continues on this path for a few minutes and then collapses into tears. She realizes how quickly she has fallen into her old habits, and she begs Jack to not let her ruin their wedding after all they had done to get there. True emotions not swayed by her outburst, he simply calms the love of his life with a kiss.

Hours later, Kendall returns from dinner with her mother and soon-to-be stepfather. Erica is delighted that they were able to sup without Cambias presence. Kendall agrees, and then insists that they spend no more time on anything non-essential. They talk for a few more minutes, Kendall expresses how happy she is that the duo will finally wed, and then Erica sends her daughter off to bed, noting that she expects high energy from all parties. She starts to tack on some advice for her daughter, if Ethan should come sniffing around - but Kendall is already on the job. She shows off the "Do Not Disturb" sign that she plans to hang on her door, and her heart.

Out on the beach, Ethan sits in the dark on a bench. Bianca approaches him, sees the look on his face, and can't help but to stop and chat. She marvels at how he so easily flew to Paris, pled his case, convinced her to join forces with him - only to find out that he wasn't entirely truthful. Ethan tells her that he believes Kendall's conditions to actually be blackmail. He laments that although he thought Kendall loved him enough to marry him - he was wrong. Bianca tells him that he should expect no less than the ultimatum Kendall put forth, but Ethan responds that she asked him for the impossible: to give up everything that he had. Bianca reminds him that he would still have his love for her, and that's not a bad thing. Ethan tells her that he came to America to find his family and his true surname, and that even Bianca felt that it was important once upon a time. He reminds her that he was ready to walk away from everything when she offered him what she thought was her last connection to her daughter. Bianca tells him she did that because she never thought that Ethan would make money more important than Kendall. Ethan swears that Kendall was actually the one that made money more important when she asked him to choose - but Bianca offers another viewpoint: that Ethan was the guilty party when he lied to Kendall just to get back at his father. She then tells him that perhaps Kendall's ultimatum was the best thing that could have happened to him. She goes on to remind him that while Kendall loves him, if he surrendered his possessions, he would be free of all of the bad stemming from it, and he could focus on a life with Kendall. Ethan doesn't think that being penniless is the way to go, but Bianca tells him that she knows his bank account isn't the reason that he hangs on to his part of the empire. She says that it's because he has a need to keep a connection between him and his father. Ethan is quick to deny this, but Bianca reminds him that she was there when he found out that Zach really was his father but denied him. She knows how devastating that was for him - and she also knows that if he can't have his father's love, he will hang on to his inheritance as a way to keep the connection alive. Unwilling to admit that he was at fault, Ethan tries one more time to blame it on his father, saying that Zach's lies set everything in motion. He also notes that if there is a Cambias curse, it won't touch him. Bianca stops him, saying that she already sees the change in him, and that change breaks her heart. She urges a despondent Ethan to let it all go if he wants to get Kendall back. He asks her what he will have left if he takes her advice. With a smile, Bianca tells him that he will have Kendall - and goes on to say that when she is brave enough, Kendall loves with a force unparalleled by any other. In addition, he would gain Kendall's whole family, including Bianca, Miranda, Jack, and Erica. Ethan wryly tells her that including Jack and Erica would be pushing it too far. Acquiescing, Bianca tells him that family is a miracle - and notes that he knows that because he's been searching for it his whole life. She also reminds him that Kendall knows where he is coming from, and that when she was finally able to let go of her father, she was then able to find her way back to her sister and her mother. Bianca tells him that Kendall only wants the same thing for Ethan - and if he is brave enough to reach out and take it, she will meet him on the other side. She further notes that what he would get out of a positive relationship with Kendall and all of the people connected to her is worlds more than what he could ever get by holding on to his Cambias connections. Ethan starts to consider her words and she gives him a hug. He hugs her back for a moment, and then she bids him good night.

Kendall answers her door and Greenlee invites herself in. Kendall insists that she is busy, but Greenlee isn't giving up the fight. Greenlee thinks that they should celebrate because they will officially be sisters when Jack and Erica marry. Kendall is unmoved, and repeatedly asks Greenlee to leave her alone. Greenlee spots Kendall's license and passport on the table and offers to store it for her in her safe, but exasperated, Kendall grabs her things and says it's unnecessary. She then launches into a mini rant at Greenlee, ending by saying that she understands why 'he' didn't tell her. Intrigued, Greenlee presses on, determined to find out what Kendall means. Kendall sidesteps the question by reminding Greenlee that she will do anything and say anything to get what she wants - and right now, she wants to be alone. Greenlee tells her that she can take a hint, but will be around if Kendall changes her mind. Kendall makes note of it, and Greenlee leaves.

In their room across the hall, Jack grabs a present for Erica, saying that it can't wait until tomorrow. Gleeful, she sits on the bed with Jack and opens the box. Inside is a French Maid uniform, and they briefly reflect back to the last time she wore something like that for him. She then tells a disappointed Jack that they don't have a need for things like costumes and games anymore. The disappointment doesn't last for long as she follows by saying that they don't need clothes at all. After they make love, Erica tells Jack that she wants him to leave. Jack is slightly taken aback, but Erica stands her ground - she doesn't want to take the chance that they will jinx their future. He gets dressed, tells her that he will meet her at the altar tomorrow, and she agrees that she will show up. They exchange "I love you"s and Jack heads out the door.

A short time later, Kendall walks out on the beach, alone and searching for something. Greenlee appears from the shadows, and with a smile, she realizes that by locking Zach in the shed, she thwarted their plans.

The next morning, Erica awakens to a bright, sunny day and opens the shades to her room. She crosses the room, and sees a note for her that had been slid under the door. The note is from Jack, and he tells her that while he didn't get to start this day with her, that would never happen again. Just as she finishes reading the note, there is a knock at the door, and she knows instinctively that it is her groom. He promises to do whatever he needs to do if only she would open the door and let him in. She tells him that although it's silly to let superstition stop her from opening the door, she's letting it do just that.

As Kendall and Greenlee attempt to take in a little sun and relaxation before the wedding that afternoon, Kendall notes that her soon-to-be sister is a little too happy for the morning. Greenlee blows off Kendall's bad mood and heads for the spa, expecting Kendall to follow. She looks back to see Kendall about to open the pool supplies room where she locked Zach, and inexplicably tries to stop her.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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