All My Children Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on AMC

Ryan decided to divorce Greenlee, and he later consulted with a doctor about a vasectomy. Erica called off her wedding. Lily tried to help Sam and Maddie escape. Sam kissed Lily.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, May9, 2005

Ryan informs a stunned Greenleee he's dead serious about wanting a divorce. Across town, Kendall is taken aback when Erica confides that she may have to call off her wedding. Meanwhile, Sam finds an agitated Lily huddled in the woods and the two commiserate about their problematic parents. At the police station, Maddie shrilly accuses Zach of roughing her up but Maria advises her daughter to quiet down. Though Jamie orders Adam to get away from his mother, Brooke assures her son she can handle their guest alone. Sam explains to Lily why he's going to hide out until he can put together a plan to rescue his sister. Revealing how dangerously low his blood pressure had become, Adam thanks Brooke for browbeating him into seeing a doctor in time. Greenlee rages at her father for meddling in her marriage, then wheels around and warns Ryan she will never divorce him. Maria thanks Zach for preventing her children from leaving Pine Valley. Jamie is surprised to encounter Amanda Dillon at the Chandler mansion. Ryan reminds his exasperated wife how leaving her is the only way he can protect her from his inevitable family legacy. Kendall is forced to referee another quarrel between Jackson and Erica. Zach privately asks Maddie to cut her mother some slack for a change. Lily uses her analytical skills to help a grateful Sam. Brooke urges Adam to make a real effort to mend his hateful ways. Kendall lays down the law to her mother and Jack. Greenlee finally convinces Ryan to reconsider.

Tuesday, May10, 2005

Zach told Kendall that he could not elope with her right now because Sam was missing and Maria needed his help. He wanted to find Lily in hopes that she would know where Sam was but Jack threatened Zach (yet again) to stay the hell away from Lily. Jack, fed up with the whole situation, told Erica that maybe they should just call off the wedding. Greenlee then showed up and accused Jack of trying to convince Ryan to divorce her. He told her that where she saw sabotage, he saw salvation. She told Jack that she and Ryan were staying together no matter what. Erica then told Jack that she would go through with their marriage if he would stay out of Greenlee and Ryan's. Jack told Greenlee that he would do whatever it took to keep Ryan away from her.

Tad and Aidan looked for Sam. Aidan told Tad that he knew what today was and Tad told him that this was the one anniversary he wished he could just forget about every year. He told Aidan that it felt like he lost Dixie yesterday. Aidan told Tad that there was more news from Europe. A Jane Doe underwent three reconstructive surgeries in Germany but could not remember who she was. Tad wouldn't let himself believe that Dixie could be alive because he said that he could not go through her death all over again. Zach, Aidan and Tad all ended up at the hollow tree where Sam and Lily were the night of the explosion. Aidan asked Zach why he was pretending to care about Maria's kids. He asked if he was just trying to get back into Maria's bed. Tad told Zach that Maddie and Sam hate him and that he should stay out of their lives.

Jr chewed out Amanda and told her that Jamie was never allowed on the grounds again or she would have to leave. She apologized to J.R. and asked why he and Jamie hated each other. Di came to Amanda's defense and J.R. told her to mind her own business. Di told him that although she was his employee she would be spoken to in a civil manner. J.R. apologized to Di and Amanda told him that if Jamie came back, it would not be at her invitation. J.R. heard Di singing "You Are My Sunshine" to little Adam and he explained that Dixie used to sing that song to him and that three years ago today she died. Di asked J.R. what she could do for him and he told her to keep singing.

Jamie, clearly agitated at the way life has played out for him told Babe that J.R. was laughing at all that is wrong in their lives. He told her that he wanted to take the wrench he was holding and smash the smug smile right off J.R.'s face. Babe showed Jamie a couple of brochures from some colleges nearby, but Jamie told her that he already checked into them and J.R. had gotten to those campuses too.

Ryan told Greenlee that she was the only light in his life and that he decided to see a doctor to help him. Greenlee assumed he was going to a counselor, but actually he went to see a doctor about a vasectomy. The doctor told Ryan he would schedule him for an outpatient surgery the next day.

When Maria got Maddie home, she told her she needed to calm down. Maddie told Maria that she hated her for taking Zach's word over hers. Brooke came to the door and Maria asked her for help with her kids. Maria asked Brooke if she would help her win her kids back. Brooke told Maddie that it was a very foolish thing that she and Sam did. Maddie asked Brooke to help her get away from Maria. Brooke told Maddie that she reminded her of herself when she came to Pine Valley. She told Maddie that she was angry and defiant and had a real bad attitude. Brooke told her that she wanted to get away from the woman who took care of her when she was young but that she was so thankful that she stayed. She explained to Maddie that she had spent the day planning a funeral for her Aunt Phoebe and what a great loss is was for her. Brooke then promised Maddie that if she left Pine Valley, she would hunt her down and make her life miserable.

Wednesday, May11, 2005

Ethan arrives at the Chandler Mansion to talk to J.R. He wants him to stay away from Kendall. J.R. refuses to do so and jokes that he's in love. J.R. reminds him that he would move in on her if Ethan hurt her and starts to reminisce about them making love. Ethan tells him that he was only a convenience and it will take more than that to break them up. He says that he still loves Kendall and plans to marry her. J.R. tells him that he isn't giving Kendall up. Ethan replies that every man has his price and he thinks he knows what J.R.'s is. He hands him ownership papers to Chandler Enterprises and tells him that he'll sign it over...if he leaves Kendall alone. J.R. tears the papers up. Ethan gets on his phone and orders a bad business deal, that J.R. had dropped, to go through. The deal will make J.R. look bad and lose Chandler Enterprises millions. Ethan threatens to continue to make such deals and flush the company down the drain.

Jamie introduces Amanda to Babe and explains that she is staying with the Chandlers. Babe warns her about J.R. Amanda tells them about J.R. being livid that Jamie had stopped by. She can't believe how they hate each other now when they used to be so close. She tells Jamie that they have to make up. He replies that it isn't going to happen. She is shocked when they tell her about Babe's three-hour visit a week with her son and how J.R. is trying to take that from her, as well. Babe admits that she has made many mistakes. Jamie is paged away on a job. After he is gone, Amanda tells her how her own mother has also made many mistakes and she was kept from her for a long time because of it. She relates to Babe's situation and thinks it is wrong to keep a mother from her child. They talk for a while and the conversation turns to Krystal. Amanda tells her that she'd like to meet her. Babe explains how Krystal is in prison. Amanda says that they should go visit her the next week. Babe is surprised that she'd offer to go with her. Amanda confides that her mother has also gone to prison, but that didn't stop her from loving her. They realize that they have a lot in common and are going to be good friends.

At the Valley Inn, Greenlee and Kendall start to argue about who is responsible for Jackson and Erica's problems. Each blames the other. Kendall tries to convince her to give Jackson a break. Greenlee is too angry to consider it. Kendall tells her that if she wants to punish him, do it after the wedding. She goes on to say that it's up to them to help Jackson and Erica because if they don't go through with this wedding, they never will. Greenlee says it isn't her problem and she isn't interfering. Kendall replies that it is their problem...if Erica doesn't have Jackson, she'll put all of her focus into Kendall. Kendall has a daydream of Erica ordering her around on the set of "New Beginnings" and putting her on the spot, telling the audience that they will be working together and moving in together. They have on the same dress. When Erica mentions an on-air bikini wax, Kendall screams "no!" into the camera. Greenlee snaps her out the daydream. Kendall tells her to think about the extra time Jackson will have to control his children, if Erica isn't around. Greenlee has her own daydream. Jackson is ordering her, Lily and Reggie like a drill sergeant. They are all dressed in traditional Nordic costumes. After running through their list of duties, including signed divorced papers from Greenlee, Jackson tells them that they are going to travel around the world on foot, starting with Austria. As yodeling starts to play, Greenlee starts to scream. She comes out of her daydream and tells Kendall that she is right. She agrees to help them and they leave immediately.

Lily stashes Sam at Bianca's old apartment. She tries to convince him to flee to New Zealand, by taking a bus to an airport far from there He asks why there. She tells him that her mother used to read her a book about it and she always been fascinated with it. He asks her if she would come to visit him there and she tells him that she would like that. He asks her what happened to her mother. She tells him that she was his father. They also discover that they have being adopted in common. Lily gets a call from Reggie to come home. She leaves.

Jackson confronts Erica about having second thoughts. She admits that she is. He is upset that she hasn't said anything about it. She wants to talk about it now and hash it out right there. They are interrupted by Reggie, who says that he has plans for them. They try to get him to leave, so they can talk in private. Not realizing that they are fighting, he tells them that he wants to stay home and spend some quality time with them before the big day. After going on about the wedding, he catches on that they are not getting along. He gets angry and goes to his room. Erica is relieved that they can finally talk. Jackson angrily tells her that he is sick of talking and when she makes up her mind, to let him know before he gets to the alter. Lily comes home and they ask her if she's seen Sam. She admits that she has, but won't tell them where he is because he is her client and she won't betray his confidentiality. She goes to her room to avoid further questions. Erica mentions that Sam must be safe and needs some time to himself. Jackson attacks her, saying that she thinks she knows her kids, his kids and now Maria's better then anyone else. She warns him not to go there as he hurtfully says that she thought she knew Maddie the best as an infant, when she wanted her for her own. Erica is stunned at his words. At that moment, there is a knock at the door. Reggie and Lily come out to answer it. Opal, Myrtle, Livia, Danielle, Greenlee, Kendall, Palmer and Joe have all arrived for a surprise wedding shower. Erica looks helpless as they put a veil on her head and give them gag gifts to open. Greenlee and Kendall notice the tension between Jackson and Erica and agree that they have to do something. Lily answers the door and accepts a cake from the caterer. She slips out unnoticed. She takes the cake up to Sam and tells him that Reggie said the cake was for friends, so she thought he'd like some. She also gives him a picture frame for his photo of Edmund, saying that it made her feel better to wake up to one of her mother and thought he would like to do the same with this one. He is touched. She offers to help him find his biological father. He declines. She wonders if he thinks she isn't smart enough to find him. He tells her that he thinks she is very smart. He tries to kiss her, but she tells him not to touch her and she runs out of the apartment. Lily returns home just as Kendall and Greenlee get everyone's attention to make a toast. Greenlee tells Erica that she makes Jackson very happy and although they haven't got along well in the past, she is sure that she will grow to love her. She chokes out that last part. She then tells Jackson that she knows he is only trying to protect her and that she loves him and can't wait to stand up for him at the wedding. Kendall apologizes to them for all of the trouble she caused them in the past. She tells Jackson how great he is and that the Kane women sometimes are afraid to embrace what they want because they think they don't deserve it. She says that Erica does deserve to be happy and that means marrying him. She tells them that their marriage will create a big, happy family. Greenlee and Kendall acknowledge that they are sisters and awkwardly say that they love each other. They toast to Jackson and Erica. Kendall asks to hear from the happy couple. There is a silent pause and Erica gets up to say something. She tells Jackson that the wedding is off and leaves. Everyone is stunned.

Thursday, May12, 2005

Flashes of stellar moments in Phoebe Wallingford's life are shown as people begin to gather for the memorial service honoring the Grand Dame of Pine Valley.

Brooke is lost in memories as she looks upon a casket covered with flowers. Suddenly, a man comes up from behind her, turns her around quickly, and plants a kiss on her. Stunned, she lets it happen for a moment, and then she pushes him away and finds that it's her old friend Benny. After they wrap up their initial greeting, Benny tells Brooke that Phoebe has been orchestrating her final farewell for months, using him to do her bidding. Not surprised, Brooke guesses that Phoebe was ready to let go in the end. Benny counters, saying that giving up was never one of her strong suits. They are remembering her fight over Chuck Tyler with Mona Kane when Erica walks into the courtyard. Benny leaves them to talk alone and Erica offers her condolences. She admits that she wishes Phoebe and Mona hadn't always been fighting over a man. Brooke takes this as an opportunity to bring up Jack, and asks Erica if he will be coming to the service. Noncommittally, Erica assures Brooke that he should be along momentarily. Brooke mentions that she heard that their wedding was off again, and notes that Erica never seems to learn. Trying to hide her hurt and disappointment in the situation, Erica simply tells Brooke that she doesn't think Phoebe would think of the here and now as an appropriate place to gloat. Brooke flashes back to a time when Phoebe told her almost those same words, and she apologizes to Erica. Brooke sees that Linc and Kelly arrived, and she excuses herself to go talk to them.

Jamie and Babe are getting ready for the service at their apartment. While Babe acknowledges how great of a woman Phoebe was, Jamie seems fixated on the fact that Adam wants Brooke again. Initially, Babe doesn't think it's possible but one look from Jamie changes her mind. They plan to leave momentarily, but before they can make a move, there is a knock at the door. Jamie opens the door and finds his brother on the other side. JR immediately accuses Jamie of using Phoebe to screw him over from beyond the grave, and shoves a piece of paper at him. On the paper is a personal note from Phoebe, inviting JR to the service and the reading of her will. JR believes that when Phoebe started to get sick, Jamie took the opportunity to bad mouth JR so that she would leave him nothing. Babe is appalled at JR's behavior. JR points out that Babe never knew Phoebe and Babe replies that she at least is respectful of her memory, on today of all days. Then, Jamie invites his brother to go to the funeral with them - if only to see that JR really did get what was coming to him.

A short time later, Babe, Jamie and JR arrive at the memorial service. After determining that JR is sure he won't be the victim of another one of their "schemes", he goes to check on his mother. Tad immediately approaches them, noting how strange it was to see them come in as a group. JR notes that death makes you realize what's really important, but that there would be no group hugs or sing-a-longs.

In his apartment, Reggie fights with Jack over his decision to let the engagement be called off with so little resistance. Jack tries to assure his son that he can handle Erica, but Reggie isn't willing to give up that easily. Before he can launch into more protests, Lily returns home. Jack tells Reggie that he has to talk to Lily and abruptly cuts their conversation short. As she carefully pours herself a glass of juice, Jack pleads with Lily to reveal where Sam is hiding out. Lily is shocked (but pleased) that Jack has no leads and announces that he should be proud of her for doing her job so well. Moments later, there is a knock at the door and Jack goes to answer it. He finds Aidan on the other side and welcomes him graciously. Jack informs Aidan that Lily knows where Sam is, and asks him to convince his youngest daughter to relinquish the information about Sam. Lily, who overhears this as she reads a book in the living room, reminds them that client information is confidential. At a loss, Jack closes the door to the apartment so that he can speak with Aidan privately in the hall. Jack tells Aidan how seriously Lily is taking confidentiality, and Aidan replies by saying he will do everything he can to track down Sam. Jack leaves for the service, leaving Aidan to strategize. Back inside, Reggie breaks the news to Lily that Jack and Erica may not be getting married. He tells his sister that Jack needs to fix whatever is wrong, because he refuses to say goodbye to one more person that is a part of his life.

Kendall arrives at Ryan and Greenlee's apartment to find Ryan barely awake enough to deal with her. Kendall proceeds to flounce inside without invitation and announces that she waited until Greenlee was buried in business at Fusion before she made her house call. She then tells Ryan that he doesn't have to talk - she just wants him to take her to bed. She lets Ryan flounder for a minute for shock value, and then confesses that she simply wanted to get his attention. She explains that her real motive is ensuring that Ryan and Greenlee stay together, happily, because that will spell happiness for everyone else (Bianca, Miranda, Reggie, Lily, Greenlee and Kendall herself). Ryan doesn't think it's his problem to deal with but Kendall isn't willing to accept that as an answer. She tells Ryan that she won't give up badgering him until he does what she wants him to do. Ryan then asks her about the act that Kendall and Greenlee have been carrying on all week. Kendall admits that it's a bit trumped up, but she and Greenlee are really friends. She feels that as her friend, she has to go to bat with Ryan for her Greenlee. She urges Ryan to not give up on his wife - because she loves him in a way that Kendall only dreams of loving someone...completely. Kendall believes that a love this amazing, even after she was completely crushed by Leo's death, is worth fighting for. Ryan tells Kendall that there will be no divorce and that his relationship with Greenlee is fine. Kendall points out that things aren't fine because he is still denying Greenlee the baby that she wants to give him. Angered, Ryan tells Kendall that the subject of a baby is off-limits because it won't happen. Kendall takes offense, and blasts him for disrespecting her and Miranda. Confused, Ryan asks for clarification. Kendall tells him that by refusing to have a baby because of his family lineage is like saying that she and Miranda are bound to eventually turn into their fathers. Ryan says that his current situation is completely different than hers and Miranda's. He admits that he doesn't want children - now or ever, and that if Greenlee has kids, they won't be biologically related to him. He then asks Kendall if she will help him make Greenlee understand that. Kendall tells him that if he goes through with his line of thinking, he may end up regretting it because he could lose Greenlee. Ryan promises that will never happen because he is currently seeing a doctor so that he can fix things. Kendall, delighted, tells him that he should have said that from the beginning so that she didn't have to be so honest. The phone rings, interrupting Kendall's gleeful exclamations. Ryan answers it, confirms an appointment, and then thanks a Dr. Copper. When he hangs up the phone, Kendall gathers her things in preparation for taking her leave. Once out in the hall, she pauses, takes her phone out of her purse, and makes a phone call. Moments later, she knocks on his door, armed with full knowledge of who Dr. Cooper is. She is furious at Ryan's solution and she marches back in, proclaiming that she won't let him go through with it.

Back at the service, as Brooke greets new arrivals with a hug, Erica looks at a portrait of Phoebe on an easel. She turns to walk away and runs into Jack. After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, Erica assures Jack that Aidan will do everything he can to help find Sam. Before they have the opportunity to delve in any deeper, Opal comes over, Palmer in tow, plowing through their silence. She exclaims how happy she is that Erica and Jack are back together, and that the previous night was a mistake. Palmer notes that he sees a very different picture, and drags Opal away. Erica tells Jack that they should talk about their issues at another time. Jack agrees and excuses himself.

After more people arrive, mingle, and reflect on how Phoebe had influenced their life, Benny gets everyone's attention. He informs the crowd that The Grand Dame herself had left him with a list of orders (which he was to follow to the letter) with regard to how the service would go. As he speaks, Adam makes his entrance. When Benny takes a break, Adam takes that moment to sidle up to Brooke and give her a hug in full view of everyone. Brooke is grateful, but not fooled. Adam attempts to insult Benny, and Brooke sides against Adam, sending him away with his tail between his legs. Having witnessed the entire thing, Tad decides to rub Adam's face in it a little. He tells Adam that he can't expect Brooke to fall for his grand gestures so easily - and that in fact, she appears to take more of a liking to a simpler style. Adam, disgruntled, simply demands that Tad leave him alone.

Everyone takes their seats as the service begins. The minister starts to eulogize, but Benny interrupts after only a few words. He announces that he was instructed to jump in and distribute the letters he holds in his hands. The reason? Phoebe felt that everyone needed to hear the truth, and she was afraid they wouldn't get it if she didn't set it in motion. Linc and Chuck have their letters and start the ball rolling. The letters are all written as her alter ego, Dear Aggie (the column she wrote for Tempo magazine). A number of attendees take turns reading their letters aloud, all of them having specific significance to their lives. Flashbacks accompany each of the letters. When Brooke's turn comes up, she gets too choked up and Tad comes up to read her letter for her.

After all the letters are read, people line up to place flowers on Phoebe's casket. After all are done, they make one final toast to a legend.

Back at Jack's apartment, Lily starts to walk out into the hall with a bag of groceries, and she runs into Dani. They exchange a few words and then Dani goes inside to see Reggie. Lily briefly glances around before heading off, unaware that Aidan had been in the shadows waiting, ready to follow her. She goes upstairs and does the secret knock on the door to Greenlee's apartment. Sam opens the door quickly and lets her in. When he closes the door, Aidan appears from around the corner. He places a call to Maria and tells her that he found Sam, and that he will stop him from trying to leave Pine Valley.

Inside the apartment, Lily shows Sam a map and reviews the plan for his escape with Maddie. Sam asks questions in all of the right places, but Lily is prepared with an answer for each. Then, Sam tells her that he wishes he could stay, but Lily insists that he stick to the plan. He looks at her longingly, and she points out that she's unable to determine what his face means. He deciphers it for her by telling her he wants to kiss her. She asks him why, and he lists his reasons, the last of which is that he thinks she's hot. She looks distressed, and Sam explains that being hot is a good thing. Lily explains that Erica told her what guys expect out of hot girls, and how she isn't ready for that. Sam tells her that having sex is a long way from kissing, and he is fine with that. Lily then tells him that 'kissing' implies an ongoing activity - more than one. Sam assures her that they could just start with one, if she wants. Lily decides that she does and they kiss once. She likes it, and tells him that she would do it again if he didn't have to leave town.

A short time later, Lily and Sam prepare to leave the apartment so that they can put the plan into motion. They go out into the hallway, and encounter Aidan. Lily is upset that Aidan was able to track her moves and ruin her plan. Aidan apologizes, but admits that he had to do it. He tells Sam that he needs to go home, and initially, Sam resists. Aidan tells him that he can throw some punches or resist, but eventually, Aidan will be the victor and will take him home by force if needed. Defeated, Sam follows Aidan over to the elevator without a fight. Realizing that he doesn't have to leave town, and trying to prove something in an offhand way, Lily asks Sam to kiss her again. He does, and she happily proclaims that this time, feelings are mutual.

Downstairs, Dani watches as Reggie plays a video game. She tries to ask him about what happened between Jack and Erica, never expecting what she received. Reggie launches into how adults make stupid decisions and throw what's important away without a care. Dani assures him that they will never be like that, and her statement gives Reggie pause. He puts down the controller to the video game, and starts to kiss her. The ulterior motive quickly comes to light, and Dani pushes him away, insisting that she's still not ready. Reggie, upset, says that he is. He tells her that it's fine if she is cool with things being that way, but things are different for him. She tries to get him to be more specific, but Reggie walks out of the apartment, leaving her alone.

Friday, May13, 2005

Sam comes home and tells Maddie that Aidan found him. Maddie says that she was going to meet him at their location until Maria walks in and embraces Sam. Maria asks him if he came to get Maddie and Sam responds Aidan dumped him at the door. When Maria talks about her anger and punishment, the kids say she can't do anything because their dad is dead. Maria asks why they ran away and the kids make reference to her being wasted at the party. Maria asks for their forgiveness and says she wants to go to family counseling. Maddie tells her mother she hates her, hates living in the house and hates her life. Sam asks Maria who his biological parents are, which stuns her. Maria tells him that she and Edmund are his parents, but Sam asks again. Maria says she knows who they are, but it does not matter right now, and she is his mother in every way that matters. Sam threatens to end their relationship unless he tells him who his real dad is. Maria says it is someone who used to be family - Bobby, Anita's ex-husband. Sam is shocked and Anita assures him that she is not his mother. Maria explains that Bobby was a teen-ager when Sam was born and his mother is Kelsey Jefferson. They agreed they could not be good parents and Bobby was happy Maria and Edmund adopted him, Maria says. Anita says that Bobby loved him, but he realized he was not fit to be a parent. Sam wonders what Bobby would think about his parents now, that one is dead and another one is in love with Zach. Sam asks about his mother. Maria says Kelsey is a Martin, she is Joe's granddaughter and Tad is his great-uncle. Sam says that is cool and complies when Maria asks him to get Maddie before the counselor arrives. The counselor arrives and Maddie comes down, but says Sam has run away again.

Jamie, Babe and JR gather back at Tad's home after the funeral. Jamie tries to kick JR out, but he insists on staying to hear Phoebe's will read. Babe tells Jamie that Ethan fired JR, so he hoping to get a cut of Phoebe's wealth to buy back Chandler Enterprises. JR leaves and tells them to page him when the lawyer arrives. Jamie tries to go after JR, but Babe stops him. Brooke, Tad and the lawyer arrive before JR can get out the door. Brooke asks him why he is there and JR says Phoebe invited him to the reading of the will. Back inside, Babe tells Jamie that making JR think Dixie is alive then ripping it away is as bad as when they told JR his son was dead. Jamie says it is worth it, but Babe says she is not about revenge and the only way to beat JR is be better than him. Everyone else comes inside. The lawyer starts reading the will, with the first words to Tad, citing that if he looks for love again, don't be a blooming cad. For Brooke, Phoebe says, she filled her life with more laughter than tears and is grateful for every fight and every embrace. To Jamie, he has passed and failed some of life tests and now, he has to pass one of his toughest tests yet, probably with JR's approval, Phoebe says. She says she leaves the bulk of her estate to Jamie so he can fulfill his dream of going to medical school to become a doctor. Everyone is surprised that Jamie wants to be a doctor, but JR cuts in and tries to leave, but the lawyer tells Phoebe has something to say to him too. Phoebe says that she wants to see Jamie and JR together again, but before the lawyer can continue, Sam comes over. Tad asks what is going on. Sam tells him he knows who his real father is and wants to live with him. Phoebe says that, Jamie must dump Babe to get all claims to her estate, the lawyer says.

Kendall calls Ryan a liar and says that she called all of the Dr. Cooper's in the county. When she got the right one, she identified herself as his wife to find out how Ryan should be taken care of after his procedure, Kendall states. Ryan tells her she has crossed the line, but Kendall twists it around on him. She says he is the one who has gone too far by making sure Greenlee can never have a child with him behind her back. Kendall threatens to tell Greenlee about Ryan's betrayal, but he stops her from leaving. Ryan says it is not her place to interfere with their marriage, but Kendall says Greenlee is her friend. She says that he is tricking Greenlee and hasn't even gotten her opinion. Ryan says Greenlee tried to get pregnant and lied to him too. Kendall agrees it was stupid, but his choice is even dumber and he is snatching away Greenlee's dreams. Ryan says the Lavery blood is inside him and he won't pass that onto an innocent child. Kendall tries to tell him he is nothing like his brothers or father. Ryan said he shot his own brother. Kendall reminds him he did it to save them and that she knows it broke his heart. Ryan says when Jonathan threatened to kill them, he forced him to take his father's way out and shoot him. From that day, he promised to do whatever it takes not to hurt the people he loves, Ryan says. He says that he is worried he might get violent if a child gets on his nerves because it is inside of him. Kendall says that she knows him better than anyone, but Ryan admits he is closer than she knows to breaking her jaw. He thinks he could punch her, but she has done things that really hurt him, and he never raised his fist to her, she says. Ryan says that if he tells Greenlee, she will try to stop him and he will tell her after the procedure is done. Kendall says when he tells Greenlee after the operation, she will be even more upset with him. Ryan says Greenlee knows this is their only chance to be happy or the future they want will be dead. He asks her not to mention anything to Greenlee just as she walks in.

Greenlee greets Jackson as he walks into his apartment. Greenlee apologizes about his wedding shower going sour, but that she wants him to marry Erica. Jackson thanks her for the support. Greenlee says she never meant for her problems with Ryan to interfere with his relationship with Erica. Jackson tries to ignore the conversation and wonders why she has become Erica's supporter. Greenlee says that as much as Erica makes him crazy, she is right for him, like Ryan is right for her. Jackson says he is fresh out of ideas to salvage his marriage with Erica and asks what Greenlee thinks he should do. Greenlee says Erica wants to marry Jackson, her feeling are out of whack, so she called off the wedding to make a point. She suggests sweeping Erica off her feet because he loves her. Lily walks in and says that he has to marry Erica. Jackson says he know Lily does not like change, but Erica does it a lot. Lily tells him that Erica said she would be his mother and helped her understand how to make butterflies go away, but that day, she got her first kiss and the butterflies came back. When she tells him the boy was Sam, Jackson looks unhappy. Greenlee leaves to go home and Lily begins asking questions about butterflies, love and sex. Lily starts figuring out all of the negative things that will happen if Jackson does not marry Erica and tells him to go find Erica. Jackson says that he and Erica's situation is complicated, but Lily does not understand and goes to her room.

Erica goes to see Zach to talk about his marriage proposal to Kendall. She tells Zach to leave Kendall alone and marry her instead to get his gambling license back, steal Cambias Industries from Ethan and protect Bianca and Miranda. Zach thinks she is joking, but Erica says she is serious. Zach jokes that Erica wants to marry him to get back to Vegas, but she says she won't allow him to use Kendall as revenge. Erica says the marriage would exist under the same terms he offered Kendall. Zach says her sacrificing herself for Kendall is admirable, but what would Jackson think? Erica says Jackson's feelings do not matter because she called the wedding off. Zach says she is not better than him if she marries him for revenge also. Zach says he is tempted to take her offer, but Kendall will only be angry at Erica for stepping in. Of course she will, Erica says, but it is only for her benefit so Kendall can have a real marriage, not a business arrangement. Zach declines her offer, saying its Kendall or no one. Erica leaves, but not before saying she will make sure Kendall never marries him. She lets herself into Kendall's apartment and someone knocks at the door. When she goes outside to answer it, someone puts a sheet over her and walks off.



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