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Passions Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on PS
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Monday, May 9, 2005

Theresa tells Ethan and Ivy to take their revenge out on the person who sent Ethan's paternity papers to the tabloid instead of Theresa. Although Ethan continues to threaten that he will take Jane, Theresa doesn't believe him and refuses to drop the charges against Gwen. She says Ethan won't hurt her and then goes home. Gwen, Rebecca, Ivy and Ethan go back to the mansion, where Gwen worries that Theresa will find out that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who released Ethan's paternity papers and Ivy convinces Ethan to take Gwen's side and fight for custody of Jane.

Luis runs into Pilar taking Jane and Little Ethan for a walk. She advises him to tell Sheridan he loves and supports her, and then takes Little Ethan and Jane home. Luis goes back to the cottage. At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Theresa tells Pilar what happened at the Blue Note, and Pilar is incredulous that Theresa still thinks she and Ethan have a future together. Theresa tells her mother that she thinks Ethan's paternity papers are the key to getting Ethan back. She thinks the problems between her and Ethan started when those papers were released, and if she can prove to Ethan that she did not release them, they would have a chance of getting back together. She is determined not to stop until she finds out who sent the papers to the tabloid.

Luis goes to the cottage and tells Sheridan he loves her and wants to be supportive-but Sheridan isn't listening. She tells him excitedly that Beth has to be her sister. He tells her she is making it very hard for him to be supportive and she says that this is the only way the DNA test results could be accurate. He says he wants to believe her, but how is it possible that Beth is her sister? Sheridan starts crying and says she must be crazy. She is worried that she will drive him away, but he assures her he loves her and he'll never leave her.

Alistair tells Beth and Mrs. Wallace again that no one can ever find out that Beth is his daughter. Mrs. Wallace demands compensation for raising that "hellcat" alone in order to keep her mouth shut. Alistair grudgingly agrees after Mrs. Wallace almost calls a tabloid, and Mrs. Wallace and Beth leave with a check.

Fox gets his hand bandaged and confronts Eve and Julian about the reason Whitney gave "his" baby up for adoption. When they don't tell him anything, he vows to get his son back and stalks off. Julian and Eve return to the mansion for a romantic night. Whitney's baby has colic and Chad is going to the drug store to pick up his medicine when Whitney comes by and asks what's wrong with the baby. Chad asks her to watch him while he's gone, and she reluctantly bonds with her son. She sees how perfect her child is and asks herself what she's done by giving him up. On the pier, Chad runs into Fox. Fox is furious that Chad "let" the baby get sick already. Fox says that as his father, Fox should be there taking care of him, and they get into a fistfight.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan and Luis discussed her theory that Beth is her sister. They assumed that her mother didn't have twins (she and Beth are the same age) and realize how ridiculous it would be for Alistair to have taken up with Edna. Sheridan laughing said that she could picture Luis with Precious before she could see Alistair with Mrs. Wallace. She was still adamant that Marty is her son. She apologized and Luis listed all the reasons why she had "come unglued." He got all mushy telling her why he loved her and they headed off to the bedroom to make a new baby. Sheridan saw a photo of Marty and that took her out of the mood.

At the Crane mansion, Julian and Eve had a romantic evening in his room only spoiled by their discussion of Whitney, Chad and Fox. Edna, Alistair and Beth chatted in Alistair's bedroom about their predicament. Alistair extracted a promise from Beth not to say anything or Sheridan will know why the DNA test was wrong and have it redone. Then Beth would be arrested and charged with a multitude of crimes. She nauseatingly called him "daddy" several times. When he tried to get a similar promise from Edna, she first declared she'd like to press her silent lips to his then demanded back child support in addition to the hush money check he'd already given her. Their argument got a little heated and as Alistair threw Edna on his bed, she cried out causing Julian to knock on the door to find out what was going on. Alistair hid Beth and Edna in his closet when he answered the door and then the pair went through his suits for loose money and credit cards. After he got rid of Julian, Alistair pulled the dynamic duo out and promised to give Edna regular compensation for her silence. Being emboldened, Edna demanded his chocolate pot, silver service and silk robe. He finally caved and tried to hustle them out of the house only to be slowed down by Edna's short breath and walker. Eve was curious about the sounds and tailed Edna's odor down the hall and stairs. She creaked a floorboard and was almost discovered by Alistair. At the front door, Beth kissed her daddy goodnight.

At the waterfront Fox and Chad brawled over who would keep the boy child. They threw punches and boxes at each other until they went over the railing into the water. They continued to fight and Chad hit his head on a dinghy. Fox pulled himself out of the messy water and then when pangs of conscience hit him, dove back in for Chad. He yelled out for help and one of Harmony's finest helped him pull Chad out and performed CPR until Chad coughed the water out of his lungs. The policeman asked what happened and Chad covered for his brother, saying that he'd tripped and fallen in.

Whitney carried her baby around Chad's studio, trying not to, but falling in love with him. She told him how beautiful he is and then bemoaned the situation she got into with Chad and Fox. She fantasized about living with Chad and the baby. When he got hungry, she helplessly looked at the cans of formula and admitted that she knew nothing about how to feed him. Fox and Chad arrived back at the studio only to be delayed by paramedics who had arrived to help a baby who was in distress. One of Chad's neighbor's had called 911 when a baby's screams had gotten loud. They entered the studio and a startled Chad said "Oh no."

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Chad and Fox are stunned when they arrive back at the studio and find Whitney serenely nursing her baby. The two brothers are happy to see Whitney finally bond with her son, but her wall quickly goes back up, and she vehemently refuses to be a mother to the baby.

A curious Eve watches Alistair usher Mrs. Wallace and Beth out of the mansion. When Alistair lies about having company, Eve decides Luis and Sheridan need to be told about the strange visit. Meanwhile, Luis and Sheridan make passionate love in hopes of conceiving a child.

Gwen is overjoyed to learn Ethan has filed papers to take Jane away from Theresa. Rebecca and Ivy celebrate. At the same time, Theresa gets served with the papers and angrily heads over to the mansion to confront Ethan.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

As Theresa tossed and turned in her bed, she had a nightmare of Shakespearian proportions. Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy were the three witches from Macbeth and Theresa was the eye of newt in their ginormous pot simmering on a beach bonfire. They cackled and taunted her as Gwen clutched baby Jane. Whitney and Pilar went running into her room and tried to comfort her. She swore that Ethan would never turn on her no matter how much pressure the witches put on him. When Whit told her that her nightmares would stop if she'd drop the charges against Gwen, Theresa snapped back that it's all the witches' fault and Ethan knows the bond between mother and child. Whitney reflected on holding her baby and looking at him. Whitney and Pilar told her that she's living in a fantasy world and that if she doesn't drop the charges, her nightmare is just beginning. Whitney told her that she'd missed her chance for a perfect life by not dropping the charges. Theresa said it wouldn't be perfect without Ethan. Whitney and Pilar looked at each other as Theresa spun off into another fairytale of Ethan loving her and when Gwen is packed off to jail, they'll make the perfect little family of four. Their argument continued in the living room as they drank coffee. Theresa said that the court would be on her side-what court would give a baby to a man whose wife was in prison? Whitney came up with the example of Chad being single and getting her baby. Theresa said that was because she gave up her custody and she wouldn't do that and Whitney said that was why it was called being sued and besides she's already had one baby taken away because she's an unfit mother. Theresa said she was glad she had him back and that Rebecca engineered that whole thing. Whitney reminded her that Rebecca wouldn't stop this time and that Ethan wouldn't either-in fact he's probably working as hard as he can to get his wife off. Theresa swore he wouldn't do that. The phone rang and it was the DA saying the hearing was moved up. She took that as a sign that Ethan wouldn't have his defense prepared, bail would be revoked, and Ethan would join their happy little family in no time. They all got dressed up for court and left a babysitter with the children. Theresa wore a dark suit with menswear tie and a white blouse with big cuffs. Theresa was nearly vibrating she was so sure that the judge would put Gwen behind bars.

At the Crane mansion, the "witches" were dressed in designer wear, sipping coffee and nibbling croissants. Ivy asked Ethan if he found a way to take Jane away from Theresa yet and a disgusted Ethan told her he had to work on Gwen's defense instead. The hearing date was moved up to that morning. Gwen was shocked to hear that it wasn't next week. He explained that the DA was trying to catch him off guard and score points for himself for taking down a person of privilege. Rebecca wanted to know why the rich were always being persecuted with "we're just the same as everybody else, only better." She whined. He asked Gwen to tell him everything that happened to her and what she was feeling the night she stabbed Theresa. Rebecca questioned his abilities and strategies. She accused him of wanting Theresa to keep Jane and Gwen to go to jail. He swore that his loyalties are with Gwen. Ivy told Rebecca quit picking on her son. When he was done questioning Gwen, Eve called him from her office to say she'd be happy to meet with him about Gwen's case. He told her he'd be back to take her to the trial and then he left to meet with Eve. (Rebecca murmured threats under her breath about what would happen to Ethan if he failed.) Ivy told Rebecca that she hoped Ethan found a way to beat the DA at his own game when a policeman arrived. Rebecca assumed it was her afternoon tryst-Lance, but was told it was a real policeman. He was there to escort Gwen to court. Rebecca protested that she wouldn't have Gwen ride in his germy squad car; they'd arrive by limo. Ivy's pager went off and she assured them she'd be at the courthouse for the hearing.

At her office, Eve handed Ethan all of Gwen's medical records from the night she stabbed Theresa and remarked that he looked tired. He agreed that this whole thing with Theresa and Gwen was hard. He said that Theresa is delusional. She's not listening to a word he says and she's going to lose Jane. Eve told him she was sorry for everyone involved. He told her he's sorry for her legal troubles as well. She said that work keeps her mind off the problems. He said he needed to go through Gwen's chart. He owed her the best defense he could give her. Eve caught that and asked him if he was acting out of duty or love. He protested saying he loves his wife and Eve said she thought he might also still love Theresa. He agreed that he had feelings for Theresa, but he'd never abandon his wife again for Theresa. He asked her if Gwen had been given any drugs the night of the attack and Eve said that she'd been given a sedative. He thought he may have found a way to get the charges dropped.

At the Wallace house, Edna ordered a scepter from a tv shopping channel to match the tiara that Precious had bought her earlier. Edna pulled the check out of her bra and caressed it lovingly. She reminded Beth that her papa promised that more money would be coming. Beth warned her not to go on a spending spree or people would wonder where the money came from and leap to the conclusion that Alistair had paid them off to keep quiet about their relationship and Sheridan would get Marty back. Edna said that her cover would be that she won big in the lottery. Beth worried about the bank clerks and Edna told her daughter that the check would never connect them to the Cranes. Beth talked about how much luckier Marty's life would be than hers was. Edna told her Alistair would probably send him off to boarding school and Beth said she never wanted to be separated from her son. Edna reminded Beth that Sheridan is his mommy. Beth flew into a tirade against her mother for not remembering she'd slept with Alistair until now. Edna muttered about how Alistair's face was never shown in the media so she never knew who he was and Beth moaned that her mother had worked parties at the Crane mansion; hadn't she ever seen Alistair then? This prompted Edna to remember being a swinging blonde bombshell at one of the soirees working for Pilar, but hiding behind an Oriental screen drinking the dregs of champagne bottles and getting drunk instead of doing her job. She excused herself to go to the bank and shopping. Beth and Marty looked at picture books and she told him she wouldn't have to worry about his future. Alistair knocked at the door and she gave him a "Daddy - what are you doing here?" He told her he'd warned her about calling him that and that their secret was in jeopardy. They might be soon exposed as Marty's kidnappers.

At Sheridan's cottage, she quietly confirmed on the phone with Eve that she saw Beth and Edna visiting Alistair at the mansion. Sheridan jubilantly celebrated and said that she was ready to take the next step to prove that Marty is her son. She signed-off quickly when Luis entered the room. He asked her if she'd been up all night and she said she wouldn't rest until she got her son back from Beth. She told him that the duo being at the mansion proved they were in cahoots with her father and she wasn't sure how they fixed the DNA test, but they were all in on it. Luis tried to back pedal on it and Sheridan asked him why he was never on her side. She asked him who else could do all the things that had happened to her and if he didn't believe her then "the hell with you!" Luis said they couldn't make wild accusations against Beth without proof; maybe they were with Alistair for some other innocent reason. She swore that nothing her father did was innocent and Luis had to agree. She said she wanted to get dressed and talk to Beth. Luis tried to put her off saying that they should probably talk to someone else who might have seen Beth and Mrs. Wallace at the mansion. Sheridan grinned and said "great minds think alike." She went to the door and let in one of the maids from the big house who was reluctant to say anything about anybody or anything. When the maid tried to leave, Luis convinced her to stay and chat. Luis told her that they'd keep it a secret if she'd tell what she knows about why Beth was with her father. She refused to answer and Sheridan said she couldn't leave until she told them what they needed so she could get her son back.

Edna began her day on the town by cashing her payola check and filling up a leather bag with wads of cash. At the "Couture du Jour," Edna had a "Pretty Woman" moment as she entered with her solid gold walker, big bag of cash and her old lady wearing a diaper aroma. One saleswoman dressed her down with "this is the boutique where Sheridan Crane, Gwen Winthrop and Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane shop" while another walked around behind her spraying perfume. Edna flashed the cash and the ladies fell to quickly bringing her a plethora of oddly mismatched designer duds while "I Feel Pretty" played in the background. After a dizzying array of plaids, animal prints and furry accessories, Edna settled on wearing an interesting combo of floral print pants, green animal print blouse and an furry apricot shrug. She asked them to deliver the rest of her purchases and headed to Dr. Eve to take care of her hip and diaper problem. It would be "so long diapers and hello thong,"

Friday, May 13, 2005

In glamorous Las Vegas, spoiled rich girl Fancy sets her sights on a handsome "bad boy" named Ned. When Ned dismisses her, mistaking her for a hooker, a mortified Fancy seeks revenge by sabotaging his high stakes poker game.

Eve asks Ethan if he's dragging his feet because he wants Gwen to go to jail, freeing him up to be with Theresa. Ethan denies any disloyalty to his wife even while he is privately racked with conflicted feelings. At the courthouse, Theresa taunts Gwen that Ethan is purposely going to miss the hearing and she'll be sent to jail. Gwen is nervous as the trial begins without her lawyer/husband.

Alistair scolds Mrs. Wallace for flaunting her newfound wealth all over town and reiterates that no one must ever know that Beth is his daughter. Meanwhile, a desperate Sheridan attempts to coax information out of the reluctant maid.

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