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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on GL
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Monday, May 16, 2005

At the farmhouse, Edmund is anguished over Alonzo's abrupt decision to claim Will with no further discussion. He admits to Dinah that his plan to save Cassie from losing her son has backfired. Now he may lose her forever. Cassie enters and comments something horrible must have happened to make Alonzo act so quickly. Dinah looks away as she remembers divulging Edmund's plans to Alonzo's representative in DC. Ross arrives with the news that his office has been contacted. A contingent from San Cristobel will arrive in a matter of days to escort Will back to the island. Cassie accuses Ross of aiding Alonzo in taking Will from her to get back at her for helping keep Dinah away from him. Ross is hurt and reminds Cassie they are friends. He would never do anything to hurt her. She apologizes and he leaves.

Once Ross is gone, Edmund suggests Cassie take the boys far away where Alonzo will never find them. Of course Dinah will have to go too, since she is carrying Cassie's baby. Dinah agrees immediately, saying there is nothing she wouldn't do for Edmund. Cassie is reluctant and comments this plan is reminiscent of the dark side of Edmund's nature. Edmund points out he is acting on her desire to remain with her son and not for some selfish reason of his own. Cassie agrees to leave with the boys.

Gus finds Mallet alone outside of Company and accuses him of setting up a transfer for Harley so he can arrive at the last minute and be her hero. Mallet is annoyed and tries to reason with Gus. He reveals he was lured to the restaurant so Harley could be transferred with out his interference. Gus won't hear it and accuses Mallet of still being in love with Harley. Gus is shoving Mallet around when his phone rings. It's Lena, pleading with him to find the warden because Harley has just been put on a bus bound for Hellas Correctional. Mallet races off to save Harley and shouts back at Gus to find the person who set them up.

At the prison, Lena watches as a bus arrives to escort Harley to Hellas. Harley struggles with the guard, pleading with him to wait for the warden who will deny the transfer. The guard is unmoved and shackles Harley to a seat next to a leering prisoner who recognizes her as a cop. She snickers as she tells Harley what waits for her at 'Hell House.' In despair, Harley imagines Gus is at her side offering love and encouragement. Her reverie is disrupted when Mallet muscles his way onto the bus and past the guard to free Harley from her chains. He carries her off of the bus despite the driver's warning that he will pay for this act with his job. Lena watches on happily.

Once in the warden's office, Harley tells Mallet he must have saved her because he still loves her. He doesn't deny it.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie tells her grandfather she is sick of the war between the Coopers and Spauldings. Alan accurately guesses she is acting on her growing feelings for Coop and tells her if she confides in him she will be removing his safety net, making him a Spaulding target along with all the others. Lizzie is considering this when Coop arrives and begs to speak to her alone. She agrees and listens as he asks her to help save Harley. Lizzie remembers her grandfather's words and denies the help to save Harley from the transfer. Gus arrives and accuses his father of arranging Harley's transfer to Hellas. Alan denies it and Lizzie's defends him, saying she has proof her grandfather did no such thing. She concocts an elaborate story and calls for an end to the war as she stands beside a beaming Alan. Coop prepares to leave. Lizzie follows him to the hallway where he tells her he knows she was lying and made the story up on the spot. He storms off. Lizzie cries as she mutters, "I did it to save you."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lizzie admits to Beth that Alan had Harley sent to a dangerous prison just as Coop walks into the room. He overhears it and is very angry, but he has come with a delivery of things to show Lizzie. It is a box of photos Harley, and Beth leaves to let them talk. Coop yells at Lizzie as she tries to explain why she didn't tell him. Apparently, her grandfather had threatened bodily harm to Coop if Lizzie told anyone that he was the reason Harley was transferred. She tried to tell him that he didn't understand her grandfather, that bad things happened when he was angry and that she didn't want to lose any one else. Coop admitted he didn't want to lose her, either, and delighted, the two kiss for the first time! Beth returns to the room, and is not happy to see them kiss. Lizzie, in full blush, leaves to go to work at Company. Beth tells Coop to sit down, that she needs to talk to him. Beth doesn't want him to get involved with her daughter because she thinks Lizzie will hurt him as she has no "impulse control." Coop tells Beth that he thinks she is wrong.....Beth says "I hope you're right."

Edmund tries to convince Dinah that she needs to join him and Cassie as they flee Springfield. She really doesn't want to leave, but Edmund flirts with her and tells her how wonderful a person she is and she changes her mind. She jumps into his lap and he gives her a very warm hug. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is trying to convince Cassie not to leave with Alonso's son, that what she is doing is not only crazy but it is illegal. He then gets personal and tells her he has feelings for her. She cannot deny that she has feelings for him, and they kiss passionately. Edmund and Dinah walk in just in time to see this. Later, Cassie tries to convince Edmund it was a "good-bye" kiss, but admits that she has feelings for Jeffrey. In an obvious attempt to get back at her, Edmund walks out of the room and kisses Dinah passionately on the mouth. Cassie watched in disgust. Jeffrey, however, did not believe Cassie's kiss meant good-bye. He calls his office to tell them that he will be out of town for a few days on personal business in Saint Cristobel, and that he wanted no one to know where he was.

Bill calls Olivia in a desperate attempt to reach her. Olivia, in seclusion with her daughter, sees his number on the phone but does not answer it. Gus sees Bill on the phone and thinks Bill knows where to find Olivia. Gus threatens Bill, but Bill really doesn't know where she is and tells Gus he wouldn't turn her in, anyway, because she would be accused of Phillip's murder. Gus leaves in anger. Bill tries to call Olivia again and she answers! He begs with her to come home or to at least tell him where she is. She actually does tell him - she and Emma are on a private Spaulding island in the cottage he renovated. As soon as he hangs up, he asks Danny to fly him to the island. Danny is reluctant to get involved, but agrees. Marina overhears this and runs to Gus, who is having a drink in Company. As Danny's plane is about to take off, there is a knock on the cockpit door....Danny answered it and sees Marina, who insists on going. After they take off, Bill and Danny realize that not only Marina has joined them - Gus is in the plane, too! Bill and Gus go to the cottage as soon as they land on the island.....Bill asks to go first, to speak to his wife alone, and Gus agrees. Bill knocks on the cottage door.....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In Mallet's office, Harley and Mallet are shocked when Frank comes in, acting as a hostage negotiator, but he fails to get them to reconsider their actions and come forward. Later, Mallet admits his reason for taking such a risk is his way of atoning for all the pain he caused her. He then forces Harley to confront her own feelings for him and leaves her wondering if the past is really over between them. Meanwhile, Gus and Bill discover that Olivia has taken Emma and gone. Bill goes to the Spaulding mansion looking for clues and finds Alan, who feigns sympathy for Bill, all the while, working behind the scenes to put both Harley and Olivia behind bars for good. Later, Gus learns from Frank that Harley is in a standoff at the prison. As much as he wants to go to her, he knows his only way to free her is to find Olivia. After, Gus reluctantly joins forces with Alan, overcoming his own misgivings in order to save Harley. While Bill and Gus are trying to find Olivia, Danny and Marina are able to take the plane up for a run, a rare moment of much-needed fun. When they return to Springfield, the happiness of their little journey is interrupted by an unexpected message from Michelle. Edmund's startling kiss with Dinah is his way of letting Cassie know how bothered he is by her admitted feelings for Jeffrey. But, Edmund remains determined to make their marriage work and still offers to go away with her, the kids and Dinah in order to protect Will. After, Dinah turns on Edmund, accusing him of using her to score points with Cassie. Dinah's real feelings pour out as she admits she's in love with him. Later, after an emotional talk with Tammy, Cassie realizes she can't run from her problems, and tells Edmund she doesn't want to go. She discovers an invitation that has come in the mail to a ball at the San Cristobel palace and sees her opening to confront Alonzo.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Josh reveals that he bought the television station and offers Reva her job back at WSPR. Reva comes clean with Josh about her new job at Nate's bar. Though they reach an understanding, neither admits how troubled they are.

Meanwhile, the thug who roughed up Phillip pressures Billy for more money to keep quiet. At Lewis, Jonathan offers to take care of the problem for Billy. Eventually, Billy entrusts Jonathan to do the job. Josh arrives just as Jonathan puts the blackmailer in his place. Josh commends him on doing the right thing. Later, Jonathan receives another threatening message, reminding him that someone is watching him.

Things heat up between Tammy and Sandy but once again, she pulls away. Later, Sandy confides in Reva that things between them aren't as perfect as they seem.

Coop admits to Lizzie that Beth warned him to stay away from her. Lizzie is crushed. She confronts her mother. Ross sees Lizzie falling into the same pattern as Dinah. He teams up with Beth to dissuade Lizzie and Coop from spending time together. Later, Lizzie and Coop are convinced they are a bad idea. Lizzie accepts Beth's plan to spend the summer abroad.

Cassie, Edmund and Dinah head off to Alonzo's masked ball to confront the prince. But Cassie gets detained at customs in San Cristobel and rather than have all of them miss the ball, she asks Dinah to go in her stead. Later, Dinah and Edmund arrive at the masked ball. Dinah luxuriates in "being" Mrs. Edmund Winslow. Edmund gets lost in the moment too, until he snaps out of it, remembering Cassie's predicament. He leaves Dinah at the ball and goes to the customs gate to rescue his wife. Later, the two return to the ball, ready to face Alonzo.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The show opens with Mallet pulling on the bars of a jail cell. He goes in his office closing and locking everything. Harley is lying on the couch. The radio is on, airing a report about Harley. The radio is turned off by Marina who is listening at Company. She is upset and Ross is there trying to comfort her. As he tells her she needs a friend to turn to Danny is gazing at her through the window. As Harley is thinking of Gus and how he will save her, he is thinking of her as Alan, Alex and he are riding in a car in Oklahoma. Olivia is playing with Emma while Bill wonders if his wife could be a killer. The next scene shows Mallet trying to convince Harley to be with him. She asks if wants to know, "If I still have feelings for you? If I still love you? The answer is 'yes' and 'no I don't'." Danny and Marina are at Company. He wants to be there for her. She is upset and trying to stay busy. Danny and Ross talk. Marina goes outside and calls her dad. She is sitting on a bench alone. Danny is there asking if she needs someone. She says, "I do Danny, I need you to hold me and make everything ok." They kiss.

Mallet wants to know where he and Harley stand. She says, "You were the first man I ever loved from way down inside. The girl who loved you is still here, the woman I am now is in love with Gus." Mallet says he sees the woman he loved. There is a knock on the door; Lena enters with food. Mallet leaves.

Alan, Alex and Gus arrive by car at Cross Creek. After Gus leaves the car, Alex chews out Alan. She yells at him, "How long are you going to keep this up, until Harley is dead?" Gus sees Olivia and Emma outside. He walks towards them, and then Bill grabs him by his shoulder from behind. Bill asks what he is doing there. Gus says," I am saving the woman I love from the woman you love." Alan and Alex are in the car still arguing. She tells him destroying the woman his son loves will not bring back his other son. Alex tells him enough is enough. Alan says it is enough when he says. He tells her she would be wise to remember.

Lena and Harley are discussing if Harley loves Mallet. Mallet overhears Harley say, "That this is crazy, I'm in a police stand off and you are forcing me to admit I still love my ex-husband?" Harley says how she has changed and he hasn't. They talk of Harley's mom and how much she misses her. She tells Lena she reminds her of her mom. Lena tells her to trust her heart. Faith is behind everything. She is saying "If you were my little girl..." Harley, "If you were my mom..." They hug. Harley tells her thank you and Lena pulls away. "NO! Don't thank me." Lena leaves. Mallet is back. He is telling Harley his buddy is on his way to talk to the Governor.

Danny and Marina are kissing. She wants him to take her home. He says he has only wanted to take care of her. He says he doesn't love Michelle. Marina opens her eyes. It was all a dream. Danny and Ross are inside talking about Michelle. Marina comes in and takes his hand. She wants to say good-bye to the distance between them. They kiss. Danny opens his eyes. It was his dream.

Olivia is watching Emma play outside. She goes inside and shuts the door. Bill and Gus are arguing over who will go in first. Bill does. He begs Olivia to tell him the truth. Olivia says, "The truth is I don't want to lose you." They kiss passionately.

While Mallet is trying to convince Harley to have faith in him Alan tells Alex he is doing what needs to be done for the family. He calls Lena. She says their deal is off. He threatens her and she says, "Good-bye Alan, really nice working with you." She hangs up and turns around to see Harley glaring at her. Bill asks Olivia why she left town and why she locked up Gus. Olivia says he will never understand. Alex walks up to Gus and tries to tell him about Alan. He says he doesn't have time and walks off. Olivia asks Bill if she tells him she did it, will he leave with her and Emma. Gus has a ball and is holding it out. Alan and Alex are arguing more. Alan is telling Alex how he misses his boy. She says to let Phillip rest in peace. Gus appears at the car door holding Emma. He says Olivia will be in Springfield soon.

Marina and Ross are talking outside of Company. He is trying to convince her to let Danny be there for her. Marina says she wants to be left alone. Someone places their hands on her shoulders. It is Danny. He tells Marina the more she needs him, the more she pulls away. He wants her to lean on him.

Harley is yelling at Lena for talking, working, spying for Alan. Lena tells her how she did it for her daughter. She says she made a mistake. Harley spits at her, "No wonder your daughter wants no part of you." She yells at Lena to leave.

Alan is on the phone leaving Lena a message that she better do as he says or she will go to "Hell house." Alex realizes Alan arranged for Harley's transfer. She is angry and leaves the car.

Mallet tells Harley his friend isn't going to meet with the Governor. Harley tells him how Lena was working for Alan. She can't trust anyone anymore. Mallet says how they all let her down. He promises to get her out. We hear a voice on a bullhorn call out for Harley to give herself up.

Ross is on the phone to Blake asking to take her out. He is smiling as he looks at Marina on Danny's arm.

Mallet and Harley are arguing. Police lights are flashing. She says she is turning herself in. Harley asks Mallet for one good reason why she shouldn't turn herself in. He grabs her and passionately kisses her.

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