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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 23, 2005 on GL
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Monday, May 23, 2005

Reva is arriving for work at Nate's bar when she sees Tammy, in provocative clothing, seated at a table flirting with an older man. Reva interrupts the exchange by telling the man to get lost unless he wants to be in trouble for propositioning a minor. Tammy is embarrassed but swears she wasn't doing anything wrong and had no intention of leaving the bar with the man. Reva believes her but wants to know what she is doing there. Tammy confesses she likes to feel in control - something she doesn't have with Sandy. Reva commiserates and tells Tammy it's okay to be in a rut and do what you need to in order to find what makes you happy. Tammy is relieved to have someone to talk to besides her mother.

At Company, Sandy is needling Jonathan about working for Lewis Construction and asks to know what his motivation is. Jonathan responds with a dry apology for acting 'out of character.' While shaking ketchup onto his fries he promises to 'do something mean to a Lewis' as soon as he finishes his lunch. Sandy smiles and responds he knows what is happening. Jonathan is finally seeing how good it can be to have a loving family for no other price than having to open up a little. Jonathan gets angry and tosses his beer mug across the room.

Alan, Gus and Alexandra have arrived at Cross Creek to question Olivia about leaving town. Bill, who has gotten there first, sees Gus outside and convinces him to let him talk to his wife first. While Bill and Olivia are kissing on the couch, Gus takes Emma who is outside in the play area. He arrives back at the limo with his hostage to find Alan is thrilled with the kidnapping and Alexandra is appalled. They leave for the airport hoping Olivia has no choice but to follow. Inside the cabin, Olivia has discovered Emma is gone and Bill knew Gus was on the property. She pounds on her husband in a rage and tells him he is a failure at keeping her safe. Bill apologizes and begs her to return to Springfield with him. She refuses saying if she does, it will be the end of her.

In the warden's office, Harley and Mallet are trapped inside as sirens wail in the yard and guards demand Harley give herself up. Harley pleads with Mallet to let her go, but he denies her and lets it slip this is the fight he's been waiting for. He reminds her of how good they were together and begs her to trust him to see her through the ordeal. Harley agrees but confesses she is in love with Gus - not him. Mallet allows her to make a phone call before he spirits her away from the prison. She calls her sons to tell them she loves them and then she calls Gus to hear his voice in case something goes wrong. She is disconnected as all the lines to the prison are cut.

In the Spaulding study, Gus and Alan are waiting for Olivia to show up and fight for Emma. While they are watching the news of the prison standoff, Harley phones Gus to tell him she loves him, but is cut off. Gus panics and begs Alan to do something to help Harley. While Alan heads for the phone, Gus prepares to leave the study, but is stopped by Olivia and Bill. Before Gus can get past them Olivia pulls a gun, aims at Gus and demands he give her back her daughter. Bill watches on in horror.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sebastian catches Josh on his way out of Company. He reminds Josh how Blake and he made it possible for him to buy Alan's television station. Now Josh owes Blake and him a favor. Blake arrives just as Sebastian comes close to making threats. Sebastian wants to make sure his sister can handle the fallout when Alan goes down, because it will be ugly. He reminds her of her husband and three children, and that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Blake assures him she can handle whatever Alan dishes out.

The fun seems to have gone out of Reva's bartending job, as Nate taunts her and asks her if her life were so perfect, then why is she bartending? Angry, Reva leaves to look for Josh. She finds him leaving Company, and greets him with a bottle of wine, two glasses and a passionate kiss. She tries to explain her behavior by apologizing to Josh for her reaction when he bought WSPR. She tells him she didn't recognize herself in all the videos he set up for her, but Josh assures her she is the same person.

Olivia holds Gus at gunpoint as Bill looks on helplessly. Gus taunts her, saying Emma is a Spaulding and she belongs with the Spauldings. He has a tape recorder in the room and he tries to make her angry enough to confess to Phillip's murder. She comes close - she says, "You have no idea what I'm capable of, just ask your brother!" Emma runs into the room, happy to see her Mommy. Olivia whisks her away and says she will always keep her safe. Meanwhile Gus tries to convince Bill that Olivia confessed, but he doesn't believe it. What she said was close to confessing, but he needs to hear the actual words to be sure. Gus leaves the mansion to rescue Harley at the prison, but his car breaks down on the way. He gets out, looks at the engine, but he is clearly not going to fix it in time to help Harley.

Mallet is also trying to help Harley at the prison. But his plan may get them into more trouble than they are in already! He convinces her to escape and it works for awhile. But when he confesses he put Lena in the bus to pose as Harley, she will not allow this to happen. The more Harley thinks, the more she realizes she must turn herself in and go to Hellis. Mallet will not allow this, so she knocks him out and runs for the bus. She tries to convince Lena to leave the bus, but before she can, the driver hops in and they drive off. Lena and Harley try to keep their spirits up. Harley spots a car on the side of the road. She and Gus call to each other as the bus passes by...but there is no time for Harley to feel sorry for herself. Lena turns to Harley and tells her, "Before we get to the prison, there is something I have to tell you about Phillip's murder." Just as Harley turns to listen, the bus swerves violently and rolls, again and again down a ravine. When the bus stops rolling, it looks as if Harley is still alive...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Reva tells Josh that she wants to quit her job at the bar and take his offer to return to the TV station. But, to her surprise, Josh urges her to stick with her bartending gig. He explains that he has come to realize that he has to let her find her own way. Reva is deeply touched by his confidence in her but when Nate calls and asks her to return to the bar, Reva is drawn once again to him. Once there, she tries to keep up her happy façade but Nate calls her on it by pulling her into a kiss. In an effort to heal his family's wounds, Alan decides to honor Phillip's memory by planning a late night gathering to celebrate Phillip's birthday. Aware that his plans may seem strange to others, Alan insists he only wants closure. But, Alex suspects that the party is just a cover-up so that Alan can get his hands on Olivia. Meanwhile, Olivia is eerily cheerful and upbeat coming off Emma's kidnapping ordeal. But, her determination to pretend it never happened only serves to heighten Bill's suspicion. Finally, he confronts her and asks her point blank if she killed Phillip. The bus taking Harley to Hell House has flipped over and a fire has started, leaving her and Lena trapped. Just when it seems they're doomed, Gus appears and is able to pull Harley to safety. Despite her mistakes, Harley can't forget that Lena was willing to take her place on the bus and goes in to rescue her. But, Harley and Gus's efforts to save her come too late as a hallucinating Lena says goodbye to Harley as if she were saying goodbye to her own daughter and dies in Harley's arms. Later, Gus and Harley realize they have been given a prime opportunity to escape but before they can, Mallet finds them and stands in their way.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Alan invites Buzz and the rest of the Coopers to the party celebrating Phillip's birthday. Buzz refuses, believing that the real reason for the party is to celebrate getting revenge on Harley. Buzz panics when he hears a radio report that the prison bus carrying Harley crashed with no survivors.

Coop, remembering Beth's warnings, tells Lizzie that they should take a break for a while. She tells him that she's going away for six months and surprises him with a present--the keys to Company. Coop tells Lizzie that she doesn't have to leave to make a fresh start. Alan interrupts their kiss. Lizzie initially refuses to go to the party, warning Alan to let her make her own life. Lizzie agrees to go to the party when Coop doesn't give her a reason to stay with him.

Harley says a tearful goodbye to Lena at the crash site. Gus promises Harley that she will have freedom if she leaves with him. Mallet arrives and begs Harley not to go with Gus. Mallet says that she should come with him because he has nothing to lose. While Gus and Mallet argue, the police arrive. When Harley chooses Gus, Mallet pulls a gun. Harley convinces Mallet to let her go. He gives her the gun and stalls the police while Gus and Harley escape. He tells the police that there are no survivors while Buzz looks on, horrified.

Gus and Harley make plans for their future at the construction site for her home. She hides a stomach wound from Gus.

Reva blasts Nate for kissing her and tells him that it will never happen again. She is secretly disappointed when Nate isn't upset at her demand. Reva alienates Jonathan.

Alonso invites Cassie to stay at the castle. A joyful Cassie runs into Edmund's arms to Dinah's chagrin. Cassie and Edmund enjoy a waltz at the ball while Dinah assures the baby that they'll get their chance someday. A handsome man comes on to Dinah. Dinah believes she's finally met her prince but then discovers that he is only a waiter. Cassie is arrested but Dinah doesn't tell Edmund.

At the Spaulding home, someone opens the door to a secret room lined with pictures of Phillip, puts on a pair of gloves, and opens an invitation to the birthday party.

Friday, May 27, 2005

The show opens amid cracks of thunder and flashes of lightning. We are in the "secret room" seeing pictures of Phillip with his family and friends. The gloves are there and a hand is holding the invitation to his party. The clock is chiming midnight and the chair moves.

Alex is walking around the living room shaking her head. Lizzie soon joins her and the door closes. Lizzie is telling Alex how this party just isn't right. The thunder is still rumbling and between flashes of lightning, Alex shudders as she thinks she sees something in the garden.

Beth is standing alone in the garden. Her mother, Lillian joins her. Beth is telling her how she is having a bad feeling about tonight. Lillian tries to comfort her and they go in together. Alan appears in the garden looking on as they go in.

Olivia, obviously drunk, stumbles around the corner in the house and literally bumps into Alex. They talk and Lizzie comes and announces they need to come quick. All 5 ladies meet in the living room and watch the news about Harley's bus burning up. It is announced that there are no survivors. Alan comes in and turns it off. The ladies are all mad. He says we are not here to morn Harley, but to celebrate Phillips life. Alan takes Olivia aside and chastises her for Emma not being there. She is very drunk. He takes her drink away. She goes back in with the ladies and pours another one. She gives a toast to Phillip. "May you rot in the ground and take your father with you..."

Meanwhile, Buzz is at Company and hears the news about the bus with Harley on it. He is upset and drinking. They announce that they will wait to say for sure who is dead when the next of kin identify the bodies. Buzz leaves.

Gus and Harley are together at the construction site of Harley's house. He is telling Harley about her body being identified soon. He has to hurry. She is telling him to be careful. She asks if he knows if Mallet is ok. He tells her he is in custody, but ok. She mouths, "thank God" where Gus can't see. Harley is telling him to hurry before her family identifies her. He puts his hands on her waist, she pulls away and he realizes she has blood on her and is hurt. Harley convinces him to go on, that she will be fine.

Mel Bauer is outside of company on the phone. She is hearing about Harley and the accident. A hand covers her mouth. We later see Gus telling her about Harley. He convinces her to go to Harley for medical aid. She promises not to tell anyone. Mel then goes to Harley. She treats the wound. We hear a voice asking, "Who is in there?" Mel covers and says it is her. She talks to the police telling them who she is and then leaves.

Buzz goes to the morgue to identify Harley's body. He talks to the attendant who tells him the body is badly burned. Buzz lifts the sheet and looks like he is about to throw up. He runs out of the room and mouths, "That's not my daughter!." He is so relieved. Frank shows up and Buzz tells him the news. Buzz is trying to convince him to cover and say Harley is dead. Frank keeps saying he doesn't have a choice. He gets a call from Rick who tells him where Mel was. Frank runs off with Buzz yelling after him. We later see Buzz at Company thanking God for allowing Harley to be alive. He is begging God to NOT let Frank find her. Frank goes to the construction site house and is looking for Harley. He does not find her. Meanwhile Mel talks to Buzz at Company telling him she saw Harley and she is wounded, but ok. Buzz is so relieved. Frank later is there while Buzz watching the news on TV. Frank tells Buzz he didn't find Harley. Buzz keeps "thanking God!!" Frank tells him he has to play by the rules. Buzz and Frank argue over what he should do with his knowledge that she is alive.

At the Spaulding House and the birthday party we have Zack and James sitting in a chair. The grownups and kids are all singing the" itsy bitsy spider" and doing the actions to the song. Olivia is still drinking. Alan takes the 3 kids and tells them about their father. He tells them how they are all like Phillip. James has his writing talent, Zack is a born leader as Phillip was, and Lizzie, she should just know how much alike they are. Alan tells her to embrace it and never resist it. She just makes a face. Alex goes to get the cake and bumps into Gus. They talk and Alex can't understand how he can be here when he just found out Harley is dead. She soon realizes that Harley is alive. Just as she does, Olivia appears. Olivia asks him why he is there. Alex covers for him even spilling a drink on him where a blood stain was so nobody would know. Alan comes out and is happy Gus is there. Alan persuades him to go in the living room and join the party for Zack's sake. Gus plays into it, saying how his girl just died. Alan assures him he didn't tell Zack about his mother, he will let the Coopers do that tomorrow. Gus goes with Alan. Alan soon has presents for all. Gus opens his quietly. It is an envelope of some sort. Later, after James is in bed and Zack back home the ladies are getting restless and upset they are there. Alan is rambling and gives a toast to Phillip. Just as he finishes the lights go out. (Due to the storm). We see Gus and all ladies but Olivia searching for flashlights. Olivia is seen in the courtyard, digging a hole. Harley is watching. Just as Olivia is about to put Phillip to rest for good, Harley comes and snatches the envelope from her. Inside are letters addressed to Phillip from Olivia. Olivia tells her it is nothing that can incriminate her. Back to the house and the ladies get candles lit. We see Gus looking at his "gift."

We are back to the "secret room." We see pictures of Phillip all over. A candle is being lit. Someone is putting the gloves on and is holding the invitation for Phillips birthday party. Then we see Alan who is talking to Phillip. "Why Phillip, Why did you force me to shoot you?"

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