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Monday, May 30, 2005

Fancy and Ned run from the guards chasing after them. Fancy seems to think the whole thing is a game, but Ned tells her this is serious--if they get caught, her rich family will get her out of jail, but he'd serve time. They find a room on display, take the mannequins off of the bed, and they get on the bed in the mannequins' place. When the guards see them, Ned kisses Fancy to hide their faces. The guards mistake them for celebrities and leave. Fancy tells Ned that his kiss was amazing. They are caught by someone who works for the hotel, but they escape them by saying they were just hired as live mannequins. Back in the hall, they overhear the guards' radio conversations and decide to hide in the day spa, where Fancy pretends to be a masseuse and is giving Ned a massage when the guard walks into the spa, but the guard still recognizes them.

Sheridan is asking Luis if he loves her enough to trust her about Marty when his phone rings. It's Ethan, calling to ask if Luis would come over and help with Theresa. Ethan explains that he doesn't want Theresa to be arrested. Sheridan tells Luis they should go, and that they can talk about Marty later. He reluctantly agrees and they leave for the Lopez-Fitzgerald house.

At the house, Martin is trying to warn Theresa that Ethan has called the police, but Theresa doesn't believe Ethan would do that, and adds that a battalion of Marines couldn't rip Jane away from her. Theresa tells Luis she doesn't know what to do, and Luis tells her to open the door and let him take it from there. He says the law is on Ethan's side. Tabitha makes Sheridan go and listen to the next part of Luis and Theresa's conversation. Theresa says Luis is so great at giving advice, but how good is he at taking it? She asks if he has taken her advice about Sheridan yet. He says that he tried, but he just can't ignore his instincts, and Theresa replies that Luis may be able to risk losing Sheridan, but Theresa won't lose Jane. Tabitha joyfully remarks that all hope for Luis and Sheridan's relationship is gone. Theresa asks how Luis can ask her to give up her child. She says that Gwen and Rebecca won't settle for temporary custody, and what happened with Little Ethan will happen all over again. Luis warns her that Ethan is going to call the police, and she says that he loves her too much to do that. She says Ethan can have Jane when he comes back to her. Luis says that there is no way she and Ethan are going to be together.

In the other room, Gwen is talking to Sheridan. She says that the fights with Theresa will never end and that Theresa manipulates Ethan and pushed him into fighting for custody of Jane. She says she wishes Ethan could see that taking Jane is the best option. Sheridan goes to speak to Ethan, and comments that this must be especially hard for him because he still loves Theresa. She says this must be tearing him apart, and he admits that it is. Ethan wonders if the fighting will ever stop, and Tabitha, who is watching them in her bowl, says no, it isn't going to stop. She says their triangle will just get messier, especially when it comes out that it was Gwen and Rebecca who sent the paternity papers to the tabloids. She says that eventually the truth will come out and when it does, all hell will break loose. After overhearing Luis and Theresa's conversation, Sheridan reports to Gwen that Luis hasn't had any luck getting through to Theresa. She also says that she can understand Theresa's reluctance to give up Jane, and she can understand the pain that Theresa is feeling. Gwen explodes and says this is what happens when you do all the horrible things Theresa does. She says she knows Theresa's pain, too, but this whole thing is Theresa's own doing. Gwen tells Sheridan that there would be no situation if not for Theresa. Later, Sheridan shares with Gwen her plans to leave Harmony--and Luis--for good tonight.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Theresa stayed locked in her bedroom and told Luis that she was fighting for her children and the belief that Ethan still loved her. She accused Luis of not fighting for Sheridan. He said he'd been in the middle of working things out with Sheridan when Ethan called him to intercede. He disgustedly told her that her fantasies about Ethan loving her were destroying her the same way that Sheridan's fantasies about Marty were destroying them. In the living room, Ethan decided to see what was taking so long, Pilar said she wasn't happy that the court had given him custody and she didn't want Theresa to get in additional trouble by refusing to follow the court order. He promised Pilar and Martin that as soon as Theresa started acting rational, he and Gwen would give Jane back to her because he didn't intend for it to be permanent. Pilar told him that Theresa had been driven to act this way because of her love for Ethan. Theresa refused to come out, saying that if Ethan wanted custody of Jane, he could move in with her. Luis, on the other side of the door told her that Ethan was married to Gwen and she had to accept it. She replied that fate meant for them to be together. He told her he couldn't talk to her anymore and if she didn't give Jane to him, she was just building Ivy and Rebecca's case against her and she'd end up losing Jane permanently. Ethan overheard this and cringed. Theresa reminded him that it was just what they had done to her with her son and she wasn't going to lose her daughter to them too. Luis turned to walk away and told Ethan what was going on. Ethan told him that she was just talking that way because she thought he was going to take Jane away forever. Luis asked about Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa stood looking at Jane and fantasized about Ethan coming to her and professing his love for her and the children. He told her the nightmare was over. She told Jane that was what would happen.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Gwen cried on each other's shoulders. Gwen told her Sheridan couldn't just leave them all. Sheridan told Gwen that since Luis couldn't believe her without facts and proof that Marty is her son, she had to leave him. She said it was too late for them. If Luis loved her, he shouldn't need proof about Marty. She and Luis are finished. Gwen tried to talk her out of it. She asked what hope she and Ethan had if Sheridan and Luis couldn't stay together. She whined about Theresa trying to get between her and Ethan. Sheridan reminded her that she'd never done anything to turn Ethan against her which prompted Gwen to remember talking to Rebecca about the tabloid leak. She hoped Ethan never found out it was them. Pilar and Martin commiserated about their family and Martin promised to help her and Theresa. Pilar was so relieved to have a partner again. Ethan came back and told Gwen that Theresa was probably not coming out of the bedroom. Luis was giving her more time, but he didn't think it would help. Gwen crossed her arms and ranted about Theresa crying about how she's the victim; how she forgets all the bad things she did to get things to this point. Sheridan agreed that Theresa was putting Gwen and Ethan through hell. Luis came in, hearing that and spluttered about her taking Gwen's side over Theresa's. She tried to explain and then got in a dig about her taking her mother's side in seducing his father. He said that she knew how he felt about Katherine, yet insisted on having a relationship with her. She defended having a relationship with her own mother. He said that Theresa is his sister and the minute his back is turned she's slamming Theresa. He asked if this was payback for not believing Marty is her son. Luis turned on Martin for continuing his relationship with Katherine while telling Pilar he wanted to work things out. Martin tried to explain that he just wanted to check on her, but Pilar got hot under the collar. Luis told him that the two of them made him sick and Sheridan sniped that he'd made that clear. Martin asked Sheridan if Katherine was okay and she told him she sensed that Katherine might do something since she'd gotten upset when Sheridan talked to her about Marty. Martin decided he needed to check on her and Pilar really lost it because she needed him to help her with Theresa. She told him to get out. Luis threw more coal on the fire and Pilar ran out of the room crying. Luis sneered at Sheridan that he couldn't believe that she defended the woman that ruined his family. Gwen tried to comfort her, and Sheridan said that she and Luis were finished. Ethan told Gwen he wished they could leave because he felt like they were intruding. Gwen said they couldn't leave without Jane and then ranted about Theresa locking herself in her room. He reminded her that Luis promised to call the police if she didn't give Jane up to them. Ethan wanted the war between Gwen and Theresa to stop and he was thankful that she'd been the bigger person about the situation. Theresa told the baby that Gwen would never take her away. Outside, Pilar complained to Luis about Martin leaving to be with Katherine. Luis said he hated them and Pilar told him to focus on Sheridan while she checked on Theresa. Sheridan passed Pilar at the doorway. He apologized for snapping at her. Sheridan told him that the gap between them had gotten too wide. He asked her what she was saying and Sheridan told him that she was leaving Harmony for Paris that night. When he asked her how long she was going to be gone, she said she may never come back.

At the Crane estate, Katherine wandered and wondered about Marty being Sheridan's baby. She remembered Luis telling her to quit coming between them. She decided to get the answers from Alistair who was watching her from the monitors in his bedroom. He muttered to himself that Katherine wouldn't be happy with everything she learns about Sheridan. Katherine couldn't find him, so she shouted out to the surveillance cameras for him to come and talk to her. She said he must be afraid of her now that she'd grown a backbone. He talked to her image on the monitor telling her that he had real dirt on Sheridan-about her killing someone on the estate when she was a young girl (whom she thought mistakenly was her mother). He said that Martin knew what happened, and isn't telling either because it's the real reason he left Harmony. As Katherine walked around, she remembered asking Martin why Alistair had the gazebo and the ground below it removed. Martin told her to forget all about it. Alistair mumbled that it was his secret and he was going to keep it that way. Katherine remembered when Sheridan thought she'd killed her mother by stabbing her with a letter opener. She tried to put together all the pieces. Alistair showed up and accused Katherine for all of Sheridan's mental problems. He asserted that Sheridan was mixing up her nightmares with reality and that even now she thought Marty was her son which not even Luis believes. She told him she was tired of all his secrets and lies and controlling all of them. She told him he was going to tell her all the truth. He told her wouldn't answer her questions and she wouldn't believe him anyway, and then walked away to smoke a cigar and Katherine noticed some good sized rocks, She picked one up and imagined clonking him over the head with one and then pummeling his body with it.

In the Las Vegas hotel day spa, the security guard recognized Ned and Fancy disguised as masseuse and client and radioed his security office for back up. He told Ned and Fancy they'd be going to jail for a long time. Ned asked him to turn his head so he could get dressed. The guard said he wasn't going to fall for that trick and asked Ned where his pants were. Ned told him they were in the closet, so when the guard looked in the closet, Ned pushed him in and locked the door. Ned and Fancy high tailed it out of there and when they passed a room door that was ajar, they slipped in to wait for security to get past them. Fancy kept talking about how much fun she was having and Ned kept trying to bring her back to reality. He said if they got caught, he'd go to jail, but she'd probably just buy her way out of trouble. She started to talk about this one judge her family knew, but then decided her family might let her have jail time to teach her a lesson since they thought she was spoiled. Fancy saw an open briefcase full of money. She wanted to spend it, but he said that would be real trouble. She played with the money, throwing it around. Ned found a gun with a silencer and told her they had to get out of there immediately. She started picking up all the bills and putting them in the case. She said it was like Pulp Fiction without all the blood, then shrieked when she leaned over and saw a dead body. Ned said that they were in trouble before and now they were in big trouble.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Martin finds Katherine, who is saying she would kill Alistair. Martin says Katherine couldn't kill Alistair, but that he would give up his place in heaven to see Alistair dead. Alistair says he can be crueler than their wildest dreams, and Martin replies that he can't because Martin will kill him right now. Martin attacks Alistair and is winning the fight when Katherine begs him to stop, saying that Alistair isn't worth being sent to jail. Alistair says he wouldn't want to see Martin do anything he couldn't take back again. Katherine asks what he means, and Alistair points out that they are standing where the gazebo used to be. Martin wants to leave, but Katherine demands answers. She wants to know what happened here. Alistair tells Katherine that he will tell her everything she wants to know about the gazebo-right here, right now.

Liz gets Whitney to sing at the Blue Note. Before she goes onstage, a waitress shows Liz pictures of her nephew, and Whitney is reminded of her child. Liz and Whitney talk, and Liz tells Whitney not to make the mistake of getting involved in drugs and alcohol like Eve did. After Whitney is finished singing, she remembers what her aunt said and takes a soda instead of the drinks her fans are buying for her. While she sits at the bar, Whitney sees the waitress's baby pictures and is again reminded of her own son. Liz offers to talk with Whitney, but Whitney says she is okay. After Liz leaves, Whitney keeps staring at the pictures and then orders another drink, an alcoholic one this time.

Valerie uploads files from Chad's computer for an important merger that could mean a big promotion for Chad. Valerie warns him to watch his back, because Fox will do anything to make sure Chad doesn't succeed. Chad says that Fox didn't watch his back, and that's how Chad got Miles. He says he is not giving Miles back and admits to Valerie that he is using the baby to try to get Whitney back because he wants Whitney in their lives. Valerie points out that Whitney obviously doesn't want her baby, and that it is a bad idea for Whitney and Chad to have a close relationship. Chad says he would never take advantage of Whitney. Mrs. Wellesley shows up from the adoption agency and says she can see there is a problem. Chad asks her to explain, and she says that although she is just there for a routine check on them, she can see that Chad is still working and he hasn't taken any time for himself. She suggests that Chad go out and let Mrs. Wellesley watch Miles. Valerie pressures him into agreeing.

Fox and an old fling of his, Carla, are in Chad's office. Carla picks up a picture of Chad with Miles and comments on how much Miles looks like Chad. Fox says that's not possible, since Miles is Fox's son, and explains the entire situation to Carla. Then, he looks at the computer and says he knows how to get rid of Chad and get "his" son back. He says that he can delete the files being uploaded for the big merger. He thinks this will force Alistair and Julian to fire Chad, and then Social Services will take Miles away from Chad because he won't have a job. He says that as long as he can delete all of the files before they upload or Chad notices what he is doing, Chad is finished.

Gwen tells Pilar she is sorry this is so painful for her, and Ethan says to himself that he feels horrible for doing this to Theresa. Outside, Sheridan tells Luis that she can understand his anger with her for taking Gwen's side and his anger with her mother, but the root of their problems is that she can't trust him. Luis tries to get Sheridan to stay, but they are interrupted by Pilar asking Luis to speak to Theresa again. After he leaves, Sheridan tells Gwen that she is leaving for good. They say their goodbyes to each other.

Luis tells Theresa that Ethan won't hurt Jane, and Theresa says Ethan is not doing what is best for Jane; he is doing what is best for Gwen. Luis says that she was right, he should have trusted Sheridan. He asks if she can trust Ethan that it will only be temporary custody. Theresa opens the door, comes out with Jane, and tells Luis that she does trust Ethan. Luis is proud of her and tells her that now he is going to follow her lead and trust Sheridan unconditionally. Luis goes to tell Ethan what happened, and Ethan goes to get Gwen. Theresa tearfully hands Jane over to Ethan. Ethan gives Jane to Gwen, who cuddles Jane and calls her "my beautiful girl." Sheridan watches this through the window of the front door and quietly says goodbye to Luis.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

At the Crane estate, Alistair told Martin that he had to tell their secrets to Katherine. Martin protested and Alistair told him he could tell her himself. Martin told Katherine that the burden of the secret was too much and asked her to walk away. Alistair said that she was good at walking away. He asked Martin if he thought Katherine would turn against him if he knew the secret. She asked him if Alistair was right that he thought she'd turn away. Alistair said Martin was just protecting himself and Martin swore it wasn't true; that he just wanted to spare Katherine the power of knowing. He begged Katherine to drop it. She said it was worse not knowing and imagining all the horrible things that Alistair might be covering up. He told her she was the bravest woman and Katherine told Alistair to tell her. She told him that Martin wouldn't stop her now and laughing, he told her to go with him.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa gave Jane to Ethan and Gwen. She was an emotional wreck and though Ethan was distraught, Gwen was overjoyed to hold and jostle her little girl. Luis told Theresa she was doing the right thing in not getting in more trouble. He said he wished he could have trusted Sheridan as much as she trusted Ethan. Theresa asked Ethan to promise that he'd take care of their little girl and that she'd get Jane back. Gwen told her that Ethan couldn't promise anything because it was up to the court. As Ethan and Gwen started to leave, an anguished Theresa cried that she wanted her baby back. Luis and Pilar held back a hysterical Theresa as Ethan and Gwen walked out. Luis went out side and asked Ethan to promise him that Theresa would be able to see Jane as much as she wanted, because when they took little Ethan they denied her access. Ethan assured him that she could see the baby whenever she wanted. Luis reminded them that Jane shouldn't suffer because of the adult problems. Ethan swore she wouldn't be a pawn. He told them he had to go because Sheridan had been waiting for him in the kitchen. Gwen told him that Sheridan was already gone and hadn't wanted to see him. Pilar tried to comfort Theresa telling her that she made the right choice, but instead Theresa blamed her mother for backing Gwen instead of her. Theresa asserted with convoluted thinking that Pilar only stood up for Gwen and Ethan because they were married and if she didn't back them up it would make her a hypocrite for keeping Martin with her instead of letting him go be with the love of his life-Katherine. Pilar angrily swore that it had nothing to do with her marriage and a spiteful Theresa threw it back in her face that she only backed Gwen to justify her marriage certificate even though she knows Ethan loves her instead of Gwen. She swore that her mother didn't care if she hurt her own child so long as she got Martin back and then stormed out of the room. Pilar was shaken and hurt. Pilar tried to talk sense to Theresa, but she selfishly told her mother that Pilar had put what she wanted before what Theresa needed. She needed her mother to back her, but she sold her out because of her papa. Pilar tried to tell her that giving them the baby was the right thing to do. Theresa angrily insisted it wasn't as she screamed and cried and smashed a vase full of flowers at the wall yelling to her mother that she hates her.

When Gwen and Ethan got home, they took Jane to the redecorated nursery and Gwen giddily gushed that having this baby made her so happy. Ethan worried that it was causing Theresa so much pain.

At the Wallace house, Beth brought Marty downstairs to eat cookies and watch television with Grandma Edna. Edna told her that she could almost think that Beth was Marty's real mother. Beth reprimanded her saying that Marty could hear her and would start asking questions soon because he wasn't stupid. Edna said that she knows someone who is stupid if she thinks she's won. Beth glared at her and through clenched teeth said she had won. Edna said Sheridan wouldn't let the DNA test stop her. Sheridan knocked on the door and when Beth answered it, Sheridan told her she was there about Marty. Beth was flustered and told her she didn't want to get into it again. Sheridan told her that she couldn't find a way to prove that Marty was her son, so Beth had won. She told her that she was leaving town. Beth wanted to know for how long and Sheridan said forever or until she could prove Marty is her son. Beth was speechless. Sheridan reiterated that even though the rest of the world thought Beth was Marty's mother that the two of them knew the truth. Beth denied it. Sheridan told her that the truth didn't matter anymore because the one person who should have believed her didn't. Beth started to shove her out the door and Sheridan asked her to take care of her son; to take care of Marty. Beth said she understood why Sheridan was leaving and didn't blame her. Edna (over Beth's protestations) invited her in to spend a little time with Marty before she had to go. While Sheridan held Marty and apologized to him for not proving he was hers, Edna pulled Beth aside to tell her how evil she is. Beth agreed she's evil, but she's evil with a son and soon a husband. The phone rang and Luis asked if Sheridan was there. She told him no. Edna asked who was on the phone and Beth said it was a wrong number. Sheridan decided to leave and Edna gave her a framed picture of Marty. Beth was angry, but Sheridan was touched. When Sheridan was gone, Beth did a little happy dance. She took Marty to the kitchen so she could tell off her mother. She said that she shouldn't stand there acting righteous when she hadn't told Sheridan and Luis either. Edna swore it was because she was scared and an old woman who couldn't do anything. She told Beth she could do her little "I won" cheer when she actually had Luis. Beth became enraged and smashed a vase full of flowers against the wall. Beth swore at her mother that she hates her and wondered why her mother couldn't just be happy for her. Edna said it was because is evil and Beth said she just did what she had to do to buy her happiness. She asked if her mother wanted her to be happy and Edna told her that she didn't because of all the pain she's caused. Beth said she wasn't going to listen to Edna; she was going to be happy since she had Marty, the DNA test, and with Sheridan gone, it will only be a matter of time before she gets Luis.

At the DNA lab, Dottie tried to call Sheridan's cell phone to tell her they were redoing the test, but Sheridan must have turned it off. Bernard Bateman went off comically on why people should even have one and that his mother still uses a rotary dial. Dottie kicked herself for only comparing Beth and Marty's DNA. She acknowledged that if Beth is Sheridan's half-sister, then it's entirely possible that Marty is Sheridan's son. The lab phoned her with the results and she announced that she had to get the results to Sheridan. She called all over trying to find Sheridan and finally decided to call the Crane mansion, but they were no help. She called the cottage once more and got Luis who cut her off before she could tell him the DNA news because he was searching for Sheridan.

Sheridan stopped at the park to sit and look at Marty's picture. She sat there and mourned all the things she'd lost.

Luis drove all over town looking for her. He called and asked the private airport if the Crane jet was planning to go.

At Crane Industries, Fox (with Carla) was in Chad's office deleting files as they uploaded. Carla worried that he'd get caught, but Fox was sure no one would catch him. She thought it was drastic and Fox said that Chad taking his son behind his back was what was drastic. His plan was to get Chad fired, so that without an income, he'd lose the baby and Fox would get the baby back. Fox was smug that he was destroying Chad. When it was done he started plotting how he'd get his son back.

At Chad's studio, Mrs. Wellesley was there to observe the baby and encouraged Chad and Valerie to go out by offering to baby sit. Chad went to get his coat and noticed that his project files were being deleted. Valerie told him it was probably Fox. Fortunately, Chad had backed up all his files on a CD before he started the transfer. Valerie hugged him and he didn't reciprocate. She backed off and declared that he was still thinking about Whitney. He said he'd always care about her and want him and Miles' life. She asked where that put her and he assured her that she was still with him. He wanted to go to his office to catch Fox in the act, but Valerie convinced him to go out and celebrate instead.

At the Blue Note, Whitney sat drinking at the bar between sets and Liz came down on her for drinking like her mother. Whitney told her aunt not to lecture her. She told Whit to get counseling now so she didn't end up in rehab. Liz acknowledged all the tribulations that Whitney had been through and said not to handle them with alcohol. Whitney snapped back that Li had no idea what she was going through, and then flashed back through memories. Liz encouraged her to talk about what was wrong and Whitney told her she couldn't but was grateful for the job singing because it gave her peace. Liz was called away and Whit ordered another drink and thought about Miles. Her piano player came up and told her they were going on soon. She stumbled on her way to her dressing room and he asked her if she was okay and how many drinks she'd had. Whitney was indignant that everybody was monitoring her drinking and told him she was fine. Fox and Carla came in and when they were seated asked for a bottle of champagne to celebrate his dirty work. Chad and Valerie walked in and Chad saw Fox. He decided to deal with him for trying to delete his files and Liz told them they'd have to leave for causing a ruckus. She told them the next time they wanted to come, they'd have to call for reservations. As they argued, it was announced that Whitney was going to sing. She started a very sad song about remembering, she fell apart crying as she thought about what she'd done with the baby and Fox ran toward her. She stumbled off the stage and Fox and Chad went to her asking what was wrong. She angrily brushed them off yelling that she was fine, and then ran away. Chad and Fox looked at each other and almost seemed to be in agreement in their unspoken concern.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Liz tells Chad and Fox to leave the Blue Note, because they are upsetting Whitney. Liz and Whitney have a serious discussion about Whitney's problems.

Sheridan packs her bags to leave town, as Luis searches for her and Dottie tries to contact her with the new DNA test results. Mrs. Wallace becomes increasingly nervous as Beth reveals that she plans to take Alistair's money and ditch her mother.

Martin warns Katherine that she may not want to know Alistair's secret.

In Las Vegas, Ned and Fancy discover a dead body, and realize it's someone they know.

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