All My Children Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on AMC

Kendall warned Ryan that Greenlee still yearned to have his child. Di made a shocking announcement. Maria had some news for her children. Babe was concerned about her mother's future with Tad.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, June6, 2005

Amanda lustily watched Aidan stretch on the beach. She asked him to take pictures of her for her sick mother. Aidan was more than happy to oblige. She offered to buy him a soda, but he left for his jog. Later, Amanda saw him returning and ran into the water and pretended to be drowning. Aidan rescued her, and as he began CPR, she began a passionate kiss.

Jack and Erica were back home, and Erica wanted to keep the yacht compass as a souvenir of their honeymoon. Jack accosted the man he'd noticed staring at Erica in Charleston, who was at the Pine Valley Yacht Club. Jack later apologized, after realizing the man lived in Pine Valley and was a member of the yacht club. The stranger was gallant and not offended. Erica was certain she had met him before.

Later, Erica complained about the complications of true north vs. magnetic north, and Jack offered her true love as the only navigation she needed. He gave her a new cell phone, and she promised to not interfere and to wait for Kendall to call her.

Kendall and JR kissed, and she guessed it was a "kiss the generous married woman" kiss. They argued about Chandler Enterprises, and JR grew threatening when he realized Kendall couldn't get it back for him. JR was desperate to save Chandler Enterprises. Zach showed up, and JR belittled him for giving up on taking over Cambias, suggesting he reinstate the lawsuit.

Kendall suggested she and Zach had better things to do than go after Ethan. JR vowed to be there to blow Ethan away, right after Ethan blew Zach away. Kendall was very begrudgingly grateful to Zach for his timing and for saving her. Zach had papers for her signature, but she laid down her own marriage ground rules for him, asking him not to interfere in her life. Erica overheard that and ran up, gushing with pride that Kendall had stood up to him. Zach proudly announced their marriage, and Erica was not amused.

Babe went home, and Jamie was nervous about talking about Amanda's visit. He asked if she was really as happy as she pretended to be. She insisted she was, and Jamie promised to give her the life she deserved. Babe wondered what had happened to make him question things, and he suggested they get married right away. She refused, saying she wanted to wait the six months they'd already agreed on.

Maria talked to Ryan at the hospital about his procedure. Ryan thanked her for whatever she had said that had made Greenlee still believe in a future with him. Maria confirmed his procedure had been a success and asked why he'd had it done. She wondered if it was because of Edmund. Ryan complained about his genes and fears of the future. Maria told him she admired his decision. They bonded and hugged. Later, Jack went to see Ryan at home, and Ryan blew up at him, saying he'd taken care of Jack's concerns about Greenlee.

Greenlee was at the fertility clinic, insisting that Ryan's little swimmers be defrosted immediately and placed inside her. The clinic staff asked for her obstetrician's name and referral. Greenlee stonewalled, so the staff suggested she just find her husband and make it easy. Greenlee pulled out cash to bribe the staff and was eventually asked to leave. In all the commotion, the clinic owner, Dr Madden, arrived to investigate. He was the same man that Jack and Erica had seen at the Yacht Club.

Dr. Madden took Greenlee into his office, and she confided in him. He concluded she wanted the baby for the most unselfish reasons. She was thrilled, but less so when he suggested Ryan should be there to agree. His interest seemed piqued when she mentioned her family and Erica Kane being her new stepmother. He insisted on Ryan's signature in order to do the procedure she wanted and to avoid litigation.

Greenlee went to the Fusion office to enlist Simone in her plan. Simone agreed to be her puppet, as long as Greenlee continued to post bail as needed. She was less enthused when Greenlee said they were going to steal Ryan's sperm.

Tuesday, June7, 2005

Aidan told Amanda that although he didn't know who she was, she got and A in kissing and a D- in fake drowning. She told him that she would stick to what she did best, grabbed him, and kissed him again. Amanda asked him why, if he had known she was faking, he had gone into the water after her. He told her it had been a good chance to practice his breaststroke.

Amanda asked Aidan if he was seeing someone. He told her that he didn't need any other complications in his life at that moment. She told him that girlfriends were like speed bumps; they slowed a man down but didn't get in the way. Amanda told him that she could make him forget all the complications in his life. Amanda admired the way Aidan looked as he walked away, but as she turned around, JR was there and called her a double-dealing bitch.

JR went to Ethan's office, and Ethan said he had been expecting JR. JR told Ethan that Kendall had done a good job of hosing both of them. Ethan told JR that there was no way he would go back to Kendall. He also said that there was no way he would trust JR again. Ethan said that the only reason JR was there was to try to stop the systematic destruction of Chandler Enterprises.

JR told Ethan that he would get close enough to Kendall and Zach to be a spy for Ethan. Ethan said to go ahead and spy, and Ethan would determine how valuable the information JR acquired was. Simone took Ethan a gift at his office: a pair of bowling shoes. Ethan told her he had never bowled before, and she told him that there was nothing funnier than a first-time bowler. Ethan protested, but Simone flirted him into it.

Kendall told a surprised Erica that nothing would make her change her mind about staying married to Zach. Erica grabbed Kendall and hugged her. Erica told Kendall she knew what had driven her to that, but Kendall said she hadn't been driven to the decision and that it was the first thing that had made sense. Kendall told her mother that there was nothing to fix in her confused brain.

Erica asked Kendall why she would have married Zach. Kendall told Erica that she didn't do love well, and that was why she had married Zach. Erica said that the walls Kendall was putting up would only hurt her. Erica said that she was the spokesmodel for bad relationships, but she had kept trying and had finally found Jack. Kendall told Erica that in their own warped way, she and Zach were perfect for each other. She told Erica that she would settle for Zach and the ring Zach had given her so that, for once in her life, she could concentrate on herself and not a man.

Erica asked Zach when he was divorcing Kendall. Erica told Zach that she would not stand by and watch him ruin her daughter's life. Zach told Erica that he would stay married to Kendall as long as Kendall wanted to stay married to him. He told her that he had gotten Kendall into it, and he would see her through. Erica then asked Zach how the widow Maria had reacted.

Zach warned Erica to stop, but she continued to taunt him with Maria. He told her she was walking a fine line, and she warned him that she was a dangerous woman. Kendall told Zach that Erica would go after him and not give up. He said that he knew, but eventually everyone grew tired. Kendall told Zach that she knew why she would stay married to him and asked why he wanted to stay married to her. Erica, banging on Maria's door, said that it was all Maria's fault and that she was going to fix it immediately.

Ryan told Jack that he had taken care of everything. Jack asked if they were getting divorced, and Ryan told him that, on the contrary, they were going to do whatever it took to make the marriage work. Just then, the mystery lady walked through the front door and handed Ryan a key. Jack demanded to know who the woman was and what the key would unlock. Ryan assured Jack that if that rage and anger reared its ugly head, he would be out of there and would never return. Greenlee entered, and Ryan told her that he and Jack had been working out a few things. Greenlee and Ryan toasted to a marriage full of surprises.

Simone asked Greenlee if she had been sniffing hairspray when she had asked Simone to help steal Ryan's sperm. Simone told her that the only swimmers she paid attention to were in an Olympic-size pool. Greenlee told Simone about the surgery and that they would have to steal the sperm that night. Simone said that she would like to just kick Ryan for doing that to her.

Greenlee told Simone that Ryan had made a deposit at the sperm bank, and they were going to "bring the swimmers home to mama." Simone said that it wasn't such a good idea, but Greenlee told Simone that she was doing it for Ryan. Simone asked Greenlee not to even look at her for help with the insemination part and went on about failing miserably while trying to baste her turkey.

Kendall walked into Fusion and wanted to know what was going on. Kendall again apologized to Greenlee for not telling her about Ryan's surgery. Kendall told Greenlee that she didn't want to see her blow her relationship with Ryan.

Wednesday, June8, 2005

Tad searched for anything with Dixie's fingerprints and asked Jamie if he had anything. When Babe questioned Jamie about the phone call, he replied, "He's onto something, or someone." Babe immediately lashed out at Jamie about keeping bike parts in the apartment. She told him to "dump your bike parts wherever you want the same way Tad dumped Mama in prison." Because Tad hadn't been to see Krystal in prison, Babe feared that her mother was going to automatically get dumped. When Jamie explained that Dixie had been a great mother to both him and JR and that he wanted her back, Babe accused Jamie of not liking Krystal and stormed off to work.

Tad sorted through boxes stored at the office he shared with Aidan, looking for anything with Dixie's fingerprints. He explained that he had taken Di's compact from her purse to compare prints, and Aidan agreed to help. The two sorted through mementos of Tad and Dixie's life together. They finally found a snow globe, which Aidan said would be a perfect surface to test for prints. It did produce a clear fingerprint, and the comparison proved it matched the print on Di's compact.

Unannounced, Erica arrived at Maria's, accusing her of wrecking peoples' lives. She urged Maria to go to Zach and tell him he was making a mistake by marrying Kendall. Erica said Maria had to know that Zach loved her and that he had married Kendall as a gesture for his son's sake and to get Maria's attention. Maria said she was having so many problems with her kids that they had to be her priority.

After Erica left, Maria went through Maddie's computer and asked Sam for his sister's password. He refused, but Maria convinced him to look through Maddie's email because she thought the girl might be in trouble. He did and, surprised by what he found, showed it to Maria.

Erica went to Kendall's condominium and ran into JR outside. JR told Erica about Kendall's agreement to get Chandler Enterprises back for JR, but the deal had fallen through when Zach had dropped the lawsuit. JR told Erica how much he cared for Kendall, and Erica asked JR for his help in breaking up "that sorry excuse of a marriage." In return, Erica said she would get Chandler Enterprises back for him. JR agreed.

Kendall asked Zach why they should stay married, with all the reasons they had for staying married gone except for the gaming licenses, which could be handled with a simple contract. She added that they were never going to be a real couple. Kendall admitted that Zach was protecting her from the "L" word and asked him if he had married her to avoid Maria. He described his relationship with Maria and admitted she was his one true love.

Zach received a page and went to a motel, believing he was meeting Maria. Instead, he found Maddie, who ripped her clothes and screamed for help, saying Zach was hurting her.

JR and Amanda had another altercation -- he said if she made one more mistake, she was going to ruin the whole plan, referring to flirtation with Aidan. Amanda assured him she was still working on breaking up Babe and Jamie. JR issued the challenge for Amanda to stay out all night with Jamie. She immediately called Jamie and pretended JR had been following her at the beach and said she was afraid. Jamie rushed to assist her. Amanda pulled out all the stops to seduce Jamie.

Thursday, June9, 2005

Maria and Sam arrived at the motel as Maddie was screaming for help, claiming that Zach had assaulted her. Maria herded everyone into the motel room and closed the door. She expressed disbelief in what Maddie said happened and was even less convinced when Maddie mentioned the situation from the airport. Sam, on the other hand, was outraged. The location, Zach's presence, and Maddie's ripped blouse were enough to convince him that something had gone terribly wrong.

Maria demanded the truth, but all Maddie would do was express horror that her mother wouldn't believe her and instead, was taking her ex-lover's side. Infuriated, Sam declared that he was going to call the cops and headed for the door. Maria demanded that he stay in the room so that they could work it out as a family, but her son wasn't hearing it. He opened the door and found the motel manager on the other side. He was investigating because everyone had heard the screaming, and he wanted to put an end to it.

Maria insisted that everything was under control, but the manager, after surmising that Zach might have attacked Maddie, wasn't so sure. He thought the cops needed to be called, as well, but Maria forbade it. Aghast, the manager asked if she, as their mother, was really going to side with a pervert. At that, Zach intervened and reminded the manager that he couldn't have checked for identification when Maddie rented the room.

Realizing that he was caught, the manager left in a huff. Maria closed the door, and her fury started to bubble to the surface. She was livid at the stunt Maddie had tried to pull off, but the kids weren't backing down. They were angry that, yet again, Maria was protecting Zach and covering up for him. Knowing that nothing had happened, Maria denied doing any such thing.

Maddie swore that she wasn't lying about Zach attacking her and pointed to the emails on her laptop as proof. They hashed it out some more, and it finally was revealed that Maddie had made a promise to her father that Zach would pay for all his supposed crimes, and she was trying not to break that promise. She couldn't live with the idea that her father had died for nothing. The weight of the truth finally landing on her shoulders, Maria told her children that because Zach wasn't leaving, they needed to get away. Maddie misunderstood and said that a summer vacation wouldn't fix anything.

Maria clarified that she wanted them to get away for good. Maddie was somewhat resistant at first, but Maria said that she had talked to Hayley and Mateo, and they would be able to stay with them if they went out to California. Sam thought that his mother was running away, but Maria told her children that they just needed a fresh start in a new place where they could heal. She admitted how much she had done wrong and knew how much that had hurt them -- and she didn't want to put them through any more.

Maddie thought that Zach would follow them, but Maria promised that after that night, she would never see nor speak to him again. Maria announced that she was willing to do whatever it took to get her family back together. They looked into her eyes and saw that she was being truthful, and in that moment, they were willing to give her another chance. The children left, and after one long look back to say a final goodbye, Maria followed suit.

Erica returned home and confessed that she had broken her promise and had gone to see Kendall. She thought that Jack would be furious but told him that he could save his lecture. She was surprised, however, when he admitted that he, too, had failed to keep his promise by making the Lavery residence the only stop on his route that evening. Jack updated Erica on his conversation with Ryan. Erica was happy that Jack realized Ryan wasn't all bad, but Jack modified the statement by saying that while he was slightly more optimistic than he had been, he still didn't completely trust his son-in-law.

Erica was still happy about the development and expressed her wishes about being assured that Kendall would find the same happiness. Jack thought that Kendall had held her own fairly well while they had been in Florida, but Erica hinted that there were some things he didn't know. She then segued into a comment about how JR cared for Kendall almost as much as Erica did. With no good feelings about JR, Jack admitted that he hoped the young mogul cared only as a friend. He then told his new bride that while Kendall had made some bad decisions, she was maturing and learning to learn from her mistakes.

Seeing no other solution, Erica revealed that Kendall had married Zach. Before Jack could express too much surprise, Reggie and Dani interrupted when they practically fell into the apartment, locked in a kiss, unaware of their audience. They remained liplocked for a few moments before Reggie realized that his parents were watching. They broke apart quickly and announced that they had still expected to be alone. They forced some uncomfortable small talk for a minute, and then Reggie suggested that he and Dani leave Erica and Jack alone.

Jack and Erica thoughtfully declined and instead forced more small talk. Jack tried to get a message across to his son that he wouldn't have any more alone time with his girlfriend that evening, but before they could delve into the subject, Lily returned home, bursting with good news. She revealed that Kendall had married Zach, and while Reggie seemed slightly taken aback, Erica and Jack revealed that they knew. Lily was surprised that no one was happy, and Erica simply said that it was a complicated situation but that everyone wanted Kendall to be happy.

Happy with that answer for the moment, Lily launched into uncomfortable territory, asking why her parents weren't having sex if they were still on their honeymoon. They tried to give her obvious clues that it wasn't a topic for general conversation, but even that combined with Reggie's audible discomfort didn't get her to stop. They tried to stop her one more time, and though she didn't understand, Lily gave up and retired to her room. Reggie thought that it would be a pattern, and he would get another shot at being alone with Dani.

Much to Reggie's chagrin, his parents strongly suggested taking Dani directly home. Stumped for words, Reggie had no choice but to agree. When Reggie and Dani left, Jack suggested that he and his new wife indulge in some marital activities, and when she agreed, he picked his bride up. She squealed with delight, and Lily called out that she could still hear them. It was then that Erica suggested that starting the next day, they should look for a new place to live.

Ryan and Greenlee tried to reconnect over a romantic dinner, complete with candlelight and all of Greenlee's favorite foods. Greenlee was grateful for all that Ryan had done, but she couldn't pretend that nothing had happened. Ryan didn't blame her and said that he would feel the same way if she had done something similar. Even though Greenlee ran down the plus side of what having a child could have given them, Ryan believed that the dream of their future together was not gone.

Ryan started to tell Greenlee about a business idea that he had, and she was slightly incensed at his thought that a business deal could replace a child. He told her that he was offering her a new life -- one that she might not want right then, but one that she could grow to embrace in time. He just asked for the opportunity to show her how much he loved her and how good their life could be together if they just stuck it out until they got to the other side.

Greenlee told her husband that she wanted to stay with him for the long haul because the kind of love they had was not something that was given up easily. Still, she admitted, she hated what he had done to himself because she thought he deserved better. The one patch of blue sky in their storm was that she couldn't see her life without him, and she then promised to do whatever it took to get through the latest battle. They sealed the promise with a kiss.

A short time later, Ryan and Greenlee wrapped up dinner by feeding each other a few last morsels. Greenlee announced that she was full, but Ryan told her that she needed to have room for one more thing. He went over to the edge of the balcony and revealed a present from a secret hiding place. They hadn't had a surprise a day in a while, so he was trying to catch up. She opened it and found a small statue from Japan.

Ryan told Greenlee the statue was supposed to cause good luck and make all a person's dreams come true. Greenlee stared at the statue and daydreamed about Ryan holding their baby as she looked on. Ryan called her back to the moment, and she asked about his dreams. He told her that the evening they had spent together was his dream. Then they moved inside, and after he poured her a drink and put on some music, they lay back on the couch and cuddled.

Ryan took his turn at daydreaming, and pictured them in the same situation, only dressed elegantly in all black. In his daydream, Greenlee wanted pizza, and he offered her Italy. The freedom to do whatever they wanted was his dream, and in it, he was all Greenlee needed to be happy. Back in reality, he asked if she was happy, and she told him that she was getting there.

Greenlee daydreamed again, and in it, Ryan was dressed to the nines, and he beheld his wife and son descending the stairs, dressed in a similar fashion. In her daydream, Ryan was happier than he had ever thought possible and was beyond grateful to her for giving him a son. He was ecstatic that they were the most important things in his life. In the daydream, he believed that they had saved him from himself. Back in the moment, Greenlee admitted that she had been afraid and had felt doubts because she had been unable to see their future, but finally she could, and she was free.

Kendall arrived home, and dropped some of her mail while sorting it at her door. When she bent over to pick it up, JR approached her silently from behind. She wasn't surprised and identified him from the smell of his cologne. She wasn't in the mood to deal with him, but he tried to improve her mood with a kiss. A few moments later, they were inside Kendall's place, and JR admitted that the purpose of his visit was to deliver an apology.

Kendall smirked, amused at his version of an apology, and then flippantly tried to send him away because she hadn't invited him in. JR confessed that his actions had been because he had lost his way of getting Chandler Enterprises back. He further confessed that he was concerned that what he had done had ended what they'd had. Noncommittally, Kendall pretended to be distracted by her mail. When she saw an opening, she blithely asked after Ethan.

Without thinking, JR started to rip on his sometimes-foe. Kendall interrupted him before he could get too far, announcing that JR's true motives were as clear as day. She was certain that JR had gone sniffing around Ethan, and when he had been shut out, he had crawled back to her. JR tried to convince her that she was wrong, if only because hanging out with her was much more interesting than pretending to suck up to Ethan. Kendall, having seen just about all of his moves, wasn't buying it.

JR told Kendall that she could believe whatever she wanted, but he claimed to know her secret. Her curiosity surpassing her fury, she demanded to know what he thought her secret was. After pushing a few more of her buttons, he revealed that the last time he had checked, he was her only friend. Kendall insisted that she had friends, but when asked to list them, she was hard-pressed to name any. Realizing that JR's thoughts on her secret were a little too close to home, she grew angry again and didn't want to delve any farther into the subject.

JR tried to offer Zach as a potential friend, but Kendall told him that both her husband and his son were off-limits when they spoke. JR backed down quickly and said that he just wanted her to know that he was her best friend, and she could confide in him if she needed to vent. Amused, Kendall reminded him that "only" did not mean "best" and that she would really toss him out on his ear if he didn't drop the subject. JR finally relented and went back to trying to get her into bed. He offered her some compliments, but she thought they were two unwanted people. He told her that he wanted her and accomplished his goal.

Aidan digitally reviewed some of the pictures that he had taken of Amanda on the beach earlier that day over a drink at the Roadside Bar. While cleaning up a nearby table, Babe snooped and saw a series of shots. She mentioned that she hadn't known that Amanda and Aidan were friends, and he told her they didn't really know each other. He then explained that he had taken the pictures of her for her mother as a favor, and she had to have slipped the camera in his pocket. Babe thought what Amanda wanted to do was a sweet gesture, but Aidan wasn't quite so sure, which interested Babe.

Aidan told Babe that Amanda was good at "making friends," but Babe missed the point. She took the camera, took a closer look at the pictures, and noted aloud that Amanda's expression made it seem they were a lot closer. Aidan pointed out that things weren't always what they seemed. Babe confessed that she and Jamie were worried about Amanda, but Aidan was certain that she could take care of herself. Normally, Babe would agree, but not while Amanda was living in JR's house.

Later, as Aidan prepared to leave, Babe stopped him and told him that she had been wrong for freaking out on them when she had found out he and Tad were looking for Dixie. She thought that if they found her, things would change radically -- for the better. She asked if they'd made any progress, but Aidan told her that all the details had to remain confidential while the case was still ongoing. Babe insisted that she understood and offered him a drink on the house.

Aidan then steered the conversation back to Amanda. Babe admitted that it was great to have a close friend again, one that didn't hold her past against her. She told Aidan that she and Amanda got each other. He gave her a tip, and she thanked him for that and the conversation. He started to go but then remembered the camera and left it with her, asking her to return it to its owner.

On the beach, Amanda continued to throw herself at Jamie, despite his protests. Jamie insisted that them hooking up wouldn't happen, but Amanda wasn't taking no for an answer and managed to throw Jamie down on the beach towel. He struggled to get up, and then struggled with her to keep her robe on. Amanda stumbled around, seemingly drunk, and talked about how hot Jamie was, as if that explained why they should hook up. She then pointedly noted that she was very thirsty, and that immediately grabbed Jamie's attention.

Jamie remembered Babe's behavior when JR had drugged her and realized that it was very similar to the way Amanda was acting. He confirmed that JR had given her something to drink and then insisted that he had to take her to a hospital. The fašade slipped a little as the very sober Amanda realized that she needed to do some quick thinking. She made up a story about how her father would think she couldn't take care of herself if he found out that she had gone to the hospital.

Amanda bemoaned that she wouldn't survive living at home because no one really cared about her. She then slipped in that she'd only had a sip of the juice, because she had quickly realized that it tasted bad. She convinced Jamie to stay with her until the small amount of the drug wore off. In addition, she promised to go to the hospital without a fight if she got worse.

A short time later, Amanda and Jamie were lying on the beach while she "recovered." She told him that she was trying to hide from a truth that he might think was stupid. He urged her to spill, and she admitted that no one really gave "a damn" about what happened to her. Jamie insisted that Babe cared about her and told her that Babe was constantly worried with Amanda living at the Chandler Estate.

Amanda was grateful for having Babe as a friend but wanted to know how Jamie felt. Jamie told her that he cared, of course, but Amanda wanted to know if he was really just sorry because JR had "drugged" her. Jamie confirmed that he really cared about her and that the past they shared solidified their friendship. Amanda noted that although she went way back with JR, as well, it hadn't made a difference.

Jamie assured her that he would take care of JR. Amanda told him that she felt better and thanked him. Jamie noted that she was cold, and he picked her up so they could leave. She reminded him no hospitals, and he simply told her that he was going to take her somewhere safe.

Kendall watched Zach return home from the darkness of her living room, while across town, Ryan and Greenlee finally reconnected as husband and wife.

Friday, June10, 2005

Tad interrupted Adam's phone call and said that he had some information about Di that couldn't wait and affected JR. JR entered, walking next to Di, and said that he knew Tad was talking about his mother. JR told them that he had no time for Tad's stories and took Di upstairs to rest. JR and Di went into the nursery and he told her that he had missed her. Di told JR that it was time she told him how she knew Tad, but JR said he did not care and knew Tad was up to something.

Di tried to blurt out that she had been lying, but JR interrupted her and told her that it did not matter. JR said that when he had gotten custody of his son, he had thought he couldn't trust anyone anymore, until she had shown up. JR left, and when Di started singing to the baby, Stuart entered and helped her finish the song. Stuart told her that JR missed his mother; she had been his balance between good and bad in life. He added that they had been good friends and had always been able to cheer each other up.

Stuart admitted that a sadness had settled over the family since she had died, and it made his days even lonelier, especially because Marian was gone for two weeks. Di told him that he would be fine, and he agreed. Stuart said that when Dixie had died, everyone's worlds had started to fall apart.

Adam did not understand how Tad could be right. After all, if Di were Dixie, "why would she lie?" he asked. JR overheard and told Tad that Dixie was dead, and Di was the nanny. Tad told them both that he had lifted Di's fingerprints, and they had matched Dixie's. Tad told them about taking Di's compact and matching the prints to something Dixie had touched.

JR refused to see the evidence, claiming that his mother would never stay away from him for so long if she were alive. She would have gotten in touch with him and not lied about it, he said. Adam started to believe Tad, and when JR accused Tad of faking the prints, Tad was baffled. JR said if he had ever cared about him, Tad would stop messing with his head. Tad said that Dixie was alive, and he could barely believe it.

Adam tried to console JR, but it did not help. JR started lashing out at his father. He accused his father of conspiring with Tad to get Colby back and said that Di should get a DNA test. JR told Tad to get out of his life, but Tad said not to ignore the evidence. Di walked in and told them that she had heard the yelling then admitted that she was Dixie.

Simone went over to Greenlee's with the items Greenlee had requested, but Greenlee opened the door before Simone could knock. Ryan stepped out and asked what was going on. Greenlee told him she and Simone were planning the next publicity campaign, and Simone noted, "Good thinking," which nearly blew their cover. Ryan left to do some work, and Greenlee scolded Simone. Greenlee asked for Simone's Social Security number and checkbook because the clinic would ask for both before they inseminated her with Ryan's sperm.

Simone gawked at Greenlee and said their plan was not going to work. Greenlee stepped out, dressed like Simone, and said that instead of stealing the sperm, she was going to pretend to be Simone. Greenlee headed over to the fertility clinic, where the nurse who had almost thrown her out the other day greeted her. Pretending to be Simone, Greenlee told the nurse that she was single and wanted to be artificially inseminated.

Greenlee was taken into a room to speak to a specialist. She handed her the necessary paperwork that needed to be filled out and told her the type of man she wanted to be the father of the child, describing Ryan, without revealing his name.

Ryan went to Fusion to find Greenlee, but Simone said Greenlee was gone, and she did not know where. Ryan could tell Simone was lying and asked her why she was covering up for Greenlee. Simone ignored him and started asking him about the blonde woman he had met at the club.

Zach handed out some information to his employees at the casino, which was up and running. Kendall walked in and handed him his gaming licenses. Zach thanked her, although Kendall was less than happy about how she had needed to flirt with the "scumbags" to get his license. Zach offered to give a kiss, then a car, for what she had done, but he realized something else was bothering Kendall. She told him that nothing was going on with her life, but Zach told her that being alone got easier over time. Kendall disagreed, citing all of her experience in life.

Ryan walked into the casino, and when Zach refused his gambling offer, Kendall took his bet. Ryan told her that he and Greenlee were doing great and were still married. Kendall was not sure that Greenlee had forgiven him because of her desire to have his child. Ryan tried to get Kendall to see that Greenlee understood, but Kendall wouldn't change her mind.

Kendall wagered that they gamble all of their money that Greenlee wouldn't give up on having Ryan's child. Ryan won the first round of cards, but Kendall said he wouldn't be so lucky with his marriage. He walked off angrily and knocked over a chair. Zach walked back in, and Kendall scolded him for not rushing to her aid sooner. Zach said that the way to get to Ryan was to prove him wrong.

Erica went to visit the new fertility doctor, Dr. Madden. Erica said that she would like to find a woman who wanted to have a child but could not conceive and that they could give a child to. She told him that New Beginnings was a way to give hope to the cheated and ignored women in America. Erica told him that he could be a guest on the show and help a woman who wanted a child but was unable to conceive. She said that it could give other women hope.

Dr. Madden thanked Erica for the offer but said it was not the right time to publicize his practice. He offered to help her in a year or two, but Erica brushed him off and asked him to consider her show. She asked for a tour of the clinic, and Dr. Madden called the nurse to give her a tour. Erica and the nurse passed Greenlee, who was looking through a book of donors. Greenlee squealed with glee when she finally narrowed it down to three descriptions fitting Ryan, just as Erica walked by. Erica was shocked to see Greenlee there in costume and asked her who she was supposed to be.

Maria asked Sam why he was opposed to going to California, and he told her that he loved Pine Valley. He said that he understood that she wanted to move because of Maddie's ridicule, but it was their home. Maria said that relocating would solve the problems. Sam said she was the problem, not Zach or their father's death. Sam said that when they had thought she had died, it had destroyed Edmund inside, even if he had pretended to be brave.

Eventually, they had grown numb and had adjusted to the fact that Maria had died, and the pain had begun to heal when Brooke had happened along, Sam said. He said that he liked Brooke and had been happy when Maria had returned, but it had been hard because she had not remembered them for a long time. Sam said that Maria had her life with Zach and that her disappearance didn't matter. He was honest with her and said that he wanted to stay in Pine Valley to learn more about his biological family, the Martins, not to get revenge on her.

Maria realized that if she made Sam go to California, he would just run back to Pine Valley. Sam admitted that he would and that he needed to stay in Pine Valley and figure some things out. Maria hugged Sam and told him that she was not sure she could leave him.



The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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