Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on GL

Alex learned that Alan had murdered Phillip. Lizzie and Coop seemed to reach an understanding about their feelings. Nate taunted Jonathan. Dinah was determined to make Edmund hers.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on GL
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Monday, June 6, 2005

Harley and Gus agreed their investigation should begin at the Spaulding mansion, where Gus had received the notes about Phillip's killer. Gus made Harley promise to remain at the ice cream truck while he went alone to the mansion. She agreed but, the minute he left, headed to Harley's Angels to retrieve a DVD player in order to watch Spaulding surveillance records.

As Harley was leaving with the machine, a security guard arrived and demanded to see her identification. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a business card belonging to Alexandra. She gave it to the guard and pretended to be the very rich and snobby Alexandra Spaulding. He believed her charade and offered to help her carry some items outside. While she was waiting for him, Lizzie arrived and recognized Harley but agreed to let her go without calling the police.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan found Gus alone in the attic. Gus told his father he was there to demand that Alan retract the bounty placed on Harley. Alan refused, saying Harley was going to get what she deserved. Gus grew angry and yelled that Alan was going to die a lonely old man. He snatched Alan's briefcase and said he knew the bounty money was in there, and he thought he'd skim some off the top for himself.

Alan became agitated, remembering he had hidden the bloody gloves in the case. He reached for a gun and told Gus to put the case down, or he would be sorry. Gus wouldn't hear it and dumped the contents out onto a table. He was shocked to discover there were only family pictures inside. Relieved, Alan returned the gun to the desk. When Gus left the attic, Alan searched frantically for the gloves and muttered that someone knew what he had done.

At Company, Lizzie showed Coop the picture she had taken of Harley and promised not to turn her in to the police. Coop was relieved and asked Lizzie not to go to Switzerland as planned because he needed her to stay with him. Lizzie was excited and asked if it meant what she thought it did. He answered with a passionate kiss.

Reva was talking to Nate, who she didn't realize was really Alfred, about her son Jonathan and the problems they'd had since his arrival in Springfield. Nate advised her to leave the boy alone, since it seemed to be what he wanted. Reva refused the suggestion and claimed she knew her son had a good heart, and they would eventually have a good relationship.

Nate made cryptic remarks about full moons and murders. He made a menacing comment to Reva about how things that "go around come around." He asked if it had ever occurred to her that something nasty might happen to her for something she had done in the past. Reva looked puzzled and begged off of a meeting she had agreed to attend with him. They were interrupted when Jonathan arrived and was "introduced" to his mother's new boss.

Alan arrived at his office at Spaulding Enterprises and found the gloves in his desk drawer. Alexandra arrived and confirmed her suspicion that the gloves did indeed belong to her brother. She gazed at him and said, "You did it. You killed your son."

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Jonathan was not happy to see Nate and Reva chitchatting like old buddies. Not knowing the situation, Reva introduced them. Just as she did, her cell phone rang, and she excused herself to answer it. Jonathan was furious with Nate and wanted to know what he was up to. Nate insisted Jonathan was not very smart and needed Nate's help to accomplish their goals.

Reva returned, and Nate made up a story about how the two had met before, when he had kicked Jonathan out of the bar for drinking too much. Nate went into Company to get food for a picnic for Reva and him. He ran into Tammy and introduced himself. He asked Tammy to tell Jonathan hello when she saw him.

When Nate returned to join Reva, Jonathan had left. Nate made up a story and told Reva he had caught Jonathan at the bar, trying to drug Tammy's drink. Reva believed it. Outside Company, Tammy told Jonathan she had been asked to say hello to him from Nate. Jonathan asked a lot of questions and told Tammy he didn't trust Nate.

Alex suspected Alan had killed Phillip but when she confronted him, he denied it. But she persisted and sweet-talked him, and he admitted yes, he had shot Phillip. He told Alex he had gone to the restaurant to convince Phillip to stay and to change his mind. But Phillip had laughed at him and had said Alan had finally turned him into a monster like himself. Alan had left in anger but had returned. He had seen the gun, and when Phillip had laughed at him again, he had pulled the trigger.

Alex was horrified. She wasn't sure she could keep the secret, but Alan seemed to convince her it was best for the family. Alex didn't understand why Alan had let Harley go jail, but he insisted Harley was guilty of betraying Phillip -- even though he was the one who had cheated on her -- and causing him to lose his mind. He also accused Olivia.

Alex was angry that Beth, Lizzie, and she had also been considered suspects, and Alan had stood by and watched. Alan pleaded with Alex, and she seemed to agree. She told him she wanted to leave the Spaulding mailroom and return to her office. He agreed. She also said they had to burn the gloves. He didn't want to, but she took them and told him she would take care of them.

Buzz was cleaning Harley's office, afraid the bounty hunters would break in and find something that could help them. Danny arrived and asked why Buzz had called him there. Buzz wanted his help. He wanted to offer a reverse bounty, a larger bounty on Harley that would require the hunter to take her in alive. Danny agreed to help.

Marina arrived and asked Danny out to dinner. Danny hedged, and she thought he rejected her. He tried to convince her otherwise, but when she overheard him at Company, making airline reservations, she assumed Danny was on his way to see Michelle. Danny insisted it was only business and that he would be back soon. He left, but Marina was tired of waiting -- and followed him.

Alex happened by Harley's office as Buzz was leaving. She told him she had visited the church around the corner. He invited her in for a beer, and she agreed but made sure the envelope with the gloves was tucked in her purse. He told Alex he was very glad that she had "returned" and that she was remembering she was one of the good guys. Alex was obviously torn -- and she told Buzz she needed to leave.

Meanwhile, Alan had gone back to the attic, but Sebastian followed him. Alan was surprised when Sebastian said he wanted to be the successful bounty hunter to find Harley. He asked just how far he should go to get her. Alan told him to do what he had to do.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Buzz wrote Harley a letter, not knowing where to send it but wanting to let her know what she was missing back home. Meanwhile, Harley's faith began to falter as she and Gus made their way to New York to find the man who had been leaving Gus clues. Gus's love gave her strength as they shared memories of their past and imagined a happy future together.

Meanwhile, as Buzz and Alex each consoled Zach, who was missing his mom, Alex was so guilt-ridden that she nearly confessed that Alan was the one who had killed Phillip. Later, when an angry Alan revealed to Alex in private that he was being blackmailed, Alex had second thoughts about betraying him and decided once again to keep Alan's secret.

Danny assisted Harley and Gus's escape by posing as Gus to throw the bounty hunters off their trail. But, Marina followed Danny to a Chicago hotel to confront him, assuming he had gone there to reunite with Michelle. Later, Marina ran into an old friend who she quickly realized was in Chicago to try to claim the bounty on Harley. When Danny arrived to rescue Marina, Marina slapped him across the face.

Lizzie and Coop got off to an awkward start on their first date, but neither wanted to give up on the other. They struck a deal to run Company together, and the decision drew them closer together.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Edmund interrupted Cassie's thoughts of her steamy encounter with Jeffrey. Edmund had plans to work on the nursery and baby names. Cassie wanted her baby to have the safe, loving home she and her kids had never had.

Jeffrey didn't take the bait when Dinah teased him with the secret she knew about Edmund. Dinah admitted to Ross that he had been right about Edmund. She knew he would use her child as a pawn to get Cassie because Dinah had seen him do it with Will. She said Edmund had been responsible for losing Will. She felt invisible at the farm. She revealed a tape recording on which she had gotten Edmund to confess.

Dinah arranged for Jeffrey and Cassie to be stuck in an elevator together. Cassie told him she had to give Edmund and their family a second chance. Jeffrey longed for her but let her go.

Dinah found Edmund in the barn and warned him that an expectant mother's sex drive often increased in the second trimester.

Danny interrupted Marina's encounter with a bounty hunter. Marina pretended Danny was also a bounty hunter who was following her. Danny sent the bounty hunter on a wild goose chase to Los Angeles. Marina accused Danny of meeting with Michelle. Danny explained he was helping Buzz to throw the bounty hunters off Harley's trail.

The ice cream truck made a pit stop in New York City. Harley and Gus were unaware Alan was also in the city, hunting for Mr. Wallace, the man with the goatee. They just missed Alan paying off Wallace at the Excelsior Hotel. They pounded the pavement, looking for the hotel on the stationery. As the sun set on the city, they found what they were looking for at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Gus and Harley were newly energized, realizing the mystery man who might know who had killed Phillip was staying somewhere near the Brooklyn Bridge. They located his hotel but upon arrival, discovered he was out. As they debated their next move, federal agents who had already seized their ice cream truck recognized them. They were forced to run on foot through the streets of Brooklyn. They dashed into a building that looked like a warehouse but discovered they were backstage at a soap opera.

As Edmund and Cassie grew closer, Dinah realized the clock was ticking on revealing Edmund's deceit to Cassie. With tape recorder in hand, she prepared to give it to Cassie, but she was waylaid and accidentally switched purses with Tammy. Later, when she finally retrieved her own purse, she was devastated to learn Sandy had unknowingly taped over her treasured confession.

Reva was furious when Nate told her Jonathan had been selling date rape drugs. When she saw Tammy and Jonathan together, she reamed her son out. Jonathan emptied his pockets for Reva, but when a bag full of pills fell out, he realized he had been set up. Later, after an angry Reva insulted Jonathan and took off, Nate stepped forward and said he had done it so his son could see what his mother really thought of him. Nate drove home his point that he was the only one Jonathan could trust. Jonathan bought his father's lies.

Danny and Marina spent the night in Chicago, but she was still not ready to fully commit to him. The pull was strong for both of them, and they got closer, unaware Sebastian had gone to Chicago and discovered their ruse.

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