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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, June 13, 2005

a Emily comes face-to-face with a just arriving Rosanna and nearly reveals all about her new relationship with Paul. Instead, she leaves Rosanna to beg Paul once again to give their marriage another shot. But, Paul vehemently tells her to leave. After, Paul begins to break down. Meanwhile, Emily goes to the station and announces to Hal that she is leaving with Daniel for a few days. Katie blasts Mike for his treatment of her and defends her decision to try to help Craig have some access to his child. Meanwhile, Craig shocks Jennifer when he shows up at her doctor's appointment. Horrified, she calls Mike and at the hospital, Mike and Katie find a very irate and emotional Jennifer. Craig, however, has gotten the first look of his child from the sonogram and is rational and calm when Mike arrives. Alone, Katie urges Mike to make peace with Craig for the sake of Jennifer's health and the health of the baby. Later, Jennifer hears Mike agreeing that Katie might be right about Craig and angrily accuses Mike of taking Katie's side. Lily brings Keith home from the hospital, anxious to pick up their relationship where they last left off. Lucinda's untimely interruption, however, makes Keith realize that Lily must be with her family in the wake of their house burning down and that he must take care of his own business back in Chicago. After, Lily insists things are over with Holden but Lucinda isn't convinced. While Gwen remains alone and clueless on what to do about her pregnancy, Will nearly confesses all to Celia but stops to spare her the pain. He leaves to check on Gwen but when he gets to her apartment, he realizes she has been smoking cigarettes. He convinces Gwen to go to the hospital and get checked out by his Uncle Bob. At the hospital, they run into Casey and Celia who wonder why they're there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Will convinced Gwen that she needs to see a doctor and he goes to Uncle Bob for assistance. Will introduces Gwen to his Uncle Bob and tells him that Gwen is the reason he was asking all those questions about pregnancy. Bob is very kind to Gwen and asks her if she has seen a doctor. Since she hasn't, he lines up an appointment with Dr. Schiller. While Gwen is with Dr. Schiller, Bob talks with Will about Gwen - he assumes the baby is Will's, but Will insists that they are just friends and he is trying to help her. Inside the exam room, Dr. Schiller shows Gwen a sonogram of her baby. When the doctor leaves the room, she talks with Bob and Will about the baby's condition. The baby is much farther along than Dr. Schiller had guessed and she is concerned about the baby's small size and Gwen's health. Dr. Schiller leaves to see another patient, but Bob talks with her about some options and offers to help her talk with her parents. Gwen tells him that she took her stepfather and mother to court and has been emancipated from them for a year now. She asks him what she should do....he tells her that if she were his daughter, he would want her to continue her education. And since she has no family and no support, it will be difficult to do with a baby.....he suggests adoption. When Will takes her home, he shows her the brochure on adoption, but instead she reaches for a cigarette. Will leaves and she takes out the photo of the baby.....and smiles.

Casey takes Celia to the Country Club assuming they can get summer jobs. They are first told no, the jobs had been filled last spring, but when Casey sees his grandmother, he asks Kim for help. Within moments, they both have jobs. The three sit down for some iced tea and conversation. Celia is very worried about why Gwen was in the hospital with Will. She's afraid she might be sick, and asks Kim if she can ask Bob. Casey is really angry and tells her it's a privacy issue and that she should leave it alone. Any mention of Gwen makes him very angry. Kim tells Celia that she can at least ask Bob if he knows anything about Gwen, and if it's a privacy issue, he will simply tell her he can't talk about it. Celia is happy to have Kim's help, but Casey clearly wishes she's leave Gwen alone.

Katie and Mike see Craig talking to Jessica at Metro. Craig has asked Jessica how he can get soul custody of Jennifer's baby - she tells him no way. He then asks how to get joint custody - she laughs and tells him that he would have to go to family court and show that he would be a good parent. Jessica really isn't interested in helping Craig, because, as he admits, he has an "image" problem. She does suggest some things that would help him look like a good parent in family court - gainful employment, a stable family life..... Craig asks him if marriage would help. She says maybe, but isn't convinced. Craig insists there must be a way to get Jennifer's baby since he is the father. Jessica leaves and Katie goes to Craig. She tells him that she will no longer support him if he does not leave Jennifer alone. Craig tells her - again - that he is the baby's father and wants to assert his rights, and he brushes her off. Katie is very hurt, but Mike comes to talk with her. Mike wants her to go to Jennifer and tell her what just happened with Craig. Katie doesn't want to - hasn't she been hurt enough? Jennifer reams her over the coals every time she sees her - why should she put herself up for more abuse? Mike convinces her that Jennifer should hear it from her, though, and so Katie goes to Jennifer and tells her that she told Craig she would no longer support him if he didn't leave her alone. Jennifer has a nasty retort, and Katie leaves. Mike goes to comfort Jennifer.

Carly tells Jack that she is quitting her job with Dusty and Jennifer to be a stay-at-home mom. Jack laughs in her face! He knows his wife very well and thinks that while she is a great mom that being at home full-time with the kids will drive her crazy. Carly insists she wants to do it, but she doesn't know that Jack has a surprise in store for her. The doorbell rings and it is Hannah, their friend from Montana. Carly is thrilled to see her and even more excited to hear that Jack has asked her to come to help with the family.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Craig asked Rosanna to marry him; however Rosanna said no. Rosanna still loved Paul and wanted to wait for him to forgive her. Craig told Rosanna to forget about Paul because Paul would never be able to forgive her. Craig asked Rosanna to think about his proposal and left. Later, Craig went to see Margo and asked her to sign a letter of recommendation so he could look good in the eyes of the court.

Carly was looking through some pictures of her father when Parker pointed out that he was standing outside of Mable's. Carly became confused because her father was never in Oakdale. Hannah told Carly the picture could have been taken anywhere and not to worry about it, but the picture still appeared to bother Hannah. Rosanna went to see Carly and told her that Craig asked her to get married again. Carly told Rosanna that even if Paul never forgave her, not to marry Craig.

Jennifer went to BRO and found that Dusty hired a bodyguard named Deacon to protect her against Craig. Jennifer was very excited until Mike showed up and was not too happy about the situation. Jennifer told Mike to relax, and that having a bodyguard was a good thing. Mike and Dusty started to argue about how things needed to be handled when it came to Craig and Jennifer. After getting nowhere with Dusty, Mike left. Meanwhile, Katie ran into Henry at the Lakeview and tried to talk to him. Henry blew her off and walked away. Mike, having just arrived, saw how Henry acted towards Katie and told him to stop being a jerk and to give it another chance with Katie.

Gwen and Will were having breakfast at the Country Club when they found out that Casey and Celia got summer jobs there. Barbara stopped and interrupted Gwen and Will's breakfast. While they were eating, Gwen started to get nauseous, and ran to the ladies room. Fearing that Gwen was sick, Barbara told Celia and Will that she believed that Gwen was bulimic. Celia was worried about Gwen, so her and Will went to Gwen's apartment to see if she was feeling better. Casey went to Gwen's apartment and told her that she needed to stop pining over him, because he was in love with Celia, and their one-night stand was over. Will and Celia showed up and Celia found pregnancy pamphlets, and realized that Gwen was pregnant.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lucinda, Sierra and Lily are enjoying some Mother and Daughter time and when Lily mentions Keith, Lucinda becomes a little irritated. As Lily and Lucinda exchange words, Sierra stops them and tells them both to settle down. Lily reminded her mother that Keith saved their lives and the kids really like him. Lucinda asked about Holden and Lily said that Holden was the one who wanted a divorce. Sierra spoke up again and asked Lucinda to go see a display in the other room. Lucinda left and Sierra told Lily that she thought Lucinda was right. Sierra also told Lily to give in to Lucinda and quit fighting her so much. Lucinda returned and started in again. Lily took he mother's hand and told her she loved her. Lucinda thought that Lily was seeing her point of view but Lily told her that nothing had changed. Sierra interrupted and told them to get up because they were going somewhere where they could blow off a little steam. Later, as they sat in a steam bath, Lucinda started to make Lily and Sierra laugh about her having a body makeover when Lucinda discovered a lump on her breast.

Alison came into the cottage and found Katie packing for a back to nature trip. Alison told Katie that she can go away but when she comes back the loneliness will still be there. Meanwhile, Mike was talking to Henry trying to convince him to go back to Katie. Henry told Mike that he and Katie have come to terms with their relationship so Mike should back off. Henry told Mike that he needed to meet his date and when Mike saw her he laughed because she looked just like Katie and her name was Sadie. Henry left Mike at the bar who watched Henry's exchange with Sadie. Sadie happened to be a biker chick who chugged her beer and wanted Henry to spend time with her biker friends. When Sadie left the table, Mike came up and asked Henry if he had had enough. Sadie returned and wanted Henry to join her on a bike ride. Henry made up an excuse that he had to work. Mike told Henry to call Katie and try to work things out with her. Henry called Katie and asked her if she would meet him at the Lakeshore Hotel. Katie got all excited and ran upstairs to get ready to go. At the hotel, Mike helped Henry prepare for Katie's arrival. Henry was nervous and he kept imagining Katie in various scenes as he waited. Mike returned with the champagne and found Henry gone. Katie appeared at the door and looked confused when she saw Mike.

Emma arrived home and heard someone in the living room. She got a shock when she saw Meg standing there. Emma was curious about why Meg had suddenly appeared and Meg avoided all of Emma's questions and ran upstairs to get some pictures of Lily's kids. Later, Emma forced Meg to tell her why she came to Oakdale. Meg told Emma that her marriage was over.

Celia found the pregnancy pamphlets on Gwen's table and started questioning Gwen about it. At first Gwen denied it but then gave in and said it was true. As Celia and Gwen talked, Casey sensed that Gwen was holding back information. Celia asked Gwen who the father was and just as Gwen was ready to say Casey's name, Will blurted out that he was the father. It upset Celia and she left. As Will went after Celia, Casey asked Gwen who the father really was. Gwen denied it was Casey and told him to leave. Will tried to talk to Celia but she asked him to just leave her alone.

Friday, June 17, 2005

At the hotel, Katie encountered Mike instead of Henry and realized that she'd been stood up and that it had been Mike's idea for Henry to meet Katie at the hotel. Mike decided he couldn't leave her there alone when she was so sad, so he opened the champagne he'd gotten for her and Henry and told her they could watch a movie together. They settled on a western, which ended up reminding them of their trip to Montana when Sage was born, when Mike began to have feelings for Katie. By the end of the movie, Mike fell asleep. Katie couldn't resist the temptation of putting her head next to Mike's sleeping face, and he awoke to find himself staring into her eyes.

Meg and Emma continued their visit, with Emma trying to get more information about Meg's failing marriage and Meg trying to get information about Holden's troubles with Lily. Luke arrived, and after chatting with him for a minute, Meg realized that Holden and Lily had actually separated, since Holden was now staying at the farm. Emma refused to go into detail, instead telling Meg to ask her brother herself. Meg decided to go for a drive around town to see how much things had changed and to see whether she could run into anyone she used to know.

At the sauna, Lucinda made up an excuse for having to leave, which Lily and Sierra questioned. Lucinda then went to see her doctor about the lump she felt in her breast, and she told the doctor she assumed it was a cyst, since she'd had cysts before. The doctor sent Lucinda to have a mammogram performed, telling her that her last mammogram was 3 years ago and that she should have been having them yearly. After the mammogram, the doctor told Lucinda the lump appeared "suspicious" and that she wanted to have it removed and analyzed as soon as possible. Lucinda refused to entertain the notion that the lump could possibly be cancerous and refused to make the appointment for the lumpectomy, saying that instead, she would approach another doctor, a male doctor, for a second opinion. As she left the doctor's office, she literally bumped into Meg Snyder, who apologized for running into her and bent to pick up her dropped paperwork; Lucinda shouted at her to leave her personal papers alone.

Barbara approached Dusty and Jennifer at the Lakeview and met Deacon, the bodyguard. Barbara told them that they can't control Craig that way; they would have to find a way to eliminate him from their lives once and for all. She told them that Craig had hired a lawyer and was probably going to work to re-polish his image and get visitation rights to the baby, building his case from there. Dusty told Jennifer not to worry, that the only way a judge would award any custody to Craig would be if they found Jennifer to be incompetent, and that since Jennifer already had a stable marriage and job, she had nothing to worry about. Craig overheard them talking and met Deacon, telling him they would see each other again. Then he sat down with Jessica Griffin to discuss his case, and Barbara again told Jennifer that Craig was planning a custody battle. Dusty told her she was creating trouble, and when Barbara asked Jennifer to go see Barbara's lawyer for advice, Jennifer declined. Barbara left, and Dusty told Jennifer that whatever it took, they would bring Craig down. Meanwhile, Jessica told Craig that without Rosanna to polish his image, he would have a very difficult time getting any type of custody agreement.

Earlier, Rosanna had gone to see Craig and told him she had decided to use Emily to get to Paul. She told Craig that she had decided to tell Emily the truth about it having been Barbara who poisoned her; Craig told her that if Emily believed this sudden change in Rosanna's story, she would go running after Barbara to press charges, which would result in everyone finding about that Cabot is alive and jeopardizing his new life. Rosanna said she would find a way to convince Emily not to do that, by appealing to her maternal instincts, and that if Emily accepted the truth, then Paul would, too.

At Susan's house, Susan told Emily that she thinks Hal loves her and that she should try to work things out with him. Susan left, and as Emily was about to leave to go talk to Paul, she ran into him at Susan's doorstep. When he tried to kiss her, she brushed him off, telling him that they couldn't do that, because she was breaking her promises to Hal and ducking reality. Paul told her that he thought reality should be ducked every chance you got, especially since their respective realities haven't been so great lately. He told Emily that she was his escape from reality. She reminded him of what Hal has meant to him in the past, that he has practically been a father to Paul and that he deserves their respect. Paul told Emily he would wait until she had a chance to tell Hal how she felt before they carried on anymore, but Emily told Paul they need to stop seeing each other completely until that happens. Despite saying that, they ended up in each other's arms again, and when they heard a knock at the door, they ignored it. Rosanna, having seen Emily's car out front, opened the door and walked into the room to find Emily and Paul caught up in each other's arms.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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