One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on OLTL

Tess's yelling at Viki caused Viki to have a heart attack. Nora overheard David talking about Paige's former marriage to Spencer; Nora relayed the information to Bo. Matthew had his last name changed to Buchanan. John told Natalie that he didn't love her. Antonio bought Capricorn, upsetting R.J. in the process. Kevin kissed Kelly in front of Spencer.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, June 13, 2005

Paige and Bo are having dinner at the Palace when she sees Spencer having his dinner with Kelly, and Paige is not pleased about seeing him there. Bo picks up on her discomfort and asks why she does not like Dr. Truman. Paige avoids the questions while Bo tells her how much he appreciates that they have an open and trusting relationship. After a bit of dinner Paige and Bo decide to go home for dinner not before David pulls Paige aside to talk about Spencer though.

David has not given up on trying to discover his brother's reason for being in Llanview. He also is not very happy about Kelly's dinner with him and cautions her on several occasions to be careful and expresses his deep concern for her. Unaware of David's connection to Spencer she takes it as being uncommonly over protective. David warns Spencer again to leave all of the Kramer women alone including Dorian and Blair.

Blair, meanwhile, is talking to Viki, letting her know that she is worried about her. Viki insists she will be fine, but she is worried about her children because they won't confide in her noting that she is mainly worried about Jessica, though she is happy that Todd is looking out for her.

While watching out for her he has followed Jess/Tess to Xanidou where she is having drinks with Ginger. Todd decides to confront Tess and ask her directly why she has split from Jessica. Tess at first tries to play like she has no idea what Todd is talking about, but Todd is not falling for it. After Ginger returns from her call with the mystery person and has to leave, Todd puts more pressure on Tess stating that he knows the reason for her DID is somehow connected to Antonio. Tess confirms her obvious dislike for Jessica's boyfriend and after Todd informs her that Viki needs to know Tess/Jess tries to talk him out of it to no avail.

After her breakup with John, Evangeline turns to Nora for comfort and a shoulder on which she can cry. Nora just feels good to be needed by someone and welcomes the company. Evangeline informs her that she couldn't take the fact that John said he loves Natalie, and in courtroom style banter Nora tries to convince Evangeline to take what she heard with a grain of salt. Nora truly believes that Evangeline and John are meant to be together and that he does love Evangeline and any feelings he has for Natalie are not the same as what he feels for Evangeline, after convincing Evangeline decides to go back to John and try to work things out.

John; however is trying to convince Natalie that he does not love her. He tells her that he regrets saying what he said in the woods. Natalie does not want to believe him though. She insists that he does in fact love her and could not love Evangeline because they are so different and only Natalie can know where he is coming from because she has had a similar life. John insists still that he does not love Natalie and he needs her to drop this because unless she does Evangeline will never have faith in him again. Natalie wants to know why and asks him if he wants Evangeline back. He insists that he does want Evangeline breaking Natalie's heart. As he consoles her with a hug Evangeline walks up to catch the two in the embrace.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Duke and Adriana are on the run from Carlo Hesser's henchmen. They take refuge in an abandoned building, and Adriana apologizes for getting them into this mess. Duke insists that it's not her fault. Adriana can't believe Asa wants Carlo to killer her, but Duke feels there has to be more to the story. Adriana tries to convince him that his grandfather hates her family enough to want her dead! They have a brief scare when a raccoon creeps up to the window, but find comfort in each other's arms. They kiss passionately, and Duke vows to protect the woman he is growing to love.

Bo and Spencer get to know one another at the Palace, while Paige and David secretly meet at the bar. Spencer reveals to Bo that he and Paige once worked together at a hospital in New Jersey; Spencer received a promotion to Chief of Staff, and Paige was jealous. Bo apologizes for interrogating Spencer, who assures the commissioner he can understand his curiosity. It continues to be obvious that Spencer has an interest in the Buchanan family. Meanwhile, David and Paige commiserate over their mutual disappointment that Spencer is in town. Kelly happens upon them and is shocked to discover that they even know one another. David uses humor to play down the situation, and is let off the hook when his cell phone rings. Kelly sits down with Paige, who tells her that Spencer once got a promotion that she deserved. Kelly tells Paige that she finds Spencer attractive, and Paige warns her that the doctor is not what he appears.

Evangeline walks in on John and Natalie's innocent hug and struggles to hold back tears. She tells them that the least they could have done would be to shut the door. She rips into Natalie for throwing herself at John, and when Natalie tries to defend herself, Van tells her to shut up and calls her "Princess." Van asks John if anything he's ever told her is true, and he futilely tries to explain herself. Van vows that she's not going to cry in front of them and throws John's key down on the table. She storms out and heads to Capricorn to drink away the pain. Kevin is at Capricorn, talking to Antonio about Duke and Adriana's disappearance. When Antonio leaves Kevin to do some spying on R.J., Evangeline joins the former lieutenant governor for a drink. They bemoan their current romantic states and engage in minor flirtation. Back at his hotel room, John sorrowfully looks at an old newspaper clipping announcing his father's death in the line of duty.

Todd brings Tess home to Llanfair, where Viki comes downstairs in her robe, evidently not feeling well. Todd tells Tess that she is going to confess who she is to Viki. Tess starts screaming at Todd, who in turn calls her a slut. Viki cannot believe what she is hearing, since Jessica never uses this kind of language, and Todd would never speak to his niece in such a fashion. She grows increasingly shaky and demands that Jessie let her know what is wrong; she insists she can handle anything. Tess tries to go upstairs to bed, but Todd grabs her ... Tess tells him to take his "rapist hands" off of her. Viki demands that they stop their fighting, and Tess finally explodes. She screams at Viki, telling her that everything that is wrong in her life, including the medication and the past few months of being off kilter, is all Viki's fault. Viki is puzzled and heartbroken, but Tess continues her tirade. She calls Viki "Princess Victoria" and blames her for how messed up she is. As Todd once again grabs Tess and tells her to stop insulting Viki, Viki goes into coronary arrest. While Todd and Tess continue to argue, Viki suffers a massive heart attack and falls to the floor unnoticed. Todd turns to discover his fallen sister and rushes to her side. He asks Tess to call 911, but she laughs in his face and walks off.

An ambulance eventually arrives at Llanfair, and Todd calls the relatives. Natalie, Kevin, Kelly, Bo, and Todd race to the hospital, where Viki is taken to the E.R. The family wonders what set off this heart attack ... Todd remains silent. Meanwhile, Tess lays down on the kitchen table at Llanfair and chants in a singsong voice: "Mama had a heart attack, I'm not taking Antonio back."

Paige is the attending physician for Viki, and Spencer arrives just after Viki is wheeled into the E.R. Paige reluctantly informs Dr. Truman of Viki's condition, and he immediately changes the subject to her feelings towards Bo. Spencer taunts Paige about her secret: the fact that they were once married!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Returning to work, Nora informs Bo that she's replaced Daniel as the new District Attorney. She wants to make sure their personal lives are kept separate from their work lives. Bo promises Lindsay that he'll do his best to see that Daniel is put away forever. Nora asks that Daniel confess to her for the sakes of Riley and Jen; he admits his guilt to all of his wrongdoings. He leaves a watch behind from his father for Riley and something for Nora. She leaves the ring behind. She promises Lindsay that Daniel will go to prison. The women embrace and even laugh a little when Lindsay says that she can't hate Nora the same way anymore.

R.J. learns that someone has offered to buy Capricorn (now owned by the bank) with cash. He demands to know the party's name so that he can have the buyer persuaded to withdraw the offer and suggests rather strongly that Rex get him the information.

Todd finds Jess asleep at home suffering from a hangover. She doesn't remember any events from the previous evening and denies having D.I.D. until Todd mentions his having seen her partying at Xanadu and her fight with Viki. He thinks it better if she keep it all from Viki. He also recommends that Jess change doctors, possibly to the one that Viki used.

Viki is sedated and off the ventilator. Paige explains that if she doesn't rally, then a more aggressive approach will be tried. David tries to learn why Spencer is around but is diverted when Blair comes by and the doctor takes her aside to treat her headache, a complication from waiting around for news on Viki. Later, David warns her to stay away from the man. Kelly learns that Kevin is probably jealous of her meetings with Spencer, even though he tells her that they can date. Spencer contacts Kelly for another meeting. When Todd and Jess get to the hospital, he covers for her and tells Antonio that she was on assignment for the Banner. Viki awakens and asks to speak with Jess about the argument they had. She tells her daughter that she doesn't blame her for what happened as she was already ill. Jess confirms that she and Todd are getting along well also. Jess apologizes. Kevin lets his jealousy get in the way when he learns that Spencer has been asked to consult on Viki's case but relents when the man offers to give him information to read up on. He's annoyed again when he learns that Spencer and Kelly are meeting for lunch. Jess prays and Nat overhears. She tries to convince Jess to marry Antonio and advises her that true love can heal and it will heal Viki as well. Viki recalls the fight with Tess and suddenly an alarm goes off on her monitor. She's given CPR.

At the Palace, Paige runs into David and complains that she never had anything in common with Spencer. David reminds her of their marriage. R.J. tries to reach Lindsay. Antonio, who has received the tip from Rex regarding R.J.'s search, confronts R.J. and divulges that he's the new Capricorn owner.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Michael takes Marcie's yearbook to John. John and Michael were having an argument about John's past and his baggage. Michael believes that John should come clean with Evangeline about his feelings for her and his history. Michael strongly believes that Evangeline is better for him than Natalie. John is reluctant to call Evangeline and tell him everything about himself. He still does not want to completely open up.

After Michael leaves Marcie's, she and Ron have a talk about who could be the killer and how he deserves more than to be used to make John mad. While discussing all of the recent events Ron shows his anger and temper towards the entire situation.

Nora cautiously confronts Paige about her past with Spencer. Paige urges her not to tell Bo anything. Nora is left unsure of what she should do. She meets up with Evangeline and they have dinner together during which Evangeline informs Nora that she has been honored with Woman of the Year Award. Evangeline tells Nora to do what she thinks will make her happy. Nora thinks it would be easiest for her not to tell Bo anything and just let him find out on his own. She figures it would save her a lot of time and trouble just to let things play out on their own; however when she shows up at the station and Bo apologizes again for hurting her over the entire Daniel incident she decides she needs to talk to Bo.

Everyone at the hospital is relieved to hear that Viki is going to make it; however she will need to have the surgery in order to ensure that she stays healthy. Viki does realizes when she comes too that Jessica is blaming herself and questions Todd as to why she is doing so. Todd dodges the question, knowing that Viki is not yet strong enough to hear he truth. Outside of Viki's room, Jess fights off Tess' attempts to come back out and Todd notices. Todd warns her that he believes Antonio is part of the cause for Tess and that she needs to stay away from him. Jessica, however, decides to meet Antonio at Capricorn after his run in with R.J. Evangeline catches wind that Antonio is taking steps to get back at R.J. and warns him that this may not be the wisest move he can make, Antonio disregards Evangeline's warnings and continues with his plans to take over Capricorn and presents R.J. with the papers at the Palace.

While Blair and Todd are at the hospital awaiting word on Viki's condition Ginger is watching a very bored Starr and Jack. Starr walks in on Gingers phone call with the mystery person catching the tail end of the conversation including the part in which she informs the person she is at "the Mannings" and that she is doing everything as planned. With some quick thinking though she talks her way out of the hot seat with Starr and decides to liven up the afternoon by making over each other and doing a "music video" in the middle of which Blair walks in with the good news on Viki's condition, Ginger apologizes for wearing Blair's clothes Blair of course does not care and tells her just to keep him. After leaving, Ginger stands outside of the door listening to what is going on inside.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Lindsay is sponsoring a fundraiser for leukemia at the gallery. Kelly asks her if she's okay taking on such a task, and Lindsay says that she wants to do it for Jen. She knows Jen would have been proud of her. Spencer mingles with the guests at the fundraiser, while Kevin tries to pretend to Kelly that he's not jealous.

R.J. arrives at the gallery, and Lindsay grills him for information about Antonio. She offers R.J. a loan, but he refuses to accept any money. He insists that losing Capricorn is just a minor setback, and that he will pay Antonio back for his actions. Lindsay warns R.J. to stay clean, because they both worked so hard to leave their criminal pasts behind. Meanwhile, as the guests filter out of the fundraiser, Kevin plants a long, lingering kiss on Kelly as Spencer watches. Kevin walks off, and David saunters over to Kelly, expressing his desire that she "stay with Kevin." Spencer taunts Paige, who is worried that Nora will share her secret with Bo.

At the station, Bo prepares his Father's Day surprise for Matthew. He has started proceedings to legally change his son's last name from Rappaport to Buchanan. Nora is about to tell Bo Paige's secret when Evangeline arrives with some bad news: Sam is still listed as Matthew's biological father on the boy's birth certificate. Bo, Nora, and Evangeline head to court, where Van is petitioning for the legal name change. The judge brings up the old DNA results that Lindsay forged, and Nora steps forward to speak. She explains how stupid she feels over what happened with Daniel Colson, but reminds the judge that she and Bo owe some kind of peace to Matthew. The judge kindly informs Nora that Daniel Colson managed to fool him and that he doesn't think Nora is stupid in the least. The judge gladly grants the name change, and Matthew is brought in to sit in the witness chair! Bo and Nora are pleased that Matthew is so happy with this official ceremony.

Back at the station, Natalie continues to fend off Michael's comments regarding her behavior towards John. When she goes to deliver a file to Lieutenant McBain, he is very dismissive with her. When Evangeline arrives back at the station, Natalie tells her that John does not want to be bothered. Van claims that bothering John is her last intention, but Natalie doesn't stop. She walks out from behind her desk and stands in front of Evangeline. "Evangeline," she says, "my only problem is you."

Meanwhile, John mourns Father's Day by looking at newspaper clippings from the time of his father's death. One of the clippings mentions a cop killer that got away; the cop killer being the man who killed the McBain brothers' father.

Inside Bo's office, the commissioner tells Nora that he admires her for what she said in court. He also thinks it's a good idea that she tell him Paige's secret. Nora informs Bo that Paige was once married to Spencer Truman!

Antonio comforts Jessica and lets her know that he has purchased Capricorn. She is concerned that he is going to get into trouble via his quest to bring down R.J., but Antonio maintains that everything is just fine. He goes off to deal with some business, and Tess gains control of Jessica's body. Ginger shows up and Tess lets her know how mad she is about being ditched the other night at Xanadu. Ginger informs Tess that she needs to tone down her partying, because she is focused on saving money; she wants to impress the Mannings so that they will take her on as a full time babysitter. Antonio shows up and calls Jessica by name, much to the shock of Ginger!

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