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Jamie and Babe suspected that JR had drugged Amanda. Palmer and Jamie accepted that Di was really Dixie. Tad insisted that he and Dixie would not be getting back together.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, June13, 2005

At the fertility clinic, Erica pulled off Greenlee's wig. When Greg saw her, he exposed her to the nurse and demanded that Mrs. Lavery get out. Erica gave Greenlee the 20 questions act and Greenlee quipped: "I already have one mother from hell." Erica started to call Ryan to clue him in on his wife's whereabouts, but Greens stopped her. "Keep your perfect lips zipped!" she demanded. The gals argued about if it was best to tell Ryan or not and Greg assured Greenlee that if she came back with Ryan, he could help her. Not liking that suggestion, Greenlee left.

Kendall walked in on Ryan talking to Simone about the mystery blonde. Both gals demanded Ryan fess up, but Ryan told them it was none of their business and left. Convinced Ryan was cheating on Greenlee, Simone started to call her best gal friend. Kendall stopped her and the two argued about who was the better friend. Greenlee showed up at Fusion and just as Simone was about to tell Greens that it seemed her hubby was cheating on her, Kendall stopped her.

At Ryan's place, Aidan announced he had tracked down Erin (Ryan's sister). She was last seen with Jonathan. Unfortunately, Erin and Jonathan argued and Erin hasn't been seen since. "Do you think he killed her?" Ryan asked. Before Aidan left, he handed Ryan the copy of Erin's driver's license for him to keep. Ryan didn't get a chance to be alone for long, because by the end of the episode Erica was at his front door. Hmm, wonder what she has to tell him?

Babe returned home to see Amanda sleeping in Jamie's arms and wasn't pleased to say the least. They explained that Amanda was drugged by JR, and Jamie was taking care of her. Babe and James tried to insist that Amanda call the cops and go to the hospital, but Amanda refused. Later, while Jamie went to deal with JR, Babe and Amanda bonded even more and noted how trustworthy Jamie was.

JR couldn't believe it was his mother standing in front of him and he walked out of the room. Di started to go after him, but Tad stopped her. He asked how she could stay away when she knew they were mourning her. They argued over who was more dishonest over the past three years and Tad finally asked: What about our little girl? Di tearfully told him baby Kate didn't make it and walked out of the room. Adam asked Tad if he really thought Di was Dixie. "God help me, I don't know. The face was wrong, the voice was wrong, but everything else...Dixie was in this room right now," he finally said.

Upstairs in the nursery, Di tried to explain to JR that she was more dead than alive after the accident. She went through surgery after surgery on her face, her vocal cords, everything. After hearing Dixie was upstairs, Jamie joined his brother. Di explained she wanted to sit down with the two fighting bros and try to talk everything through when JR looked into her eyes, "Mom..." he exclaimed.

Downstairs, Adam had called Palmer over. He told him the news about Dixie being alive and Palmer collapsed. Meanwhile, Tad went to see Krystal in prison and as soon as she looked in his eyes she said: "You found Dixie."

Tuesday, June14, 2005

Erica went to Ryan and told him that Greenlee confided in her. She told him that she knew about the surgery and that he had made a tragic mistake. Ryan told Erica that what happened between he and Greenlee was private. Erica tried to make Ryan see that he had let fear take control of him. She begged him not to close the door to having children. Ryan told her that he would not gamble his wife's or child's lives with the Lavery genes. She reminded him that when he thought that Chris Stamp was his father, he was fine, but as soon as he found out that he was a Lavery, he started to consider himself "the bad seed." Erica told him how fabulous he still was and that he should have his procedure reversed. Ryan told Erica that he made the right decision. She told him that he couldn't just expect Greenlee to give up her desire to have children. Surprisingly, Erica didn't tell Ryan about Greenlee impersonating Simone at the sperm bank.

Greenlee overheard Kendall and Simone at Fusion and demanded to know what they were saying about Ryan. Just as Greenlee was about to strong arm the truth from Simone, Ethan showed up with a bowling trophy. Greenlee took Ethan to the other room and Kendall again warned Simone not to tell Greenlee about the mystery woman. Greenlee told Ethan that he was a big fat meathead when it came to Kendall. Greenlee told Ethan to stop playing the victim, that he was the one who lied to Kendall over and over. She said that Kendall was ten feet away and told him to go to her. Ethan then suggested to Simone that they take a drive but Greenlee told her that she needed Simone to stay at Fusion and help her. Simone told Ethan that they would get together another time. After Ethan left, Simone told Greenlee that she made up the mystery woman so that Greenlee would be jealous and fight really hard to keep Ryan. Confused, Greenlee asked who the woman was and Simone told her that she (Simone) was the mystery lady. J.R. then showed up and asked to talk to Kendall in private. She went with J.R. but let him know that if he was there just to rag on Zach and Ethan, she didn't want to hear it. Visibly upset, he told her that he needed her as a friend.

Tad visited Krystal and told her that Dixie was alive. Tad asked Krystal how he was supposed to feel about a woman who would leave them all mourning her death for three years. He told Krystal that Dixie lost the baby three years ago in the car accident. Tad realized for the first time that he had lost a daughter. He told Krystal that the Dixie he knew would never have done anything so twisted. Still very angry, Tad said he didn't care that Dixie was back and that he was done with the whole thing. Krystal told Tad that he needed to dig deeper to find out Di/Dixie's reason for staying away. She told Tad to go and get the truth out of Di/Dixie. He agreed to do it and he promised Krystal that one way or another, he would never forget about her.

J.R., was still not convinced that Di was Dixie. Adam called to J.R. for help with Palmer who seemed to be having a heart attack upon hearing from Adam that Dixie may be alive. Di/Dixie insisted that Palmer go to the hospital, but he told her that he was feeling better and then said that she had a lot of explaining to do. Although he didn't see Dixie in Di's face or hear her in Di's voice, he said Dixie was in her eyes. J.R. asked Di/Dixie why she didn't just say who she was when she first arrived in Pine Valley. She told him that she didn't reveal who she was because she had to make sure that they weren't better off without her. She told them that she thought it would be better to ease in slowly. Jamie reminded her that when he and J.R. were kids, she was all about the truth. She told him that after a while she didn't know the truth. Di/Dixie said that she had lost Dixie for a while J.R. told her that his mother would have never done this to him. Di/Dixie tried to explain to J.R. how much she missed and ached for him. Di/Dixie told J.R. that he was on the fast track to becoming like Adam, lonely, miserable and nasty. She told Adam that she would not let him destroy her son and that is why she decided to tell the truth. J.R. told Di/Dixie that she was dead to him. Adam demanded that Di/Dixie take a DNA test and she was completely willing to do so. Jamie, admitting that he couldn't believe what he was about to say, told Di/Dixie that for once, he was on J.R.'s side. He told her that he didn't get how she could do this to J.R. or to Tad.

Wednesday, June15, 2005

As Tad demands to know why she stayed away so long, "Diana" goes on the defensive and is grateful when Palmer chimes in with his support. Greenlee and Simone plan a midnight raid on the fertility clinic. Meanwhile, Erica appeals to Greg to help a childless couple with whom she's well acquainted. Suggesting that Dixie may have actually had a good reason for hiding her identity, Kendall encourages a brooding JR to give his long-lost mother the benefit of the doubt. Greenlee invites Hazel and the rest of Greg's staff over to Fusion for a free makeover, then sifts through the women's purses for keys to the clinic. Watching his brother struggle with the latest bombshell, Jamie gently urges JR to let him help. To Erica's delight, Greg finally agrees to remove Ryan's donation from the general bank and reserve it in case Greenlee ever convinces her husband to change his mind about starting a family. "Diana" tearfully tells Tad how often she wished she had perished during the painful months following her devastating accident and the death of their baby daughter. Simone and Greenlee set off on their secret mission. Tad explains to "Dixie" how her apparent demise destroyed a large chunk of his life. After Hazel and her coworkers depart, Danielle and Reggie decide to take advantage of having the Fusion office all to themselves for the night. Kendall catches the sperm thieves red-handed.

Thursday, June16, 2005

Tad, deeply entrenched in getting sauced, tries to get the person knocking on his door to go away. Despite his requests, Maria opens the door a crack and pokes her head in. Trying to alter the tone in his voice to something more friendly, Tad tries to warn her off one more time. It's a no go because she is more interested in what pushed him so close to the edge. Moments later, Maria tries to find some solid ground and she recovers from the news that Dixie is alive and has returned to Pine Valley. He then asks Maria how Dixie could stay away for three years, only to sneak back into their lives as a completely different person. Maria, knowing well the affects of severe trauma (from both a medical perspective and personal experience), reminds him that Dixie wouldn't be the same person after all she had been through. Tad tells Maria that her situation is radically different from Dixie's and Maria retorts that there was so much more to be dealt with this time around - the loss of a child, a new face, a life that moved on without her. She then says that the fact that Dixie came back at all is the real miracle, and that he needs to hang on to that. Tad tells her about some of the ways that he coped (and in the process, letting himself pretend that the past three years hadn't happened) while he was trying to put the pieces together to see if Di was really Dixie. Maria tells him that just because things didn't happen the way he imagined doesn't make her return anything less than miraculous. Tad then tells her Dixie didn't stay away because she had to - it was because she had to figure out if she wanted this life again. He admits that Dixie had every reason to seriously consider her options because the truth is that even though they loved each other with every breath they took, they could never figure out how to stay together through the bad times. He admits that now, with all hope gone, it feels like he's losing his true love all over again.

Tiring of talking about Dixie, Tad finally asks what's going on in Maria's world. Not a big surprise - she came over to talk about Sam. Tad wonders if he will have to go to bat for Maria and try to convince Sam that moving to California would be the best option. Maria surprises him by saying that she came to plead Sam's case - she thinks that him staying in Pine Valley is a better option for now...on a trial basis. She was going to ask Tad to take him in, but now that she knows about Dixie, she doesn't want to bother him. Tad knows that if Sam wants to stay, it would be better if he is allowed to do that instead of worrying that he will find a way to strike out on his own to get back. He then tells her that it's not like he will be taking care of Sam on his own - with his parents, Jamie, and even Brooke, Sam will have plenty of people looking after him. Maria is on board for all of it, especially Brooke - as she is loved and trusted by Sam, and she has been the one constant for him. They agree to review the situation after the summer, and Maria is amazed that it is settled. Tad asks if she will be okay without him around, and while she admits that she won't be, she is putting her children's needs (to be safe, and loved) above what she wants. Her face awash in gratitude, she notes how amazing Tad is. He tells her he has one major flaw on his record, and then promises that he will give Sam everything that he never had the chance to give JR. Shortly thereafter, Tad walks Maria to the door. She reiterates her appreciation, but Tad is happy to do it. He wishes her well, and she bids him goodbye.

Di bangs on the door to David's cabin, stirring him into a frenzy as he opens the door. As she curses his very existence, David realizes that the next phase of his plan has worked. Like a kid in a candy store, David gleefully wants Di to replay every detail but she is disgusted at his response. She is completely horrified at the pain she caused, and the hope she inspired. David wants credit where it is due, and claims all the glory for the master plan. He recounts everything he has done to this point, including the big reveal: planting the compact that Di never touched, knowing that Tad would go for that to find a fingerprint. As David wallows in his success, Di demands to know if he had lost sight of the original plan - to get JR to be nicer so that he would ease up on Babe and give her more visitation with her son. David laughs and replies that he is well aware of the plan, and he still has that in mind as his primary goal. Di can't see how that is possible, considering how upset everyone is at the moment. David tells her that the power that Dixie wielded will heal all wounds. He admits that Dixie wouldn't have acted the way Di has, but that the real point is that they pulled it off. Di is still uncomfortable with her part in the plan, and so David asks for a recommitment. He tells her not to get sucked up into all of the emotions that Dixie's family is spewing out, and reluctantly she agrees to keep up the charade. She is still concerned about pulling everything off - especially since Adam is demanding a DNA test. David tells her to stop worrying because he can handle manipulating those results with ease.

Reggie and Dani get up off the floor of Fusion, and Reggie is far more apologetic for the situation Mimi found them in. He tries to introduce himself and charm Dani's mother all in one fell swoop, but Dani instructs him not to bother trying. She is under the belief that her mother has no say in her life anymore, but Mimi has no problem informing her daughter what the truth really is. Dani explodes, announcing that her mother can't just come in and out of her life as she pleases, expecting Dani to just do as she is told. Mimi tries to apologize for missing out on so much, but Dani isn't willing to hear any of it. Mimi tells her that she wants to try again, to reconnect. Dani's peace offering is a weekend visit sometime in the future, but Mimi reveals that she wants Dani to move back to New York with her - for good. Dani is still amazed that Mimi can show up after a year, demanding things from her daughter. Mimi tells her that she would rather discuss the matter after Reggie leaves, but he takes that moment to interrupt. He tells Mimi that as long as Dani wants him to stay, that's what he plans to do. He then reveals that he saw Dani the night that Mimi dropped her things off at her father's place, and he can clearly recall how hurt she was. Mimi tries to apologize, but Dani is still belligerent, noting that the only thing sorry about her is that she is now pretending to care. They backslide into old habits and trade sharp words, but Mimi cuts it off, saying that she doesn't want to go back to the place where they didn't get along. Dani informs her mother that she trashed their lives when they lived in New York, and that she had traded up to a better life in Pine Valley in the past year - with a great job, Reggie and her father. Mimi takes this hit hard, and, without noticing that the elevator doors had opened, snidely notes that Dani probably has her father wrapped around her finger. All are surprised when Derek himself enters the Fusion offices, wondering about what is going on. Furious, Derek tells his ex-wife that if she has concerns about visitation, she is to discuss it with him as opposed to ambushing their daughter. Dani tells her father that her mother really wants her to move back to New York, and this infuriates him further. They argue about who would be the better parent, and Dani interjects that her relationship with her mother hasn't changed, so there is no reason why she should uproot herself upon command. Her mother then drops the bombshell that she is getting remarried. Because of this, her situation is different - more stable - than a year ago, and she wants Dani to give having a real family a shot. This spurs another fight between the former couple, and Dani gives up. She points out that just as always, their fight was about what they wanted and had very little to do with her, and then she walks out.

Erica and Jack arrive at the official grand re-opening of Zach's casino. Erica thinks their presence is merely a guise for keeping an eye on Kendall, and sending Zach a message that they would be keeping an eye on him.

Ethan comes into the casino with a date on his arm, and is promptly greeted by his father. Together, they notice that a winning streak is shaping up at a nearby table. Zach offers some complimentary gambling chips to his son, but is rejected. Ethan hands a wad of bills to his date and asks her to change them for chips. When she walks off, Ethan tells his father not to expect any gratitude because he backed away from taking over Cambias. Zach notes that it isn't needed because smugness is written all over Ethan's face. With that, Ethan loses interest in small talk and goes to find the blonde that he arrived with.

Alone once again, Zach barely has a moment to breathe in private before Jack approaches him. After some inane banter, they restate that Jack was a major player that helped Ethan shut down the casinos, and Kendall helped Zach reopen them. Jack delivers a warning to Zach: a promise to take all of the casinos and more from him should he hurt Kendall, or anyone else in his family.

At the aforementioned table, Ryan is sitting with a massive pile of chips in front of him. Luck is his lady, and he's betting high to bring loads of money home. Erica and Jack note that Greenlee is nowhere to be seen. Erica greets her old friend, and isn't comforted by the glazed over look in his eyes. He tells her to bet everything on him tonight because he can't lose. Erica tries to be stealthy as she attempts to ascertain whether Ryan is still angry at her for meddling. He's in a fantastic mood and tells her not to worry about it, because he believes that his luck is changing and that he and Greenlee are in the same place emotionally and have a wonderful future waiting for them.

A short time later, Ryan is slightly miffed that the dealer wants to cut him off from playing, as he has already won a ton of money. As Zach approaches the table to try to figure out what the problem is, Ethan tries to simultaneously help out Ryan's cause while sticking it to his father. Ryan notes aloud that he doesn't need Ethan's help, and Zach, without flinching at his son's remarks, tells the dealer to let Ryan continue to play. Ethan continues to try to commiserate with Ryan by noting that they both loved and lost Kendall but survived, but Ryan refuses to align himself with the younger Cambias. He reminds Ethan that Kendall is headed for a brick wall that Ethan himself built, and that is not something he would have ever done. Ethan thinks on this a moment, and then notes that while the incident with his brother was unfortunate, Ryan is indeed the luckier of the two of them - if only because he didn't have to worry about his father swooping in to steal his wife.

As Ethan stands off to the side, observing everything happening on opening night, Erica takes the opportunity to rub Ethan's nose in the fact that Kendall is missing from the crowd. She continues on her warpath by reminding him how much it must hurt that Kendall married his father - especially given that Ethan only has himself to blame. Ethan insists on sharing the credit - as Kendall is the way she is because of the war of emotions she had with her mother for so many years. Erica takes as good as she gives, as Ethan sums up the fight Kendall endured to get into her mother's good graces with a few simple words. Ethan starts to walk away, thinking he ended with the upper hand, but true to form, Erica reduces Ethan's existence to a pathetic ploy to prove something to Daddy and walks away. A few moments later, after regaining his composure, Ethan pulls up a chair and joins Ryan at his table. Ryan thinks that Ethan will ruin his lucky streak and begs him to go to another table. Ethan, disgusted, announces that he is unsure why he tries being friendly to Ryan and then walks away. As he considers that, Ryan slips into a reverie where his father and two brothers all bet with chips that the Lavery (evil) inside Ryan will always win. They torment him, knowing that Ryan will turn out just as badly as the rest of the family and Ryan bets with assurance that he will be able to banish it from his life. Erica's voice brings him out of his reverie, and he realizes that he bet all of his winnings without really seeing what was on the table - and lost. Ethan returns and consoles Ryan on his losses - and then asks him to move so that other people would have a chance to play and not be a loser. This sets Ryan off, and he grabs Ethan by the collar and almost punches him in the face. Zach quickly steps in and sends Ryan home. Erica wants to go after him and help but Jack, citing Ryan's blowup at Ethan as evidence of his unpredictability, strongly urges his bride to stay away from him.

At the fertility clinic, Kendall continues to try to convince Greenlee that stealing sperm is a bad idea. Greenlee doesn't budge an inch, and Simone is there to back her up. Kendall quickly reveals that she thinks Greenlee's plan is to steal a random sperm donation, get pregnant and pass the kid off as Ryan's. Simone takes the liberty of jumping in and clarifying the method to their madness. Shocked, Kendall tries to formulate another lecture, but Greenlee cuts her off. She tells Kendall that a baby is the answer to her problems with Ryan, and she will stop at nothing to get it. As Kendall tries to wrap her brain around the idea that Ryan might have donated sperm at the clinic, Simone confirms her thoughts and informs her that the deposit was made years ago. Greenlee tries to stop Simone from divulging anymore information, but Simone largely ignores her. Instead, she points out to the would be momma that donations in deep freeze only have bar codes, which presents a huge stumbling block in their quest to find Ryan's. Greenlee walks into an adjoining room and finds a hand held device that will scan the bar codes and provide them with the information they need. She puts Simone back to work, and Kendall launches into lecture mode again. She tells Greenlee that not only is a baby not the answer to their problem but also, if she goes through with this, she will end up with a baby but no husband. Greenlee notes that she still blames Kendall for what she now has to do, as it could have been avoided if she had told Greenlee about Ryan's plans sooner. Kendall, unfazed by the latest thing she is now responsible for, tries to make Greenlee realize that a baby will not take care of all of their problems when Ryan doesn't want a kid. Greenlee is offended, thinking that Kendall is implying that her child will somehow be tainted. Kendall clarifies by saying that while she doesn't think the child will be pure evil, she does think it's possible that Ryan could end up more like Patrick than he'd like. Unwilling to entertain any thoughts that do not support her choices, Greenlee demands that Kendall tell her why she is so against Greenlee getting pregnant. Kendall tells her that she knows what it's like when a parent doesn't want a child, and she doesn't think that Greenlee should have a child, knowing that it's a possibility. Kendall is exasperated when she realizes that she isn't making any headway. As Simone heads off into the other room to continue searching for their desired vials, Kendall finally admits that she may have evidence that Ryan had another reason for having his surgery. She hems and haws, and then says that there is a possibility Ryan is cheating on her, and that he had the surgery so that he could continue to do so without the possibility of fathering a child with someone else. Simone overhears this admission, and tears back into the room to take the credit for uncovering this infidelity. Greenlee tells them that there is no possible way Ryan would cheat on her, regardless of what they saw. She tells them that she trusts Ryan not to lie to her, but Kendall reminds her that he already has, and in a profound way that he might not be able to come back from. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she once loved Ryan, and that she never saw anything malicious in him. Kendall, in turn, reminds Greenlee that her stint with Ryan was way before his discovery of his crazy brothers and their experience in the caves. Greenlee questions whether Kendall thinks Ryan is now beyond redemption, but Kendall simply notes that redemption is not a reason to have a baby. Greenlee then pulls out the big guns and compares her situation to Bianca's. She gets Kendall to admit that she was the reason that Bianca decided to carry Miranda to term - to prove that despite parentage, her baby deserved to be loved. Greenlee notes that if redemption was a good enough reason for Bianca, it would be good enough for her. Finally convinced that Greenlee would not change her mind, Kendall helps gather Ryan's donations, and puts them in their portable cooler. Before they can leave and celebrate their success, they hear a door slam in the hall. They rush to turn out the lights, and hide behind the tank in the middle of the room. Out in the hall, a guard finds the keys they used to gain entrance still in the door. Much to their dismay, he yanks the keys out of the door and walks away, locking them inside.

Ryan arrives at the mystery blonde's door, and uses a key to gain entrance. After turning the key in the lock, the door opens and the woman appears from the inside. After looking around outside for a moment, Ryan goes into the apartment.

As Tad stands alone outside his place, he wishes on a star just as Di wishes on the same star while standing outside David's cabin.

Friday, June17, 2005

At the fertility clinic, Greenlee, Kendall and Simone awake the next morning as Greenlee tries to unlock the door, which is jammed. Greenlee suggests they inseminate her there if they can't take the sperm home because it is not properly chilled. Simone and Kendall tell them that her plan is impossible and they still don't know which sample is Ryan's. Greenlee suggests mixing all three sperm samples together, but Kendall says that is crazy. Kendall tells her that if Ryan finds out, he will hate her and they need to worry about getting the samples later. She tells Greenlee that they do not have much time to get out of there before the clinic opens. The trio hears noises outside, but then it becomes silent. Simone takes the door knob off and tries to wiggle the lock until she thinks someone is turning the knob on the other side. Greenlee and Kendall get the samples out of the cooler as Simone holds the knob tighter. She lets go and a man walks into the room. He suggests they are breaking in, and Kendall tells them that they are hired by an independent contractor who tests lab facilities. The man does not buy their story, so while Simone hits on him, Kendall tells them they are members of People for Ethical Treatment of Specimen, or PET, and are there to make sure the specimens are getting the proper care. Greenlee accidentally drops one of the specimens and leans down to pick up the broken glass. Simone and Kendall tell the man that their choice to steal the sperm was the only way to save their marriage. Kendall asks the man to help them and they hear Greg's voice outside. Kendall tells the man to let Greenlee go and blame in on them. The man goes outside and asks Greg, his father, if he is happy to see him.

David knocks at Ryan's home and asks for Greenlee. David asks why Ryan is so bruised and beat up when David lets himself in. Ryan tells him that he fell off his dirt bike and when David asks him if Greenlee took him to the hospital, Ryan says there was no need. David tells Ryan to put ice on his injuries so they do not swell, but Ryan ignores him. David counters that the bruises came from a fist and that Ryan is lying. Ryan says he went out for a walk at night and got mugged. David tells them that if he got mugged, the people must have forgotten to take his wallet and watch. As David pushes for more information, Ryan gets angry and demands that he leave. David tells him that he has to protect Greenlee and although Ryan disagrees, David tells him that Ryan cried on his shoulder because she was distraught over Ryan's procedure. David tells him that his child, Leora, was his savior when he hated himself, just like Ryan. David says that Ryan is in trouble and does not want him dragging Greenlee into it. Ryan asks him to leave, but David keeps pressing him for details, and Ryan pushes him against the wall and starts to choke him. Suddenly, David collapses on the floor and Ryan looks stunned.

Jamie tells Babe the news about Dixie rising from the dead. She suggests that maybe Di can change JR's evil ways, but Jamie doubts it because JR is so angry at Dixie's betrayal. When Babe wants to go to see her son, Jamie tells her not to go there because JR is upset and it is not the right time. Amanda overhears Jamie telling that if Babe sides with Di, it is not her place to interfere. Babe agrees, but worries how her mother will handle the news. Jamie says he is not sure Tad will reunite with Di, so maybe Babe has nothing to worry about. Babe says that JR can not ignore his mother for too long and Jamie promises to go by his father's to see what is happening with Di. As soon as Jamie leaves, Amanda tells Babe that she might get her heart broken because she overheard Di bad mouthing her to JR. Babe gives Amanda her camera that Aidan dropped off and Amanda runs off to try to get the scoop on Dixie for Babe.

Adam tells JR that they should get a nanny replacement, especially since she disappeared the previous night and did not return. JR starts to call the police because he is worried that Di may be hurt, but Di walks in and asks him to let her back in his life. JR asks where Di has been and when Adam tries to handle the situation, Di does not take his words easily. Adam scolds her for abandoning her own son and then having the gull to walk back into their life, like nothing happened. "You're a cheat who's lied to every poor sucker who loved you," he says. JR tells his father to back off, but Dixie understands Adam's feelings. Adam even blames Di for the way JR has turned out to be because of her past choices. Di says that he is scared she will take their son away so he can't turn more evil and that in fact, he is happy she died. Adam grabs Dixie to escort her out and JR accuses him of attacking her. He says, "You will never go after my mother again." JR realizes that he called her "mother." He tells Di that he not sure if he believes she is really his mother because he does not understand the things that she has done. Di admits that she let him down and is unsure of how to deal with the situations. Di tries to explain herself by asking JR how he felt when he thought little Adam had died in the plane crash. JR opens up to Di and tells her that his entire body went numb when it happened. Di tells him that she felt the same way after she lost her baby and she had to take time to forgive herself. She never forgot JR or Tad, but she was not sure how to tell them about everything that had happened, Di says. Di asks JR if he understands and if she can be his mother again. She pleads for his forgiveness and promises not to hurt him again. JR pulls her star necklace out of her pocket and clasps it around her neck. They hug as Di calls him her sunshine.

Aidan goes to see Tad, who apologizes for leaving him alone at the office. Tad asks about the Erin Lavery case, but Aidan ignores it and asks about Dixie. Tad says he is not sure and thinks Di might just disappear again, but Aidan disagrees because she has more to stay there for. Aidan does not believe that Tad is through with Di, but Tad says the Dixie he knew would never betray him the way Di did. Tad starts packing up the boxes of Dixie's belongings as Opal walks in, happy about Dixie's rebirth. Joe comes in after Opal and Tad confirms the news about Dixie is true. Brooke follows in and Tad tells them that Dixie has been posing as JR's nanny for weeks. Opal calls the gesture romantic, Brooke thinks it is strange and Joe asks Tad if this is what he wanted, but Tad says no as Jamie walks in and hears him say that he and Dixie are not getting back together. Opal finds it hard to believe, but Tad says they have both changed in three years. Opal voices her dislike over the idea and Brooke tells them it is not their place to interfere in Tad's choice. Tad tells them that they can take anything out of the boxes as well, but Opal asks him not to throw them away. When Joe suggests putting the items in storage, Tad tells him that there is no reason to because he and Dixie are over.

Aidan picks up the file on Dixie then puts it down when Amanda comes over. Amanda says she knows he is a private investigator and needs his help on a case.



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