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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 13, 2005 on GL
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Monday, June 13, 2005

Alan and Alexandra are in the elevator at Towers when Alan reminds his sister to keep his secret about Phillip's murder. He warns her to not let the pressure build up until she breaks. "It's what Phillip would have wanted." She stares at him in disbelief and responds that since he is the one who killed Phillip, he hardly has the right to speak for him anymore. Alan is grim-faced but has nothing to say to her rebuke.

In the dining room at Towers Olivia and Bill are having dinner with Emma. Olivia tells Bill she is so happy to be with such a wonderful man and asks him to adopt Emma - against Alan's wishes. Bill is ecstatic and tells Olivia he will do it. Alan arrives, overhears the conversation, and promptly tells Olivia that Phillip is Emma's father and that will never change. Olivia becomes angry and tells Alan she has a right to be happy with the man she loves and Emma needs a father. And there isn't a thing Alan can do about it. Alan snaps and grabs Olivia. He tells her she will not take Emma from him. He will see her dead first! Alexandra grabs Alan and ushers him to the bar for a drink.

In New York, Harley and Gus have temporarily ditched the agents after them and found shelter on the set of a soap opera about to go on the air live. One of the actors mistakes them for soap stars and asks if they've read their lines. Gus corrects the man and says he is one of the writers. Harley quips that she is there as a technical consultant. The man, in a police uniform, is ecstatic and asks Harley for advice for making his scenes as a cop more believable. Harley and Gus exchange amused glances.

At Lewis Construction, Sandy has found Josh who is alone and avoiding going home because of Reva's recent behavior. Sandy tells Josh he thinks Reva needs help because he saw her fighting with Jonathan earlier in the evening. Josh tries to convince Sandy that Reva does what Reva wants to do and he can't control it. Frank and Ross arrive from Towers where they went for dinner but left when they saw Alan and Olivia arguing. Sandy turns the conversation again to Reva and includes Blake this time saying he thinks those two women are lucky to have such good solid men in their lives. Josh and Ross laugh at Sandy's innocence when it comes to women.

At Towers, Olivia has returned to the table with Bill and Emma when her phone rings. It's Alexandra who begs her to give Alan more time with Emma. Olivia refuses. Alexandra leaves the conversation flustered and tells her brother that maybe they shouldn't focus on Harley but turn their attention to Olivia instead. Alan responds, 'who says I have to limit myself?'

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Reva has gone to Josh's office and she tells him that she has had it Jonathan, that she doesn't think she can continue to try to get through to him. Josh tells her that he will help with Jonathan, but Reva is too disgusted to talk about it any more. When Jonathan walks in on their conversation, Reva leaves without speaking to Jonathan. Jonathan tries to be belligerent to Josh, but Josh tells him that he will not fire him because he had a fight with Reva. Josh tells Jonathan he is doing a good job, and only if he fails - which is what everyone expects will happen - will Josh fire him. Josh tells Jonathan that he needs to leave and asks him to download some information about the Oklahoma project. Jonathan sits down to the computer and remembers Nate's words about needing money. Since Jonathan's trust fund is gone, he sees no other way to get the money but than to embezzle from Lewis Construction. He works on the password with no luck.

Tammy apologizes to Sandy about the "group" date with her mom and Edmund the previous evening and tells him she wants to be alone with him that evening. But before they can get down to plans for a romantic evening alone together, Sandy's cell phone rings. He excuses himself to answer it, and the conversation is very interesting. He tells the caller that he got the letter, and that yes, he misses the caller, too. He then goes to Tammy and tells her that Josh called and needed him to do some emergency work. He leaves her and promises to continue the romantic evening another time.

Tammy, however, runs into Josh at the office. She admonishes him for being a slave driver, but Josh doesn't know what she's talking about. He tells her he didn't call Sandy, hat he gave Sandy the evening off so they could have some private time. Tammy saves face by telling Josh that she probably misunderstand what Sandy said. A few moments later, Tammy walks in on Jonathan, who is trying to break into the Lewis computer.

Dinah tries once again to record Edmund talking about Alonso. This time, however, he sees the tape recorder, takes it out of her purse and demands an explanation. She tells him that she needs his voice on a tape recorder because it's good to play to the baby. He doesn't believe it and persists. She tries to convince him - again - that she is the only woman for him, and kisses him. He only gets very, very angry, and tells her that he will take any kind of seduction or talk of Alonso as a threat - "And you know how I handle threats." He then insists that she will have a happy, healthy baby, and in addition, she will join the party for Cassie that evening.

Cassie, however, has gone to hear Jeffrey sing. She asks him if he ever thinks of what would have happened if they'd met at another time - he tells her he is more interested in the here and now. He starts the song and she clearly enjoys it and smiles in approval. Edmund walks in and is not happy to see her smile at Jeffrey that way. Jeffrey sees Edmund and then acts as if he is singing the song for a beautiful woman who is seated near Cassie. After the song, Jeffrey asks the woman if he may buy her a drink and he joins her. Edmund tells Cassie about the part and she seems happy and they kiss. Jeffrey, however, will not make much of an impression on his date if he keeps watching Cassie....

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tammy discovers Jonathan attempting to steal the Lewis bank codes. He is able to hide what he is doing but Tammy remains suspicious. However, when Josh and Sandy arrive to take her to Cassie's party, Tammy doesn't let them in on what's going on. Meanwhile, Jonathan is hurt to discover he was not invited to the party and in retribution takes the security codes with him. While Edmund prepares for the party he's throwing in Cassie's honor, convinced that he has removed all obstacles from their future, Cassie remains conflicted and unable to deny her feelings for Jeffrey. Dinah is completely clear in her desire for Edmund, however, and plans to reveal his secret, that he helped Alonzo regain custody of Will. Dinah tries to enlist Jeffrey to attend the party so he can be there when Cassie's world comes crumbling down around her but Jeffrey refuses to benefit from Dinah's machinations. But he ultimately realizes he can't stay away and comes to the party with a message for Cassie. Meanwhile, Dinah finds fellow black sheep Jonathan to join her at the party. There, as Nate arrives and convinces a reluctant Jonathan to turn over the bank codes to him, Dinah takes the stage and prepares to drop the bombshell that will blast apart Edmund and Cassie's marriage.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cassie leaves Edmund on the dance floor and runs into Jeffrey. Jeffrey reveals that he chooses her because she has made him feel again.

Dinah threatens to tell Cassie about Will and makes her way to the microphone. Jonathan eggs her on.

Bill asks Olivia about her sister, Marissa. She hopes that Marissa is not still with her miserable husband. Meanwhile, Reva unknowingly flirts with Nate, who is really Marissa's miserable husband.

Reva and Edmund try to throw Jonathan out of the party. Cassie is called away from Jeffrey for Dinah's impromptu toast. Edmund creates a diversion and cuts off Dinah's microphone before she can reveal his secret. Someone kidnaps Dinah. Jeffrey is suspicious of Edmund's blasť attitude about Dinah's disappearance. Cassie finds the necklace she gave Dinah on the floor. Jeffrey says that the necklace was ripped off of Dinah's neck. Ross demands that Edmund look for Dinah. A near-giddy Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah is just trying to ruin their party.

Meanwhile in the barn, Jonathan coaches Dinah on how to act like a kidnap victim. Dinah, playing hysterical, calls Cassie, pleading for help. Cassie finds Dinah crying in the barn. Dinah tells her that Edmund did it.

Nate disappears before Reva can introduce him to Olivia. Nate meets up with Bill and leaves Bill feeling uneasy.

Marina shows Danny her skills as a pool shark. Buzz tells a livid Frank that Marina went to Chicago and helped Danny impersonate Harley and Gus. Marina arrives for a lecture from Frank. Then, she surprises him with her news that she wants to be a cop. Initially, Frank refuses to accept her application and warns her of the dangers of the job but finally relents. Buzz makes Danny promise not to hurt Marina. Buzz knows what it is like to love two women at the same time. He wonders what Danny will do when Michelle returns for the Bauer barbecue.

Reva warns Jeffrey just to let Edmund and Cassie be.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Cassie finds Dinah at the barn apparently cowering in fear. When Cassie asks who kidnapped her, Dinah replies that it was Edmund and he did it to keep her quiet. Cassie refuses to believe that and Dinah accuses her of refusing to see Edmund for what he truly is. Cassie tells Dinah to tell her what she knows. Later, Edmund comes rushing in looking for Cassie. At this point, Dinah is alone and lies that she hasn't seen Cassie. An upset Edmund doesn't believe her and they argue over her intention this evening to tell Cassie about him. Dinah denies having any reason to do that, but he accuses her of doing it so he and Cassie would break up. An angry Edmund then starts to intimidate her and tells her that he will not allow her to destroy his family. Suddenly, Dinah gets scared and starts to run away. She grabs a shovel and holds it as if she's about to strike him. Shocked, Edmund grabs the shovel and as he's holding it in mid-air, Cassie enters the barn. Believing Edmund was going to strike Dinah, Cassie sends her into the house and tells Edmund that although she doubted Dinah's story, she believes it now. Edmund tries to convince her that it was all a set up by Dinah, by Cassie doesn't believe it. After telling him that she no longer loves him, Cassie accuses Edmund of being the same man she was so afraid of on the island. Edmund tries to tell her again that it was Dinah and he loved her, but Cassie tells him he's incapable of loving anyone but himself. After telling him that she wants him gone, Cassie leaves. Just then, Dinah enters and Edmund gives her a nasty look. When he warns her that she should be scared of him, she replies that isn't scared of him; she's in love with him. Meanwhile, Cassie has arrived at Jeffrey's door and gives him a passionate kiss.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan is wondering where Alex put the bloody gloves. Suddenly, Sebastian enters with some new ideas on finding Harley. But Alan has a new assignment for him. He wants Sebastian to take care of a threat to Spaulding and gives Sebastian the address of where to find that threat--Wallace. When Sebastian leaves, Alexandra enters, having heard the entire exchange. Alex is upset that Alan has actually ordered this man's death, but Alan tells her he will eliminate any threat. Alex wonders if that includes herself. Alan sweetly responds that his loving, devoted sister would never be a threat to him; she's too loyal. However, he does suggest that it might be best if she gave him the gloves for safe keeping.

Also at the mansion are Coop and Lizzie who are enjoying a secret rendezvous upstairs. Suddenly, Coop finds a hidden door that leads into the attic. Lizzie knows all about the room--it was her parents' private getaway. Doing some innocent looking around, Coop opens a chest that contains poetry--Lizzie's. Against her wishes, he starts to read it and is moved by one poem that describes feelings of being alone. Coop asks Lizzie if that's how she feels but Lizzie clams up. She talks about how everyone thinks she's crazy, but he tells her that it reads as if she was lonely, not crazy. He then assures her that she isn't alone. Coop then starts rummaging through the chest again when suddenly Alex appears and tells him to get out. Alex rushes Coop out of the room, scolding the both of them that Alan would be furious if he knew Coop was there. Lizzie starts to tell Alex that she doesn't care what her grandfather thinks but Alex warns her that Coop could be Alan's next target. An upset Alex tells the confused pair that Alan's a ticking time bomb and urges them to get out. Away from the area, Coop wonders to Lizzie why Alex wasn't so much concerned about him being in the house as concerned about him being in the attic.

At the hide-away, Gus is setting up a surveillance camera so they can see who goes in and out of the hotel across the street. Suddenly, Harley is shocked to see Wallace entering. Because they've already been in the hotel asking questions, the pair grabs some tacky clothes and shades from the wardrobe rack and then goes back to the hotel. While Gus gets the concierge away from the desk on the pretense of needing directions, Harley sneaks behind the counter to get Wallace's room number. She gets pay dirt and she and Gus go to the room. As Gus and Harley attempt to break into the room, Sebastian enters the hotel and to provide a distraction, pulls the fir alarm. Right after Harley and Gus are forced to give up so they don't get caught, Sebastian arrives and starts to knock on the door. He's interrupted by he concierge who insists that he has to evacuate he building because of the alarm. Later, the concierge tells Sebastian about the fugitive woman from the Midwest who arrived this week and was asking about one of their guests. Sebastian quickly figures out the fugitive woman is Harley and the guest must be Wallace. After calling Alan to verify that Alan wants Wallace taken care of before finding Harley, Sebastian resolves not to look for Wallace until he learns what Harley wants with him.

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