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Monday, June 13, 2005

On the pier, Theresa has one of the papers Rebecca and Gwen were trying to destroy and is staring at it in shock. Rebecca tells Gwen to follow her, and they walk up to Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca tells Theresa that the paper belongs to her and she wants it back, to which Theresa replies that she has found something to use against Rebecca and get Jane back. Ethan looks at the paper and then asks Gwen if she knew about this and didn't tell him. Gwen apologizes but it turns out that the paper was some inappropriate picture of Rebecca. Theresa thinks that no judge will let Jane live in the same house as Rebecca now. Rebecca taunts Theresa, and Theresa tells Gwen that she disgusts her—she says Gwen took Theresa's daughter just to stick her with the nanny so Gwen could dispose of her mother's porn. Theresa walks off and Gwen tells Rebecca to make sure she gets rid of everything, and then Gwen leaves with Ethan. Rebecca goes around the pier picking up the papers and throws them in the water, then takes out the disk with evidence proving that Gwen and Rebecca sent Ethan's paternity papers to the tabloid. Theresa comes out from where she was hiding and Rebecca drops the disk, so Theresa picks it up and asks what is on it. Rebecca says it is nothing and takes it back, then walks away. When she is alone, she says to herself that she can't destroy the disk, so she will just have to hide it.

Alistair asks Katherine if she still thinks that "honesty is the best policy" after learning what happened to Rachel. She asks him why he said that Rachel died in a boating accident, and Martin explains that Rachel rejected him on that trip, so Alistair kidnapped her and faked her death. He says that Rachel was held prisoner in the Crane cabin for years. He says that Alistair threatened to kill his entire family if he told anyone. Katherine is stunned and says that all this time, they thought Rachel's death turned Alistair into the monster he is, but he was always this heartless. She yells that she will kill him for what he did and slaps him across the face. They fight for a moment, and then Alistair says that it was Sheridan who killed Rachel. Alistair snarls that Rachel had it all, but nothing was ever enough for her; she wanted Alistair to be more romantic, for him to let her have more time with her friends. He says that Rachel could have her freedom if only she had married him, but she could never leave well enough alone, and now she is dead because Katherine's beloved daughter killed her. He explains that one night Rachel escaped from the cabin and came to teach Alistair a lesson. According to Alistair, Rachel started to attack him, so he tried to fight her off. Sheridan came into the room, saw what was happening, and came to his defense by grabbing a letter opener and stabbing Rachel again and again. He says Sheridan is a murderer, and she knew that she was killing someone to protect Alistair, but she thought she murdered her own mother. Alistair says that if Katherine had been strong enough to stay, Sheridan wouldn't have had to go through it and says it is all Katherine's fault. Alistair says that now Pandora's Box has been opened and everyone will know that Sheridan is a killer. He tells them he doesn't want to keep it a secret. He wants Sheridan to know that Katherine made her life worse, and that Sheridan's dream of being a family with Marty and Luis will never happen because Sheridan will be convicted of murder.

Mrs. Wallace prays that Luis and Sheridan can get to the Wallace house before Beth wakes up, and her angels fly around Tabitha, stopping her from getting to Beth's house. She asks Endora for help, and Endora stops Mrs. Wallace from praying by making Beth hit her over the head. Mrs. Wallace is knocked out and the angels disappear. Tabitha asks Endora to stop Luis and Sheridan from getting to Beth before Tabitha, and Endora sends bats into Luis and Sheridan's car. Luis loses control and they crash. After a few minutes, they wake up and climb out of the car. Sheridan has a gash on her forehead, but she isn't hurt too badly, and she insists they go get Marty. She starts running to Beth's and Luis follows her. Back at the Wallace house, Beth ties up her mother and locks her in the hall closet so she can't tell Luis about Marty. Tabitha and Luis and Sheridan race to Beth's house, but Tabitha gets there first and cleverly reveals to Beth that Sheridan found out the truth about Marty and that Luis and Sheridan are on their way there now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sheridan and Luis raced on foot to get to the Wallace house where Tabitha was planting notions in Beth's head about fleeing town with Marty. As soon as she got Beth sufficiently incited, Tabitha asked Endora to take her back home so she could sow more evil seeds. As Sheridan and Luis were running they heard Tabitha screaming "Endora" as she flew upside down above them. Luis thought it was a seagull, but Sheridan saw Tabitha. In her desperation to get Marty, Sheridan frequently said she needed to get "her" baby and take him to "her" cottage which frustrated Luis. He apologized for not believing her before and she told him that all would be forgiven as soon as she had Marty back. When Luis and Sheridan got there, they split up—Sheridan went to the back door in case Beth left and Luis went to the front door without her in order to not spook Beth. Beth packed everything for her trip and as she was walking toward the back door, Edna started making noise in the closet. Beth unlocked the door and Edna fell out. She tried to tell Beth something and Beth finally took the duct tape off her mouth to hear. Edna gloated that Beth was going to get caught. Beth told her that she had no chance of being with Luis now because of her mother delaying her, but at least she'll have "her" son. Beth headed for the back door and saw Sheridan. Luis knocked on the front door. Beth stood there crying that she'd lose her son.

At the wharf, Theresa looked at a picture of herself with Ethan and thought back on Ethan telling her that he'll never leave Gwen. She decided that they would never be together. Tabitha landed in the trash cans near Theresa, which was convenient for more evildoing by Tabitha. She told Theresa that it was fate that she and Ethan be together. Theresa said that he's married to Gwen, and Tabitha said she couldn't give up on Ethan's love for her. She told Theresa he'd never be happy with Gwen. Tabitha shared stories about Rebecca's ancestors. One of her ancestors was the original Scarlet Letter wearer. One sold out Custer to the Indian. One was shunned by Honest Abe, so sold him down the river to Boothe. Tabitha said that Gwen and Rebecca were nasty people, then brought up the tabloid story. She said that she thought Gwen and Rebecca had done it. Theresa agreed, but said there wasn't any proof. Tabitha helped her think about where the evidence might be and they decided it would be at the mansion.

At the Crane family crypt on the Crane estate Alistair tortured Katherine with the

information that Sheridan had stabbed and killed her Aunt Rachel with a letter opener when she was a little girl and that it will really destroy her precious Sheridan when he calls the police and media to tell them all about it. Katherine pled with him to leave it quiet and Martin backed her up. Alistair wouldn't have any of that though. He said Rachel deserved justice. Katherine retorted that he was the one who always hurt her. He asked Katherine to do one small favor in return for his silence. Martin told her not to do it, but Katherine said she needed to protect Sheridan. Alistair wanted her to come home and perform her wifely duties. Katherine said she couldn't do it and so he threatened to go to the police and media.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Ethan came upon Gwen pacing the floor, waiting for Rebecca to return from the wharf. When she got home, Gwen pulled her aside and asked her if she'd gotten rid of the evidence linking them to Ethan's paternity information being leaked to the tabloid. Rebecca said she did. Ethan told them he wanted to talk to them both about his relationship with Theresa. Gwen was worried until he told them that he meant as regards her being the mother of his child. He asked them to promise that Theresa could have as much time as often as she wanted to with Jane. Gwen asked if she needed to be worried about him talking to Theresa on the wharf and he explained that he'd gone to talk to Chad at the Blue Note and run into her there and then on the wharf. Gwen wanted to know what they talked about and he remembered how he told Theresa that he should be with her, but he told Gwen that they'd talked about how much he loved Gwen. Rebecca was snippy, saying that she refused to let Jane be turned into a liar and a slut by Theresa. Gwen took her aside and asked her to stop pushing Ethan's buttons so he wouldn't defend Theresa. Rebecca tried to say she knew how to deal with husbands, but Gwen shut her down. Rebecca promised to not get in the way. Then she went to get bourbon and instead gloated over her disk with the tabloid info. She couldn't part with the souvenir that showed her daughter to be evil. Gwen walked in on her and was livid that the disk was still around. She was worried about the disk ruining her and Ethan walked in on them. He asked what was on the disk.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Theresa is talking to Tabitha on the pier. She says Tabitha is right; there has to be evidence of who sent the paternity papers. She says that Gwen and Rebecca had access to her laptop while she was working at the mansion and they would benefit if it looked like Theresa sent the papers. But, Theresa says, she has looked and she can't find the proof. Tabitha urges her to keep looking. Theresa muses that the evidence has to be at the Crane mansion, and it would change everything-she thinks Ethan would come back to her if the truth came out. She swears to do whatever it takes, but says she doesn't think Gwen and Rebecca are dumb enough to keep the evidence. Tabitha suggests that maybe they are not as smart as Theresa thinks. Tabitha says that rich people are often arrogant and sometimes arrogance leads to carelessness. Theresa says that if they were careless, maybe Ethan would find the proof on his own, but Tabitha convinces her not to leave it up to chance. Theresa says now she just has to figure out how to search the mansion. She thanks Tabitha and runs off.

Ned is on a plane dreaming on Fancy, and Fancy is on the same plane dreaming of Ned. When he wakes up, the person sitting next to Ned comments that Ned must have been having a pretty great dream. Ned tells him a little about Fancy and says that she is bad news and he can never see her again. When Fancy wakes up, the woman next to her is annoyed at the noises Fancy was making while she was sleeping. Fancy tells her to mind her own business and the woman asks to change seats. When she is gone, Fancy is approached by someone named Eileen who says she has seen Fancy in all the gossip magazines. Fancy talks to her about her dream but says she doesn't know why she was dreaming about Ned. A flirty flight attendant approaches Ned and he asks if he can be moved to first class. He gets seated next to the woman who was sitting next to Fancy before, and she starts describing what happened to him. The woman points out where she was sitting before and Ned goes to the seat, expecting to see Fancy. Instead he finds Eileen. He goes back to his seat and Fancy returns to her seat without seeing Ned. The plane starts to descend and Fancy wonders how they will react to her arrival.

Sam looks through papers that he thought were from Noah's school and wonders where his son is. Kay asks him if he knows why Noah would forge these papers-why not just tell them he didn't want to go to grad school? Sam notices that the checks he sent Noah were all cashed at different banks every time. He hopes that his son isn't in trouble. Kay asks why Noah wouldn't call for help if he was, and Sam says he doesn't know. He says he doesn't know any of his kids and he is a failure of a parent. Kay suggests different scenarios that might explain this, but Sam tells her that nothing could explain this. He goes into the kitchen and Kay looks at a picture of Noah...who turns out to be Ned. As she looks at his picture, Noah/Ned walks in the door and says "Hey, sis."

Ethan asks Gwen how this disk could ruin her life. He puts the disk in his computer and is confused when it turns out to be their wedding photos. Rebecca says that Gwen's computer crashed and Gwen was afraid someone would accidentally erase the only copy of their pictures. Ethan makes another copy of the photos to make her feel better and apologizes for being suspicious, but he thought the way she was acting was odd. He goes to get Gwen tea and to make a phone call. When he is gone, Rebecca gives Gwen what she says is the real disk with the information on it and Gwen destroys it-but when Gwen leaves to check on Jane, Rebecca reveals that she still has the real disk. In the other room, Ethan talks to Gwen and asks if Rebecca is still trying to get revenge on Theresa. Gwen assures him that she's not. Ethan notices how quiet the mansion is and calls it the "calm before the storm." Just then, Fancy walks in the door and announces that Fancy Crane has come home!

Katherine asks Alistair why he wants her to move back, and Alistair says he just wants to make sure she never has a happy year again, but he will make sure Sheridan's secret dies with them if she agrees to move back in. Martin tries to stop her from agreeing by saying that they could go to the police and say that Alistair killed Rachel, but Alistair points out that he owns the police in this town and he could just as easily say that it was Martin who killed her. He says it is up to Katherine, and Katherine quietly agrees to move back in with him. Alistair is pleased and assures Martin he has no intention of raping her; he wants to know where she is 24/7. Katherine asks what happened to him to make him so heartless, and Alistair replies that he was born this way and he relishes being evil.

Sheridan waits for Luis by the back door while he tries to get in the front door. Inside, Beth panics and tries to figure out how to get away. Luis shouts at her to let him in and bangs on the door. Beth suddenly has an idea and starts writing on a notepad on her desk. Outside, Sheridan opens the back door and walks into the room, but Beth is gone. She is hiding in the closet with Mrs. Wallace and Marty, and she left a note saying she had to take Marty to the emergency room. Luis wants to go to the ER, but Sheridan says something isn't right and asks Luis to call and make sure they are there first.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

At the Crane family crypt on the Crane estate, Alistair extracted a promise from Katherine that she'd return to the mansion and resume her life as his wife. Martin tried to convince her to stay away from Alistair, but she couldn't let Alistair ruin Sheridan's life by going public with the news that she'd stabbed her Aunt Rachel to death. Once he got Katherine to agree, he said there was one more requirement. He requested Martin to remarry Pilar. Martin was very reluctant because he didn't want to walk away from the relationship he'd had with Katherine for all of those years. Alistair blackmailed them with Sheridan's happiness and eventually Katherine caved and pleaded with Martin to do it for her. He finally acceded.

At the Crane estate, Ethan and Gwen welcomed Fancy home. She struggled to make the connection with Ethan over how they're related, stumbling over the fact that he is still her brother. Ivy came in and wondered what kind of trouble Fancy could be in to come home without any notice. Ethan asked her to cut Fancy some slack, but Ivy continued to enumerate the few times she'd convinced Fancy to meet with her and they usually involved bribing her with a shopping spree. Fancy changed the subject to ask about her mother and father. Ivy explained that after Julian had dumped her, he married her former best friend and then set her to the curb in order to rekindle his love with Eve Russell. Ivy asked her who her current boyfriend is and Fancy denied any romantic attachments. Ivy then asked Fancy again to tell her if she was in trouble. Fancy daydreamed about her escapade with Ned and replied that she was fine, then asked why her mother would think that. Ivy pointed out the blood on Fancy's shoe. Fancy blew it off, saying she'd stubbed her toe. Ivy suggested asking Dr. Eve take a look at it, but Fancy shook it off.

At the Bennett house, Kay and Sam were surprised to be welcoming Noah/Ned home. He stammered through his explanation of why he didn't let them know that he'd left school. He said he didn't want to burden them with his school burnout when they had so many of their own troubles. He looked around him and commented that the house looked just like he remembered, but also seemed different. Sam was incredulous and reminded Noah that the house had been rebuilt after the original was destroyed. Noah was very surprised at how grown up Kay looked. He asked about Jessica and Sam asked Kay to go upstairs to get her.

At the Wallace house Sheridan kept looking for Beth and Marty while Luis called the emergency room. He got put on hold and decided they just needed to go there themselves. As they started to walk out the door Sheridan heard Mrs. Wallace's muffled screams from the locked closet. They pulled her out and she tearfully asked for a drink. Sheridan gave her a glass of water and Edna wanted gin instead. Sheridan harshly told her that she couldn't have any until she told them where her son was. At first Edna denied knowing that Marty was Sheridan's and then changed her story to one of being the victim of her crazy daughter. Luis searched the house looking for any clues as to where Beth had gone and decided she couldn't get too far because she left her passport behind. Sheridan was very angry and insistent that Edna tell them where Beth took Marty and Luis told her that she was just a little old lady. Then he took over the questioning and threatened to take her to the police station if she didn't cooperate. Meanwhile Beth managed to slip out of the house and then tried to open car doors in a parking lot until she found one that was unlocked. She loaded up Marty, his carseat and all his accessories and sped off down the road. She bemoaned the fact that she didn't get Luis as well as Marty, but was glad she was glad she still had "her" son.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Theresa entered to find Paloma entertaining several friends who were visiting from Mexico. She excused herself to log onto her computer. She told her mother that she was going to focus on finding the proof she needed that Gwen and Rebecca submitted Ethan's paternity information to the tabloids. Paloma sneered that Theresa would never get Ethan because he was committed to his wife. Theresa explained that the reason Ethan dumped her was because of that article and if she could prove Gwen did it instead of her, he'd be back. Paloma and her friends started to go out and Pilar set a midnight curfew. Paloma balked and Pilar told her she couldn't go out at all if she didn't promise to be back on time. Theresa told her to listen to their mother and Paloma fired back that Theresa was no role model, being a single mother of two without the fathers of her children.

At Spike's underground club Jessica arrived and Spike leered expectantly. He told her that she looked stressed and told her she needed some happy faces. While Jessica was getting her drug stickers, Spike's associate told him he should be careful since she is the daughter of the police chief. Spike said she's his insurance, If anything should happen to him with the police he'll dangle Jessica in front of Sam's face. She went to his office to get them and came back already in a toasted way. Paloma and her friends came into the club and saw Jessica heading down a dangerous path. She sent one of her friends to distract Spike so that she could get Jessica out of there. Jessica fought valiantly against Paloma and her friends saying that she knew what she was doing and it was what she wanted to do.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Paloma tries to convince Jessica to go home, but it doesn't work. She grabs the drug stickers from Jessica and Jessica gets angry at her and goes over to Spike. She tells him that Paloma said he is just using her, and he tells her that Paloma was wrong. Paloma watches in disgust as they make out and tells her friend that Jessica needs her help. Her friend warns her not to make Spike angry, but she says she isn't scared of him. She goes over to Jessica, pulls her off Spike, and tells Spike to leave her alone. She tells Jessica to come home. Spike starts hitting on Paloma, and Paloma slaps him across the face. Jessica and Spike are furious at her and Spike tells her to get out of the club. He gets a call from his "boss" and while he is talking, Paloma and her friend drag Jessica out of the club. Spike talks to his boss, who turns out to be Alistair. Alistair tells him to be careful because he wouldn't want Sam to find out that Alistair is connected to Spike. He tells Spike that he needs his services and he will contact him with details. Outside the club, Paloma tells Jessica that she will thank her for this someday because what she is doing will ruin her life and hurt people. She tells her that there are people who care about Jessica more than she knows.

At the Wallace house, Luis finds Beth's passport and says she can't go very far without it. Mrs. Wallace manages to convince Luis and Sheridan that she has no idea where Beth is. Sheridan is scared that Beth will hurt Marty, but Mrs. Wallace and Luis assure her that she loves him and would never hurt him. Luis puts out an APB and an Amber Alert on Beth and Little Marty. As she is driving away from Harmony, Beth realizes she is running out of gas and the closest gas station is back in Harmony. She reluctantly goes back to fill up.

At the Bennett's, Noah reveals to Sam that he gambled to make money. Kay, who was sent upstairs to get Jessica, comes back down and says she just didn't have the heart to wake Jessica up after all she's been through. Luis calls for Sam and fills him in on what's happened. He says he needs Sam's authorization to set up roadblocks at all public transportation stations. Sam tells Noah and Kay he has to go, but says that he and Noah will talk when he gets back. Kay brings Noah something to eat, and he asks what has been going on with Jessica. Kay tells him that she has been getting into trouble-going to sleazy nightclubs, sleeping around, doing drugs, and getting tattoos. She says Jessica wasn't in her room and is probably at that club. Noah is upset and says he is going down to the club to kill that "dirty bastard" Spike, but Kay tries to stop him. Before he can leave, Jessica comes in through the back door with Paloma. She and Paloma are fighting but Jessica stops yelling when she notices Noah. She hugs him and says he is finally home.

At the police station, Sam organizes the manhunt for Beth. Mrs. Wallace informs him that Beth has no money because she took the last twenty dollars out of Beth's wallet; however, Beth has an ATM card. Sam says they can track her if she has to use it. Right then, Beth has returned to Harmony and is searching for an ATM machine. She starts to use it while Luis tracks her location at the station. Beth panics when the ATM doesn't work, and when Luis, Sheridan, and Sam arrive, she is gone, leaving behind only Marty's teddy bear Abigail, which Sheridan picks up. Beth goes into an unlocked door marked "KEEP OUT" and calls Alistair for help. She tells him that Luis and Sheridan know everything and the police are after her. Alistair tells her not to worry; no one will catch her, and asks where she is. She says she doesn't know, but tells him she found a matchbook that said "Spike" on it. Alistair says to meet him across the alley in ten minutes. Back by the ATM machine, Sheridan realizes that Beth might be getting help from Alistair, and says if that's true, they'll never be able to track her down. Sam sets up surveillance at all the entrances and exits to the Crane estate. Beth sees Alistair's car pull up and she and Marty get in as Sam receives word that Alistair's limo was spotted by the docks.

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