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Mike and Jennifer told Katie and Craig to stay out of their business. Paul and Emily made love. Les set a fire that destroyed Lily and Holden's house. Jack shot and killed Les after rescuing Carly from the fire. Lily accepted that Keith hadn't killed Julia and wanted to start over with him. Gwen told Will she was pregnant with Casey's baby.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 6, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, June 6, 2005

Jennifer and Mike were stunned to find Craig at their front door. Craig warned them that he was not going to be "nice" about his parental rights. Katie showed up and persuaded Craig to leave, taking him to Metro, where she convinced him to let her deal with Mike and Jennifer on his behalf. Back at home, Jennifer became hysterical, so Mike talked her into letting him deal with Craig so that she could remain calm for the baby's sake. Future meetings between Mike and Katie were a sure thing.

Paul arrived at Emily and Hal's house to tell Emily that he had decided that Emily should press charges against Rosanna. Emily agreed, anxious to get revenge on Rosanna, but Hal forbade her to press charges.

Casey stepped in front of the prom queen's chair and was hit by a bucket of fake blood. Gwen told Casey's buddies that their dates were responsible for the "Carrie" prank, which had been planned for Celia. The paramedics arrived and took Casey to the hospital, with Celia riding in the ambulance. Will and Gwen followed, arriving in time to hear Casey and Celia declare their love to each other. That triggered a violent attack of nausea on Gwen's part and glowering looks from Will.

Casey was wheeled down the hospital hall with his white sport coat covered in "blood." Dr. Bob determined that Casey had a mild concussion and could go home. As Gwen and Will watched Casey leave with his family and Celia, Gwen blurted out to Will that she was pregnant, and Casey was the father.

At Lily's house, Keith offered a suspicious Lily a "killer" margarita then told Lily that he had planted the bee pollen in Les's car to implicate him in Julia's death. Keith left, telling Lily that he would love her even if she decided to turn him in. Through the window, he saw Lily calling Jessica and arranging to meet her.

When Lily left, she was followed. On her way to meet Jessica, Lily changed her mind and left a phone message, canceling her appointment. She tried to stop for a red light but found that her brakes did not work.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Casey and Celia convinced Tom and Margo that the after-prom party should be moved to their house. Celia believed that Casey was hurt because of her, and she wanted to take care of him. Margo found Gwen and Will and invited them to join the party. Unbeknownst to Margo, Gwen had just told Will that she was pregnant with Casey's baby -- Margo's grandchild.

Will wasn't sure if he believed Gwen but told her that if it really was Casey's, she had to tell him. Gwen told him she had tried, but he wouldn't talk to her. At the prom party, Casey told Celia that he loved her. She said she loved him, but she was actually thinking of Will when she said it.

Rosanna tried to convince Paul that she really loved him and that it was James who had made her break up with Paul. He told Rosanna that he could almost believe her except that she had shown up with Craig. Her story of how Craig had saved her life in Bangkok just didn't wash -- and neither did anything else she said about James and Cabot. Rosanna continued to plead with him and even kissed him. He kissed her back.

Hal was angry that Emily wanted to press charges against Rosanna. He even told her that he wouldn't allow it. Emily was furious and hurt, but so was Hal. Hal asked her why she always seemed to need another man in her life and reminded her of her relationship with Chris Hughes. Emily asked him why she was always the last priority in his life -- why she was an afterthought. Emily told him that she would stay with her mother for a while but assured Hal that she would press charges against Rosanna. Hal asked her if she was doing that for her or for Paul.

Emily went to tell Paul that they could not get any help from Hal, but she walked in on Rosanna and Paul kissing. She was obviously upset to see them kissing and told Rosanna that she was going to press charges. Rosanna left, and Emily tried to get close to Paul. Paul even told her that she could stay with him, but Emily's mother called, and she decided to go to her mother's.

Lily had crashed on the side of the road, but a passing motorist saw her and called an ambulance. Ben examined her, and she seemed to be fine, but he realized that she thought someone had disabled the brakes in her car. He tried to convince her to call the police. She couldn't do it.

Jack and Carly had planned a movie date night, but duty called, and Jack had to cancel. Just as Carly was leaving the police station, Lily called and asked Carly to go to Lily's home, get the girls, and take them to Holden at the farm. Later, Lily went home to a dark house and was frightened when the doorbell rang. She was glad to see Carly at the door, and she told Carly all of her fears. She was afraid that Keith was involved in Julia's murder and thought that the man she had let into her heart was a murderer.

Carly agreed to stay with Lily while she tried to get some rest. When Lily went upstairs, Carly picked up the phone to call Jack. Just as the Oakdale Police answered, the line went dead. Carly was worried and went for her cell phone. She was waiting for Jack to answer as the doorbell rang. She wasn't sure what to do, but then heard Jack's voice calling for Lily. She was relieved and started to walk toward the door -- but she didn't reach the door because someone wearing black gloves grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Lily was asleep after taking a sedative and was having a terrible nightmare about Keith. Carly was at Lily's, trying to call Jack, when suddenly the power and phone went out. All of a sudden, someone grabbed Carly from behind and dragged her upstairs to the attic. Carly screamed for Lily, but then the person that was holding her captive gagged her and locked her in a trunk. Lily, having heard Carly call her name, tried to find her but with no luck.

Lily wound up in her bedroom, but after she turned her back, someone locked her in. Downstairs in Lily's house, someone poured gasoline all over the house and set it on fire. Lily tried desperately to get out of the house when Keith showed up and carried her outside to safety.

Once outside, Keith and Lily saw Les and realized that he was the one behind the fire. Les held Keith and Lily at gunpoint and made them leave with him. Carly was still trapped inside the trunk but managed to get free and push the trunk open, but the house was covered in flames.

Ben and Jessica arrived at the police station to tell Jack about Lily's car accident. Jessica started to tell Jack about Lily's concerns that Keith might have been involved in Julia's murder. Jack feared that something might be wrong, so he called and asked Holden to meet him at the site of Lily's accident. Holden was at the farm, talking with Lucinda, when Jack called. Once Holden received the call from Jack, he asked Lucinda to watch the kids, and he left. Holden and Jack were at the site of Lily's accident when Jack saw that Lily's brakes had been tampered with.

Luke was upset about his parents getting a divorce, so he went to Keith's house to talk with him. He found that the house had been broken into and destroyed. Outside Keith's house, Luke saw the smoke from his house and ran off. Just as Luke got to his house, Holden and Jack showed up.

Luke spotted Lily and Keith leaving with a man and told Holden. Holden rushed off to find Keith and Lily. Jack thought that Carly was inside the burning house, so he rushed in to save her. Jack made it upstairs to the attic and found Carly trapped. Carly told Jack to save himself, but Jack refused to leave without her.

Meanwhile Les took Keith and Lily to the basement of the Snyder farm and was about to shoot Lily when Keith jumped in the way and was shot in the shoulder. Holden found them and tried to get the gun from Les, but Les punched Holden and ran off. Les ran upstairs to where Lucinda was and held the gun to her head. Les was about to shoot Holden when Jack entered and shot Les. Jack confirmed that Les was dead, and Jack and Carly embraced.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Holden was sifting through the debris and found a picture of his family. Luke entered and asked Holden if he was okay. Holden said the important thing was that everyone had survived and was okay. Luke started to cry in Holden's arms. Afterwards, they began to clean out some stuff from the house.

Holden said that family was the most important thing they had. Luke asked if the family could be fixed. Holden said he didn't know. Holden later found the divorce papers and told Jack he thought it was funny that everything else had been destroyed but not the papers. Jack was quick to add that Lily had never signed the papers.

Lily was sitting at the hospital with Keith, who was in a lot of pain. Keith wanted to know why she was there and not with her family. She told him she wanted to make sure he was doing okay. He said he would survive and that she needed to be with her kids. Lily told him that he had saved her life and wanted to know if they had a chance together.

Keith asked her if there was a "we" anymore. Lily told Keith that he had entered her life at a very unhappy time. She asked Keith if he could ever forgive her. He told her that there was nothing to forgive and that he loved her. They both agreed to start over and forget about the past. As they kissed, Holden watched through the door.

At the farm, Jack went after Carly and told her that Les was dead for good. Someone from Internal Affairs, who had questions for Jack, interrupted them. Carly went outside and, as she stood outside the door, kept seeing Les. Jack walked outside and found Carly standing there, terrified. Jack wanted Carly to see someone professional to help her. Internal Affairs told Jack the case was closed, and they left.

Rosanna arrived, and she and Carly had a nice reunion. Rosanna explained to Carly what had happened, and Carly said that Rosanna needed to tell people what had really happened with Cabot. Rosanna disagreed and changed the subject. Carly picked up Sage so Rosanna could see how much she had grown. Craig arrived as she was leaving and told Rosanna that Paul and Emily would not be pressing charges.

Craig and Rosanna were at the Lakeview, talking about Emily's need for revenge. She was worried about James finding out about Cabot. Craig told her not to worry, and he left to take care of it. Rosanna started to read the paper and realized Carly needed her after she read about the fire.

Meanwhile, Paul called Emily and said he had arranged a meeting with Tom Hughes. Mike, who had arrived to talk about Jennifer, interrupted the call. Mike told Paul to just stay away from him and Jennifer. Mike wanted to handle Craig by himself.

Craig arrived and asked Paul to cut a deal. Craig told Paul that he knew all about the false charges against him, and he would use it against them if Paul and Emily would not forget about their revenge against Rosanna. Craig then laid a big guilt trip on Paul about not helping Rosanna when she needed him.

At the hospital, Emily was trying to get her mother to see her side. Susan didn't want any part of it because she thought it wouldn't do any good. Emily couldn't believe that her mother was taking Hal's side. Emily went to Paul's and flipped out when Paul told her about the deal Craig wanted to make. Emily yelled at Paul for giving in to Craig and pushed him away, only to pull him in again, and they started to kiss.

Katie arrived at Mike's and expected to see him but got Jennifer instead. Katie said she wanted to talk to Mike and Jennifer. Jennifer invited Katie in, and they made small talk until Katie mentioned Craig and how she felt bad about what Craig was doing. Jennifer got angry and told Katie that Craig would never be a part of the baby's life. She also told Katie that she didn't trust her either.

Katie apologized, but Jennifer said that Katie needed to worry about her own family and not interfere with Jennifer's. Katie left visibly upset and ran into Mike, who wanted to know what was wrong. Katie tried to explain to Mike what she had just tried to explain to Jennifer. Jennifer walked out and told Katie to leave and stay out of their lives.

Friday, June 10, 2005

At the Snyder farm, Craig told Rosanna that he had gotten Paul to agree to get Emily not to file charges against her. He told her that Paul didn't understand Rosanna the way he did. Then, Craig received a phone call from Katie telling him to meet her at the Lakeview, so he left. Carly walked outside and saw Rosanna, who told her about Craig getting Paul to stop Emily from pressing charges against her. Carly said that was a good sign and told Rosanna that it meant there was still a possibility of her reuniting with Paul.

Carly told Rosanna to fight for Paul the way Rosanna had helped her fight for Jack. After Rosanna left for the second time, Parker arrived downstairs and told his mom that he'd had a dream "about Aunt Rosanna and Cabot" and that Rosanna "is still sad about Cabot." Carly agreed, and Parker said that perhaps Paul could make her laugh, because "he's good at that."

Mike and Jennifer told Katie to stay out of the whole business with the baby and Craig. Jennifer was glad that Mike had taken her side in front of Katie, even though she knew he agreed with Katie that Craig did have legal rights as the father of her baby. They went to a doctor appointment, to have a sonogram done, but Lisa called Mike away on an emergency visit to the Lakeview. She told him the water pipes had burst at the Lakeview.

Meanwhile, Katie went to the Lakeview to meet Craig, to tell him about her failed mission to convince Mike and Jennifer to let him be involved with the baby. Katie mentioned that Mike and Jennifer had been on their way to a doctor appointment, and Craig immediately began saying he was concerned whether something was wrong with the baby. Katie tried to assure him that nothing seemed amiss to her, and she even told Craig that she didn't know which doctor they were seeing because Jennifer had changed doctors after finding out that Katie had read her chart at the doctor's office.

Craig left, telling Katie they would have dinner one night that week because it was harder to be alone at night than during the day. As Katie got up to leave, she ran into Mike, who accused her of having arranged to have Lisa call him to get him to go to the Lakeview. He told her to get a life of her own, and she told him to "go to hell."

At the doctor's appointment, Jennifer got to see the baby on the sonogram and was trying to decide whether to find out if it was a boy or a girl when the doctor was called away for an emergency consultation on the phone. A nurse entered and said the baby's father had arrived, and Jennifer excitedly called out to Mike to join her, but instead, Craig walked into the examining room.

Will went to see Gwen at her room above the garage, and he told her she couldn't possibly continue to live that way, especially with a baby on the way. He tried to convince her that she should tell Casey that she was pregnant, but Gwen accused him of wanting to do that just to break up Casey and Celia so that Will could pursue Celia. Will denied that and said Gwen didn't need to be alone during or after the pregnancy, but Gwen told Will the one thing she could not do was tell Casey she was pregnant only to have his first words be, "Is it mine?" which Will agreed was a likely scenario.

Gwen said her parents were not in the picture, and she didn't want Casey's family to know about the pregnancy and look at her as "Casey's mistake." She insisted that she was strong and could survive on her own. Will told Gwen it was soon going to be impossible for her to hide the pregnancy, unless she stayed in her room every day, so he still thought telling Casey was the best approach. Will lectured Gwen about smoking during the pregnancy, then he gave her his phone number and told her to call him if she needed anything, but she told him that she was through being anyone's problem and crumpled the piece of paper and threw it away.

Celia, Casey, and Tom went to the hospital to have Casey checked out again, since he'd developed a bad headache. Tom told Celia that he might end up prosecuting the girls who had set up the bucket prank at the prom, but he'd do it in a way that would keep Celia safe. He told her to consider his family to be her family while she was in Oakdale. Tom left Celia and Casey alone in the hospital room, and they kissed, but Celia fantasized about it being Will she was kissing.

Casey talked about taking Celia to the prom again the next year, and she became upset, telling him he couldn't plan on things that far ahead because the unexpected often happened, but Casey gave her his bracelet and told her he'd still be with her the next year -- if she'd still have him. Later, while Casey was out of the room, having tests done, Will arrived for a visit, and Celia walked into the room. Will said he had something he needed to tell Casey, and Celia told him that if there was something bothering him that he needed to talk about, he could tell her.

At Paul's place, Emily reacted badly to Paul's suggestion that she not press charges against Rosanna, and she screamed at him, but then she kissed him, and they ended up making love. Emily told Paul she had no regrets. Paul told Emily that he'd never forgotten their first time together, years before, which had been his first time with any woman.

Paul told Emily that she had turned out all right but that he wished he had a "do-over," because he'd have killed his father when he had the chance, and things would have turned out better for everyone. Emily told him not to talk about James, and she told him she would focus on what he'd done right that day. As she left, Emily ran into Rosanna in the hallway.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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