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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 30, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Mike and Jennifer happily return home from their honeymoon. When Mike goes to the Lakewood to pick up a takeout dinner, he bumps into Henry. Henry has just walked out of the room where Katie had lured him, and when Henry sees Mike he says, "Katie is in room 707 - she's all yours." Mike goes up to see Katie, who confesses that she had considered trying to stop his wedding because she still loves him. However, she sends Mike home to Jennifer, telling him, "That's where you belong." Mike returns home to Jennifer and Katie goes back to her house and cries.

At The Lakewood, the teenagers prepare to stay up all night to decorate for the prom. Celia still believes that Casey bought her the dress of her dreams, when Will actually bought it. Celia leaves the others and goes back to return her dress to Lisa, since Gwen could not afford her dream dress. Lisa offers to let Gwen borrow the dress for one evening, so Celia brings Gwen the beautiful dress. Gwen is overwhelmed by Celia's friendship and Lisa's generosity.

Luke walks into the Snyder farmhouse to find that Holden has signed the divorce papers. Luke begs Holden to wait one week before he gives the papers to Lily. Lily has found bee pollen in a drawer at the carriage house, and she questions Keith about it. Keith tells a lame story about allergies and implies that bee pollen is an aphrodisiac. Lily tells Keith that she believes him, but her cell phone rings and gives her an excuse to leave. Lucinda is at Lily's house, where she has found the receipt for the $100,000 check Lily gave Keith. When Lily arrives, Lucinda is aghast that Lily gave that amount of money to Keith, but Lily explodes at Lucinda, insisting that she can handle her own money. Lucinda leaves, hurt and worried about her daughter, and goes to the Snyder farm to talk to Holden. Lily turns to the phone, where she calls Jessica and arranges to come in to talk about Julia's murder. When Lily turns around, she finds that Keith is standing there.

Tuesday, June 31, 2005

Henry can't seem to get Katie out of his mind, no matter how hard he works at it. He went to a restaurant and ordered the hottest chili on the menu, apparently thinking heartburn was a good way to get over a broken heart. Katie kept coming to him in his fantasies, so is it any wonder that when she showed up in real life, he didn't believe it at first......but it was her, in the flesh. Katie realized that she had to give Henry his freedom. It was difficult and hurtful for them both, but Katie left the restaurant knowing that her marriage was over. Later, Barbara shows up and is angry with Henry that he was not able to keep Katie away from Mike and Jennifer's wedding. However, Henry has a few things to say to her - he tells her that she helped ruin his marriage to Katie, and that Katie was now a free to pursue any man she wanted, including Barbara's new son-in-law.

High school kids have taken over the Lakeview, and Lisa could not be happier. Gwen thanks her for the dress, but Lisa assures her it is her pleasure. Casey, however, is becoming more and more sullen and annoyed whenever Gwen speaks and Celia has finally noticed. She tells Casey to apologize to Gwen, if not for Gwen, then for Celia. Casey does so - sort of - and Gwen asks for just five minutes of his time. However, the secret that Gwen seems to be hiding is not revealed, as Casey insults her - "I really care about Celia, you were just a blip on a radar screen." Barbara can't seem to leave her kids alone and shows up at the Lakeview asking all sorts of questions about who is going to the prom with Will. In the process, she sees Gwen and, assuming Gwen is a waitress there, too, asks her to bring her a glass of water. Gwen is offended and fights back - and in the process, Barbara discovers that she is Will's prom date. Will tells Barbara to leave them alone, that they're not getting married; it's just a prom date. Lisa overhears this and gives Barbara some very unsolicited advice about how to deal with her children. Lisa tells her that sometimes you have to leave them alone.....

Emma finds Holden at the kitchen table, sad and resigned. She admits to him that she hoped he and Lily would get back together and asks him if the divorce is what he really wants. He says that it is no longer about what he wants, and because of his involvement with Julia, he doesn't feel he can say anything to Lily about Keith. However, later, when Jack and Carly stop by with JJ, Carly tells Holden that he thinks that Lily is having doubts about Keith. Later, Jack is furious with Carly, telling her that he thought they had agreed to stay out of Holden and Lily's private life. This time, Carly does not back down and apologize. She tells him that Lily is her friend and that she and Holden are family and their closest friends and that if Jack were objective about Keith, he would be suspicious, too. Jack may have realized she was right, for he had no reply.

And they are all right to be concerned. Lily is surprised to turn around to see Keith had let himself into her living room. Keith was angry that she had not come right back to his place after Lily's chat with Lucinda, but Lily said she had other things to do. Keith does not like being lied to, and told Lily that she was not going to see the attorney about her divorce, but about Julia's murder. Lily realized that he overheard everything and tells him that she was concerned that, unless she uncovers the truth about Julia's murder, her mother will never leave them alone. Keith assumes she will allow him to join her - she refuses. Their confrontation is interrupted when Jack calls Keith to invite him to a picnic at the Snyder farm. Keith tells Jack that he and Lily will be there. When he hangs up, Lily tells him she cannot go....Keith is very unhappy with her.

Lily meets Jessica at the Lakeview and asks some questions about Les Sweeney. Lily, however, doesn't seem to want to hear what Jessica really thinks-that it isn't a slam dunk case against Les, and Lily tells Jessica she resents her implication of Keith in the murder. Jessica doesn't mince any words, though, and reminds Lily that the bloody cell phone Keith "found" in the halfway house only had Keith's fingerprints on it and that Les's car was found in a garage with bee pollen after it had been stored there for several days.

Lily thinks about these things as she takes Keith's passport from his desk. She takes the passport to the garage and shows it to the mechanic. Yes, indeed, he recognizes the man in the photo. The mechanic tells Lily he was very interested in Les's car and hung around at the same time the police did. As Lily contemplates this information, we realize that she and the mechanic are not alone - that someone is standing in the shadows.

And in the meantime, Keith has not shown up at the Snyder farm for the picnic.......

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Still in Bangkok, Craig found a letter from Rosanna saying that she went back to Oakdale to try to fix the mess she made when she left. In the letter she thanked him for all his help with Cabot and told him that she left him money so he could start his life over. Meanwhile, back in Oakdale, Rosanna had called Jennifer to Fairwinds to discuss Paul. Jennifer went to Fairwinds believing that Paul had called her there and was shocked when she saw Rosanna. Rosanna tried to explain how sorry she was for hurting Paul and told Jennifer how much she still loved him. Jennifer, infuriated, told Rosanna that Paul wanted nothing to do with her and to stay away from him and left. Rosanna called Craig and told him that she was going to get to the bottom of what happened to him in Oakdale. She told him to stay put in Bangkok until she figured things out.

Paul and Emily were having a dinner date to try to get Paul in the mood to date women again. Paul opened up to Emily, and told her he was afraid of opening himself up to a woman, just to get his heart broken again. Emily and Paul began to dance and almost shared a kiss before Emily pulled away. Jennifer showed up and told Paul that Rosanna was back in town and that she wanted to see him. Paul told Jennifer that Rosanna was dead to him and that he had no intentions of seeing her.

At Bert's garage, Bert told Lily that Keith was lurking around the garage the day the police searched Les's car. Lily saw a shadow of two feet at the door and quickly hurried home. Holden was there waiting for her and mentioned that Keith did not show up at JJ's party. Lily left to go see Keith to find out why he was not at JJ's party. Keith tried to cover by saying he was on an interview and could not get away. While his back was turned Lily grabbed the bottle of bee pollen and told Keith she needed to go home. Back home, Holden told Lily that he signed the divorce papers but that he wanted to make sure that it was what Lily wanted. Lily hesitated but in the end, told Holden that it was what she wanted. Meanwhile back at Keith's place, Keith went searching for the bottle of bee pollen, and realized that Lily had taken it.

Dusty and Mike were building a crib for the baby when Barbara showed up, upset because she just found out that Henry and Katie's marriage was over. Barbara accused Mike of wanting to leave Jennifer for Katie but quickly changed her tune after she saw the crib that Mike was building for the baby. In private Barbara thanked Dusty for all his help in getting Craig out of town.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

Margo was video taping Casey as he prepared for the Prom. Casey was trying to get Margo to stop when Tom came in. Tom and Margo continued to tease him then they got serious about drinking and driving. Casey went outside and Gwen was standing there. Casey started in saying that Gwen was stalking him but she said she was waiting for Will. Over at Metro, Alison put the finishing touches on Celia's make-up. Sierra and Rafael were taken away by how beautiful Celia looked. Rafael was looking sad and told Celia that he was going to fight again. He also told her that she had to go home but Sierra told Celia that she had spoken to Celia's mother and Celia could stay with Sierra.

Gwen asked Bert to help her with her dress. Bert told her he was busy and gave her a bad time about the dress she was wearing. Gwen said it was borrowed. Bert told her that she should borrow the rent money. Bert finally helped her and she told him that she would have the rent to him as soon as she can. At the Lakeview, Barbara was with Will and commented on how handsome he was. After taking his picture, Barbara asked if she could tag along when Will went to Casey's. Will doesn't want his mother to come and after making excuses, she decided not to go. She told him to have a good time and left.

Will, Gwen, Casey and Celia arrived at the dance and were immediately approached by Barbara who was quick to compliment Gwen and took a picture of them. Lisa approached Barbara and told her that she was proud of the way Barbara was handling Will. Barbara was surprised that Will brought Gwen because he seemed to like Celia. Lisa told Barbara that Will bought Celia's dress but insisted that he and Celia were just friends. Casey approached Will and asked if Will and Gwen could go ahead of them when the prom was over. Will thought something was up and told Casey that he heard Gwen and Casey talking. Celia approached and Casey asked her if she would go upstairs with him. Celia told Casey that she didn't want to stay late because of Rafael. Casey promised he wouldn't keep her up late.

Paul was pacing when Emily came up. Paul told her that Rosanna was back and wanted to see Paul. Emily said there was no way in hell that Rosanna was going to see Paul. Emily was incensed because she thought that Rosanna was just using Paul and got Paul to go see Hal with her to let him know. Instead of going to Hal, Paul took Emily to Metro. Paul asked Emily to not do anything just now because it would ruin all the progress that has been made between Will and Barbara. Emily said she didn't like it but would do as Paul asked. Alison came to the table and asked Emily if they could spend some time together. It gave Paul the out he needed to leave. Alison thought she interrupted but Emily said it didn't really matter because Paul was going to do what he had to do. At Fairwinds, Rosanna was looking at a picture album when she heard a noise. She asked if it was Phyllis and was surprised when Craig walked into the room. Rosanna was a little peeved that Craig came so soon. They talked about Cabot and she told Craig that she didn't know where Cabot was. Craig asked her if she came back for Paul and told her to be careful with him. Rosanna told Craig about Barbara's involvement with drugging Emily. Rosanna asked Craig not to say anything and he agreed. They started to talk about Jennifer and the baby. Rosanna said she would help Craig get what he wanted as far as the baby was concerned. Later, Craig surprised Margo and Paul went to see Rosanna.

Friday, June 3, 2005

Craig confronts Margo about the setup used to get him out of town and complains that all he wanted was access to his child-to-be. Margo tries to defend her role in getting Craig out of town, but Craig is upset that she was involved to that extent. Margo confesses that Sierra was also involved in the ruse to get rid of Craig. When Margo says Craig is the worst father she's ever known and that there's no one left in Oakdale who is on Craig's side, he tells her that's not true, that Rosanna is on his side, and he says he ran into her in Bangkok. He leaves, telling Margo that she "ain't seen nothing yet." Katie comes to see Margo, and she tells her that Craig is back and that he is really determined now to work his way into the life of the baby that Jennifer and Mike are having.

Paul goes to see Rosanna, who tries to apologize for how badly she treated him. When Paul says that nothing she says can convince him to stay and listen to her anymore, she tells him, "Cabot's alive." After this news sinks in and Rosanna explains how James faked Cabot's death and then took him away, ultimately returning with him to blackmail Rosanna into leaving Paul to get Cabot back, Paul is hurt to realize that she didn't tell him any of this at the time because she was afraid she'd lose Cabot again, like she did when she trusted Paul the first time. Paul asks to see Cabot, but Rosanna tells him he's not there. Paul assumes that James still has Cabot, and he tells Rosanna that he'll help her get him back, but Rosanna explains that she gave him up for adoption to keep him safe from James. When Paul says, "You don't trust me, do you?" Craig arrives and says, "Give the fella a cigar." Paul is shocked both to see Craig again and to find out that Rosanna was instrumental in his return to Oakdale. Craig tells Rosanna that Paul, Sierra, Dusty, and Barbara all conspired to set him up and get him out of town. Paul tries to tell Rosanna what kinds of threats Craig has made to Jennifer, but Rosanna tells Paul that Craig really loves his children and was heartbroken when she had to give up Cabot again. Paul tells Rosanna that although he's happy to know that Cabot is alive and well, he wishes she had never returned to Oakdale, and then he leaves her with Craig.

At the prom, Celia asks Will why he would buy a dress for her, and he tells her he has plenty of money and knew that she wanted it, so he got it for her; when pressed for a better answer, he says that Celia has proved to be one of the few people who really understands him, and he wanted to thank her for that. Later, Will fantasizes about Celia rushing into his arms after being named prom queen. The prom candidates are announced, and Celia is introduced along with the other girls. The 2 mean girls (Leah and Ann) are in charge of the ballot box for the prom queen vote, and they have arranged a second box that is rigged with winning votes for Celia; in addition, they've rigged a bucket of blood above the prom queen's spot on the stage, and they are delighting in anticipation of what will happen to Celia. Will dances with Gwen and asks her what all the tension between her and Casey is about, but she tells him maybe he's the one who's tense and walks away. Later, Gwen grabs Will and has them switch partners with Casey and Celia, so she can talk to Casey again; Casey is again uncaring and dismissive of her, so she tells him she'll just go talk to Celia instead. Casey rushes off to find Celia, and he goes onto the stage and steps on the trigger for the bucket of blood, which spills over and makes him fall down on the stage, knocking him unconscious.

Lily arranges to meet with Jessica to discuss Les's case, but on her way out the door, Keith confronts her. She makes an excuse about needing to run an errand, and after she leaves, Keith uses a key to let himself back into her house. He rummages through some drawers until he finds a phone number for a laboratory; he calls the number, tells them he's Lily's assistant, and asks if their report is ready. They ask if he means the report on the bee pollen, and he says yes; they say they're waiting on the police report so they can determine if the sample Lily brought them matches the one in the police report. Keith tells them to cancel the lab work, that the police don't like it when private citizens interfere with their work. Meanwhile, Lily tells Jessica she needs to know about the bee pollen, and Jessica tells her the pollen that killed Julia matches that found in Les's car. She asks if Lily suspects Keith of murdering his sister, but Lily says at worst, she suspects him of planting evidence to convict Les. After Lily tells Jessica how important it is to her to find out just how involved Keith might be, Jessica says she has to leave, but Lily realizes Jess has (intentionally) left the police report on the table, and she takes it with her. From her car, she calls the lab to tell them she has the police report in hand, and they tell her that her assistant already cancelled that job; upon learning that her "assistant" is a man, Lily tells the lab she'll bring the report in the morning and hangs up the phone. When she gets back to her house, she finds Keith there, offering her a margarita.

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